The Democrat Party has made America miserable. They have done it with a misery unknown and unequalled in our history. They have caused great misery, both to our institutions and to our people.  They have made everyday life miserable. They have made all the races miserable. They have made professional sports miserable. They have made education miserable. They have made relationships miserable. They have made the elderly, the middle aged, the young, and even children miserable.

Once anything of beauty is touched by the “woke” and the progressive, it is instantly drained of color. Words like honesty, decency, love and virtue have been beaten to a pulp by people who are always offended and who literally see everything as racist.

They have destroyed Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, New York City —and Gavin Newsom is doing one better by working to destroy an entire state. Antifa is the armed militia of the Democrat Party.

Every solution they have forced on us is worse than the problem it was meant to solve. Every word out of their mouth is a euphemism that masks a dark agenda and the next debacle they are planning.

They have even found a way to out-kill the virus. Their shutdown has created an epidemic of suicide, drug addiction and depression. Their war on the police has unleashed a crime wave that is turning urban areas into murder capitols and uninhabitable torture chambers.

Democrats are masters of evading responsibility. They could crawl through a barrel of pretzels and not touch a single one. They blame Trump for the deplorable conditions that exist in cities they utterly control and have always controlled.

The Democrat Party has left us with no choice but to absolutely repudiate them. There is no doubt about this. This is an inescapable fact to all moral and sensible people, but, somehow, Christians are in denial of all these obvious facts.

Many Christians struggle to admit evil. Not only that, they can’t see their natural duty to stop America’s destruction. If what the Left is now doing does not shake you out of complacency, I doubt anything will.

Perhaps you don’t want to get involved. Perhaps you are using tired religious excuses, such as hiding behind a false interpretation of Romans 13. Maybe you are convinced that this maelstrom of evil will simply go away on its own if you pretend it doesn’t exist and just sing louder.

You are a pastor who is torn about taking a stand in this war because you may lose your church. But if you don’t act, there won’t be any church left for you to save. There is no viable excuse for staying out of this battle. There is nothing heroic about avoiding your sacred duty in this time of national destruction.

In Psalm 11:3 there is a verse that some translations render, “If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?” Which makes it sound like: ‘The foundations have been destroyed, so the righteous might as well give up, there is nothing they can do.’ But the Hebrew, according to several commentaries, says something different: “If the foundations be destroyed, what will become of the building/structure?”

In this current crisis, the foundations that are being destroyed are the American system of government, law and order, Capitalism, and the Constitutional protection of the freedom of religion. The Psalmist is saying to us in our day, “When those foundations are gone, what will be the end of the entire structure?”

The structure is America. Surely this nation is worth fighting for. Many have bled and died for our freedoms. There may have been a day when American Christians could comfortably live in apathy—an apathy that seemed harmless—but not anymore. Today, it is a formula for guaranteed disaster.





Dear reader,
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  1. I Kings 18:21 Limp wristed-spineless-jelly fish-preachers are always halting between two opinions. They even hide behind the Bible. Flip flopping fruit cakes. What is so amazing is the stupid Christians who support these wolves in sheep’s clothing with their money. Just because you are a preacher does not mean you are a man or woman of God. The root problem is the fear of man that puts a noose around their necks.

  2. Thank you Mario for your encouragement. It is very important for us as it would be so easy to give up. I am praying for you all in ministry as you all need encouragement too. God will bless your efforts one hundred fold – maybe one thousand fold.

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  3. Thankyou for all your encouragement to keep on praying Mario. God is surely listening and will respond in His time. He most assuredly appreciates your efforts as we do. God bless you. Denise

  4. Amen brother Mario, Romans 12:2
    [2] And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect. The church is becoming more like the world instead of the church being a light to the world.

  5. I would say that Christian apathy has never been harmless and is part of the reason we are in this despicable position today. I agree with you that the left brings nothing but misery and is satanic to its very core . It needs to be eradicated.

    1. The Holy One is the Lord Jesus Christ. The Great Comforter who is the Holy Spirit, comforts those on the battlefield fighting the good fight of faith. Dead religion is left undisturbed in the graveyard.

  6. The Holy One is using the pandemic and the insurrection to force believers out of their comfort zone. At some point there will be a spiritual renaissance within the body of believers. That will lead to a spiritual revolution among the unbelieving population.

    While it is uncomfortable this is what we all need. New leaders are rising everywhere. The old leadership has preached comfort and prosperity. The new leaders are preaching action, engagement with the unbelievers. Think about it, how uncomfortable are most Christians with the manifestation of the Holy Spirit? Not just speaking in tongues but seeing signs, miracles and wonders? If we had someone raised from the dead in our churches it would result in 50 more funerals as everyone dropped dead in shock!

    1. The Holy One is the Lord Jesus Christ. The Great Comforter is the Holy Spirit, who comforts us on the battlefield fighting the good fight of faith. Dead religion is left in the graveyard undisturbed.

      1. yes and amen! the Holy One is the Lord Jesus Christ, the Messiah for all people, and God is exposing those who are using this virus and inciting division and destroying life and property as of the anti-Christ spirit

  7. The pressure is being applied whom will you stand for? Ungodly Democrat’s have no morals.
    From killing babies inside and outside the mother’s womb….reminds me of Hitler.
    and all their other downer policies they stand for, nothing but misery.
    Republicans (most) are for Pro-life
    and other good policies that God is for. I dare say if you are a real Christian you can’t be a Democrat anymore! They kicked God out of their platform. what’s your excuse Christian democrat?
    we must pray, repent, ask God for mercy upon America.
    Trump 2020.

  8. The Peshitta, which has been the Aramaic-language Bible used by the Church of the East without revision for over 1500 years, renders Psalm 11:3 as: “For if they have destroyed the foundation which the LORD has prepared, what can the righteous do?” If people think the answer is “nothing,” they’re WRONG! Verse five says, “The LORD tries the righteous and the wicked; but his soul hates him that loves violence.” God is not on the side of Antifa – and neither should we! So, if the Biblical foundation of our country is being destroyed, it is up to the people who love righteousness to rise up and STOP it! Christians are not called to be COWARDS!

  9. Please watch this. I need to speak with someone that can relate some information to Mario for me my cell phone number is 17146239101 I subscribe to these messages and am trying to set up a Church watch to counter act some or all of the violence soon coming at the Church’s and God’s peoples. Please don’t publish my information or this email.

    Sent from my iPhone


    1. To comment on Pastor Mario’s observations: “The structure is America. Surely this nation is worth fighting for. Many have bled and died for our freedoms. There may have been a day when American Christians could comfortably live in apathy—and apathy that seemed harmless—but not anymore. Today, it is a formula for guaranteed disaster.” Pastor Mario is correct, Capitalistic-Democracy cannot survive in a corrupt society. This is why Bernie Sanders and others began rumblings about a socialist-Democracy. This is my field of research; specifically “Institutional Anomie” which is the descriptive term used to identify eroding moral and ethical values of the obligatory standard of moral values within our nation. This condition is a global problem and has been slowly growing for the past century. The results were clearly seen in the wake of the great recession and the failure of our leaders to take appropriate action to regulate banks and hold CEOs responsible for corruptions and mismanagement, therein spurring such incompetence forward. A grassroots movement is needed. And Paster Mario is a wakeup call.
      L.E. Ginader Ph.D.,

  10. I think the most prevalent problem among Christians is expecting that things are going to turn back to, “normal”, that life will return to the way it was before January 1, 2020. That life is gone for good, and it is probably supposed to be gone for good. We’ve entered a different era, IMO, and God knew this was coming. We’ve gone to far over the hill, with all the destruction from the virus, and the way it is being used by democrats for political gain and used by hospitals for financial gain;with antifa and the rest of the anarchists, and the destruction they are raining onto our cities;the division between political parties and citizens;the vile curriculum being shoved into schools, along with the destruction of public education as a whole;the brainwashing of college youth by marxist profs who should not even be allowed near young people;the vile programs Hollywood spews out under the guise of “comedy” shows….and on it goes. Not that God cannot or will not heal all these things. He can and He might. We don’t deserve it, but He may have mercy on us. I do believe He loves and has not given up on America. But we kid ourselves if we think we are going back to our nice little quiet lives before the chaos began. Problem is…too many have still not awakened to what is really happening and why.

    1. If these pew sitting “believers” want things to go back to normal then they need to have their children and grandchildren take back the culture. Believers need to be the college professors so that they can educate, not indoctrinate, our future leaders. They need to be journalists so as to spread truth rather than agendas. And Hollywood producers so as to produce entertainment that is not polluting our culture.

      1. Actually I am about to start my PhD program. And I am 70.

        But if we are going to take back the culture then we have to control the universities, journalism and Hollywood. We can not allow the left to dominate.

        Also Christians need to be more scholarly. Learn Hebrew and Greek (I have studied both plus Aramaic). Most christians have a poor knowledge of the Bible. And less knowledge of the manifestations of the Holy Spirit.

  11. Who is willing to pay the price in prayer and fasting and spiritual warfare.We can not just debate ,point our finger at the “church system.” God is waiting for those who are filled with anger and remorse for the atrocities that sin has ravaged on our nation,find our upper room and seek His face. This is the greatest opportunity we will ever have in our lifetime to co labor with God and be witnesses to his glory filling the earth.He is waiting on each of us to follow the promptings the Holy Spirit has placed in our hearts.Each of us has a task and in our hearts we know what that is.

  12. Democrats LEFT their party when they LEFT God and let “demon rats” in to TRY to steal, kill and destroy America as a constitutional republic, under God, indivisible from God, with unalienable God-given rights and freedoms, including freedom of religion and the freedom to not be controlled or dictated to by any radical leftist ideology or any other shadow government or shadow religion or foreign interference through corporations, bribery, greed, weaponized virus or incited racial division that is only in their own hearts projected out; blaming others for what is in their own hearts. Our republic is founded on individuals governed by Christ, who take personal responsibility and accountability under God our Father, and will never be governed by satanic, luciferian or demonic spirits of this dark, fallen broken world system of government and religion apart from Christ. The anti-Christ spirit is raging in them, but thank God nothing can conquer, overcome, defeat, destroy, disarm or triumph over what God has given us in Christ, his spiritual kingdom of righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit to govern over the individual, while we the people, by the people, for the people defend the republic of America under God’s appointed leader President Donald John Trump; and ask God our Father to expose and remove all those of anti-Christ spirits in government and religion, and replace with those who know that righteousness exalts a nation and sin destroys it (Proverbs 14:34).

  13. Apathy comes natural to Christians because every pulpit in America teaches John 3:16-17: For God so loved you that he sent his only begotten son into the world that whoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life. 17: For God sent not his son into the world to save it but condemn it. That through him the world might be destroyed.

    Wait what? It doesn’t say that? Then why does every single American pulpit and every Bible college on the planet teach it??? They teach that God came to save people for eternity but will eventually destroy the world? I mean if the world has so little value to him and will always remain evil, even get more evil. Then how can Christians not be naturally apathetic about the direction it takes?
    They all say with different variations the Bible teaches Jesus is coming back to destroy the planet as we know it don’t they? Most say according to Bible prophecy it will inevitably grow more evil don’t they?

    In reality. Preaching to them to save their world is actually unnatural. They have no mandate from heaven to heal, transform and preserve the world, at least with their sure foundation of what the future holds right? That is why you can thunder from the pulpit about the current crises yet the struggle to motivate them is so difficult. It’s because of what they believe. Which is why Jesus said to those who were sure their traditions were based in scripture that that those traditions were rendering the Word of God powerless. Because those traditions are not the truth. I’m here to say God sent not his son into the world to pass sentence on it and carry that sentence out. But that through the son. That means through you too. He will save, preserve, heal and transform the world.

  14. I take to heart what you encourage us to fight for. You are absolutely right! When I was growing up in the church, I never actually thought that the anthem Onward Christian Soldiers would be our real life battle song!

  15. Don’t know how it could be said any clearer as to what the current situation is in America. God help every voter that names the name of Jesus Christ.

    1. Love your neighbor like you love yourself. Love the Father above all else.

      Love is only associated with a feeling. Love IS an attitude which results in action. The OPPOSITE of love is not hate but indifference. Apathy is NOT an option for the faithful.

      Well written article.

  16. The Lord will hold all accountable for not taking their God given stand to reprove,rebuke, and exhort as all believers should do in this critical time in history. We Must do all we know to do to stand against ALL untruth. Too much hypocrisy in not only the worldly crowd, but in our churches. We Must vote for the one candidate that has stood with Israel, and against abortion and all this trashy LGBT junk! My prayers are with you Mario and brother Dawson.


  18. Churches for too long have been afraid to mention politics. It might offend someone in their church who happens to tithe handsomely. God forbid that you would call out the Democratic Party. If the church can’t call a spade a spade or a sinner a sinner who else is supposed to?
    Too many churches are still focused on a 12 week course on how to tithe correctly when their members are loosing their jobs, homes and families. It’s like teaching someone how to use a fire extinguisher right after their home has burned down. Too many of these misfortunes are direct results stemming from democratic actions like killing the Keystone pipeline for political reasons. And it wasn’t enough that the Hyde Amendment protected us from our taxes being used for the killing of babies now our president has eliminated that and expanded tax payers money going to other countries that kill babies also.
    I could go on and on but thank God there are some churches waking up to the fact our country is going down the drain quickly if the church don’t arise to the occasion.

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