Portland, Oregon is a left-wing city. Far left-wing—you can’t get any ‘woker’. So, why are the thugs from Antifa and BLM attacking it? What are they demanding from Portland that they don’t already have?

Let’s review: The mayor and the Governor of Oregon have declared war on Trump. Check. The police, while not yet defunded, are certainly defanged. Check. No matter how much damage a protester does, they are bailed out almost immediately. Check.

Republicans are not allowed to speak and churches are not allowed to worship. Check. Portland has drag-queen story hours at their public libraries. They have indoctrinated children in their public schools and taught them to hate the Founding Fathers. Check. Check. And from what I can tell, there are no more statues left to topple—even statues of leftists.

They are also doing this in Seattle, which is possibly the only city further left than Portland!  Chicago, New York City, Saint Louis, Detroit, Los Angeles, Oakland, and Berkeley also sponsor free-for-alls. These riots are theater. They are exercises in futility, chaperoned by Democrat leaders.

These mayors may be ambivalent about people being killed and innocent people losing their life savings, but they are too ideologically horsewhipped to intervene. The mayor of Seattle only stopped them because they came to her house. I can only guess what they chanted at her in her home, my guess is: “You are far left, why aren’t you extreme left?!”


They do it because they can do it. You and I both know they wouldn’t dare do any of this in cities where the police, church, and businesses are respected and government is pro-American. (It is terribly sad that we have to qualify an American city as being “pro-American.”) They can’t shut down a city that would rise up against them.

They are like an F-Troop that marched off to war and then suddenly realized the enemy was too strong for them, so they turned around and burned down their own barracks. That is a pretty anemic revolution.

But here is the real issue:

Democrats want to run the country, but why would anyone let them? They destroy cities and states. Look at the statistics and you will come to an unavoidable conclusion: Crime, rioting, looting, and fires are almost the exclusive domain of Democrat controlled cities.

But that is not the most alarming part. They will not stop the thugs who are posing as revolutionaries from destroying private property and even killing innocent Americans. When asked about the rioting and the killing, Nancy Pelosi said, “Well. People will do what they will do.” In other words, if people don’t want it, it shouldn’t be there.


Innocent Americans have lost their lives, trapped in these fires, riots and lootings. Trump wants to protect them, but the Democrats accuse him of being a dictator, because he wants to rescue them.

If you or your property stands in the way of a Democrat agenda, they will not intervene to protect you. Joe Biden is on record supporting nonintervention.

The only reason these thugs don’t burn down Red State cities is because they know they can’t. If Joe Biden is elected, they will know they can, and there will be no stopping them.

Nothing is more infuriating in this hour, than Christians who cannot figure out their glaringly obvious duty in this crisis. Reelecting Trump is no longer a political choice, it is a survival choice. I thank God for all of those believers who are wise enough to understand this, and brave enough to speak out.





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  1. It has a greater purpose in a multi-year plan. Burn out the center of these cities and move the residents out to the suburbs. Inner-city dies and real estate values plummet. Bankers come in and re-build the city to newer, smaller, more dense commercial/residential dwellings.

    Now suburban folks with money are attracted back into the gentrified inner cities. Leaving the suburbs to be harder to managed the under employed, under educated, families that now commute into the cities for low paying jobs serving the gentrified neighborhood coffee shops and Amazon deliveries.

    Are you woke yet. Big money George Soros pays politicians to want the help re-making the cities, so they a paid to de-fund police and let the hired thugs, destroy and lot the citizens and business owners. “They have insurance, so it is OK.”

    1. Even in Canada we see the truth. Our eyes are open. The left is so wicked, the same here in Canada. Our Prime Minister is a left wing Liberal and he is also trying to destroy Canada and especially the west. He does not care about Canadians or our economy.

      Today he announced his next strategy and he continues to spend MORE money and is still contributing more to the “Green” environment. Not one word on how to get the economy going or improving it.

      In two years there may be “no more Canada” according to experts.

      Only God………

  2. Where is Eric Trump? He has always been pretty active on the news media circuit and envolved in his fathers presidency. He will not be giving a speech at the RNC and hasn’t appreard there so far. What’s up?

  3. Amen,

    It’s like parents not punishing their kids for doing something wrong and the parents never disciplined and said NO, and so they raise a brat. This is what Obama taught them for 8 years don’t respect authority or responsibility for your actions, and so we have thugs creating lawlessness and riots. If I was their mayor and they committed a crime they would go straight to jail if they are guilty and Anifa
    Marxist I’d send them to Gitmo for a lesson. We need law and order and we need to get rid of most of these so calls leaders in blue zones. To the lefties good is evil and evil is good and God sees this in our nation.

  4. Soros is into globalism, one-wrold government, and depopulation of the earth. I doubt if he cares where people live, he wants them not to live at all, if possible. And, if they do live, to bow to the coming one-world leader. The purpose of the riots is to finally collapse the United States as a global leader and free country/society, and to be rid of these durned Christians who insist on following Christ and spreading the love of God and the Gospel message, to get people saved and into Heaven. Pay attention to what these rioters/marxists are doing. Burning Bibles and putting the American Flag, stuffed animals, or whatever, on mock guillotines are not little games these anarchists are playing for fun. They are sending messages of what they intend to do to Conservatives, Christians, and any Americans who happen to wake up and realize their lives and families are in danger, and they are about to lose all their belongings and livelihood (that is, those who have not lost them already from the manipulation of the virus). Shamefully, there are still Christians who cannot grasp the fact that God chose a rough-speaking man of the world to protect the Church and fight for the unborn, along with the rest of our freedoms. So, since they cannot grasp this fact, they are going to vote for a doddering old man who is being scripted on what to say, and will allow the radical, left-wing, democrat party of today, to allow, “after-birth abortions”-guess what that is, and don’t say it can’t happen, I read a long article on it yesterday-they will allow it, and from there, go to forced abortion in the name of, “climate science”. Just wait. On top of that, they will do away with, “husband-wife”, the solid family unit, and eventually, normal (real) marriage. And any Christian who speaks out against these things will find themselves placed into indoctrination camps. IMO, This is what is in store for America if the democrats take the Presidency and the Senate. And those Christians who voted democrat will have to answer to God.

  5. God bless you for blowing the trumpet and saying hard truth. So tied of messages that to me ears!!! The L ord continue to encourage and use you to sound the alarm!! Father, protect Your messenger, in Jesus Name!

    On Tue, Aug 25, 2020, 12:02 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “Portland, Oregon is a left-wing city. Far > left-wing—you can’t get any ‘woker’. So, why are the thugs from Antifa and > BLM attacking it? What are they demanding from Portland that they don’t > already have? Let’s review: The mayor and the Governor of Orego” >

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