Under our Tent in Fresno, bodies will be healed of sickness. The power of depression will be broken. We know this because it has happened, again and again. A miracle can happen to you or to someone you love.

Acts 14:3 says, “Nevertheless, they stayed there a long time, preaching boldly, and the Lord proved their message was from Him by giving them power to do great miracles.”

That verse says it all. We welcome anyone to come and to see the proof that the message of Jesus is for every soul—no matter how sick, addicted or hopeless they may feel.

Here is our message to California: In our Tent, Jesus will break the chains of sickness, addiction, and despair. In our Tent, the rules of the street die. In our Tent, you will find the Life you were born to live.

An army of prayer warriors is already locked in targeted intercession to break the power of Satan in California. Christians are in training to put boots on the ground. These prayer-covered workers will soon touch California’s most forsaken: from homeless camps to crack-houses. Everyone, from the down-and-out to the up-and-in will receive our witness.  Our workers will not bring just food and clothing—they will bring the anointing to heal and to set captives free.

While I was in the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, NC, the exhibit of Billy preaching in the Eastern Bloc countries brought me to tears. Not long after Billy preached there, Communism fell in these nations. Not only that, but it fell in the exact same order of Billy’s visits. I thought, “What an amazing miracle!”

Then I thought, “Why not such a miracle for California?” Los Angeles has a great store of the buried treasure of past revivals. From L.A. the greatest outpouring since the Book of Acts emerged, the miracle on Azusa Street. The greatest evangelists of the 20th Century have held meetings there: from Aimee McPherson to Billy Graham. There, the greatest youth revival in American history was born—the Jesus People Movement.

Highway 99 is our assignment, for a reason. Millions who live along this corridor are suffering, and their quality of life has dropped drastically because of the lockdown. But the big difference is that Central Valley families think differently, and something is stirring there!

I hear the rumble in this valley of millions who are sick to death of the whole mess. They don’t want what their kids are being taught in the schools. They don’t want drag queens reading to their children. They do not want Black Lives Matter or Antifa burning down their city. They don’t want any part of the medicated, mentally dulled elites who compose the government of California. They don’t want this disaster to continue. They yearn for hope!

You are the heart of the mass crusade we are holding in Fresno. Your prayers, support and love have taken on muscle. You will be able to feel the impact of your faith. The diseases that are oppressing many are going to be healed, because of your faith.

Can you feel the urgency of this tent crusade in Fresno?  Let God fill you with expectation and a spirit of prayer!

Let God speak to your heart! There is a place in these meetings for you. There is a miracle waiting there for you. You will see God use you in a way you have never imagined. No matter what the level of power of your gift is currently, let me tell you, it will go to a new level.  Do you fear witnessing? I assure you that an inner fire will make you as bold as a lion. Not only that, you will return rejoicing over the lives God has used you to bring to salvation. Come along, stand beside me, and become the Christian warrior you never imagined you could be.

I can’t overstate the urgency of prayer. Please, won’t you begin praying for us right now? In the coming days you will be able to volunteer to help in this historic tent crusade.



This is a message to those who support Mario Murillo’s message to America.
As you know, the lockdown stopped our tent crusades.  Prayerfully, Mario decided he would stop raising outreach money, but still keep his outreach team on full salary. That is when the idea for the War Chest Collection was born. It has been a huge win-win situation.Take our 3 bestselling books, make them a collection and offer them for just $27. 
Now, all the proceeds from the War chest will go to the tent crusade in Fresno.
This collection includes a signed copy of Mario’s latest book Vessels of Fire and GloryCritical Mass the classic on revival—Edgewise a guide to living in the last days. We call it the War Chest Collection.
When you get the War Chest Collection you not only get three amazing books—books that can change your life—you are keeping Mario’s voice strong, and you are helping us invade California. Order your War Chest Collection now.   

Use this link to order right now  https://mariomurillo.org/product/war-chest-collection/




  1. The God who answers by fire is the Lord of glory. Lord, let your fire come through Mario with such force and wisdom that all those who would dare to resist it, be confounded and converted in the almighty name of JESUS.

  2. I am already praying for those God will call to help you evangelise Mario. Preparation is good and I know you need help in this. This is a mammoth task but when God is behind you who can be against you. God Bless, Denise

  3. I love this Mario & Team! I sense the river rising; flowing fiercely to the area of need…California. I’m seeing the inner workings of a top notch, organized meeting in your blog…which I am happy about (practical needs being met at the event too). Praying as the Holy Spirit leads me to. We may never know the magnitude of the outcome from this event, but I’m willing to submit to the One Who does know! I believe there will be a few that rise up afterwards and take hold of California, filled with the Holy Spirit. I see (3) younger guys that are going to form some kind of strong (but not violent) uprising against Governmental authorities; who are shaking us till our boots fall off. They will stand and be heard. People of their generation will know them and understand the way that they speak. I just see them mulling over the situation (like Christ drawing in the dirt). They will not speak until they are spoken to by God.


  4. I am so excited for this event!! Such expectation in the Spirit!! I believe God will move in miraculous ways unlike ever before. Praying, believing and standing with you, Mario and Team🔥🙌🙏

  5. I’m beginning prayer this morning and have received and read this post. I am sober and full of hope about all you’ve said. I feel such gratefulness and relief over your confidence, purpose and plan. I’ve been watching Sunday night church as well. Praying.

  6. Praying and believing for a mighty move of God and His favor among the people and that walls will be torn down and lives changed.

  7. Dear Mario, I would so love to attend your Fresno meeting. I’m a Believer/Californian retired in Mexico, and Covid travel restrictions will keep us away. God is telling me that depression will indeed be broken during your meetings! I’m dealing with severe depression and ask that prayer be lifted up for me and others like me! May God Bless You and your Team as you work to save individuals, California, the United States and the World from darkness. I’m praying for your success, in the Name of Jesus Christ. Dan in Mexico

    On Fri, Aug 14, 2020 at 1:29 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “Under our Tent in Fresno, bodies will be > healed of sickness. The power of depression will be broken. We know this > because it has happened, again and again. A miracle can happen to you or to > someone you love. Acts 14:3 says, “Nevertheless, they stayed t” >

  8. Dear Mario, you should also go to places like Santa Monica, CA. I lived there before I was saved. There are so many who desperately need to see Jesus is alive and full of power. They think they’re well, think they have it all in life but they have nothing but dust and ash, pain, sickness, suffering and darkness. Please consider this my brother. So grateful for all you’re doing and may the Lord give you a mighty harvest indeed!

  9. I am so excited, my spirit is on fire 🔥 as l have watched to you and Robby on Sundays. I will be fervently interceeding for your tent revival. I believe that God is going to do miracles and many souls will be won for Christ! God bless you and your team as you prepare to and GO” BE JESUS ! ” ✝️👑

  10. It is already done.Our Jehovah Jireh has provided everything needed to flood Highway 99 from Chico to Bakersfield with His glory.

  11. YES. I am praying and will be giving to your effort! Let the miracles begin, Lord! Draw them like a magnet, like a magnet, Dear Holy Spirit, to the tent, and forward to receive Salvation and healing, in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

  12. I am wondering if you get my mail.?
    If so please don’t stop doing what you are doing. U.s. Has to lead them world in fighting back against evil.
    Canada is asleep , Canada is obeying rules without thinking, we need people to stand up and be counted. I am trying but I am 87 plus.
    Mario you are the Moses of our century . You will lead your people. Some will hear. Some won’t.
    Blessings Jean white Canada

    Sent from my iPad

  13. I have a friend who has kidney disease and has a compromised immune system. Will there be social distancing and masks worn?

    1. Dear Virginia, We will do everything within reason to comply with city regulations. We have purchased $66,000 portable luxury restrooms that will be kept spotless. We will have hand sanitizers stations in many locations. We will strongly encourage personal responsibility in regards to masks and social distancing. What we will not do is guarantee the safety of anyone who chooses to attend because such a guarantee leaves us open to absurd lawsuits. Attendance is voluntary and we will stress that point at the beginning of every service. Most importantly, we expect the power of Jesus to be present to heal. We hope and pray for your friend’s healing MMM

  14. This morning Holy Spirit impressed upon me that the tent crusade in California symbolizes an Isaiah 54 moment for The church calling us all to extend our tent pegs. To broaden our territory and with Eyes on Him move in praise and expectation of what the King of the Universe will accomplish through his church. What a glorious time we live in! His kingdom come. Praise and Glory be to God! God bless you Mario and your team.

  15. Bring it on! Its time for a new move of the holy spirit . Swing your cycle lord over fresno and the valley. We stand with you Mario and are asking God to unmask the hearts of people held captive to a devilish narrative. We are asking God to break the power of fear and hopless apathy over the church. We are asking and positioning ourselves to be at the head, and not the tail, of the next great move of God. We are positioning ourselves to in Him above only!, and not below at all. Lets bring heaven to earth! We believe God is already standing by with everthing needed to defeat our enemy if we will just move forward. Moves require movement, and we must be girded and ready to move even in the midnight hour. We believe our hour is comming and the glory will not be stolen from hour king. He will have His glory!

  16. I’m praying without ceasing for your ministry and the revival that is coming in CA!!!! Exciting!!!! I pray it will continue throughout the nation.
    God bless you and I thank God for your ministry!!!!

  17. We are in a major spiritual battle, not an earthly battle?

    On Fri, Aug 14, 2020, 2:37 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “Under our Tent in Fresno, bodies will be > healed of sickness. The power of depression will be broken. We know this > because it has happened, again and again. A miracle can happen to you or to > someone you love. Acts 14:3 says, “Nevertheless, they stayed t” >

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