After a gunman opened fire on two Los Angeles County deputies Saturday night, protesters gathered to express hate for the police outside of the hospital where the two ‘ambushed’ officers still lie with life-threatening injuries. Police say they had to clear the protesters from blocking ambulances which were bringing sick people to the hospital.

Videos from reporters on the ground show the protesters yelling at the police outside of St. Francis Medical Center in Lynwood, California, calling cops “pigs,” screaming “f**k the police,” and “we hope they die.”

The Los Angeles County Sheriffs pleaded with the public on Twitter to cease the protests, saying that they were “blocking the entrance and exit of the HOSPITAL EMERGENCY ROOM.”

“DO NOT BLOCK EMERGENCY ENTRIES AND EXITS TO THE HOSPITAL,” the Sheriff’s office tweeted. “People’s lives are at stake when ambulances can’t get through.”

Warning: The video below shows the exact moment of the shooting.

This is only one incident of many across America right now. Every city where protesters have been protected by Democrats has seen a spike in rape, burglary, and murder. It is no longer possible to deny that BLM/Antifa protests have degraded into a war on civilization. This movement no longer has a redeeming quality. It is nothing less than an invading, anarchistic, criminal enterprise—and must be confronted as such.

The local political gangsters who coddle this invading army must be overruled. And trust me, the millions who live under the horrifying domination of these groups want to be rescued. They want America to come and save them.

However, defeating Donald Trump is so dear to them that the Left will gladly sacrifice civilization and keep up this reign of terror until the election.

We know that no matter who wins the election, the riots and killing will continue. That is why the time to stop this invasion is now! It is only going to get worse, if we do not. We do not know how much they will destroy if we do not stop them. They must be considered invaders.

Much of California and Oregon are on fire, and Antifa terrorists have been arrested for starting wildfires.

The media will not report these heinous crimes. They will not mention the murders and attacks on police—on black owners of small businesses—on churches—and on American citizens of all colors. The Democrat Party will not even admit that these marauders, whom they support, even exist.

Donald Trump has been opposed by leftists every time he has attempted to send Federal troops to rescue Americans imprisoned in these violent cities. Villainous Democrats have fought him at every turn.

All decent Americans must have the stomach for the horrendous, but necessary, task which lies before us. It is time for America to save its own people from tyranny. There must be a seismic groundswell of support for national action to be taken against these vile killers.

America has abandoned God, Christian values, as well as Israel, and our nation is racing toward disaster.  Evil will just continue to fester and grow if good men do nothing.  This is no longer just about politics, this is about opposing evil, and the Bible speaks clearly about that, in dozens of verses. Here are a few:

  • Ephesians 5:11, Have no part in the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.
  • Psalm 94:16, Who will rise up for me against the wicked? Who will stand for me against those who practice iniquity?
  • Isaiah 5:20a, Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness
  • James 4:17, If anyone, then, knows the good they ought to do but doesn’t do it, for them, it is sin.

These are not protests—they are acts of war on civilization. It is time to shut them down, America.

Let decent people wake up! Our duty is glaringly obvious and long overdue. We must make every effort to protect innocent Americans.

The nation must overrule any state and local government that refuses to restore law and order. There are no words to describe these evil degenerates who ambush police and cheer on their deaths, while they block emergency rooms from saving lives.

It is time for us to tell the rogue politicians who operate in rogue states that their time is over. God grant us the courage to rise, do our duty, and obey the word of God!




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  1. Mario, you are 99% right. However, I am an American who has not abandoned God. You are an American who has not abandoned God, and most of all, President Trump is an American who has not abandoned God. The Democrats and the media at the heart of this purly evil invasion are not Americans. The Democrats are trying their hardest to cause a civil war, without President Trump I have no doubt the American patriots and the communist Democrats would be involved in a very bloody one. President Trump through Q has asked us to trust the plan, we do, because WWGOWGA. He said, the sleeping American people need to see the depth of evil that has weaved its way into every level of government because when the swamp is finally drained every American will need to stand and rise to unanimous support of our President and the military. The military will be the ultimate plug puller. It will be swift, precise and conclusive.

  2. This is a shame and disgrace, that this would even happen in America, this is about PURE EVIL TRYING TO TAKE OVER, there was a time we stood against this as American’s, and for sure as the people of God, men and women knew what it meant to keep our freedom, some had to die, to keep the reast of us free, and did, and where ever freedom is to reigns, there will be some who have to die to keep her, and the people today don’t understand that, that don’t understand about real war and what it takes to keep a nation free, just because the enemy has snuck in, doesn’t mean shes not as deadly as if over sea’s, this is as if we were fighting the British long ago for freedom, with a much more evil trying to take over, this evil already murders babies, Christians, Cop’s, the elederly, casterates and mutilates the teens, and kills who don’t agree with them, any one who could kill a new born like the Dem party wants to do, will kill who ever cross’es them for anything, what I don’t understand is why people can’t see, their killing, there burning, there looting right now, THIS IS THE DEM PARTY, AND DOMESTIC TERRORIST GROUP, no different from, shoot they are antifa, BLM, racist, KKK, marxist, communist, socialist, islamist, jihadist, every evil there is resonate from that one party, GET THAT EVERY EVIL RESONATES FROM WITH IN THEM, WHEN WILL WE SEE, THIS IS THE DEMONIC EVILIST GROUP PEOPLE THAN WE HAVE EVER FAUGHT OVER SEA’S, AND THEY ARE TRYING TO TAKE OVER, [I HAD A VISION A FEW MONTHS AGAO, IT WAS ELECTION DAY, AND THE NEWS AND MEDIA BACKING IT UP AND CALLING IT, AND THE STATES WERE LIGHTING UP BLUE, BUT IT WAS A COMMUNIST TAKE OVER, AND SHIPS WERE OFF SHORE WAITING TO COME TO LAND, AND SUBS, AND THERE WAS PLANE IN THE AIR, NOT SURE ABOUT I BELIEVE HE WAS SPREADING THE C. VIRUS IN THE AREA THEY WANTED IT IN,SO THEY HAVE A TAKE OVER PLANNED ELECTION DAY.] And if that doesn’t work they will use the mail in votes to stall until Jan 21, where they can put the speaker of the house in as president, so we better do something soon, this nation has always faught to stay free even with God on our side, we still went to war, why all of a sudden, do we just think Gods going to do it, all we have to do is sit back and watch, well we been watching is it getting better, that means we are suppose to do something and God will back us, he goes before us to battle, but we go to battle and he gives us the voctory, we need to read our battle, we want to win, where we don’t hurt any ones feeling’s, muchless anything else, and thats not the way it goes in a real war, some die, some are maimed, some lose theie minds, freedom cost, why do we think we can let evil murders just take over this nation just because they are domestic, homw grown terrorist, we better wake up or we might just be the ones being murdered, they have a plan to murder us, but we want to play footsy with them, THIS IS IT WE SPEAK AND FIGHT NOW OR ITS OVER FOR AMERICA, IF WE ARE TRUE CHRISTIANS WE STAND FOR GOD AND WHATS RIGHT, EVEN IF IT COST US OUR LIVE’S, JESUS AND STEPHEN DID, THE CHURCH KILLED THEM BOTH, THEY DIDN’T KNOW JESUS WAS LAYING DOWN HIS LIFE FOR THE SINNER, THEY SENTENCED HIM TO DEATH FOR STANDING FOR GOD AND WHAT WAS RIGHT, WHICH INCLUDED OUR FREEDON, FROM THE ENEMY, AND NOW WE ARE COWARING TO THE ENEMY GIVING HIM BACK WHAT JESUS DIED TO GIVE US, OUR RIGHTS AND FREEDOM IN GOD, WE BEST THINK OF THAT, BECAUSE THESE PEOPLE WILL HAVE TO BE MADE STOP, AND THESE ARE COMMUNIST, STRANGE HOW CHINA HAS BOUGHT UP SO MUCH LAND HERE, ITS ALL ON THE LINE, AND THE CRUELEST ENEMY WE EVER FAUGHT IS THE ONE WE ARE ABOUT TO FIGHT RIGHT NOW, AND NEVER HAS SO MUCH BEEN AT STAKE, SINCE HITLER, TIME TO DO WHAT EVER IT TAKES, TO SAVE THIS COUNTRY, AND THE CHURCH.

  3. Not sure if “America” has turned her back on G-D. However a segment has. That left has control of the culture via academia, journalism and Hollywood (evangelicals need to encourage their children to be professors, journalists and Hollywood producers), the left is able to amplify their position and make it seem larger than it is.

    The problem is that mainstream protestants buy into this because it seems to be the majority. Fundamentalist protestants believe that this is the end thus are more than willing to be survivalists. Evangelicals are all over the place. The time for expecting pastors to lead is gone. Now it is for individual believers to step into leadership.

    We need a miracle.

    1. Berean Study Bible
      The prudent see danger and take cover, but the simple keep going and suffer the consequences. Proverbs 22:3

      Many people associate this word with religious bigotry and close-mindedness. But in the early 20th century, fundamentalists were simply evangelicals determined to do battle for the faith.”
      Douglas A. Sweeney …From Christianity Today

      1. There are two divisions within the protestants, mainstream and fundamentalist (ie Baptists, Nazarenes). Evangelicals are no longer protestant. Something new, a movement yet to be named. But the Protestant movement is dying, a product of the Industrial Age.

        The key difference is that protests of both types have congregations of a median age of 50. Evangelicals median age is 34. Look for the Protestant denominations to disappear over the next couple of decades.

    2. My objection is your comment about protestants believing we are in end times (which we are0 so all we do is become survivalists and wait till the world ends. Or something. It sounds insulting.

      1. I have ran into too many who have the attitude that this is the end and that they are the remnant. They quote about how in the end times there will be a great falling away. They are just hunkering down and waiting the end.

  4. I am frustrated. Other than voting in November and prayer, I don’t know what I can do. Even if there were peaceful protesters against the govenors who allow these things, I am handicapped and homebound. I’ve written state representatives on other issues occasonally and only once got a response. It seems they don’t think what we citizens think or object to matters. How can I who see only nurses and therapists who seem to agree with me, and a family who agrees with me, reach out to others.

    I am sickened by the number of “Christians” who oppose Trump. No one from my church ever contacts me even though I was active for ten years and hosted a discipleship group as long as I was able. Two years ago I discovered that to the friendly members, it is “out of sight, out of mind.” And I think from what I’ve experienced in my almost 80 years, most churches are like that.

    I know of no pastor in our area who has the courage to take a stand and speak truth to their congregations about the evil goals of the democratic party. On occasion I have sent my Pastor an email thanking him for a message that seemed Holy Spirit inspired, or a link to a message I thought would encourage him, and he answered those. But when I sent him a link to one of your messages, he did not reply. He has visited me once and phoned once in the past two years. I really don’t think I have a church or pastor.

    I will continue to pray on my own that your message will wake up pastors and churches in our country, to repent for my own failures as well as the evil in our country, and to ask God in his mercy to pour his Holy Spirit out, bringing conviction, repentance, awakening and a mass turning back to him.

    1. Having done all, stand. Eph 6:13

      I feel the same way. At this point I speak in tongues, a lot! I am praying for a miracle. Not just a win but a crushing victory

  5. MASS STUPIDITY…created by the EVIL MEDIA!!! 90% of the MEDIA…is owned by SATAN!!! BOYCOTTS against them…will help, but MUST CONTINUE…until they are COMPLETELY DESTROYED!!! They’ve made it EASY to IDENTIFY them…make your lists…STICK TO YOUR GOAL…NEVER SUBMIT!!! PLEASE Google HUSTUSA and HelpUsSaveTheUSA!!!

      1. YEP…a “PAPER-TIGER”…which can easily be destroyed in many ways!!!
        (BTW…I know a Greg Dean in Reno/Mammoth Lakes…but I know you’re not him.)

  6. Well Mario I have a simple solution.  All these angry BLM/Antifa Democrats running amok….they all need more government perks!  Can I suggest we give them all free cruise tickets to North Korea? Just notify Kim Jong that we have some dissidents here who need some coddling and kimshi. Do these angry dissidents want your house? Surely there is plenty of “housing” at the North Korean prisons! And if Kim wont accept these dissidents maybe China will? How about in Wuhan? J. Woytus

  7. Bottom line, we need to continue to pray for God to wake up the pastors that they have a responsibility to God to warn their congregations as to religious persecution, for those not grasping the concept.
    How I will vote
    Vote the Bible
    1) I will vote for the most pro-life candidate, because
    God hates the shedding of innocent blood
    (proverbs 6:17)

    2) I will vote for the most pro-Israel candidate, because
    God blesses those who bless Israel and curses
    those who don’t (Genesis 12:3)

    3) I will vote for the most pro-debt reduction candidate,
    because the borrower is servant to the lender
    (Proverbs 22:7)

    4) I will vote for the most pro-work candidate because
    God says if a man won’t let him not eat.
    (2 Thessalonians 3:10)

    5) I will vote for the most Pro-Marriage candidate
    because God is for marriage as defined in
    (Genesis 2:24)

    6) I will vote for the candidate who most closely
    believes government’s purpose is to reward good
    & punish evil (Romans 13)

    7) I will vote based as close as I can on God’s Word
    (2 Timothy 3:16)

  8. My family history goes back to the beginning of this great nation. Jamestown 1607 and Massachusetts 1635 to be exact. Then westward to settle the Republic of Texas. Generation after generation my grandfathers and their sons fought in every war or uprising recorded in our history. They loved their country and we have let it go to the dogs. Oh God forgive us ! You have not given us a spirit of fear or cowardice. We will vote in heaven and vote at the polls. We will vote blood red! And we will stand ready to defend America and remove these devils by any means necessary. Give us the victory, oh Lord I pray.

  9. Pastor Mario is absolutely correct. BLM and Antifa must be taken down completely. Law enforcement and the Justice Department have to do whatever it takes, within the realm of the law, of course, to sweep through the cities and round these people up. They have to be prosecuted and send to prison. Any democrat mayor or governor setting them free after they have been tried and convicted must be held accountable. In reading news stories this morning, it is clear that they have been demonically taken over. Their minds are going to the most vile places the a human being can go. They things that they taunt police with are too file to even share. No decent person should want these words in their psyche. These creatures have gone over the edge, to shoot police, or anyone, in cold blood and then block the entrances to emergency rooms? Screaming that they want them to die? Even animals know better than to act like this. What does this have to do with George Floyd’s death? Nothing. Where are their outcries for the black on black murders over the weekend? Nowhere. These monsters do not care about the innocent children gunned down in cold blood by monsters on the streets. The media does not care about these innocent children either. Neither do the democrats at all levels of government, including the candidates for president on the Left. They want power, and they want the destruction of the United States. They will not stop after the election, no matter which way the elections goes.

  10. Mario, you just expressed exactly my thinking, feelings, emotions all wrapped up in one statement..”TIME TO SHUT THEM DOWN”…!!!!
    If I was some years younger I would go around the country saying loud and clear exactly what you just put on this blog!
    I live in California and I’m SO disgusted with the left wing “fascist” running our state starting with our despot governor!!
    Praying for you and your upcoming rally in Fresno!!
    Please keep posting your words of insight and prophetic direction for our Country!!

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