“Before there can be a great awakening, there must be a rude awakening.” I wrote that in the beginning of my book, Vessels of Fire and Glory.  First, the rude awakening:

We are already socialist. We are already under a leftist cultural dictatorship. We are not fighting to protect our freedom—we are fighting to get it back. ‘Free America’ left the building years ago. We are under a one-party rule. It’s been years since we were governed by our Constitution.

We are still “the land of the free and the home of the brave,” but we are prisoners of war in an anti-American system.

If, God forbid, Biden were to be elected, it would only change one thing: those who already control us will be able to take off their mask and abandon any pretense that our rights ever mattered.

I figured this out one day when I was flying home on a jet that was packed with members of a teacher’s union. They were gleefully describing the propaganda of transgenderism, the 1619 project, Common Core, and a host of other dynamic changes they were planning for all of our children. It was the devilish confidence that oozed from them that made me realize that a deep and intricate web had already been spun over America.

Their reckless confidence confirmed that they were only a fragment of a long-range strategy that was decades in the making.

How else can you explain Comey and Hillary not yet being in prison? How else can you explain the 20 plus trillion dollar debt? How else can you grasp the fact that Democrats will not so much as acknowledge the existence of Antifa? How else can you understand people such as Adam Schiff, AOC, or Jerry Nadler doing exactly zip for their constituents, so that they are free to create chaos in Congress? How else can you explain the virtual lock that the Deep State has on news and information? What else explains their power to cancel anyone they want? 

How else can you explain the domination of our cities by thugs? How else can you explain the Soviet-style mass closing of churches?

Donald Trump was the only thing they didn’t see coming. He simply was not a part of their plan. I still believe that Hillary had a lock—or, rather, a death grip, on the presidency. There is no human explanation for Trump’s victory. The ancient Romans borrowed a term from Greek drama: deus ex machina: literally, a god from the machine, a term that describes how an unexpected power or event suddenly intervenes to save a seemingly hopeless situation. Trump’s victory was exactly that.

But even Trump had no idea how deep and wide the control of the Left was. He discovered that there were traitors who had been planted everywhere in his administration. The upheavals had nothing to do with Trump’s lack of leadership. They had everything to do with Barack Obama. Obama is the greatest enemy of freedom to exist in our lifetime.

This unchallenged control explains how drag queens suddenly appeared in public libraries all over America, reading to our children. It explains how universities became factories that inculcated Marxist doctrine, warping the young minds of entire generations, filling them with hate and lies. How else could we have the massive factories of human sacrifice known as Planned Parenthood, unless it was put in place and sustained by leftist tyranny, and paid for by your tax dollars?

Now that you’ve had your rude awakening, let me show you why there is hope for a great awakening. Why? Because, once you fully absorb the truth of how controlled we are, there is hope for you to muster the alarm and urgency that befits this hour.

A true grasp of our condition might kick the cowardice out of our pulpits. A true picture of how they control us, might awaken the righteous rage in our prayers and in our dealings with the people around us. You are a Christian Freedom fighter because, without your consent, your rights and the rights of your children have already been set aside.

Reelecting Donald Trump is not a grand finale, it is just the curtain going up on our battle to win our nation back from villains, liars, and devils. Even if Trump wins, we have a long war ahead of us, for there are many crime bosses still left for us to depose.

In 1776 preachers, intellectuals, captains of industry, inventors, and farmers came to an inescapable and unanimous conclusion: The American states must free themselves from British rule or we would never be free. Without that same epiphany, we who live in the second decade of this century cannot hope to wrest our liberty from the devil-driven Left.

So often I am asked, “But Mario what can we do?” You will know exactly what to do when God opens your eyes to the horrors that await your children and grandchildren.

It is time for American believers to be reintroduced to the author of the Bible.  The Jesus who raided the temple, turned over tables, and evicted evil-doers, was no twig-eating hippie, He was consumed with zeal for His Father’s house.

“And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force.” It is time to put on our armor!






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  1. Big amen brother, the truth if ever told, I just now seen this, but just put a post on fb about the socialist Church, the high profile who are doing porn, and belong to a men haters assoc. whose job is to stop the ones who have the Holy ghost and fire, who send there evil spirits at night to try and kill and destroy, with witchcraft and magic and other arts, and the church is full of them, and its all the plan of the enemy to keep the church prisoner, and we must wake up, and fight and REPENT and turn back to God and give the Holy Spirit his rightful place back, eveil has taken over even the Church, and people can’t see it, I was told God isn’t enough we need Psychology and Therapy, that I am not qualified to preach, strange Jesus thought so, he took me to heaven and gave 2 Cor 12:20-21 and said my church is not ready, now go back and tell them, and preach with more fire than ever be before, sounds to me like he qualified me, I just not qualified to the man made church and the socialist system, and we better wake up and see they have taken over, its not coming its here right now, like you said, the mask just haven’t come off yet. good word be blessed sir.

  2. Thanks again Mario for telling the truth. With your home state of California moving to decriminalize sex between “consenting” minors and adults, I don’t know how much more God is going to tolerate as America descends deeper and deeper into darkness. Only God can alter the path we are accelerating down now. We are praying and fasting for God to heal our land and send revival, and we are binding and casting down the veil that “the god of this age has used to blind the minds of unbelievers so that they cannot see the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ.” II Cor.4:3-4.

  3. Amen, preach it, Mario!

    Wake up the sleeping church. I heard that 30-40 million Christians are not registered to vote and did not vote in the last election, shame on them! Don’t they care about America and how it also blesses the world?
    Social Conservatives Republicans stand for the protection of the unborn, stand for freedom, we love our God and our country and many more good things. The left Blue zone radical Dems hate our country and everything they stand for is evil, as anybody can see now. The Dems don’t care they just want power for the next 40 or more years! No way.

    We must pray and of course vote at the polls for President Trump and godly local politicians.

  4. Excellent writing Mario. We only have ourselves to blame. For the past 40 + years we have not made God a priority…First… in our lives. I will speak for my self, In my early walk with the Lord….. but I’m sure this has been the case with the majority of Christians; I was interested in my early days of Christianity of pursuing what I wanted, giving little attention to what God wants for us. We have been guilty of allowing prayer to be removed from school, we put the responsibility of our children on the schools. We wanted to be more like the world and we were compromised in our walk with Jesus. “Let’s fit in “
    Forgive us Lord for not putting You first. The entire body of Christ must pray but we must REPENT first for our compromised life and show the Lord we are truly with him in deed and faith. We must be in His Word daily to know Him and make Him known…..we can’t do that if we have become more like the world.
    Romans 1:28 NASB
    [28] And just as they did not see fit to acknowledge God any longer, God gave them over to a depraved mind, to do those things which are not proper,
    The Left have a depraved mind. Lord give us a heart like you so that we can have one more opportunity to get it right in this country.

    We always want to point the finger elsewhere first, but true revival starts with us and starts with our genuine repentance.

    1. I have fought the whole time for the Holy Spirit in the Church, but went to sleep as far the schools and Government, so I am guilty also for not paying enough attention to what was going on out side of the Church, I bought in to thats the world and we can’t help what they do, but we could have made sure the right ones were teaching our children, and the right ones got in office, but the fight in the church to keep the Holy Spirit in was massive, and like now trying to fight them all at times is over whelming, but it must be done, had I done it earlier, maybe things wouldn’t be so bad, the enemy was infiltrating everything, and now just look what we have.

  5. Here is some good news. From Kenosha Wis

    Kenosha remains under nightly curfew, the violence largely ceased three days after the initial clash. Kevin S. Taylor, lead pastor of Journey Church in Kenosha, says that’s no coincidence. Taylor is one of 15 pastors in the city who met to pray Aug. 27 at Harbor Park on the Lake Michigan shoreline. Subsequently, 300 people conducted prayer walks around the city, interceding for God’s protection, according to Taylor, 60.

    “We believe the power of prayer was the catalyst for God putting a blanket of peace on the city,” says Taylor, who has been in church leadership for 16 years. “We’ve seen God come in amazing ways after the initial unrest.”

    Believers are rising up.


  6. Thank you Brother Mario for this God sent message! I pray for God’s continual protection over your life. We will continue standing strong for God! God bless you. David and Janie M. Texas

    Sent from my iPhone


  7. Mario, as I was reading this, chills came all over my body. Then this song taken from Joel chapel 2 was strongly impressed upon me and I got even more chills. Thank you for blowing the trumpet in Zion!

    They rush on the city; they run on the wall. Great is the army that carries out His Word. They rush on the city; they run on the wall. Great is the army that carries out His Word. The Lord utters His voice before His army. The Lord utters His voice before His army.

    Blow the trumpet in Zion, Zion.
    Sound the alarm on My holy mountain. Blow the trumpet in Zion, Zion.
    Sound the alarm.
    Blow the trumpet in Zion, Zion.
    Sound the alarm on My holy mountain. Blow the trumpet in Zion, Zion.
    Sound the alarm.
    Sound the alarm.
    Sound the alarm!

  8. Right now, Biden is on the tv making a speech, if you can call it that. He is blathering on about how awful President Trump is and repeating the lies of the democrats that have been on the news. Watching him, it is clear the poor man is a shell. He won’t remember tomorrow half of what he said today. This morning, Trace Gallagher showed a clip of Biden speaking in the morning, then a clip from the afternoon. He could not put a sentence together by afternoon. This is what they call, “Sundowner’s Syndrome”. The person with increasing dementia is fairly lucid in the morning, but as the day wears on, they become increasingly confused. This is why, after giving a speech recently, he returned to his basement and shut down any more events for the day. Anyone who thinks this man could answer the, “3am Phone Call” coherently and deal with an international situation is deluded. If God is finished with us and Biden gets in, he will start WWIII by insulting some third-world dictator with an insult that only makes sense in his own boggled mind. My guess is-if Biden does get elected, he will immediately claim ill health and step down and Kamala will take over, with Obama, Pelosi, Hillary, and the rest of the creatures waiting in the background for this to happen. But no matter which way the election goes, I do not see peace on the horizon at this point. If Trump gets back in-the criminal anarchists will go mad..worse than they are now. If Biden gets in-the criminal anarchists will be emboldened to do even worse things than they are. The Repented and Purified Church is the only thing that can save America. Please look up The Return with Jonathan Cahn and Sept. 26 Prayer Rally with Franklin Graham. This is the beginning of hope for America. And support Pastor Mario in prayer, financing, and forwarding his blogs.

  9. Family of God, I need to “put something out there”. My family is very concerned that support funds are desperately needed in these elections to re-elect President Trump. If we have some money to donate, we should. If we have a bit more, then let’s donate it, yes? If you’re blessed to have more funds available, could you donate it for the sake of getting godly representation for our nation? If we have any of one these 3 categories of monies, we probably “have it for such a time as this.” If we do not “act” in faith and strength in these last 2 months before the election, how will we feel about those monies when the wrong person is in office? It’ll be too late.
    I respectfully submit this to you, from a very prayerful heart.
    Thank you Mario for your heart and support for our nation. God bless you and your family.

  10. Thank you again for posting truth. I ordered your book a month ago and as of yet have not received them. Thank you for checking on them.

    Laura Solberg


  11. I agree Mario … Do your part … He ask “God Almighty declares the word of the gospel with power, and the Warring Women of Zion deliverance its!” Psalm 68:11 (TPT)

    Our logo … We make a stand … with Lara Trump … stating “Women for Trump … This is a Movement of God!” Put on your Armor … and speak the WORD forth … Its a battle … WE WIN Amen

    Blessings Betty J. Wedekind

    Sent from my iPhone


  12. Thank you so much Bro. Mario. I appreciate you so much.

    On Thu, Sep 3, 2020 at 11:20 PM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > > > > > > > mariomurilloministries posted: ““Before there can be a great awakening, > there must be a rude awakening.” I wrote that in the beginning of my book, > Vessels of Fire and Glory. First, the rude awakening: > > > > We are already socialist. We are already under a leftist cultural > dictatorship. We” > > > >

  13. “Blessed is the Lord, my Rock, who maketh my hands to war and my fingers to fight…”

    Our Constitution gives us two clear ways to do that: pulling the levers or marking the ballots at election time — ALL elections, city, state, local, school boards, etc. There is also the Second Amendment. Our Bibles offer us the wisdom to help us decide when — if ever — the latter is appropriate.

    “Never” would be my hope, my prayer, but still: “To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven:” Eccl 3:1-8.

  14. I like this article. Personally, I think Trump was more aware of, and prepared for, how deep and vile the swamp really is because he’s countered their every move with precision accuracy. But, optics are important. You can’t tell people the truth anymore, you have to show them. That’s why things are (needfully) playing out the way they are. If he had gone in and started arresting these politicians (and others) people would have rebelled and started rioting sooner. Instead, President Trump is allowing them to play their game so that when they are taken down, people will be better prepared, and more aware, of why.

    When the details do emerge, I think we’re going to learn that this has all been under control a lot more than what’s been perceived. Even so, I think when it’s all said and done, the public will still only learn about 20-25% of everything that’s happened. If the whole truth were laid out with every detail, most people wouldn’t be able to physically, emotionally or mentally handle it.

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