2 thoughts on “burn bibles

  1. First, it is bibles that are burned, and then encouraged by God-haters it will be churches where the bibles came from. Next it will be the people that they find in the churches. Evil begets evil if it is not stopped.

  2. They are burning BIBLES but the Word of God is a powerful word which I pray the Holy Spirit will hide in our hearts and minds that knowone can take from us the hope of Glory within us. This grieves my heart as does the killings going on in Chicago of innocent people by black on black gangs and we hear no protest. Over the weekend a nine year old boy was killed with a stray bullet and in the month of July over 38 killings were children. I pray for a revival but first must come a Spirit of Repentance. O God hear our cry and bring your people to repentance that You would heal our land.

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