The blog that I wrote yesterday, “The Most Important Thing Trump Must Do At This Moment,” was viciously, unfairly, and falsely attacked today. Facebook unleashed an algorithm on me that dropped our readership by 80% overnight!  But that is not what this blog is about. Why I was attacked and how I was attacked, should deeply matter to you. But that, too, is for another day.

(If you missed it, you can still find it here: )

Ask yourself why Facebook does blatant things such as this? Not one thing I wrote was untruthful. This gagging of the blog is a deliberate manipulation of information. They have an agenda.

They must have felt that what I wrote made a significant point about Biden. It struck a nerve. Apparently, at all costs, they must help him defeat Trump.

It should alarm you to know that this election can be rigged. In November, we can have only one of two outcomes. The Biden outcome is too ghastly, grim, grisly and gruesome to imagine. That is the outcome social media is hell-bent on bringing down on us. What they did to me today and what they are doing to many others, proves their power to control.

Here’s the question that should truly burn within you: “How do they get away with this?” They are overruling and silencing the voices of nearly 70 million people in America. How can anyone do that and get away with it? The answer is not an easy one to swallow:

They know the American Church cannot unify. They know we will not rise to the occasion. They know we cannot rally to a cause with enough fervor to threaten them. They know many of our leaders have private agendas that are so dear to their hearts, that they won’t risk them, even for the sake of freedom.

Let me proffer a vivid example. Right now, in Los Angeles, notable pastors Che Ahn, John MacArthur, Rob McCoy, and Jack Hibbs are fighting the illegal closure of their churches. So far, the Mayor of Los Angeles has threatened to cut off the water and electricity of churches that stay open. The D.A. has told Che Ahn he is going to go to jail. A Judge has ordered both MacArthur and McCoy to show cause why they shouldn’t be punished.

Here’s the question: There are thousands of churches in Los Angeles—a bevy of mega churches. Yet there is no ground-swell of outrage, no uprising of support, no push to stand with these men who are fighting for the church. And the same disheartening division exists all over America.


And you know what…it so strange to me when I hear American Christians say they wonder why the Jews didn’t fight back in Nazi Germany, when we are not fighting back in America.

The American Church has been called out, but she is wimping out. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat all know this. I know it, too. A profound feeling of loneliness tried to settle in on me today. A loneliness only to be matched by the bitter frustration of watching the disjointed American Church being so totally punked by billionaire frat boys.

If calling you ‘chicken’ is what it takes to offend you and wake you up, dear leader, then, “Cluck, cluck.”

My greatest agony is the fact that this war is so very winnable! We are a voice that can be so loud and so forceful. In fact, there is no movement in America—there is no lobby in America—there is no people group—with more firepower than the church. The fact is that if the churches in L.A. joined together and galvanized against the threat, it would end overnight.

The idea that we are racist and hateful is preposterous.  But we do look like clowns when we accept that label and let it stop us.

At this hour, God needs to apply the electrode paddles to the faintly beating heart of the American Church and jolt us back to our first love and fresh fire. It is time for us to hear the words of Nehemiah, and act on them:

“And I looked, and arose and said to the nobles, to the leaders, and to the rest of the people, “Do not be afraid of them. Remember the Lord, great and awesome, and fight for your brethren, your sons, your daughters, your wives, and your houses!”” (Nehemiah 4:14).






Dear reader,
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  1. Mario, Are you discounting God’s ability here? My word says the all things are possible with God. Sure the church may be divided but God has the ability to bring people together. People are wising up. I see quotes rom others and know that people are awake and seeing things clearly. Is there reason to be alarmed. Sure there is. We, as a country, are on the edge of a cliff. But, is God done with this country? Especially after the way Trump has connected with Israel. If not for the miracles God has performed in my life as I faced an edge of the cliff moment I would be worried but I have a ton of faith that God’s best works for America lie ahead. Faith, the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen. I stand in faith.

    1. Well-said! There are more with us than with them. Although not loud in the streets, the Church of Jesus Christ is shaking the slimy corriders of hell. The gates of hell cannot prevail against us when we know our authority. Persecution just makes us stronger. Many home groups have sprung up (the gathering ban didn’t stop us!!) The national polls mean nothing. The enemy is the only one dumb enough to show his hand. Look how God tricked him at the cross!! Lol! He sealed our redemption and his fate all in one glorious swoop!! America and the church are just getting started. What looks to be a falling away is just a groundswell of power that will usher in a great awakening!! We have means that social media and corrupt governments know not of! Our weapons are NOT CARNAL but are mighty through God for the pulling down of spiritual strongholds!! We will not retreat, we will advance into the enemy’s camp and take back what has been stolen!! No more wringing hands and whining about lost revenue!! This is war…and we know we already have the victory!! Who’s with the Joshuas and Calevs among us!! Charge in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, the Son if the Living God!!

      1. Amen. There are many that will not bow their knee to Baal. Better not lay a finger on my pastor. If you do, you can expect to reap the whirlwind.

  2. I just shared this message on Facebook and will send it to everyone I can, pastor or not, until SOMEONE stands up for us! I’m an old woman in a small town. Few people know who I am. However, I do have a reputation for talking…a lot…okay, maybe too much. I’m about to put my bucket-mouth to good use. I started with the comment on my post:


    If they don’t, they deserve to be led by a namby-pamby, sit-back-and-take-it pastor. As for me, I will fight for MY right to talk about Jesus, to “not forsake the assembling of (y)ourselves with others”, and to STAND on the word of Christ!”

    If this upsets anyone…good!!! I’m upset. It’s called righteous indignation, folks. Righteous indignation. If only there was more of it!

  3. I believe John Macarthur and the few other pastors who are refusing to close down in Los Angeles are the tip of the spear. As their stories are aired more in media both maliciously and in support, more pastors and congregations will step up and rebel against the tyranny and blatant anti-christian actions of governors and mayors, and ladies and gentlemen, we will have a real Movement.

  4. What is happening in my fellowship in Arkansas is that the leadership seem to believe the mandates are necessary to protect their people from the virus. They had been working with the mayor and the schools before the virus hit to serve and get involved civically and prayerfully within the community so when the governor and city leaders called for mandates and shut downs, they have complied to all. Our services are online and we’ve just started having worship and prayer services on street corners and in school yards around the city. In our state, the church can still meet in buildings but with masks and distance.
    I have no role in leadership and have been watching and praying, but personally believe the mandates are about control in the spiritual realms, not protection in the physical. I do not want to partner with that.
    I have been following you since I began watching Sunday night church and appreciate your courageous stand. I’m standing with you and your team concerning the outrageous censorship.

  5. Spot ON Mario! Everything you’ve said here, is exactly right and the American church should now-be saying “ Enough is enough, let’s unite and fight! Facebook did this to me as well, and hacked my readership. Communism is clearly working an agenda to “cut off our freedom of SPEECH”!

  6. As a Christian I’ve been telling people this, a month after this Coronavirus started. You could see the writing on the wall! People are so afraid of this virus! We need to be be afraid of the One who holds the keys to heaven and hell! Christians need to rise to the occasion and quit being a bunch of WIMPS! Stand up for Jesus! Stand for Truth! Stand for what’s Right! Stop letting Satan and the Media take You down!

  7. I hope and pray that our leaders take a stand for righteousness and our freedom to worship. Look at what is happening in China to the believers. Do the believers here in America think that will never happen here? The American church is fooling themselves.

  8. They know they can’t win this election honest, they said it P. said we can’t afford to let the people decide this election, when some one say’s that, THAT MEANS WE ARE GOING TO STEAL IT IF WE CAN, WIN IT ANY WAY WE CAN, AND THE PEOPLE CAN’T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT, oh yes we can, we need some more all night prayer meetings like RHB had last night over 12,00 people joining in on just utube, we have a God greater than any devils powers including these rich brats, who are trying to rig and steal the election, oh if we would just unite and stand, you know if Jesus had not have stood for God and whats right the Church wouldn’t have crucified him, if Stephen had not have stood for the Holy Spirit and God and whats right they would not have stoned him, sadly it was the church that killed them both, Stephen said Act 7:52 You stiff necked and uncircumcised in heart, you did always resist the Holy Spirit as your father did so do ye. and they stopped there ears, sound familiar, and then gathered stones to kill him, but they stood for God and whats right and the church killed them, now its time for us to stand for God and whats right and the Holy Spirit, and put the Church and some devils in there place, which the church is full of devils is why some act like they do, but if we would unite, we could turn this whole mess around, which aword was given by Evang. A. last night that God was going to turn America around, but we must stand as Jesus stood even though it meant death, and as Stephen stood even though it could mean death, or it could be the death of us worshipping above ground if they get there way, they know God stepped in, in the last election because they had it rigged, and I saw new machines coming down out of heaven after the Lord showed me they rigged them, which meant he was taking care of it, thats why they won’t mail in votes, they think God can’t fix that and they have divided and shut down the church all because of this election, whatch how fast this virus goes after the election, its all about them stealing this election, they tried every way possible to take Mr. Trump down, and failed, the Lord showed me a vision the day the swore Mr. Trump in, Obama was standing in front of the American flag, and they were putting a patch a red flag with white stars and stripes on it on his sleeve, and the Lord said he is running a coup to try and over throw the President, well think Biden has dementia, so he is a trojan horse, who set the stage for all this and has been just waiting to take over Obama, so who is really going to be President if they was to win, he has been in the side lines all along, he is for everything a OWO is for including Isal. religion, so fb doesn’t want the truth to get out and like any devil they cheat because as satan did the church he snuck in and disarmed them and told them sin was okay, and caused her to be taken prisoner, all the plan of the devil to destroy the church and this nation, and social media is in on it, and we need brave men and women who will stand for God and whats right no matter the cost, and shut some devils up, they shout louder is the only reason they are heard, now we need to do some shouting and praying and standing. Be Blessed

  9. amen Mario,

    What’s wrong with all these American Christians? Where is their voice? We know Facebook is a globalist secular humanist business that started on college campuses years ago.
    I quit Facebook 6 months ago and I don’t miss it but for others, it gets the word out.
    All Christians should be outraged by this censorship and speak up!
    We need 100% Freedom of speech, Christian don’t be afraid to say stand for good (Trump) and not evil (Biden& Dem’s)…. remember Germany.

  10. Take heart Mario Murillo Ministries!You are a John the Baptist … a voice in the seeming wilderness … however, the wilderness is more populated than you realise in this hour. God is with us! There IS going to be an overwhelming manifestation of His Glory and Power that will shock the world (including America). It is coming and all things shall be put to right.Thank you for your courage, insight and wisdom.Do not feel alone in this battle … in the world there are many, many praying for you of whom you know not. Jesus has said ‘never will I leave you or forsake you’ … we your intercessors will not either!God bless you my special friend … your blogs are my prayer-fuel each day.Meredith YatesWinnipeg Manitoba Canada (with roots in Australia)

  11. This is heartbreaking last night I had a conversation with a woman who is a spirit filled Christian who is supporting Biden I spent five years with her in a prayer group 6 or seven of us met She can’t see it I started crying that deception and lies she believes it’s OK to get abortions And she can’t see the fruit that’s coming from President Trump she says there’s nothing but rotten fruit how sad her eyes are blinded I will continue to pray for your ministry And The church let God arise and his enemies be scattered Thank you for your faithfulness and truth that will set the captives free

    Sent from my iPad


  12. Dear Mario,

    You are not alone.  There are many, including me, who are with you.  I don’t do facebook or any of those other things you mentioned.  Please don’t get discouraged,  we are listening and praying.

  13. My deceased Pastor gave this message on
    Matthew 27:17
    [17] So when the people gathered together, Pilate said to them, “Whom do you want me to release for you? Barabbas, or Jesus who is called Christ?”
    Matthew 27:20
    [20] But the chief priests and the elders persuaded the crowds to ask for Barabbas and to put Jesus to death.

    Did they get this election right? We would say as Christians NO…but in reality and knowing God’s Will will be done, Jesus died for our sins.
    We must vote for those that stand up for righteousness. If Trump wins, we will have 4 more years of opportunity for the church to get it right. If Biden wins, the church is to blame and as the carnal church moves further from the Word……we become much closer to God’s Kingdom that will be bringing righteous ruling. You cannot be at the table of demons and at the table of God. God is separating and sanctifying a people for himself.

  14. Take heart. We are here! We are fighting. Do not be silent. Thank you. Leah Ann Messer Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

    Sent from my iPhone


  15. Jack Hibbs was saying his numbers are enormous and filled with people who dont normally go to church. The harvest is ready we need Pastors to bravely go forward. The lost have no hope, let us give them the Hope, the Truth and the Life in Jesus.

  16. I was concerned this was going to happen because of you being so outspoken about the truth. That’s why I signed up for your email.

    Blessings and prayersl Jane

    Sent from my iPad


  17. I figured it was just a question of time. But prayer is the big thing and I think there are praying groups -small CHURCH meetings–all over the country that are meeting and praying. Abraham just through prayer got his nephew out of Sodom and had there been more righteous people in that cess pool, he would have been able to save the whole place. There is more to the American Church than just the grandiose buildings where pre planned services go on. I have left my “church with its prepkanned, rigid services and its dependence on government regulations and am meeting with other Christians, many from that church, to pray and the Presence of /god is with us. Maybe the whole pandemic is God’s way of waking up the TRUE Church.

    Psalm 33: 16–22 The king is not saved by his great army; a warrior is not delivered by his great strength.
    The war horse is a false hope for salvation, and by its great might it cannot rescue.
    Behold, the eye of the Lord is on those who fear him, on those who hope in his steadfast love,
    That he may deliver their soul from death and keep them alive in famine
    Our soul waits for the Lord; he is our help and our shield.
    For our heart is glad in him, because we trust in his holy name.
    Let your steadfast love, O Lord, be upon us, even as we hope in you.

  18. It is lonely when you know those around you surely know some of what is going on and yet do not mention anything about anything to you in a normal discussion. I think many of them are in disbelief and afraid and do not want to face or admit it or know how to respond to it. In my own way, I am trying to wake up parents, friends, and relatives about the diabolical sexualization in education going on all over the world. And these groups are mushrooming exponentially! But God has seemed to give me a passion to learn as much as i can about it so I can proclaim to the world God’s truth and what He will do and how He will react to those whose heads are in the sand. I pray that God would have mercy on us and regenerate us to be what He wants us to be. Thank you for this blog. It keeps me going! Blessings, Carol Wendt

  19. Shame on all those that bailed on you in Facebook!! Father, open eyes and ears to discern truth!!! I pray for the scales of deception and compromise; the fear of men, rather than fervency for God to be removed, in Jesus Name!!!! Encourage our dear brother and breath fresh anointing and Comfort to his heart.

    On Sat, Aug 22, 2020, 12:23 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “The blog that I wrote yesterday, “The Most > Important Thing Trump Must Do At This Moment,” was viciously, unfairly, and > falsely attacked today. Facebook unleashed an algorithm on me that dropped > our readership by 80% overnight! But that is not what this b” >

  20. I just shared it again and I will continue to share it until facebook kicks me off, which I could not care less about.

    I am in wonder about WHY more Christians are not supporting XAPIT.COM. They are trying so hard to get it going. I keep forgetting to take part in it more myself, which I need to correct. I only stick with facebook because of a few blogs and videos. I wish they would all dump facebook and go to To tell the truth I detest facebook, but I detest Twitter even more. When I left twitter, I never looked back. i consider it the worst thing to happen to this country, ever.

    Yes, the wolves continue to attack the church because they know we cannot seem to get together. There is too much criticizing by Christians of anyone with whom they disagree. We are supposed to be known by our love, but sometimes, I have to wonder where the love is with some of these people. They have critical spirits, many of them. Out of the same mouths come blessings and cursings.

    I hope that eventually the Christian ministries will discover and leave facebook behind. We may have no choice. The screws are being tightened on churches, Christians, and ministries.

    1. I have signed up with XAPIT, but I keep going to facebook to check on friends and “friends of friends” that I’m praying for; and on new posts by Mario, Robby Dawkins, Lance Wallnau, and Kynan Bridges. Then…well, it’s too late to get to XAPIT and figure out how to navigate the pages.

      Even though I have told others about it, I’ve yet to see any of my friends names on there. Hopefully it will take off soon.

  21. Mario, I believe God is using you like John the Baptist, as one crying in the wilderness. We in the Northeast are feeling a stir in our midst of a final Great Awakening that is about to occur. I have read your books and blogs and am always challenged and encouraged. May God continue to bless your ministry.

  22. I feel you, brother. I’m trying to stand up, fight back and hold firm in my little world, but wanting to take more of a stand yet unsure where to start. Your posts inspire me and validate my gut that rebellion against our North Carolina governor is a good and godly thing. My previous pastor said we should “Honor Comrade Cooper” (Governor Roy Cooper, NC). Ugh. His words. I told him that I felt like a sheep being led to slaughter or a Jew voluntarily walking into the gas chamber. He thought i was dramatic. I feel like it’s an understatement. I take a stand by marching into stores unmasked every single time, right past the signs and the door guards. Those who kick me out, don’t get my money, ever. I left my church for one that meets in person and hugs and one that the pastor essentially says what you say. Voting Trump is a Biblical thing and it’s trump or suffer unspeakable evils until the trumpet sounds!

    A local ex-newscaster holds a prayer vigil on the courthouse steps every Friday at noon which I attend when possible. I’ve fasted and prayed and spammed people with chalk messages on the trail I walk. I have two American car flags flapping from my windows as I drive around town and on the interstate, a flag on my house, and I recently bought a flag cowboy hat and flag bandana. I tell everybody who will listen about the imminent threat on American and on Christian and Biblical values. I support the Open NC movement and Robbie Dawkins. I give away your books and ordered extras of the War Chest to give more away.

    I pray in tongues in the middle of the night when I find myself awake, and pace often asking God what more I can do. I’m signed up to be trained to be a Poll Watcher for the November election. I love the boat parades, but feel like there has got to be more of a way to make change and take a stand.

    If you hear of some good ideas, please write about it in your blog. You said it beautifully when you said that WE, the church, are ready to go to battle, but we don’t have a leader. Someone yell, “Charge!!” I’m a sixty year old single woman ready for battle!

    Thanks for leading us!

    Carpe Diem, *Candice Zipperer* 336-706-2220 *”Set your mind on things above, not on things on earth.” Colossians 3:2*

    On Sat, Aug 22, 2020 at 3:22 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “The blog that I wrote yesterday, “The Most > Important Thing Trump Must Do At This Moment,” was viciously, unfairly, and > falsely attacked today. Facebook unleashed an algorithm on me that dropped > our readership by 80% overnight! But that is not what this b” >

  23. I’ve been reading all your blogs. They are excellent God bless and keep you. The devil can’t stand The truth cause he’s a liar. So sad that some Christians find it easier to believe the devils lies than the truth. I’m a canadian I have roots in America so I pray for the President and Vice President every day and have since before they were elected and will continue to do so. Canada is just as scary as America. Our PM seems to be deliberately determined to destroy this country any way he can with his diabolical schemes. I’m praying and trusting God that Christians will wake up and fall on their faces and cry out to God in repentance.

  24. Mario STAND. God will fight your battles. You are under attack and FYour God will not let the fire touch you. You will fire up the churches and unite them finally, keep up your good work. God bless i love you and your writings. Yes. Have friends i have forwarded to and they blasted me! No more. They either see the truth and light or no more friend.

  25. I cry out what can I do the Church has to wake up. I pray,I tell people wake up. I’m so tired of feel good messages. The pastor have to fight they aren’t tell the people what they need to do. And got rid of the Power The Holy Spirit. I will keep Fighting Cheri . Thanks for your work and keep fighting

    Sent from my iPad


  26. Brother Mario, I prepared for ministry 26 years ago. I served for less than two before God pulled me out. I’ve gone through my decades-long “dark night of the soul.” I was even “dechurched” for a while, and so was insulated from the trendy “Lattes and Lies” seeker fad. God started bringing me back seven years ago. Well I’m back now, and God has had me warming up in the bullpen for over a year. I don’t yet know for what specifically, but even in those dark years, the desire to preach burned in my bones.

    I don’t believe for a second that I’m the only one. I know of others from around that time that trained and then were sidelined out of the ministry. Most I have lost track of over the years, but I know they’re out there, as many others must be as well. I can only speak for myself, but of late, the drive to prepare has gone from a smoldering to a flame, and the demonic attacks have intensified. Something is in the air in this country, and God has been preparing for it long before CoViD 19, long before Joe Biden was anything more than a dime store plagiarist.

    I believe there is a winnowing coming to the American church. What that means in terms of this election, I don’t know. I prefer that the winnowing come from the hands of God rather than the Democratic Party’s Sturmabteilung–from the fire of the Holy Spirit rather than that of church arsonists.

    “Yet I will leave 7,000 in Israel, all the knees that have not bowed to Baal and every mouth that has not kissed him.” 1 Kings 19:18. I like to think there are 7000 fired-up preachers out there, waiting like frustrated George Pattons commanding their own Ghost Armies, waiting for God to turn them loose on the enemy.

    Praise the Lord, and pass the [spiritual] ammunition.

  27. Dear Brother Mario, I’ve been reading your blogs for some time now . I can feel your frustration and pain, because it is mine too AND, I believe, the Lord’s as well. I am praying for the Church of Jesus Christ to see the glory of God so we will be as Peter, James, and John when they beheld Jesus clothed in Glory. They went from half awake to fully awake!!! It is SO TIME for the church WAKE UP, rise, and shine!!! There are multitudes sitting in darkness who desperately need our light, the light of Jesus. I am praying over you daily.

  28. I posted yesterday’s post and I just checked to see if I could open it and I could. It is still there on my timeline. That’s a good thing. I wonder if others still have it up?

  29. Hello brother Mario, has anyone in LA tried a ‘prayer walk’ through the street in support of the Church and opposition to illigal behavior by the government?

  30. Agree totally. Thanks again

    On Sat, Aug 22, 2020 at 3:28 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > > > > > > > mariomurilloministries posted: “The blog that I wrote yesterday, “The Most > Important Thing Trump Must Do At This Moment,” was viciously, unfairly, and > falsely attacked today. Facebook unleashed an algorithm on me that dropped > our readership by 80% overnight! But that is not what this b” > > > >

  31. I reached out to the pastor of a major CA church on this very subject and was flatly and condescendingly dismissed, as though I were an idiot. Yes you are right… If the churches came together, overnight this would be eradicated. And if the pastors of some of these mega churches would join together and help lead a unified charge, it would be a force with which to be reckoned. What is their problem??

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