It is clear that, as the madness spreads and the church just wrings its hands, it is time for the eagles to leave the turkey-yard.  You know who you are, you who are an eagle.  There’s a fire inside you that you can’t put out.  You are ruined for ‘Church-As-Usual-Incorporated.’

For too long you’ve been told to be a good little birdie.  “Don’t ruffle any feathers!” But you just can’t stomach the stale kernels they toss to you.  You must have fresh meat.  All around you, the turkeys peck at the ground.  But all you can see are the clouds and the sky, where you know you belong.

You long to be home, where the glory is.  Your place is alongside the heroes of faith that changed the course of nations.  “Survival-mode” teaching sickens you.  The idea that tepid happiness is the goal enrages you.

You made the mistake of looking at old videos.  You saw Oral Roberts.  You saw Kathryn Kuhlman.  You saw Smith Wigglesworth.  You jumped up and screamed, “But, where are the miracles today!?”

(check out my blog, The Price of God’s Miracle Working Power:   )

You made the mistake of listening to old preaching tapes, where you heard men and women preaching holy fire!  They didn’t do monologues. They didn’t do stand-up comedy. They pulled the pin out of Bible verses, and flung them like a grenade to explode into the souls of their audience.  You heard people sobbing at the altars.  You heard them linger until something real and lasting transformed them.

Then something really painful happened to you…you looked at your generation. You saw the national cancer of wickedness.  You saw the insane brainwashing.  You saw the limp-wristed tactics of the church.

You became like David as he stared at the paralyzed army of Israel, cowering before a defiant Goliath.


So, now that you realize that the ‘SOMEBODY’ IS YOU, it is too late for you. The die is cast.  You’ve gone too far to turn back.  You now know too much.  You feel like you should leave before you hurt someone…

You remember the verse, “They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as eagles.” (Isaiah 40:31).

Prayer is your escape from the prison yard of compromise and mediocrity. We’re not talking about the ‘gobble-gobble prayers’ you heard in the yard—we’re talking about falling before God and waiting upon Him until you come forth as pure gold.

What are we talking about?  We are talking about prayer that heaven can’t resist, and hell can’t stand. The kind of prayer that breaks the grip of ancient demonic strongholds.  Prayer that causes students begin to weep on campus, even though they do not know why.  Prayer that fills people with the Holy Spirit. Prayer that removes fear, and installs unshakable courage to tell a generation the genuine Good News: the mighty Gospel—which is the unapologetic, undeniable, unstoppable power of God!

Eagles dare while turkeys stare!

Eagles are born out of prayer. They spring forth from the hand of God, fully convinced of their destiny and their goal.  Let mistaken millennials protest against the AR-15.  You take hold of John 17:15, “My prayer is not that you take them out of the world, but that you protect them from the evil one.”  That is your battle cry!  You don’t want out.  You know the Lord Jesus will keep you from the evil one! You are ready to soar into any nest of evil and destroy the works of the devil.

Where eagles gather, power is present.  Where eagles gather, the deep purposes of Almighty God are revealed.  Where eagles gather, there’s no self-pity, no encounter sessions, and no hiding in your ‘safe-space.’  When turkeys are transformed into eagles, they are equipped, they are ignited, and they are fitted for war.

Eagles must have a challenge.  They yearn for a cause that will summon up all of their strength, talent, and time.  They want something they can easily imagine doing for the rest of their lives.


It’s time for you to fly out of the turkey yard, and never look back!





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  1. Big amen so tired of being told to shut up by Christians, who want to play in their sins, and do as they please, while a whole world of people are lost and dying and going to hell, and as I see now many, many in the so called Church, they don’t repent they come back with mercy and grace covers sin, when the blood is the only thing that will ever cover sin, we have been taken prisoner by satan, and the Lord revealed to me it’s because of evil and sin in the Church, but they don’t repent they go right back to the way they were, I don’t understand we don’t make the rules here, God wrote the rules in the book and we obey whether we like it or not, and if we do disobey there are consequences to pay, and doing it our way, can leave hell to pay, we are to come out of the world, and they want to do as the world, I will preach the truth no one will stand before God and say he didn’t tell me the truth, as many today, we are talking about eternity here where we will be for ever, and we have only what time we have here to get it right, and then its over, I lost my 51 year old brother to a heart attack the third, none of us are promised tomorrow, the question is are we ready, and the only thing we can take with us, is the souls we win along the way, people say its to hard to live aChristian life the way the bible say’s, well it was harder in the old days with out the Holy Spirit, now we have a helper and they say its to hard, which most of them kicked him out of there church, so I guess it is hard, but the thing is people ask for forgiveness and ask him back in and give him control, this is a Supernatural work and we can’t do it in the natural, like there trying to do, but you see the mess the world is in its because they did it there way, in the natural, and these are evil spirits we are dealing with, and it takes the supernatural to do this work, we can’t heal, we can’t deliver, we can’t set free, or do miracles signs and wonders but I know who can, and we better give him back control of the Church, and the body, we must stop playing Church and become the Church of Jesus Christ with power and might again, or we will lose everything we hold dear, and we must do it not only for our selves but for our children, and childrens childrens, or they will not know the supernatural God that we know, with all power and might, time to pluck a few chickens feather’s, and let the eagles fly.

  2. Thank you and Praise God Mario. I’m encouraged.

    On Fri, Aug 21, 2020, 12:33 PM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “It is clear that, as the madness spreads > and the church just wrings its hands, it is time for the eagles to leave > the turkey-yard. You know who you are, you who are an eagle. There’s a > fire inside you that you can’t put out. You are ruined for ‘Church-” >

  3. Love you Mario with the Love of The Lord!! This 84 yr old eagle is flying on behalf of the sheep Nations of USA..UK&RSA.. My county of birth .. Where I embraced My Saviour in the Precious Power of the Holy Spirit..I fed my spirit on the Bible .. Then was well taught by many saints from the USA& UK!! Dear Smith Wigglesworth has been my daily reader for 40 years .. Also darling Andrew Murray .whose book on Prayer .. Rather the prayer less Leaders of the church .. Plus Derek Prince telling me to Pray for the Nations.. Well the Fire is still Burning in my spirit for this Season.. I’ve a song in my spirit.. The Lord reigns .. The Lord reigns .. Blessed be the Name of The Lord.. he is coming back soon.. He is coming back Soon.. With His Terrible swift Sword in His hand … It’s a war cry !! Love what you are doing!! Bless you Bev.

  4. This is great and I have come out of the Turkey yard but we have no where to go, the plague is happening! Hello does he realize this! Oh yes he is in California! He’s her God Bless you and America! Lol Shirley 🙋

  5. God bless you, from Norway.
    There are eagles here too.
    I spread your message wherever I can.

    God is FOR us – that’s what counts, and – we speak and demonstrate this truth to all wickedness in the dry places.
    Best warfare is praise, thanksgiving, singing, dancing, – and of course binding and casting down evil.
    Let’s rejoice! Lest’s bless the president. Let’s wake up the Republicans. Let’s wake up the misled christians.
    Let’s ask for quickening response and growth.
    Let’s shake what’s shakable.

    One beats thousand. Two beat ten thousands. We are more than two!

    And – let’s stand in the gap, and ask the Almighty for forgiveness for all the sins of ourselves, our countries and our wrong led leaders, christians and «elites».

    Take heart – nobody is like our Father, our Savior and the incredible Holy Spirit 🙂

  6. I’ve been called a “diamond in the rough”. More than once. I’ve always known they were wrong and now you’ve shown me why.
    I once stood in a prayer line for healing,with a broken arm, and had an evangelist and his minons walk AROUND me!

    1. I just know that we shall not compare ourselves to anybody, nor expect anything from anybody, nor bow down to anything else than our Father God and our Savior.
      ALL people have faults wrongs; whether they are pastors, leaders, beggars, parents or – ourselves. And that´ s how it is – soooo liberating.
      You are unique. I am unique. And God our Father is transforming us into his image – slowly and somehow.

      Never ever listen to anything that makes you feel bad!
      God convicts, the devil accuses.
      Maybe you would like listen to Graham Cooke – he gave me some tons of grace, gratitude, peace and hope while lifting away “should”-stuff.
      Google “introducing uncommon love”, “the inheritance”, “practising the presence of God”… He is a good internet-friend together with Mario; completely different – like Gods marvellous garden.

      And if I may say even more – never ever listen to fear. It´ s a sin. Repent, confess, cast out, and live gratefully in the Word. We are loved. With an everlasting love. By a God that knows the stars by name!
      God bless – it´ s been a long week and it´ s night here now.
      Take care and blossom 🙂

  7. Thank you. Great Word…exactly where I am at. Everything you stated about the Eagle/Turkey…I know that I’m called to do something great for God. I know and have seen me as a Spiritual Warrior. I have been waiting for the checkered Flag or the Gunshot to go off!!

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

  8. Glad were all eagles no one is going to sit this one out. Welcome to the battle fellow Warriors! This is actually going to fun, “they that know their G-d will do exploits.” I am so excited! To think I get to be apart of the greatest outpouring and to help bring in the end time harvest of souls.
    In 1965, William Brenham said, “God is going to take every move of G-d in histroy, and put it together in one great Holy Ghost bomb and drop it on planet earth. Nations will rock and real with the power of G-d like we’ve never seen.”

    1. American “Christians” are more in love with thier denominational belief system than The Savior. They are very proud of thier comfortable church affiliation. Thier identity is congruent with thier denomination, more than with being a Blood bought, repentant believer and follower of The Lord Jesus. We’ve turned our church doctrine into an idol, therefore we argue amongst ourselves as to who is “right” and who is “wrong”, “they don’t believe like we do”, and so we refuse sweet fellowship with one another, etc. Yes, there is division. Pride is the result of living according to the flesh and not according to The SPIRIT. As a result, there is no holy fasting, prayerlessness, living a disobedient lifestyle, and having ZERO idea as to how to recognize and follow The Holy Spirit. Satan has nearly neutralized the American church as we celebrate ourselves! How utterly stupid and disgusting we have been. Who among us can wipe the feet of Jesus and repent for our lewed and asenine behavior? Oh, God forgive us! We REPENT of our belligerant atrocities and cry out to YOU to fix our churches and CLEAN OUT YOUR FATHER’S HOUSE with whips and overturned tables!! If only we had a small heart of zeal toward the true things of God as You dear Lord had for your Father’s House!! Send your Fire and burn up everything that stands in Your way, and all that YOU have NOT built! Sweet Jesus please change this mess and send us TRUE REVIVAL! We’re a desperate people and must have you lest we die…….

  9. Encouragement is always needed in time of war. Thank you again for the call to rise up and fly Over the circumstances and view them from Gods perspective. Nothing is impossible with our God!

  10. I have to tell you about an encounter I had today during my work. I called and spoke with a 25 year old man who I asked if he was a Christian and he said NO. He said he was an agnostic. I asked what he meant by that. He told me he didn’t believe in God as the people who go to church and read the bible. He had been in a very bad accident while skateboarding and was on the way back to normalcy. I didn’t get all the details. However, from his intensity I felt to probe and listen. He is on fire to love people and doesn’t understand why other people don’t. It was quite a conversation. I for some reason asked him if ;he had ever heard of you. He said yes he listens and follows your messages. I asked him if he had read your books and he said no, but would. I told him I had bought several extra and would like to give him one. I plan to show up and do so one day soon. We were so encouraged to have talked together. He is one of those people you are reaching. I am a 70 year old woman but got along well with his spirit and recognized him as a person who was different from the crowd. Thank God I did not try to convert him, but only listened. After listening, I told him he was not agnostic but truly following God’s plan for his life. I could tell you the rest, but it would take too long.

    I have been haunted when I pray in the Spirit and completely overcome by the need for more, almost to the point of complete desire as a woman desiring a husband who has been gone a long time, to the point of sexual desire to have a lover. I sometimes wonder if this is demonic or not righteous in nature. It is so profound and my longing is so intense it is hard to stop praying and do my work. I have wondered if anyone else has these feelings or desires. You may think I am crazy, but one day it was raining and storming while I was praying. I wanted to throw off my clothes and run into the yard and be cleansed by the rain. I hoped it would rain at night so I might do this as my neighbors would not be cool with this I imagine. I have repented of an abortion from years ago many times, but even was horrified the night the nurse during the RNC reenacted the illustraition of the abortion she was privy to and the horror of the baby not wanting to leave the womb. My abortion was like that. The doctor had a difficult time and it was not an easy ordeal. It really upset me once again. I have thought that I needed to go to the father and ask him if he has repented. He actually got someone else pregnant after we broke up and asked me what he should do. I told him it was not my call. She wouldn’t agree to the abortion. He married her. It was all pride on my part. We worked at the same place and so I felt there was no other way ( couldn’t let others know even though who knows if they would have cared) ………so I got the abortion. I have never admitted this to anyone else except one person. Do you think I can’t forgive myself?

    On Fri, Aug 21, 2020 at 11:23 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “It is clear that, as the madness spreads > and the church just wrings its hands, it is time for the eagles to leave > the turkey-yard. You know who you are, you who are an eagle. There’s a > fire inside you that you can’t put out. You are ruined for ‘Church-” >

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