For many, it is their familiar nightmare. The house is on fire and as they rush to warn the family, something makes their legs move in slow motion.  They shout, but their voice is muffled. Reaching the bedrooms, they face a new horror. They shake people in their beds but, no matter what they do, they can’t wake them up. Smoke overwhelms the room and then flames engulf the house.  The dreamer wakes up shouting.

That is the feeling many preachers, prophets, and Christians who have had their eyes opened by the Holy Spirit are experiencing right now. They are trying to wake up the church, but they find themselves in a living nightmare. They discover that the majority of believers in America seem to be fast asleep.

It was a painful video for me to watch. A well-known pastor was interviewing his respected guest. That guest travels across our nation trying to take the pulse of the American church. To do this he visits a different church every Sunday.

Speaking emphatically, on the brink of tears, he said that there is no urgency coming from pulpits. He didn’t find a single church where the people were being warned. He saw few calls for repentance and even fewer pastors urging congregants to vote, and no alerting people from the pulpit to the reality of America’s imminent destruction.

What the majority of the church is listening to ignores reality completely.  Even worse, we punish vessels of God for warning us. The voices that are moved by the Holy Spirit to wake up the church are living out the nightmare of the burning house.

Using the story of David and Goliath, I want to show you how we shame voices that call us to repent.

David brought lunch to his brothers, but he couldn’t believe what he was seeing and hearing. Goliath was insulting the armies of God. Then David’s older brother, Eliab, shamed him for the look of outrage on his face. “…Eliab’s anger was aroused against David, and he said, “Why did you come down here? And with whom have you left those few sheep in the wilderness? I know your pride and the insolence of your heart, for you have come down to see the battle”” (1 Samuel 17: 28).

A Christian who is under conviction must discredit the voice calling for repentance. He will accuse those voices that warn the church of pride, insolence, and a morbid mind, saying, “You are just condemning us. Things aren’t as bad as you say. You are just obsessed with negative things.”

Eliab totally misread his kid brother. David had a completely righteous reaction to a disgusting lack of urgency and a cowardly betrayal of the Word of God. Israel stood paralyzed before a foul-mouthed God- hater who needed to be dispatched with haste.

David’s outrage was also directed at how passive and compliant Israel was. Nobody wanted to step up. I have got to say that I too am disgusted at how sheepish preachers are in America.

David’s anger was further fueled because he knew the Lord his God. He knew that all God needed was one man, one truly willing vessel to turn this tragedy into triumph. He could not believe that Israel was allowing this outrage to go on this long and this far.

American Christians have also let it go too far for too long, and now they face the prospect of paying for their apathy with their very lives. The world that Obama, Soros and other enemies of freedom are attempting to manipulate into existence would have, long before now, caused our early settlers to roar out in anger, “I would rather die on my feet, than live on my knees!”

We are shaming the very voices we need to hear. We are rewarding the preachers who are killing us. We are punishing people for obeying God, and doing that puts you in direct opposition to God.

Trump can still lose.

There, I said it. Those who are relying on promises of his reelection, but are taking no drastic action to wake up the rest of the church, are no better than the masses of believers who are fast asleep.

But, enough talk. It is time for action.

To those of you who are punishing the voices that have been sent from God, I issue this solemn warning: You are standing in the way of an aggressive God Who has rolled up His sleeves, and is working to spare America. It is far safer for you to take a nap on the tracks in front of a speeding locomotive.

To all of my fellow warriors who are awake: You have the same heart for America that David had for Israel. You are giant killers. You exist in numbers that are more than enough to undo the damage caused by leftist atheists. You are so much more than enough, that, like David, you don’t need to wait for anyone.

Let’s go get these devils!




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  1. As One Brother Mario!Come Holy Fire of God & burn away the dross & confusion of the many Christians in the USA..NOW Father SLAM the sleeping giant ..the American men Woman & children ..AWAKE in Your Holy Spirit FIRE!

  2. True Revival or lose it all!

    I have a deep “concern” that the lackadaisical arrogant and we’re already perfect in Christ Jesus, pretending that 2 Chronicles 7:14 doesn’t apply to *my* church or *myself*, will lead to Father disciplining His church through persecution by allowing the demons to steal this election.

    Then people will cry out to Jehovah for mercy, mercy too late.

    You cannot exercise your way to revival! If you aren’t worshiping, praying and preaching with the same intensity of The Holy Spirit given in Romans 8:26

    Are you just “there” or is your heart there, too. And, deeply so…

  3. I agree 100% with this! I constantly refer to David’s handling of this situation, we need to BOLDLY stand up to our oppressors…”Who is this uncircumcised Philistine that he should defy the armies of the living God?” And to the Christians who “burn with anger” at our boldness “can’t I even speak?” They then give us all the reasons why we should back down, remain quiet, do nothing…go home. INSTEAD, we shrug them off, and charge like David “I come against you in the name of the Lord Almighty, the God whom you have defied,” to defeat the enemy.

  4. Amen,
    May the church wake up and speak up against the evil left Dem’s. You see what they are doing to our country unless you are watching the MSM News that ignore the riots and all the other evil committed by Dem’s and stupid left-wing leaders.
    I read about the Dem’s convention last night.
    Lot’s of lying going on there, but they don’t care and then I couldn’t believe they sang National Anthem
    and had someone pray in Jesus’ name? Since when do they care about our nation and God.
    They are just trying to fool people so they can have power. That’s all that matter’s for the Dem’s.
    I pray all the church would wake up to these evil caused mostly by the Dem’s before it’s too late
    and vote for good and not the evil left-wing Dem’s.

  5. I am so with you, but fell so helpless when I see and hear people who claim to be Christians still supporting democrats…. sucked in by the lies of the media. Our own church is amazing. Our pastor has been preaching repentance since well before covid and all this rioting. I would just like to know what more I can do!

  6. Hi Mario . Please check out
    The River Christian Church in Reno .
    Last week Pastor Rod spoke on the Cross
    And the week before he spoke on sin and repentance . You can listen to these on you tube . He has been speaking for 21 weeks on the portraits of Christ . I’ve been reading your blogs. Thought you would like to know what is being preached in a little church in Reno.

    1. Jesus, the Cross, sin, repentance and justification from sin, are ALWAYS current, up-to-the-minute messages and whilst it is helpful to know the state of affairs around us, so we can intercede more effectively and vote right, I am glad your pastor is preaching these topics. God bless him.

  7. Did Jesus show us this in the parable of the banquet? The banquet was prepared and people made excuses why they could not come,so he told his servants to go to the highways to fill his house. And then He spoke about counting the cost of following Him.

  8. How true, like Jesus said saying nothing is the same as Denying Him. And He will deny us before the Father and His angels. We don’t want to think like this because that means we are responsible for what happens around us. Didn’t Jesus say you don’t light a candle and put it under a cover. You put it in a place where it can show the most light. Aren’t we the light of the world in Gods eyes, christians don’t like to think about it. There is a price to pay now or later, when God asks Jesus how are you doing what will His answer be. In my case As the Holy Spirit Showed me Jesus turned away and didn’t answer.

  9. It’s definitely distressing to encounter these hypocrites and miquetoast Christians around the net, who come into Christian and other threads and admonish committed and Conservative Christians for sticking to solid Biblical principles. They justify their hatred of Donald Trump because of his past, and close their eyes and ears to all that he has done for the Christian community. They conveniently push out of their minds the massive sins of democrat presidents and leaders. Sometimes it is maddening to read their words. In California, they have now passed a law that children can be sterilized and receive gender-confusion-surgery. These poor confused children will one day regret what has been done to them and will pay for it for the rest of their lives. The democrat legislators of California are certifiably insane and demonically controlled, IMO. These are the kinds of things that pastors should be warning their congregants about. If they don’t wake up soon, it will be too late. If they don’t scream from the front of the church for us to pray for the President and pray for America and for our families, they are never going to. America will be gone and the idol shepherds will have much to answer to God for.

  10. Thank you very much brother for your faithfulness to the sheep and most importantly to our LORD. To all these comments I must say – AMEN!!!!! Let God arise, HIS enemies be scattered. Sound the alarm, wake up the slumbering, destroy the works of the devil and usher in Holy Spirit to bring repentance and revival to America and @ the world.

  11. If anything, the church, in general, here in Australia may be even worse. There are very few church leaders here preaching about repentance or seem to think that anything is untoward. When a church releases the program of services for the next few months which have absolutely nothing to do with the signs of the times, or calling us to repentance, one starts worrying as to where we are heading.

  12. Seek it first the kingdom of God … A Warrior is asking his Commander and Chief … How do I fight this battle? … I don’t just go in swinging my sword … As OUR design speaks … “God Almighty declares the word of the gospel with Power, and the worrying women of Zion delivers its message!”

    Ty … Your message speaks to me … Wake up Sheep …

    Betty J. Wedekind

    Sent from my iPhone


  13. Mario, Don’t know if you have heard of this man but Bishop Patrick Wooden talks a lot like you do. Bonus, he is a black pastor in North Carolina. He doesn’t pull any punches either as he dishes it out in the pulpit. God is moving.

  14. I get myself into a pickle every month it seems when I post something that the pew sitting Lutherans don’t approve of. I don’t care, it’s time to wake the sleeping apathetic compromised church.

  15. Hello Mario…Always refreshing New Fire to read your Post..I’m always in total Alignment with them In Spirit..I inquired to God about 4 years ago my frustration with the Apathy of the Church. I had jumped into the Political Arena in my Ekklesia here in Los Banos to run for City Council..I was on Fire and very excited, but when I tried to Share that Excitement with the Church they turned a deaf ear, or were not interested, or were fearful of supporting any Political Candidate..needless to say, this did not quench my Fire, and I went on to be Elected to Office without support of the Church..When I cried out to God about this, he called me by Name and responded with this; 1. My Church had fallen asleep hundreds of years ago..That the Church had become a Sleeping Giant that Urgently needed to Wake Up For Such A Time As This…That Satan lives in the church and keeps her paralyzed with FEAR and asleep in the 4 walls of her comfort zone of Compromise…The Church was already asleep in 1974 when Roe vs. Wade raised it’s dEVIL Head..The Church should have stopped it Like a Brick Wall, on and on…Saddddd…The Church today is Reaping the Fruit of Her Inactions…I’m so happy the 4 walls are gone, don’t ever want them to return..we are to be in the Highways, Byways, Internet, Blazing a Trail of Glory and Great News as the Vessels on Fire for the Great I AM…amen..Blessings to you my Brother…Blaze On….On another Note; God crossed my Path with another Brother who was Homeless by the Name of Jose Leal. We were at the Court in Los Banos at the time. God asked me to engage him as he past me sitting there with another brother…I stepped out and met the Most Broken Man I have ever met in my whole Life. He was standing there in a puddle of tears..He couldn’t even look up at me as I introduced myself as I began speaking Life to him…I remember looking up toward God and In the Spirit I was telling God, I couldn’t believe how broken this man was, it was really hurting my heart to reach out to him. Then God Spoke and told me “HE IS MY GENERAL”..I remember questioning myself did I just hear God correctly, that this Broken man in a million pieces is one of God’s Generals..God must have read my mind as I looked up once again to Question if I heard him Correctly, and He responded Louder and with more Authority; ” He is My General, and I am going to restore his Marriage”…I knew in those Few words-volumes were spoken to me about a Major Mentoring Project that had to take place in this Man’s Life who had his Identity Stolen at Birth from Him…Wow..I sent him to I.C.A. ,then moved him into my home for One on One Mentoring..2 1/2 years later.A kingdom of Heaven foundation had been built for him where there was none before..The foundation still needs more Ingredients, So he is reaching out to the likes of Apostle Leon Walters, Bill Hammond, and You Marillo ..God has showed him this Great Vision to Chasten the Sleeping Giant Church..It has been confirmed he has a Special, Prophetic Calling and Mantel to fulfill…Will leave this here and let Holy Spirit lead his Journey from here until his Launching….Blessings and Thank You for all You have Done, and will continue to do…

    Ray Martinez

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