Antifa on a bullhorn announces the killing: “We just got word he was a f***ing Nazi. Our community held its own!” The video shows Antifa celebrating after a Trump supporter was shot in cold blood on the streets of Portland, Oregon.

On the 95th day of riots and protests in Portland, OR, a Trump supporter was shot dead. He was identified by his “Patriot Prayer” hat and his shooting death was caught by multiple live-streamers.

“I was watching a live video feed of the riots when I personally saw the guy execute Aaron ‘Jay’ Danielson,” wrote Julie Jackson-Steele on Facebook. “There was no fight, just a coldblooded murder right before my eyes last night. America, the news media is lying to us! These are not peaceful protests.”

On the video, cars drive through the intersection, a man can be seen pulling a gun and shooting. Aaron is hit stumbles and falls and is then illuminated by headlights.

Let’s go over this one more time. Jay was targeted, shot, and killed for his political beliefs, and the mob rejoiced. The disgraceful mayor of Portland had just refused the help of federal officers, even though Portland Police complained that they are shorthanded.

“Last night my son was brutally murdered by communists in Portland. He did not deserve that!” Stephen Bishop said of his slain son, Jay Bishop.

This did not happen in Iran, China, or North Korea. It happened in Portland, Oregon. We have murderers being coddled by those in power in many Democrat-run cities, because the violence was committed out of hatred for America and Trump.

Am I even getting through to you?

Remember when the media reported George Floyd’s death, they repeatedly focused on the fact that he was a black man killed by a white cop. In this case—if you hear anything at all—it will be that a man was killed and, “We don’t know why, except that Donald Trump is to blame.”


Many conservatives and Christians were outraged by the death of George Floyd, even though it might advance a narrative of white supremacy. That didn’t matter because we only cared about the sad loss of a life.

You will not get that from the other side. The only deaths that matter are the ones that advance their agenda, and there are no regrets. “I am not sad that a f***ing fascist died tonight,” says a woman at the Antifa gathering in downtown Portland. The crowd laughs and cheers, even though the ID of the deceased was not confirmed, he is believed to be a Trump & Blue Lives Matter supporter.

The despicable New York Times only mentioned that someone in a “right wing group was killed” and then they attacked Trump. “A fatal shooting during a night of political conflict in Portland, OR, has yet again escalated tensions in the city and further inflamed the issues of crime, protest and race that President Trump is trying to make a focus of presidential politics.”

They said nothing about Antifa celebrating the murder.

Jay was a part of the Patriot Prayer group who were there to peacefully demonstrate prayer and patriotism and support for Donald Trump. They will downplay it because it doesn’t advance the lie they want you to believe. For them, telling the truth can’t happen if it, in any way, might help Trump win.

But you and I don’t care about that right now. Our immediate reaction was not political, it was American. Our blood is boiling because a free man who was exercising his right to demonstrate was gunned down for it. For us it is not a right-versus-left outrage—it is just an outrage!

Will the leaders of the Democrat Party be outraged by this? No, they will not. Will you hear them disavow these killers? No, you will not. That should tell you that what is happening is not a political campaign! This is the beginning of the takeover of America by violence on the streets, in the classroom, in the media, and even in churches.

The evil of this is not just the murder itself, but the total refusal to condemn it, let alone report it. This means Antifa and Black Lives Matter are in fact a wing of the party—the armed militia of the Democrat Party.

How are their actions not treason? Leftist protesters brought a guillotine with an effigy of President Donald Trump on it to the White House on Thursday, where the President delivered his speech on the final night of the Republican National Convention. A piece of paper was placed on the effigy that stated that Trump was being ticketed for being a, “Fascist, Rapist, Criminal.”

If your tender sensibilities can’t handle the truth of what is going on, not just in Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Kenosha and New York City…well then maybe you don’t deserve to be free.

We must wake up to the glaring fact that these are not protests—these are acts of war against freedom, the Constitution, Capitalism, and the duly elected representatives of the American people.



  1. DARKNESS, DEATH, BLOOD , the spirit of ANARKIA . HORROR ! But we, the REMNANT, must stand now firmer and stronger than ever !!

    1. it is not just a few. There are millions of us. It is just that the left, via the news media and social media, amplify evil.

  2. My ears hear and my eyes see but words fail me. pure evil at work hear! Its obvious whats going on , praying that our lord Jesus Will bring Trump to win and Avenge this evil.
    Daren uk

  3. I saw the live video taken as this young man was brutally shot and killed just for being there. He and hid friend were wearing
    Patriot Prayer hats and his friend witnessed the entire murder!!
    I want to know where is the outrage on the news??
    I emailed Ch. 13 sacramento after they barely mentioned tonight..not even his name and said he was a “far right wing protestor!! It upset me so that I emailed the station and complained at their totally disinterested attitude etc etc.
    I told them “HIS LIFE MATTERED”..
    I’m very upset by this travesty!!
    Praying for the Bishop family!

    1. Alyce, I feel your rage, I feel your anger!! These rioters began their movement saying they were looking for JUSTICE for George Floyd and all dear members of the black community. BUT they’re not protesters anymore, they’ve become RIOTERS. That ancient dark Spirit called ANNARKIA has blinded them, filling them with senseless RAGE and thoughts of DEATH and BLOOD. We must continue denouncing , as you’re doing here, AND entering into spiritual BATTLE for our nation. I don’t know if you’re familiar with this tipe of battle… ask your pastor to train you all to do it. Be mightily blessed. Tks for raising your voice!!

  4. I am a 77 year old widow. I pray daily for our nation. I am appalled at what is going on. Never did I ever think our country would be this way. I’ve never seen so much hatred for one man like the hatred for Donald Trump. It’s crazy. I ask myself, “Why would he want to put himself and his family through this?” The only answer is, “He is God appointed for this hour”. How do we fight this?

    1. Perfectly said, Peggy !! D.J Trump was appointed by God for such a time as this. We, the remnant, must stand firm, entering in spiritual warfare, declaring and decreeing that the spirit of ANNARKIA I’ll NEVER prevail. Praying in tongues is an ESSENTIAL weapon while doing this spiritual warfare !! I bless you, Peggy.

  5. Sad to watch an evil party murder and burn, sucker punch old people, kill children, and babies, taking over this Nation and the Church can’t even see, when this whole country is in danger, and all part of the church wants to do is destroy me, strange if we really looked and could see who the real enemy is, and wake up we might just make a difference, if we repent and turn to him, if you say things some don’t understand in the church your the bad guy, don’t try to reveal much, they don’t have ears to hear, and what the point they don’t even know the word today, nor can they see whats going on right before their eyes, just stuns me, thank God things are in Gods hands and not some of the people, and that our prayers change things, or we would be doomed, because people are blind in the church, just as the world, LORD JESUS HELP US WAKE THEM UP.

  6. Not much left to say after reading your post this morning, other than to completely agree with you. My morning prayers are filled with this war we are in, and at the end of the day God is in complete control. As for those who will do nothing, there will be someone who will to replace them. Keep up the good work – I’m a new follower of your messages. As I was reading your post, the news was full of the latest murder of a believer in Portland – cold blooded murder.

  7. It is easy to believe that we are just a few who still believe. There are millions of us. It is just that the left, via the news media and social media, amplify evil. We have allowed ourselves to be isolated with no support networks. We no longer live in neighborhoods close to family and other believers.

    Stop waiting for leaders (ie pastors) to speak up. Break out of your comfort zone. Proclaim the good news of the messiah!

  8. Satan is using his puppets (Antifa-BLM- and the political Left) to carry out his plan to try and destroy America.
    It’s just sick to watch them get away with what they are doing and satans progressive leftist politicians and MSM ignore this and let them get away with it! I know the Lord sees this and he wants his people to SPEAK OUT about this injustice! We have a voice lets use it and also pray. These people are sick and need to repent and seek the Lord. If they don’t lock them up. Our God reigns!

  9. Where are the JD Jakes, Kenneth Copeland’s and all the rest of the fraudulent ‘Christian leaders’ of the American Church? If you don’t see them now, you will never see them again.

    1. The leaders are now people like you and me. Forget the big names, even the pastor of your church.

      Who is more important: the coach or the quarterback? The coach (pastors) are on the sidelines. It is the players (those in the pews) who are the real leaders.

      Stop acting like a fan and become a player on the field.

      1. I still support my Spirit-filled pastor even if he believes to keep the church out of politics. The love for my pastor and his preaching supersedes our differences in what we believe, I believe what Mario is speaking but will still support my local pastor.
        We have the right to disagree and that’s ok, maybe he will come around.

      2. Here is the issue. We expect pastors to do our fighting. Look at the pastor as your coach. but it is you who still has to play the game. It is time for those in the pews to step and lead.

  10. Mario, please pray there is a lot going on here. We have got our own rebellion going on, only it is underground. They are working through drugs, alcohol, witchcraft, electricity, water and toxic chemicals. They can go into a midst and go up into your body. Constant attacks, but underground. Many from overseas. Please Pray. They have all kinds of machines.

  11. Before anyone invokes the name of ‘George Floyd’, read the Hennepin County Coroner’s report. It has been available for weeks. Look at his rap sheet. Find out the truth.

  12. Truly what a sad day we live in. Later this week I rebuked a pastor’s kid for supporting BLM without having an understanding of what the organization Even stands for. Because I took my stance I got railed on for not being compassionate and understanding. These are coming from Christian millennials. If we do not become the light as we’re called to and take a stance, this great deception will soon take over. Pray for eyes of the people would be open.

  13. I live in Fresno, and have been ministering on the streets for years. I am so excited Mario is coming to Fresno. I was a part when Mario came a few years back …I want to help. How can I be involved. I do know AJ Nunez and did email him. I will help for 30 days with your team on the streets. I am 66 yet God isn’t finished with me yet..Hope to hear back. Cindy Delsid. On Sun, Aug 30, 2020

  14. Thank you for continuing daily to speak the truth. Asking for warring angels to surround you and your ministry. That your messages would go viral and convict the sleeping shepherds, in the name of Jesus the Christ.

  15. Please tell me how to share your blogs on Facebook, if that is allowed.
    Thank you for speaking the truth.

  16. The murder of innocent babies isn’t enough for you “Christians” not to vote for these people?!!!!? Well how about this!!!!!!!! This isn’t hidden in a so-called clinics! This is out there!!! Do you get it now?!!!!? Donald Trump has chosen the better part. You that refuse to listen to truth-tellers like Mario Murillo have chosen a part that YOU WILL HAVE TO ANSWER FOR!!!! It WON’T be pleasant for you. Give it up and humble yourselves under His Almighty hands like the rest of us have been (Daniel 9).
    Don’t leave it to horrified Democrats to put this beleaguered man over the line. Line up with the LORD and do what HE says.
    Jay is under the Throne now crying out with other martyrs from history and from all over the current world. He loved the Lord enough to sacrifice his life. He took up his cross and followed Jesus. Honor him with at the very least an honorable vote, not mailed in, if possible, but at the pulls. That is the bare minimum.

  17. The news reports and the liberals on Fox’s panels all yesterday referred to this young man, and the group, as “far-right extremists” and “white supremacists” that went there to start an altercation with the rioters. Every time I think the news media cannot sink any lower into the depths of depravity, they manage to sink lower! Not one word has been on the news that I have seen, about the black man that murdered a beautiful college student and her dad over a fender-bender. I believe it was in N. Carolina.The media could not care less if it is black-on-white crime, no matter how innocent the victims and how horrifying the story. We live in a day that there is a push to allow blacks to get away with anything. Most, not all, but most of the people these rioters and thugs are holding up as heroes and screaming out their names, would never have died if they had not been in some kind of trouble, yet the rioters are turning them into martyrs. Wouldn’t it be better for them to spend their time teaching their children ethics, being involved in community service, taking the children to church-that is, if the state ever allows us to go to church again-or even run for office and try to make real change in an honest way? There are links to stories this morning where they are claiming they are going to kill a white person for every black that is killed now. You won’t see those quotes on the news. And yet-we have the despicable mayor of Portland getting out there and blaming Trump for all that has happened. Sometimes I wonder what planet we are on.

  18. We will never say, “White is King” as Beyonce said, “Black is King.” NO! We will never say “black lives matter” or “white lives matter” because ALL LIFE MATTERS from conception to the last earthly breath. God is King of kings and Lord of lords and in Christ we are governed by Christ in righteousness under God, indivisible from God, a constitutional republic where ALL lives matter and Christ is ESSENTIAL because eternal life matters. Abba Father, continue to EXPOSE all evil and darkness with the brilliant, marvelous Light of your Christ; REMOVE all evil leaders and ideologies of satan, luciferian agendas and demonic spirits conjured up and loosed in America. We put on the full armor of Light, we put on the Lord Jesus Christ, the whole armor of God and STAND firm, steadfast, praying in the Spirit with the Word of God: the SHARP Sword of the Spirit, now and is to come, until Jesus returns bodily. Maranatha! we occupy until you come! in Jesus’ Name above every name that can be named, thanking our God and Father, Amen. Hallelujah!

    1. We have only one King, JESUS CHRIST,
      Word of God in flesh. We are indwelt by the Holy Spirit of God. In God we trust.
      We call all those wrongly influenced souls to come OUT of the darkness! It is God who delivered us out of the power of darkness.
      And we call them into the kingdom; for it is God who translated us into the kingdom of His dear Son—In whom we have redemption by His blood & the forgiveness of sin. Amen.
      All praise, all honor, all glory be to God!

      1. yes and amen! all thanks, honor, praise, worship, glory, majesty, dominion, power and authority to God our Father and his Christ, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the King of Glory now and forever!

  19. Dear Saints, I ordered the war chest of books a couple of months ago. Please check on my order. My Visa was charged 2 months ago. Order #1290238656527028 Thank you. And God bless you all.

    Sent from my Galaxy Tab A

  20. Week ago, Pres Trump signed a federal bill that anyone who vandalized statues would receive 10 years mandatory in Federal Prison. Isn’t it interesting,,,,the statue vandalizing stopped?

  21. Said nothing of dishonoring them. But also you should be mature enough to not need them. You should be mature such that you no longer need to be fed.

    And if the pastors are refusing to speak out against evil are they even godly leaders?

  22. Dear Pastor Mario
    Thank you for reporting on this. SFC is a praying church and we appreciate all that you do.
    This is a terrible crime, we must stand up for these who Stand with Christ and our values.
    Praying for this family. In Jesus Name Amen

  23. ________________________________ From: Lloyd and Dolores Whittaker Sent: Monday, August 31, 2020 2:38 PM To: Mario Murillo Ministries Subject: Re: [New post] WHAT HAPPENED AFTER MAKES IT SO MUCH WORSE

    Dear Saints, I ordered the war chest of books a couple of months ago. Please check on my order. My Visa was charged 2 months ago. Order #1290238656527028 Thank you. And God bless you all.

    Sent from my Galaxy Tab A

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