Facebook’s new censorship will backfire. Facebook has published a lengthy disclosure of their new policies that are set to kick in on October 1st. They claim that these new policies are necessary to protect themselves from lawsuits. That’s rich. Facebook worrying about lawsuits is like a hippo worrying about flea bites.

They also claim that they are concerned about civil unrest arising from malicious posts. Such concern is of course selective. It took forever for them to remove leftist propaganda that called for violence. If you think that their concern about unrest will extend to removing Black Lives Matter propaganda—well, as they say in Texas, “Bless your little heart…”

When Mark Zuckerberg appeared before Congress to answer questions about Facebook censorship, he was adamant that they were fair. But when a Congressman asked him why Facebook had censored black conservatives for no good reason, he was, in the words of one reporter, “flummoxed”— a great word meaning bewildered and perplexed.

What does Facebook fear? They fear Donald Trump. Specifically, they fear his reelection. They fear his power to disrupt their company with the only organization big enough to threaten them: the U.S. government. They fear Trump’s reelection will lead to an investigation into social media’s long standing and draconian bias against Christians and conservatives.

So, here’s how leftist logic works: “in order to avoid prosecution for something I am doing, I will do more of it.”

The reason Facebook is ratcheting up its censorship, is that Trump is winning. Trump campaign ads are devastatingly effective—perhaps the most effective political ads in our history. Trump’s ads are actually changing minds. They know that Biden’s ads by comparison are a joke. They think that doing a pseudo-censorship of them is no big loss.  But Trump—and Christians and conservatives, by extension—must be stopped.

The most irritating thing about the Facebook politburo is how they insult our intelligence. Do they really believe they are fooling anyone? Facebook, you are left wing. You hate Trump. You want Biden to win. You are the only ones who think your bias doesn’t show.

Facebook says they will ban hate speech. That’s code for, “It’s not that you said anything hateful, it’s that we hate what you believe.”

Facebook and other social platforms enjoy an immunity from lawsuits because they are an information platform. When they drift into editorializing, they are more vulnerable to government intrusion. They are not inventing these new policies to avoid lawsuits—they are doing it to create an additional firewall to protect and enhance their bias.  All they are doing is sprucing up their camouflage.

But this is going to backfire, and backfire big time. If history has taught us anything it is this: God will have His witness. When God wants the world to know something—nothing can stop Him or His message.

Sometimes, God even permits a great centralizing of power in order to exploit it for His Glory. Nebuchadnezzar centralized power over the known world. However, God sovereignly inserted a teenager named Daniel into the very halls of power in Babylon.

God gave Nebuchadnezzar a nightmare. No one could help the king. He was so terrified by his dream that he created this new rule for his magicians: “If you do not make known the dream to me, there is only one decree for you! For you have agreed to speak lying and corrupt words before me until the time has changed. Therefore, tell me the dream, and I shall know that you can give me its interpretation” (Daniel 2:9). The king needed a real answer, not Oprah opinions.

Daniel was censored by the greatest potentate on Earth, but because he knew the King’s dream, Daniel rose to prophetic authority—even over the king.  God can flip the script of the most powerful agendas of man.

God creates the crisis that forces truth back to the top. That is what I believe will happen in America. Truth will rise again—even over Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Google. “Surely, the wrath of man shall praise You and You shall bind the last bit of Your wrath around You like a belt” (Psalm 76:10).

What crisis will God create to make this censorship backfire on Facebook? Only God knows. But I rejoice that God is going to do it. Wait and see.

Daniel prayed for mercy because, he too, was on the death-list if he could not tell the king the dream. Then God showed Daniel the king’s dream. Daniel rejoiced, and in his psalm of praise to God he said something glorious for you and me, but chilling for Mr. Zuckerberg—a reminder that no one who censors God is safe.  “And He changes the times and the seasons; He removes kings and raises up kings…” (Daniel 2:21).





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  1. They want to censor and shadow ban anything they don’t agree with, I gave a word when they put me in fb jail for mentioning Lev. 18:22, and told Z. it he would cry the loudest from hell for the people he wouldn’t let hear the truth, and would cost him even here, 3 days later he lost 17 billion dollars, I haven’t been in fb jail again, but been shadow banned. They know that what we put up is the truth, and they don’t want people to hear the truth, of the word or whats really going on in the Government, they hate me but I think they are a little scared, or they would have banned me for good, but I am sure they don’t let many see my post any more, because I will say what the Lord tells me and truth. and I saw a vision this morning some don’t want to hear, big names that I trusted now cutting me down for some reason, but I will tell it here, [ I saw Belisha the queen of the Marine spirits, rise over California and like fire over her head, like she was drawing power from the city, even enhancing her beauty, which means sexual perversion and porn all sexual activity will run even more ramped, peds, everything, and I heard the Lord say because the Church has accepted porn in, and allowed this evil to go on, so now look out. And the other day I saw they were making the charges against sex with children less. so we need to pray like never before, and the church hasn’t repented.] Be Blessed

  2. There is already an exodus to Parler from Twitter. Both my husband and I have left Twitter and I may leave Facebook also.

    Catherine Hope Mull Rupp

    On Mon, Sep 7, 2020 at 2:20 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “Facebook’s new censorship will backfire. > Facebook has published a lengthy disclosure of their new policies that are > set to kick in on October 1st. They claim that these new policies are > necessary to protect themselves from lawsuits. That’s rich. Facebook ” >

  3. Amen to that, Facebook stinks, I switched to XAPIT.com

    Sports – I have had it with their false narrative supporting BLM – Marxist also.
    I will not be watching any sports until they quit with false social justice BLM, etc. baloney. That is going to trickle
    all the way down to kids in middle school taking a false knee! copycat….
    I may watch a little college football, unless they do it too.

  4. This is something that has been on my mind for decades. That the Adversary has created this powerful entertainment industry, to include Hollywood, that influences not only the US culture but most of the world. Social media is another aspect of this.

    It was clear decades ago that some day believers would take Hollywood (and now the social media giants on the west coast). That just as Rome built roads that Paul used to spread the word, so now we will see believers take the entertainment industry. As the spiritual revolution grows, first on the west coast, we will have believers in key positions.

    Had the Adversary known he would have not built Hollywood. But then he would not have built Rome or Babylon.

    1. Hollywood “stars” AND professional athletes who make themselves gods and are worshiped by unsuspecting, vulnerable people who want to emulate them instead of becoming like Christ; worshiping the images of the “beasts” and the “harlots” making themselves idolators and adulterers, rejecting our God and Father and his Bridegroom King of Glory. Father forgive them for they know not what they are doing…or do they?

  5. I was reading this article, and all of sudden, my phone switched to voice mode without me touching it. It did this several times. I did not say anything throughout.

    Very strange.

    God bless you.


    On Mon, Sep 7, 2020 at 2:20 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > > > > > > > mariomurilloministries posted: “Facebook’s new censorship will backfire. > Facebook has published a lengthy disclosure of their new policies that are > set to kick in on October 1st. They claim that these new policies are > necessary to protect themselves from lawsuits. That’s rich. Facebook ” > > > >

  6. Dear Mario: Censorship by the wacko Left also extends to Yahoo. Specifically in their “comment” section after every articlethey post.  The comment section has been replaced by “survey”. In other words neither opposing or approving viewpointscan no longer be posted, which I assume was done to totally eliminate right wing type comments. Obviously they fear the truth will get out, not only about Trump and his being re-elected but the shady past of Kamala Harris,etc for example. J.Woytus

  7. Ordered the books and can’t wait to receive then because I believe you because you are standing for right and believe that is why GOD likes Trump (because he cares). I am retired and work some part- time and when able will support your ministry! Do what GOD saids and HE will provide! Prayers for Freso, love that area of California!

  8. I was trying to imagine both Biden and Trump campaigning in the same Pennsylvania town. However will that work? Trump will get his 10’s of THOUSANDS with lines of eager supporters out the door wanting to get in. Biden? Will he get 10 people? 20, perhaps? Or will some “mystery person” pay thousands – bused in from who-knows-where – to come in and fake enthusiasm. I don’t think he can get them any other way. So, get out the popcorn. It is going to be an interesting show.

    [I’ll watch the Trump channel. Somebody watch Biden and tell me how it goes?]

  9. Mario, this was what the Lord gave me as we were praying last night the Lord gave me the example of Daniel over Vice President Pence. That Pence was like Daniel and is the example for the rest of us as well. That his wisdom will surpass and be 10 times greater than all those that come against him and that despite what people try to do to cut off what is seen as necessary for us to survive and thrive he (we) will not only survive and thrive but be stronger and more fit for the job than anyone else! Amen this was great confirmation for me! ❤

  10. The Left has gone berserk in their lust for more power. I just saw a report of a twelve year old boy having the police called on him because a picture of a toy gun was caught on camera during his online class at home. The school sent the police to their home. Once again, I wonder, what planet we are on. This is nothing but leftist insanity. This is a tiny sampling of what a Joe Biden administration will do to us, given the chance. You sneeze wrong, they’ll come after you. I left facebook after they posted their new, “rules”. It read like a threat, IMO. That they can block anyone out of their account for any reason. I had enough of punk kids in silicone valley telling me what I can say. I deleted all of my photos and left. I went to Xapit.com. It is growing, but we need more ministries to get active there. Granted, they are not going to reach as many people right off the bat, but if facebook is blocking their blogs and videos-which they are-or monkeying with the sound on their videos-which we strongly suspect-why would they not go to a site where they at least get 100% exposure with no tricks and censorship? But getting people to leave facebook is like anything else. They (individuals) are in denial, maybe even somewhat hooked on it. I understand it can be a little addictive. They think they won’t be the next victim of censorship, so they stay on facebook and continue to grumble about facebook deleting their posts.

  11. I pray for President Donald John Trump trumping over Biden, and Vice President Pence leading America in repentance, as God’s Wisdom and Power trumps the god of this world who blinds minds, righteousness prevailing over our constitutional republic under God, indivisible from God, with God-given liberty, freedoms and rights: a Christian nation; a Sheep nation, a Light to the goat nations to come to Christ.

    1. amen and all their Gods fell in one night, Hollywood is the main reason for the spread of all evil, witchcraft, sorcery, divination, they started getting us ready to accept the evil long ago, paving the way for the pure demonic, and the down fall of this nation and the church, and we made other things our Gods instead of Yahweh

  12. Thank you Father for creating Mario Murillo and his conversion and all Your truth and might that is spoken through this mighty man of God. We first heard of Mario on Lance Wallnau’s Site. Very very APPRECIATIVE for all you are doing…Both men we are grateful for and Pastor Alan and Pastor Robbie we pray for in the Body of Christ. You all are a blessing!!!!!!!!and we look forward to reading the WarChest Collection, books. Ty!!! WE are weeeping thinking of all you must have gone through and are going through in your journey. I pray we alllllllll step aside and allow the Holy Spirit to do HIS MIGHTY WORK!!! Like Pastor Robbie stated, cmon now! What another great reminder and Word of God!!!!!!!!! And your humor is FUNNY. Thank YOU GOD for all of this teaching and TRUTHFUL MIGHTY GUIDANCE! My sister and I are PRAYING for all the needs, protection and HOLY GHOST POWER everything of God’s will for you to infiltrate you Mario and all your team now and always and at the Tent Meetings on Oct 11th. May you all go in great DIVINE GRACE, PEACE, LOVE, HUMILITY and THE MIGHTy AWESOME POWER and PROTECTION OF GOD!!! To GOD BE THE GLORY! Hallelujah!! Your sisters in Christ, Peny and Ann Farmakis. WISDOM SPEAKS OUT (title of these Scriptures in Orthodox Study Bible)
    “Wisdom sings in the streets; She moves boldly in the squares. She preaches in high city walls. And sits at the gates of lords. At the gates of a city she boldly says, “So long a time as the simple hold fast to righteousness, They shall not be ashamed…But he who obeys me shall dwell in hope, And shall be at rest from fear of every evil.” Proverbs 1:20-23, 35. Notes: Wisdom is present everywhere and in all things. He moves about boldly in the public streets and squares, seeking to draw all to Himself, and through Him to God the Father. When He became incarnate, He also exhibited this courage in public places. And He imparts this same courage, one of the four general virtues, to those who believe in Him and walk in the fear of God.
    Praying for the whole team, wives and families…God Bless you! And God bless you all pastors moving in the fear of God! GLORY, GLORY, GLORY!

  13. Mario I read this in the Ps.76:10 in the NLT version and it said, Human opposition only enhances your glory, for you use it as a sword of judgment. Amen!

  14. I’ve never used Facebook or any other social media. When they started popping up, I never trusted them. I realize that they can be used for good purposes but I never felt the urge to have them. The world doesn’t need to know what I had for breakfast or where I’ve been. I’m content with living in the 3D world and interacting with people in person. Of course, these days, they’re usually staring at a screen when I do.

  15. Just found this verse in my Bible (Ps.33:10, NLT) The Lord shatters the plans of the nations and thwarts all their schemes. But the Lords plans stand firm forever; His intentions can never be shaken.

  16. Amen Brother Mario!! you said “God creates the crisis that forces truth back to the top.” we live in times where truth is to strong a medicine for the political left to swallow. I love the quote by Ravi Zacharias that says “Truth is truth, even if no one believes it, and falsehood is false even if everyone believes it.” Mario, as you declare the truth of God’s word and the times we live in, your words are encouraging and giving fresh boldness to the body of Christ. Preach it Brother!!

  17. Awesome Mario! God is so Good!

    —– Forwarded Message —– From: Mario Murillo Ministries To: “ssonflower@sbcglobal.net” Sent: Monday, October 12, 2020, 02:15:49 AM PDTSubject: [New post] FRESNO EXPLODES! WordPress.com#yiv5793465717 a:hover{color:red;} | mariomurilloministries posted: “Almighty God made an emphatic statement in Fresno tonight. This was not a good meeting. I have been to good meetings. This was an explosion. This was the vengeance of God crashing into Satan’s agenda.The church in California has been told a moun” | |

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