2 thoughts on “350

  1. “The Church” and “The Truth” is no respecter of denominations, building, or the physical person. It is, however , solely dependent on Christ’s spirit in the person, and that persons sole and complete dependency on Christ’s spirit to seek and discern the truth. Even in political and social matters, one must pray for and seek spiritual discernment, even of that which comes from the pulpit.

  2. These are not ministers preaching the word of God these are the same people that all went to the clergy response meeting willing to sell out their congregation to the fema response team in order to save their own hides. all you have to do is research the clergy response pastors and the 2050 agenda and you will see that these minster’s if that is what you want to call them are selling out their flocks to save their own hides the word of God clearly states that he wrote a book about every person before the foundations of the world and that he knit our spirits into our mother wombs and that we existed in heaven before we come to this world. Now with the word of God saying all this how can you call yourself a Christian and endorse a person that is for abortion? Our heavenly father is the creator of life not death and killing babies in the womb is so against what he is for this guys make me sick. God is sick and tired of luke warm Christion’s that have compromised his word I have watched some pastors preach for years and have wondered where is the anointing? Yes they have good messages but all that means is they are good public speakers, very rarely do you hear them speak about the cross, the blood of Jesus or we need to repent the message needs to change.

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