How do you think the Black Lives Matter protesters who were burning Bibles knew that their desecration of the Word of God should be accompanied by ‘f-bombs’ and curses against Donald Trump? What connection is there between the President and the Bible? If the demons that are driving the mindless rioters know the connection, the real question is, ‘Why haven’t millions of Christians figured it out?

The Marxists who control BLM know Donald Trump is a firewall against their scheme to destroy the American Dream and every freedom. Why doesn’t the church believe that? Their hatred and venom are constantly being spewed demonically toward Trump and the church because both entities serve a divine purpose. How embarrassing is it if mindless communists have more discernment and revelation than millions of American Christians?

The screamers around that fire can’t help themselves. Demons typically manifest around hateful campfires. They are screaming, ‘We hate your Bible, we hate your God and we hate the man that God sent to stop us.’

The most important goal for the enemy, is the election of Joe Biden. That is the dream of the powers of darkness. Biden is the quintessential shill to the most wicked heart ever to darken the door of the Oval Office. No one ever hated America more than Barack Obama. No one ever worked harder to dismantle the church and obliterate our national history.

The masked marauders of Portland know that Biden will be a third term of Obama. That searing point was driven home at John Lewis’ funeral where one more time Barack Obama shamed himself. The speech at House Representative John Lewis’ funeral began as a fitting tribute to a true American hero. He recounted not only Lewis’s bravery in fighting racism in his youth, but his political skill in helping to bring about changes to secure the rights of all Americans. Towards the end, however, Obama sank into a rambling diatribe of radical demands. He just can’t help himself.

He shamed himself at a funeral once before. It was at the service for the 5 police officers who were assassinated just for being cops. He ranted about police brutality in front of the widows and children of the slain officers.

A Biden presidency makes both rioters and devils squeal with delight. But once again, the church doesn’t see it—or worse won’t see it. The rioters know exactly why they must elect Biden, yet the church still doesn’t know why they must stop him.

‘Christian Never Trumpers’ (a term that makes as much sense as a glass nail) never tell you about the need to stop Biden. They soothe their guilty consciences with the false claim that “they will vote their conscience.” That conscience—if it even exists—could never co-exist with the puppet-president Biden in the White House.

Common sense wouldn’t let them do it. Reason would stop them dead in their tracks. So, they must, at all costs, deflect and deny the obvious: Voting for anyone but Trump is a vote for Biden. And not voting is voting.

Third grade math tells you there is only one of the two who can be President. You know what each man stands for. Many Christians dodge the question that is the only question: What are you doing with your vote? How are you using your vote to stop evil?

Let us hope that the 30 million evangelical Christians who did not bother to vote in 2016 will wake up before it is too late, and support President Trump as he stands against the barbarians at the gates.

Psalm 94:16 says, Who will rise up for me against the wicked? Who will stand for me against those who practice iniquity?

How shameful would it be to lose America, because devil-driven Marxists understood better than the church what God was trying to do to save them?






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  1. After reading this excellent article, you can only come to one conclusion: ONLY AN IDIOT WOULD VOTE FOR BIDEN. Wise people vote for Trump. VOTE FOR TRUMP!!!

  2. I would suggest given the insurrection, mutiny and treason that is playing out in America, that like David, President Trump must now take strong measures, seemingly radical steps to stop the treason and violent revolution taking place in America.

    Satan’s side is actively and aggressively working to establish a totalitarian ‘socialist’ dictatorship, so therefore God’s side must meet that with equal, if not greater force.

    The illusion of any civility and there being free and fair elections is over. A level of Martial Law needs to be implemented, and the radical left’s agenda to steal the 2020 election exposed and taken down, and all those actors involved arrested and charged.

    There is now no other alternative, as reason, logic, appealing to better natures will not and has not worked.

    Satan’s side has attacked, now God’s side must counter-attack, something the Left would not expect.

    What is the point of having all these so called intelligence and law enforcement agencies, and Homeland Security, when they can not protect us from those fomenting violence and the overthrow of a democratically elected President.

    Is America so corrupt that these agencies also want to get rid of President Trump so they can go back to their old ways of doing business, except those old ways will never come back. It must either get better or get worse.

    Is there so much vested interest for so many people in Satan’s World that they don’t want God’s Kingdom to come, they don’t want Trump to succeed. The two for me are synonymous as at the end of the day man must accomplish his responsibility, seeking goodness, righteousness, justice and the ‘narrow gate’.

    They tried to get rid of Trump through fake enquires and impeachments. There have been assassination plots. Why is Satan so angry and scared of this man? Because Donald Trump is supporting the establishment of God’s Kingdom as Cyrus supported the Jews to return home and build their temple, and he too faced his detractors and naysayers.

    America is at the crossroads, and every ‘prayer sail’, every good action, and every bit of support is now required to assist President Trump to stay in office, so he can take the necessary action to save America, God’s beachhead in this battle over Sovereignty.

    America was founded for a reason, as was Israel. God does not want to lose His beachhead due to apathy and indifference.

    Everyone needs to repent, call on God and make a noise as the Israelites made a noise to bring down the walls of Jericho. Christians must rally, speak out and encourage President Trump ‘to be bold and of good courage’, as not only God, but the people also exhorted Joshua.

    There is no ‘you’ or ‘I’, only ‘we’. We hang together or we hang separately.

    Satan can only win if we acquiesce.

    1. Stephen, why don’t you join the police force and implement martial law and put a stop to that fomenting violence from the goose-stepping left?

      1. we need to pray first off. Speak in tongues which is perfect prayer.

        We also need to learn to be leaders and not dependent on pastors. Learn to read the bible in Hebrew and Greek so that we can teach accurately. Network so that we have a support group of like minded believers.

        Too many pastors have failed the body of believers. Thus new leaders must arise.

      2. also the left wants us to react to them with violence. Thus they can have their civil war. The left sees a civil war as the means to destroying this nation. Much like Yugoslavia was destroyed. Millions dead.

        Better tactic is for us let the left yell and scream. Pray without ceasing. Speak the truth and bring others to the Messiah and salvation. That will harm the left far more.

        Politics is merely the manifestation of the spiritual.

  3. I have heard Mario make the statement more than once that God has saved America 17 times from defeat. Could you tell me where he obtained this information? I have been greatly blessed and challenged by his blogs as well as Sunday night church with him and Robby Dawkins.

  4. The left has not just become demonic but manifest evil. Their hatred of our god, of us, is manifest. What we are seeing in Portland and Seattle, and elsewhere, is a foretaste of what the Tribulation would be.

    but for now we have the power, via the Holy Spirit, to stop them. We have the manifestations of the Holy Spirit, we have prayer, and we can have unity.

      1. what is your “god’s” name? The label god is generic. Using capitals does not differentiate. The use of a missing letter such as in “G-D” is somewhat better. Better to use the Hebrew names and attributes. But then most Americans are poorly educated in Hebrew and Greek. Even pastors.

        One of the things happening is the stripping away of American traditions. Like using the name Jesus (only in English) when the real name is Yeshu’a (same as Joshua). The average christian in the US needs a lot of education to be able to deal with what is coming.

  5. Right on point. Thank you for speaking truth and the Word of God. We must fight this evil and pray for strength. God bless you and keep you (and all of us) safe.

  6. Yes, our firewall is President Trump. I can’t even imagine the radical Dems being in office. It would be the last nail in the coffin for the USA! Yes, Dems offer all this free stuff, but again it’s a lie! All they do is lie, lie, lie… just like Satan. The Dems just want power, abortion, no God, socialism, take away our freedoms, and no history of what made our country great!

    Trump did not need any of this but he loves our country and he has done so much for Christians and good things for America, I can’t imagine, not even ONE Christian voting for Dem’s and the left, it blows my mind! Are you really a Christian? Are you stupid? Are you ignorant or do you believe all the lies from the MSM and the Dem’s? Trump 2020, and vote out the local radical blue Dem’s in your cities and states. One more thing I can’t believe the mayor of Chicago still has a job.

  7. I agree to Brother Mario,
    However, many Christians support the overreaching governors and mayors who have purposefully kept churches closed. Finally, some aka Maga churches have said they are not closing anymore in California, John F. MacArthur, Calvery Chapel, and Destiny Christian Church in Rocklin. Smaller churches will not do so as much can’t make payments for fines but many are having services outside or only online. I have had Christians telling me ” I am to obey the laws of the land” LOL Tell that to Peter and Paul who were ordered strictly to NOT Preach IN the name of Jesus Publicly. Peter and Paul told them all to pound sand. The vast amount of Biblically illiterate trying to use the word of God to silence the Body of Christ. IF we do not rise up we all will fall down but willful submission, or death.

  8. I agree. Once again, I am amazed at the lack of spiritual backbone in the majority of the pastors in this country. I haven’t been a huge MacArthur fan before because of his, “Heresy Hunting”, but kudos to him for standing strong on this issue. If the pastors won’t stand up soon, they never will. They will bow to antifa, radical islam, marxists, or whoever ends up taking over if Biden gets in.

  9. Mario, what greater wickedness must fall upon our nation before the hearts of believers recognize what is happening??! What is the obstacle that keeps the eyes from seeing and the ears from hearing, that which truth? Must we “wait”, remain complacent, till November, until all evil breaks loose, should Trump be removed? Considering Gideon, with a mere 300, going to battle, are we as believers to be constrained by fear ? I believe we are to gather MANY and then watch GOD will do.
    Just as the demons recognized Jesus, those following the evil one are fully aware of their mission of destruction and loyalty to satan. The world has left out or removed the “spiritual truth” out of their understanding of reality. Yes! just as we, the church, have done so in the past, with abortion, gay agenda and removing God from classrooms. We, His people, are declaring that this is God’s problem and we are to play no part in the responsibility that is ours. DO WE truly want to see God move in our country’s destruction? The lack or our participation says NO! Yes, prayer is powerful, repentance necessary but ACTION is the evidence of YOUR FAITH. Why do we the “church” expect God to stand up for us when we will not do the same??? Jesus said to his disciples, “Oh ye of little faith!”
    The “father” said to Jesus, “Oh build my faith where there is none”. What must we do?? Declare!! Be still [and listen and act] and know that HE IS OUR GOD. AMEN Len Wisniewski

  10. REALLY

    On Tue, Aug 4, 2020, 2:14 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “How do you think the Black Lives Matter > protesters who were burning Bibles knew that their desecration of the Word > of God should be accompanied by ‘f-bombs’ and curses against Donald Trump? > What connection is there between the President and the Bible? If ” >

  11. Today as I was driving home from work, I heard an interview with Newt Gingrich where he was saying that AOC had severely ridiculed a deceased Catholic priest who spent his life caring for lepers [and actually died from the disease himself] and she cursed the Lord Jesus Christ ,too. [and not just as a swear word]
    What a world this has become.
    Darkness and Light. Wolves and sheep. Tares and wheat. Unprepared virgins and the ones whose lamps are overflowing with oil. Eqypt and Goshen.
    Choose you now who you will serve. God is sorting.

  12. can you send me this via facebook, or tell me how to change it into a facebook post? thanks Elaine Haller Phillips/Facebook

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