A deal reached by the National Football League and the NFL Players Association bans players from attending any indoor church services that are above 25 percent capacity, multiple sources told NBC Sports on Saturday.

There are some who will say, “But Mario, they have not declared war on the Church, they are just trying to protect their players.” Maybe this will help you see why that is not plausible:

The deal made no mention of any restrictions on attending protests. Meanwhile, the NFL’s Twitter account has been sharing and celebrating pictures of players engaging in protests around the country.

Marching shoulder to shoulder in tight crowds shouting—even with masks—is a far greater risk than attending church. The goal is eradicating Christianity from America, yet believers are having a hard time recognizing this as yet another piece of the puzzle.

And get this: The NFL not only wants to ban players from attending church, they want others to rat them out if they do go to church.

NBC Sports speculates that teams may “rely on contacts within the community to contact the team if/when violations are witnessed,” or even use a tip line. In other words, members of the community would be encouraged to report players they see trying to attend church and not following the social distancing guidelines. Other ideas suggested by NBC include tracking players or stationing officials at “local establishments,” potentially including players’ houses of worship.” Really?! Sending informants to churches?!

How often I have warned you. The Coronavirus is the excuse for banning Christianity in America.

Why do they want to ban the Church? The answer is a deep one. You must begin by looking at the food chain. In order of descending levels, here is the food chain:

Street rioters

Leftist professors

Marxist/Socialist leaders

Democrat Politicians

The Deep State (Barack Obama, et al.)

Globalists (George Soros and Co.)


Each level of the chain does not know who is above them or what their true intentions are. Each level has been duped by lies.

The NFL assault against American values began with Colin Kaepernick, then increased with the virus, and is intensifying under the banner of Black Lives Matter. This is nothing less than war being waged against our faith and freedoms.

Here’s the one thing that every tentacle of this global monster relies on: The apathy of the American Church and her inability to act as a single force. We are the one group they know they can offend and get away with it—the one group that remains passive in the face of evil.

Behind it all is Satan. Here is what I wrote in Chapter 2 of Vessels of Fire and Glory:

“Satan needs to destroy America. It’s his grand prize. The need consumes him. He fantasizes about it. He pursues the destruction of the U.S. with extreme prejudice and unrelenting patience. Why do you need to know about Satan’s passion to destroy America? Without this insight, you cannot muster the necessary urgency to obey God. You must know what is at stake, to be willing to pay the price.

“America is a firewall that prevents the one event Satan craves most: global anarchy. Anarchy is the only thing that will make the world embrace the devil’s worldwide dictatorship. This is why the most important goal of evil is chaos.”

Why do I tell you this? Because I believe the enemy is wrong about the American Church. I believe leftists confuse our kindness with weakness and mistake our patience for powerlessness. Neither do they realize that even a few intercessor warriors, plus God, makes a majority! Satan always forgets the promise that “the gates of hell will not prevail against the Church.”  Our best weapon is not to respond with the obligatory boycott—although, I can’t imagine watching a single NFL game after this latest assault on Christianity. Our most powerful weapon is prayer and the anointing that breaks the yoke!

But we also have immediate duties. If we don’t act soon it will be too late. We must vote for Trump. Marxists want him out and that makes it beyond urgent to keep him in. Revivalists and the prophetic core must close ranks. We must pull away from the ‘woke believers’ who are actually ‘make-believers’. The Bible describes them as “having a form of godliness but denying its power. And from such people turn away!” (2 Timothy 3:5)

The Left is doing the work of the enemy of God, but Christian apathy is both the Left’s greatest friend and our greatest enemy.

I will repeat what I said in my book: “Why do you need to know about Satan’s passion to destroy America? Without this insight, you cannot muster the necessary urgency to obey God. You must know what is at stake to be willing to pay the price.”




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    1. If you are such a mega genius (typical of leftwing ego) then it should be clear the evil that the left has become.

      1. Gr-g Dean sounds like your left wing insecurity has been forced out into the open by your reaction, which of course is very clear from a radical left wing envy filled one with an inferiority complex.

  2. Mario, everyone needs read II Chronicles 28 through 31. It pictures life today. May God send us Hezekiahs today. My wife and I, along with other ministry leaders we are associated with, are having more “church” than ever before. Worship, ministry of The Word, prayer, and soul winning efforrs have increased, not diminished, and NO ONE has gotten sick. Some of us are meeting in different non-church facilities. There is a way to continue ministry safely if a person will seek the Lord. Let God arise, His enemies be scattered.

  3. Christianity made America and God blessed it, and Christians for that. We must stop the all-out assault of Satan to take away our religious freedom as the did in Europe and so many other parts of the world. They turned into Marxist, Communist, and secular humanist countries. May God have mercy on us and save our Christian nation so that we can spread the good news of Jesus here and around the world.
    Kneel for the cross, stand for the Flag.

  4. The left has become demonic. Cities like Portland are centers for devil spirit activity. Forerunners of what the Tribulation will be like.

    The left has a hatred of G-D and of believers, both evangelicals and observant Jews. This goes back to the French Revolution where both devote Christians and Jews were persecuted and killed. And the calendar changed so that no one would know when the Shabbat would occur. This hatred was not only manifested by the fascists but communism as well. I have a friend whose grandfather was executed by the KGB for merely teaching his children Judaism.

    The only religion that the left accepts is Islam which has many elements similar to socialism.

  5. This is saddening news for NFL. I’m not a sports enthusiast, but I’ll be praying for the players to trust God for their outcome to be good, when they attend church. Some will! We should come together in prayer for those that will.


  6. That’s it…just 6 comments today. Well then, Mario, you must be taking things to the extreme. You are just making molehills into mountains!
    Wait a minute. Wait…a…minute! Jeremiah was suffering the same accusations from the people of Israel. They said he was too extreme, crazy, a liar. But his voice was the voice God had sent to warn His people.
    Either we believe Mario is obediently conveying and writing Holy Spirit-inspired thoughts or he is a fool and we are fools who listen and react in repentance for ourselves first, then the church, then America and the world.
    God’s children found it difficult to believe and follow Jeremiah. I guess they just didn’t want to humble themselves and pray. What will we do now given the same opportunity?
    And pray for Mario. The crushing grip of the wickedness in high places that constantly attack him requires our intercession. Ask the Lord of Hosts to send His angels to strengthen and comfort him.

  7. If we don’t squelch this anti-Christian movement soon, our our of visitation may pass us by. Instead of hearing talk of the NFL posting spies near churches to see if any players dare to cross the threshold of a church and go in to worship, we should be hearing of Christian players banding together, and walking arm and arm into church, heads held high. If some players can sacrifice their reputations, positions, and salaries by getting into trouble for the devil (dishonorable), and if others can sacrifice their fortunes to stay home with their families (honorable), then Christian players may have to risk all to stand for the Glory of God. This is the day we live in. On another note, did anyone see Dr. Fauci in that hearing this morning, when Jim Jordan asked him point blank if it was unsafe to take part in demonstrations. Talk about the deer in the headlight! He was cornered and terrified of saying something that would cause the mob to be waiting at his doorstep when he got home. You could see it in his eyes. Mr. Jordan asked him several times, and the best answer he could get out of this supposedly, “brilliant”, man was a vague statement about large gatherings w/o masks being unsafe to take part in. He would NOT name protests as unsafe outright and he was terrified to dare doing it. This was another democrat kangaroo court of course, with democrats makings false accusations against Trump and singing the praises of Obama. It was sickening. Reports are out there that Obama had warning of a possible pandemic but did zero, nothing, along with Fauci, to prepare for it. That is what Trump is dealing with now, but of course-the blame is put on him. One has to wonder if this was yet one more thing that the demos planned this way on purpose, figuring the next president would be Republican. Was the plan to make things as difficult as possible for the next president in the hopes of making them look bad and demos getting back in? Very likesly. It’s like the childish office trick of the secretary going on vacation and teaching her replacement nothing, zippo, so that when she comes back, there’s a mess to clean up, and she looks like she is indispensable. It happens all the time.

  8. Mario, we wanted you and your readers to be aware of an event in Nevada where you can join other Evangelicals for 🇺🇸❤️Trump. Some special speakers will be Pastors Paula White and Jentzen Franklin just to name a few.

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    Evangelicals For Trump 2020

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    Thursday, August, 6th: Las Vegas, NV

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    Please limit personal items and arrive early to expedite entrance into the venue – please note, NO homemade signs, banners, professional cameras with a detachable lens, tripods, monopods, selfie sticks, back packs or large bags will be permitted into the venue.

    We hope to see you there!

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  9. Mario, I have always loved football. I had a favorite team that was “my” team and whenever they made it to the playoffs, I was flyin’ high.

    Never did I ever think I would find myself saying this but I think in general the NFL — maybe even collegiate, too — has something ugly to hide. If the Lord has to shut them down – even eliminate the sport permanently – to drain another swamp then, amen. I can adjust and so can everyone else.

      1. EstherKingsKid,

        NFL corporate leaders are crazy about what they promote…..The NHL, they all stood for the anthem..that’s great! Would that other sports did so also. Go Nashville Preds, and go, Trump!

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