“Before there can be a great awakening, there must be a rude awakening.” I wrote that in the beginning of my book, Vessels of Fire and Glory.  First, the rude awakening:

We are already socialist. We are already under a leftist cultural dictatorship. We are not fighting to protect our freedom—we are fighting to get it back. ‘Free America’ left the building years ago. We are under a one-party rule. It’s been years since we were governed by our Constitution.

We are still “the land of the free and the home of the brave,” but we are prisoners of war in an anti-American system.

If, God forbid, Biden were to be elected, it would only change one thing: those who already control us will be able to take off their mask and abandon any pretense that our rights ever mattered.

I figured this out one day when I was flying home on a jet that was packed with members of a teacher’s union. They were gleefully describing the propaganda of transgenderism, the 1619 project, Common Core, and a host of other dynamic changes they were planning for all of our children. It was the devilish confidence that oozed from them that made me realize that a deep and intricate web had already been spun over America.

Their reckless confidence confirmed that they were only a fragment of a long-range strategy that was decades in the making.

How else can you explain Comey and Hillary not yet being in prison? How else can you explain the 20 plus trillion dollar debt? How else can you grasp the fact that Democrats will not so much as acknowledge the existence of Antifa? How else can you understand people such as Adam Schiff, AOC, or Jerry Nadler doing exactly zip for their constituents, so that they are free to create chaos in Congress? How else can you explain the virtual lock that the Deep State has on news and information? What else explains their power to cancel anyone they want? 

How else can you explain the domination of our cities by thugs? How else can you explain the Soviet-style mass closing of churches?

Donald Trump was the only thing they didn’t see coming. He simply was not a part of their plan. I still believe that Hillary had a lock—or, rather, a death grip, on the presidency. There is no human explanation for Trump’s victory. The ancient Romans borrowed a term from Greek drama: deus ex machina: literally, a god from the machine, a term that describes how an unexpected power or event suddenly intervenes to save a seemingly hopeless situation. Trump’s victory was exactly that.

But even Trump had no idea how deep and wide the control of the Left was. He discovered that there were traitors who had been planted everywhere in his administration. The upheavals had nothing to do with Trump’s lack of leadership. They had everything to do with Barack Obama. Obama is the greatest enemy of freedom to exist in our lifetime.

This unchallenged control explains how drag queens suddenly appeared in public libraries all over America, reading to our children. It explains how universities became factories that inculcated Marxist doctrine, warping the young minds of entire generations, filling them with hate and lies. How else could we have the massive factories of human sacrifice known as Planned Parenthood, unless it was put in place and sustained by leftist tyranny, and paid for by your tax dollars?

Now that you’ve had your rude awakening, let me show you why there is hope for a great awakening. Why? Because, once you fully absorb the truth of how controlled we are, there is hope for you to muster the alarm and urgency that befits this hour.

A true grasp of our condition might kick the cowardice out of our pulpits. A true picture of how they control us, might awaken the righteous rage in our prayers and in our dealings with the people around us. You are a Christian Freedom fighter because, without your consent, your rights and the rights of your children have already been set aside.

Reelecting Donald Trump is not a grand finale, it is just the curtain going up on our battle to win our nation back from villains, liars, and devils. Even if Trump wins, we have a long war ahead of us, for there are many crime bosses still left for us to depose.

In 1776 preachers, intellectuals, captains of industry, inventors, and farmers came to an inescapable and unanimous conclusion: The American states must free themselves from British rule or we would never be free. Without that same epiphany, we who live in the second decade of this century cannot hope to wrest our liberty from the devil-driven Left.

So often I am asked, “But Mario what can we do?” You will know exactly what to do when God opens your eyes to the horrors that await your children and grandchildren.

It is time for American believers to be reintroduced to the author of the Bible.  The Jesus who raided the temple, turned over tables, and evicted evil-doers, was no twig-eating hippie, He was consumed with zeal for His Father’s house.

“And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force.” It is time to put on our armor!





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  2. Good Morning.  Excellent article.   You ask in your article ‘How can….”  I was reading Exodus 32 this morning and it was like the lights came on.  All that is going on today is explained by the verses regarding the “Golden Calf”.  It has apostasy.  Even Aaron gave into the mod and made the Golden Calf.  It is the ungodly mob in action and the rush to appease the mob out of fear of condemnation or to be part of ‘the group’. It has idolatry regarding our own identity and the identity of the Egyptians. These verses also have the judgment (with the sword wielded by those who chose God instead of the mob) that Jesus spoke about – he came to turn brother against brother, husband and wife against each other, etc.  These verses show how easily we can become corrupted if we don’t have our hearts in the right place.  It was really clear as I was reading Chapter 32 what is going on.  It is a time for choosing.  Anyway, it was good to see today in the word. Thank you for your work.  Sincerely, Orin  Visit Honduras Community Support Corporation at http://www.hcsc-honduras.org

  3. Sadly, this has been true for quite some time, mostly (possibly entirely?) because the church has been so self-possessed that has failed to be Jehovah’s Voice in *ALL* of the public arena accepting the lie of separation of church FROM state and believing politics is too dirty for any Christian to be involved in.

    The WHOLE reason politics is so dirty is because there has been no Christian voice in it!!!!

  4. Yes, what you say is so true. we the Christian freedom fighters need to pray, repent, vote, and ask God to drain the swamp in DC and also pray that God will shake America politics in all areas DC and state and local government. We know Trump has our backs but we need to research what the local politicians stand for and see if they stand for God and righteousness.


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  6. Thank you so much for your words of wisdom. I pray this inspires and charges up Christians across America to put on their armor and to have that same zeal Jesus has for his father’s house! God Bless you Mario. May our Lord keep you safe and healthy to keep your blog coming.

  7. Thank you, Mario, for yet another “wake up” call. No church leader can say you didn’t try! Here’s a letter to the People:

    Dear America,
    You are a REPUBLIC, which uses a democratic process to elect officials/representatives to UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION of the united States of America.
    Remove those who have not done their SWORN DUTY.
    $UPPORT those who do their sworn duty.
    God bless you from sea to shining sea.

    1. Actually America, united under God, a republic under God, indivisible from God, we the people UNITED in being governed by Christ under God, for the people, by the people, with unalienable, inalienable, God-given rights and freedom and justice for ALL races with God’s Pure Justice, the Holy, Righteous God who can judge the hearts and intention of the hearts of men;
      NOT the foreign run corporation the U.S.A who is united with the anti-Christ spirit.

      1. That’s right, New Heaven, and that’s
        also why we do not use the full capitalization on the name of the United States of America. God has revealed His righteous right hand and declared in Ps 9:5
        Praise the LORD Almighty who works with and confirms His Word with signs following.

        Isa 14:4-5: you take up this proverb against the king of Babylon and SAY, “how has the oppressor ceased, the golden city ceased!”
        The LORD has broken the staff of the wicked, the sceptre of the rulers,”
        IF only the people who are called by His Name would say what He told them to say, would speak what He showed them to speak.

  8. Mario,
    There is no hope for the level of political control to be changed or the move toward socialism. The left has been working on it since the 1940’s. There has never been resolve in the Christian community to be engaged as citizens. They have been successfully marginalized for decades. Our only hope is that there is chance for Christians to awakened once they are under socialism and live to be vital witnesses for Christ.
    It’s that simple

    1. Brian LaRue,
      The building blocks of Christianity is Faith. We must have faith to believe that there is a God. We must have faith to believe that he loves us, that he sent his only begotten son to die for us, and that with repentance and opening the door of our heart to him, he will enter and make us New Creatures in Christ. God’s Word says:
      Hebrews 11:6 “But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.”
      Hebrews 11:1 “Now faith is the substance of things HOPED for, the evidence of things not seen.”
      Jeremiah 32:27 “Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh: is there any thing too hard for me?”

      So numerous scriptures tell us that God has ALL POWER and nothing is to hard for him to do. In order to have him move on our behalf, we must have FAITH and in order to have faith we must have HOPE. And of course we know that repentance is mandatory. Now, perhaps it’s God’s time for the Anti Christ and the Great Tribulation or perhaps not yet. Either way, we must live in Repenrance, Hope and Faith to please God.

      1. DWANA DUNN, I totally , 100%, agree with you, FAITH is KEY. However we must ACT . We have to exert the AUTHORITY bestowed upon us by Jesus, we must engage into SPIRITUAL WARFARE, we must decree and declare the dark spirit of anarchy will not overcome our nation!! It’s not just waiting, in faith, that God will triumph. Jesus, of course, is continuously interceding for us while we’re fighting this battle BUT He’s waiting FOR US to begin exerting the AUTHORITY He gave us to trample upon scorpions and snakes. THANKS DWANA , for your contributing to our dialogue. Be mightily blessed, dear sister.

      2. Well stated…..I don’t see Jesus standing on the sidelines, passing out white flags and towels for us to throw in!!
        Our God IS, and He is ABLE!!
        We are to take up our shield of faith!

  9. One of your best writings to us yet. Thanks for all your hard work behind the scene to bring us truth.🇺🇲🙏

  10. The wickedness that was on full display, and exposed by, Ted Cruz in that hearing on Antifa, was like another step, another level, in the descent of the democrat party into depravity. When he asked them point blank if they would condemn antifa and its violence and every one of them refused to even acknowledge that there has been any violence-with one of them even walking out-, I felt like they’ve gone over the point of no return. If they can do that-if the democrat party can sit there in a hearing such as that, on such an important subject, with all the devastation that antifa and BLM have wrought in our cities, the harm they have brought to innocent people, black store owners, tearing down monuments to black heroes of history, not caring about black babies and young people being mowed down in their homes, yards, and baby carriages-then their hearts are so darkened that only God knows if they can be saved. They are too evil to be in the positions that they now hold and they must be voted out ASAP. Once again, I am so sorry to say I have relatives that refuse to see the writing on the wall and intend to either vote Biden or not vote at all.

    1. KINGS KID48, I feel your pain 100%. Now, let’s read Mario’s post of today Fri Aug7. We’ll be encouraged to action with boldness, in Jesus’ mighty name ,!! Be blessed, dear sister.

  11. Bro. Murillo, The Holy Spirit is preparing a remnant of God ordained men and women who will not bow down to the godless society that we are witnessing right now. The government has bowed a knee to the devil himself, they have given allegiance to the forces of evil, they are being fully influenced by demonic spirits to destroy everything that is good, and the church must stand strong in this final hour. God Bless we stand with you in prayer.

  12. Dear Mr. Mario Murillo, God help us. I just read this post after being gone to a lake in N Idaho for a week. I also have a copy of Fire and Glory. What am I afraid of? Not Covid 19. Not lack of food or certainly not tp. Not even the riots or the anarchists.

    I spent the week with family who don’t want to acknowledge the God who made them. My own sons are deceived and compromised. It’s numbing. I come home a cry.

    What am I afraid of? I am rudely awakened in the middle of the night afraid for my children; afraid for our country; afraid of how horrible the future will be if we are not able to turn this hi-jacking mess around. I can’t sleep and so I pray. As many, including you, have pointed out, we are already long gone to the socialist agenda. It is extremely frightening. I pray and I pray and I pray…then I stand. Somehow He helps me trust that I will see His salvation.

    Thank you for your insights, your admonishments, your encouragements. Sincerely, Dorothy Hahn, Eugene Oregon (I’ll be 79 in one month. All my hope is in Yeshua my Messiah) 970-361-4323

    On Thu, Aug 6, 2020 at 1:47 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: ““Before there can be a great awakening, > there must be a rude awakening.” I wrote that in the beginning of my book, > Vessels of Fire and Glory. First, the rude awakening: We are already > socialist. We are already under a leftist cultural dictatorship. We” >

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