It is just about the most disheartening thing I can think of. An army ready to fight, being held back by a reluctant general. Yet, that is precisely what we are watching happen to millions of American Christians. We are ready, but our leaders are not. So many believers just can’t fathom why celebrity pastors are not pushing back against the destruction of the United States.

What is unfolding on our streets is a direct parallel to the early stages of the Reign of Terror during the French revolution.  The Committee of Public Safety was set up on April 6, 1793. What a perfect name, right? A series of massacres and numerous public executions took place in response to revolutionary fervor, anti-clerical sentiment, and spurious accusations of treason by the bloodthirsty Maximilien Robespierre.

These preachers are condoning a movement where only certain black lives matter—revolutionaries who ignore the vast numbers of blacks who are being killed on the streets of Democrat-run cities, each and every day.

Here is what these preachers are giving credibility to: Democrats behaving like plantation owners, staging a mock revolution that is designed to numb their victims back into chains. They have no intention of setting their ‘property’ free.

They hate Trump because the economy boomed and offered minorities a way out. Suddenly, blacks could exit the cycle of poverty that the Left had designed to hold them in their “place.” Not only out of poverty, but out of victimhood, and out of the Democrat Party. That is why you see Black Conservatives like Candace Owens and David Harris being vilified.

Nothing new here. They did it to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. In 1991 he said to the Democrat controlled Senate, “And from my standpoint, as a black American, as far as I’m concerned it is a high-tech lynching for uppity blacks who in any way deign to think for themselves, to do for themselves, to have different ideas, and it is a message that unless you kowtow to an old order, this is what will happen to you.”

From toppling statues to sanctifying pancake syrup, the mobs on our streets and the mobs in our corporate penthouses, are repeating the madness of The Committee of Public Safety. The early accusations of racism are expanding into schizophrenic delusions. A vortex of hatred is dragging reason, decency, and civilization itself, into the abyss.

Nancy Pelosi who, through the alchemy of science, is actually becoming a statue herself, silently approves of the toppling, the defacing, the burning, the desecration, and the madness on our streets. That, my friend, is to be expected. But the behavior of Christian Leaders is shocking. How can they be silent? How can they be in agreement with extremists and timidly repeat the lies of the Left?

I am going to offer three reasons why they are not doing their duty. And By the Way,  please view this video from Pastor Jack Hibbs.

1. Preachers are virtue-signaling. Virtue-signaling is the popular modern habit of indicating that one has virtue by merely expressing disgust or favor for certain political ideas or cultural happenings. They will chant Black Lives Matter without any regard to the insipid and dishonest use of that term. It is a cheap way of gaining acceptance, but it puts their congregation and the freedom of the nation at risk.

One spirit-filled pastor explained his involvement with Black Lives Matter by saying, “Fighting racism is an extension of the Kingdom of God.” Only he isn’t fighting racism. As I already showed you, the BLM movement is advancing racism, and perpetuating the despair and victim-hood in the Black Community.

But this pastor doesn’t want to think that far ahead. He is only doing what the Pharisees did, as Jesus spoke to one of them: “Then the Lord said to him, “Now you Pharisees make the outside of the cup and dish clean, but your inward part is full of greed and wickedness” (Luke 11:39). In the same way, you preachers refuse to look beyond the outward appearance of righteousness to see the real wickedness.

2. These preachers are silent because they want to preserve their empires. How shocking is that! They can work with Democrats because they understand the need to numb their consciences and cast out convictions in order to preserve the status quo. Their Bible is tossed out. Their calling is tossed out. Their idol is the magnificent campus they have built.

One of these leaders—a spirit-filled pastor said, “Mario Murillo is hurting the Body of Christ by supporting Donald Trump.”  That statement is pure deflection, and he knows it. He said that, in order to clear himself of his own failure, and his own responsibility and knowledge that it is not the Body of Christ I am hurting, it is his empire.

This man knows nothing about what is hurting the Body of Christ. Worst of all, he doesn’t have a clue about the big hurt that is coming to the Body of Christ if Donald Trump is not reelected.

I would love to hear his take on the only alternative, Joe Biden—a hand puppet for the most dangerous people on earth.

3. A lack of courage. In one city, the pastor of a large church told me that they would not back our tent crusade if I mentioned Donald Trump. After several minutes of treating me like a mushroom—that is, keeping me in the dark and putting fertilizer over me—he admitted the truth. There were liberals in his church with money and they would stop tithing if he ever mentioned Trump.

The fear of many pastors appears in their silence, in their reluctance to respond to those who want to fervently pray and speak out for freedom while there is still time. Instead, they will dodge all questions. They will not ask you to vote. They will spiritualize their cowardice in a thousand words of obfuscation. But the bottom line is that the fear of man has them in its snare.

They will say that by speaking out, the government will silence them and they might lose their church. Two things blow that lie out of the water. First, Sir, you are already silenced. You are already muzzled from speaking truth, not by government, but by your own fear. Second, the fastest way for you to lose your church is to allow this growing tyranny to go unchecked.

There can be no doubt that Christian Leaders must unify now. They must unify behind a God-given plan

And finally, to all our readers. This hour calls for fervent, unrelenting prayer. And having prayed we must act. It is a sad, dangerous, and decisive day we are witnessing. It is time for us to lovingly confront those believers and leaders who are remaining silent, and having done so, to act in honest courage. Why are you sitting under a ministry that refuses to do its duty? Why do you continue to support, with your precious seed, a ministry that is aiding and abetting the destruction of America?

Because our nation is at stake, God will now separate the sheep from the goats, and the shepherds from the hirelings. He is going to elevate the believers and preachers who will rise up and obey His call, while at the same time, He will put down the make-believers. To God be the glory!





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  1. Money loving powdered poodles in the pulpit, are savorless salt that is good for nothing, but to be cast out and trodden under the feet of men. Charismatic whores who run when they see the wolf coming. By their compromise they themselves turn into grievous wolves and tear other Christians apart by siding with the enemies of freedom and liberty. Woe unto them. Woe, Woe, Woe.

  2. Why?

    Because they’ve been taught that Jesus was a pacifist, and it is preferable to be martyred than live and see souls saved…

    Because they’ve been taught to keep their mouths shut, that politics is too dirty for Christians to be involved in.

    Because they’ve accepted the lie the Government and Church must be separate. (The Constitution only says that the GOVERNMENT can’t make laws that define or restrict the Church.)

    1. and because they are controlled by their alignment with the government 501c3, told to pacify their congregations, and bought into the world’s definition of love instead of God our Father and his Christ’s biblical definition

  3. big amen sir: The accepted socialist church or club of today, who support racism by backing racism, The church that now pray’s that you be wiped out if you preach the truth of the word of God and are full of the Holy Ghost and fire, I lost my brother last week and I believe these tyrant’s that call them selves the church today had a big part in it, because they been coming against me, but God has anointed me to do this and they can’t kill me, until God is through with me, so they went after my main helper my little brother, while I was still under the weather a little from stints being put in, and a heavy attack, and my head wasn’t clear good, and he died of a heart attack, the POB and other leaders who do not want to line up with the word of God or stand or preach the truth, some will pray and send evil spirits to try and wipe you out, Magazine leaders, big people who run the church today meet to try and take out the true Church of the Jesus Christ, because it threatens there bank account and the man made system and the socialist Church, of the frozen chosen, One Woman yesterday called me a big loser while another big pastor said I was unfit to be a leader, because I said I may not put up any thing for a few days, because I needed time to mourn for my brother, he was my right hand man who did everything for me, and my buddy my best friend, these people have no compassion and they pray to kill you, and depending on your anointing they can do much damage, and it depends on if you have people who will pray for you, instead of a bunch trying to kill you, but we are a threat to there new world socialist church, so we must go according to them, people were not listening and I got a little down when my brother died suddenly he was 10 years younger than me, but he knew what they were doing and he went after the dogs, because he believed in me, and I told him not to, because these were heavy evil dogs, and he just hinted what he was doing and I didn’t pull it out because of what was going on in my body, but God was really blessing me in every way, and he died, and some of these heartless preachers showed there colors last night, and how they really feel about the ones who preach the truth, your losers to according to them, but from where I stand its not us thats losing, my brother made it to heaven, yes I miss him horrible, and to think you dogs had anything to do with it really gets me, and to even think you dare call your selves the church, makes me sick to my stomach, YOUR DEVILS AND I WILL DO EVERYTHING I CAN TO EXPOSE YOU ALL NOW, you hollar you have power and authority by mans hand and position, but we are a bunch who believe in the power and might of the Holy Spirit by Gods power and authority, you make your own throne, and we bow to the throne of ALMIGHTY GOD, and his authority, and we back the man you put in office Lord, because they cheated and tried every way they could to throw the election, BUT OUR GOD WITH ALL POWER AND MIGHT HAS THE FINAL SAY ON THAT, and now you have allowed satan to take over most of the church, but some of us are crying out to God and have Repented, and our God will hear our cry’s, but for you, you phony and fakes get ready because your day is coming when you fall from your throne, and it is at hand, you devils have no place in the church of Jesus Christ, we pray to heal, save, deliver, set free, NOT WIPE PEOPLE OUT BECAUSE THEY FIT INTO YOUR NEW WORLD SYSTEM OF SOCIALISM CHURCH CLUB. LET GOD ARISE AND LET HIS ENEMIES BE SCATTERED. We don’t need a socialist club, WE NEED THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST TO ARISE AS THE MIGHTY ARMY IT IS.

    1. Roger Culwell, I am so sorry for your loss of your brother but yes, he now gets to see our Lord and Savior. Glory be to his matchless name. Praying for a quick and successful healing for you in all ways. Praying God continues to wake people up before it’s too late for them.

      1. Thank you, you are the first to show any sympth. at all and I thank you so much, that means the world to me, the first that wasn’t family, again thank you.

  4. Hi Mario;

    Keep His Banner lifted high, my brother. Jesus is our Commander in Chief and keep speaking out for those who are unable to speak this late hour because of Christian leaders. We need your voice and God is indeed separating the sheep from the goats.

    You are in my prayers Mario. What is happening in the US is also happening in Canada. Please keep us in prayer too. We need a Joseph to come rescue the sheep and our beautiful country, Canada.

    Yours in prayer, Joan Kovats

    Sent from my iPad


  5. You are so right on! God Bless you for your truthfulness and courage. If only your blogs would pop up on everyone’s cell phones like breaking news! Your messages must be seen and read all over the world by every last person on earth. I see it as a matter of life and death! Thank you so much!

  6. Yes, we have a smaller church around 100 people, our pastor may say a sentence about how bad it is without naming names and then preach the gospel, never a word about politics or current events. It has to be
    because his wife is an election official over the local county voting polls, I believe they have to stay neutral in public, that is the only thing I can think of? So I get that, I don’t want to be upset at him because he doesn’t speak up like you do. Although I wish every Christian Leader at this point in time would speak up like you do! The Socialists want to take over and we know God doesn’t want that he wants us to stand up, speak up, pray, and repent for what is happening to our great America! But as for feeble Christian leaders, have no excuse as their country is burning before them.

  7. You wrote, “One spirit-filled pastor explained his involvement with Black Lives Matter by saying, “Fighting racism is an extension of the Kingdom of God.” I have my doubts about his “spirit-fillededness.” Either a person is led by the spirit of God or they are not. And anyone can see that BLM is not a godly organization. Actually, I abbreviate them “BM” because that is what I think of their movement.

  8. Speak, man of God! Be the Jeremiah of our day. God will protect you, but God help those who sit around waiting to be made captives of “Babylon” of today. They say, “We will take you to a place much like the place you live, where all things will be good.” And we know what happened to Israel and Judah. So much destruction can happen to a nation in a mere 70 years. We must not give in to the evil sent to go “to and fro throughout the earth, walking up and down”……

  9. We all need a greater fear of the Lord. Everyone has the grace thing down quite well … even to have it extend to things that the Lord never said. But that is a whole other topic.
    What really brought me up short was in reading Revelation 21:8 just a few days ago.
    Did you know that the COWARDLY will go to hell? That is what it says. Rev 21:8 “But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars—they will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.” But how many of us never saw that or didn’t think it meant us.

    I have been guilty of all of the above at one time or other and am forgiven of it all but just as I would never go back to lying or practicing magic arts, cowardice has to go. The Lord will strengthen us where we are weak. We need to pursue, be bold and conquer through the Blood of the Lamb.

  10. Wow! thank you! yes and amen! You said, “Not only out of poverty, but out of victimhood, and out of the Democrat Party.” We can all take personal responsibility and accountability because “Now the Lord is the Spirit and where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty (emancipation from bondage, freedom” FOR ALL who come to Christ, in Whom ALL lives matter, including the child in the womb, and all may freely receive the Divine Help from Above, the Holy Spirit, not depending on government to take care of us, but asking and receiving, seeking and finding, knocking and the door opens to free access to God our Father.
    You said of world conforming pastors “It is a cheap way of gaining acceptance, but it puts their congregation and the freedom of the nation at risk” Wow! They seek the praises of men instead of the glory of God who says, “Do not conform to this world, but transform by taking the Mind of Christ that renews” “Conform into the image and likeness of Christ” It couldn’t be more clear! thanks again for speaking the Truth in the sacrificial love of God our Father through Christ by the Holy Spirit!

  11. Amen Brother Mario, as always, right on target.
    The question of the hour the begs to be answered goes thusly…How can these church leaders stand up and oppose a system of which they are a part? When you start from here you realize that these are modern day Pharisees. They cannot oppose the system because they are sold out to it. They have been promised to be a leaders of the New World Church if they play ball now. It’s about like being promised a first class ticket on the maiden voyage of the Titanic, but they have bought in to the promise of fame and fortune if they just obstruct the Church now to keep us from stopping their evil plans. It is not any accident that these people are obstructing, it is by design, and they know it.

  12. Lol. Participation trophy Christianity. Jesus’s loves you and has an awsome plan for your life. He will never leave you or forsake you. Just believe the message is true.
    Won’t work folks with what we are facing. God needs a little more of his Word to work with, with this wicked generation sold out to lies.

    Yes Mario. You can use that participation trophy Christianity phrase. I thought it was fitting.

  13. Mario, this is absolutely the truth! In our city the Lord is bypassing the pastors and the laymen are heralding in the move of God and the Harvest. I heard a while back that the nameless and faceless would bring in the next move of God! The sheep want to be sheep not goats. They see what God is doing and are doing it! Woe to those shepherds that stand in the way!!!

  14. Do you have a list available of these bad pastors. I want to make sure myself or none of my friends are sending $$ to their ministries. Since I am home most of the time I do watch different pastors on TV. I have stopped watching certain ones because they have watered down the word. I do not want to watch or support any ministry if they are not in complete agreement with what you are saying.

    Thank you for speaking out. You have encouraged me.

  15. Hi Sandra,

    We missed you last night. It was a good evening. Everyone had a good time — the people love being able to be together around the Word and each other — they miss having church!

    As for your dream, Al has no explanation for the dream. It didn’t ring true. Al is not the one carrying you (or anyone else); it is God ALONE. He is the one Who sets teachers in the Church (pastors, prophets, etc). Al is one of the teachers. All things are upheld by the power of His Word. It was a very interesting dream though. 🤔 It is true, however, that the Lord is moving us along, and we are definitely trusting Him to lead us into ALL TRUTH so we won’t stumble or get off the Life path.

    Love, Al and Phyllis


  16. Mario, we can all sense the depths of your cry for Christian leaders to step up to the plate and LEAD. We, too, are engaging in spreading truth, on every media. Losing friends who don’t like to hear Truth.
    Yet, we keep asking LORD Jesus to expose, to reveal what needs be exposed & revealed. Families are disjointed; “keep it light, don’t talk about him, that’s conspiracy theory, yada-yada.”
    The LORD revealed in John 17:9 …I PRAY NOT FOR THE WORLD. (What?!? Shocked me!) Days later I understand. He explained who He prays for ( John 17:1-21).
    Before the world was, God had appointed Jesus Christ over those God gave to Him, from out of the world! He called us out, true?!?
    So now, pray boldly in the Name of Jesus: we call out of the world all mankind that has been given by God TO THE Son!! We call them out of every worldly system: out of Hollywood, out of sports, out of the science fields, out of academia, out of casinos, crime, drug scenes, news media, blm, DNC, planned parenthood, false churches, holy etc! We call them to come out of the darkness into the kingdom of God’s Dear Son! Into the kingdom of Light! So be it, it’s the Father’s will!
    We are the Church. And we can put on our spiritual armor and be as bold as we want, violent!

    (I apologize that I couldn’t list all the categories that this would apply to, you can add to it! Call them out! And into the kingdom!)

  17. Mario, this reminds me of the exchange we had when your thought was that it would have been better for President Trump to wait before he stepped in and let the pastors step up and my exchange with you was they’re not stepping up, at least not at the level and quantity that we need. The word that I keep getting the last week or so is cowardice. I agree with you and I am thankful for those that are doing something. Thank you for what you are doing! The body of Christ hast to pray and move on the convictions that the Lord is putting on each of their hearts as individuals and not wait for leaders to do it. Make their voices known and whatever platform and way that God has given you and opens up to you and that’s going to be different for every person. And pray for those that are doing that that they do not grow weary of doing good.

  18. It’s definitely a problem. Our pastor used to be a spitfire but he mellowed over the years and the younger pastors coming on board are definitely not tuned into what is actually going on. Or, if they are aware, they appear to believe it is not their place to address it from the pulpit. We have nice people sitting in pews (well, they used to be before the state told them they can’t go to church), who go home after service unaware of how severe the battle is that we are in, and totally unprepared about what we are supposed to do about it. These pastors need to read your blogs from the pulpit, Pastor Mario. They can at least do it online now, and they should be.

  19. Our lack of repentance is only the logical result of the church leaders telling us only about how wonderful God’s love is , that we are wonderful , that all we need is to believe, that God is not holding our sins against us, etc. There is however a nasty word I never hear from them —Obey.
    Jesus earthly ministry was that of a living , breathing expression of how the Torah is God’s instructions for life on the planet and our embracing it brings protections. Being no longer under the curse of the law doesn’t license us to throw it out all together. Those Ten Statements were not intended to be ten suggestions,although I don’t get that message today. “Being doers not just hearers of the word.”
    That’s just old stuff.
    So, What do we need to repent about?

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