For many, it is their familiar nightmare. The house is on fire and as they rush to warn the family, something makes their legs move in slow motion.  They shout, but their voice is muffled. Reaching the bedrooms, they face a new horror. They shake people in their beds but, no matter what they do, they can’t wake them up. Smoke overwhelms the room and then flames engulf the house.  The dreamer wakes up shouting.

That is the feeling many preachers, prophets, and Christians who have had their eyes opened by the Holy Spirit are experiencing right now. They are trying to wake up the church, but they find themselves in a living nightmare. They discover that the majority of believers in America seem to be fast asleep.

It was a painful video for me to watch. A well-known pastor was interviewing his respected guest. That guest travels across our nation trying to take the pulse of the American church. To do this he visits a different church every Sunday.

Speaking emphatically, on the brink of tears, he said that there is no urgency coming from pulpits. He didn’t find a single church where the people were being warned. He saw few calls for repentance and even fewer pastors urging congregants to vote, and no alerting people from the pulpit to the reality of America’s imminent destruction.

What the majority of the church is listening to ignores reality completely.  Even worse, we punish vessels of God for warning us. The voices that are moved by the Holy Spirit to wake up the church are living out the nightmare of the burning house.

Using the story of David and Goliath, I want to show you how we shame voices that call us to repent.

David brought lunch to his brothers, but he couldn’t believe what he was seeing and hearing. Goliath was insulting the armies of God. Then David’s older brother, Eliab, shamed him for the look of outrage on his face. “…Eliab’s anger was aroused against David, and he said, “Why did you come down here? And with whom have you left those few sheep in the wilderness? I know your pride and the insolence of your heart, for you have come down to see the battle”” (1 Samuel 17: 28).

A Christian who is under conviction must discredit the voice calling for repentance. He will accuse those voices that warn the church of pride, insolence, and a morbid mind, saying, “You are just condemning us. Things aren’t as bad as you say. You are just obsessed with negative things.”

Eliab totally misread his kid brother. David had a completely righteous reaction to a disgusting lack of urgency and a cowardly betrayal of the Word of God. Israel stood paralyzed before a foul-mouthed God- hater who needed to be dispatched with haste.

David’s outrage was also directed at how passive and compliant Israel was. Nobody wanted to step up. I have got to say that I too am disgusted at how sheepish preachers are in America.

David’s anger was further fueled because he knew the Lord his God. He knew that all God needed was one man, one truly willing vessel to turn this tragedy into triumph. He could not believe that Israel was allowing this outrage to go on this long and this far.

American Christians have also let it go too far for too long, and now they face the prospect of paying for their apathy with their very lives. The world that Obama, Soros and other enemies of freedom are attempting to manipulate into existence would have, long before now, caused our early settlers to roar out in anger, “I would rather die on my feet, than live on my knees!”

We are shaming the very voices we need to hear. We are rewarding the preachers who are killing us. We are punishing people for obeying God, and doing that puts you in direct opposition to God.

Trump can still lose.

There, I said it. Those who are relying on promises of his reelection, but are taking no drastic action to wake up the rest of the church, are no better than the masses of believers who are fast asleep.

But, enough talk. It is time for action.

To those of you who are punishing the voices that have been sent from God, I issue this solemn warning: You are standing in the way of an aggressive God Who has rolled up His sleeves, and is working to spare America. It is far safer for you to take a nap on the tracks in front of a speeding locomotive.

To all of my fellow warriors who are awake: You have the same heart for America that David had for Israel. You are giant killers. You exist in numbers that are more than enough to undo the damage caused by leftist atheists. You are so much more than enough, that, like David, you don’t need to wait for anyone.

Let’s go get these devils!




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  1. I am standing with you to defeat these enemies of America 📖♥️🙏

    On Tue, Sep 15, 2020, 3:13 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “For many, it is their familiar nightmare. > The house is on fire and as they rush to warn the family, something makes > their legs move in slow motion. They shout, but their voice is muffled. > Reaching the bedrooms, they face a new horror. They shake people i” >

  2. Mario, you remind me so much of David Wilkerson. I agree with you about the church. What can a 77 year old widow do? I’m no David. I can pray and I do. I’ve talked to some about urgency of voting for Trump and the condition of our country. I came away feeling like, “You just don’t get it”. I’m no prophet and I don’t have dreams. I’m just a senior citizen who wants to see revival. Thank you for taking a stand.

  3. Thank you once again my brother for a great and current word on how we should face the enemy during this time. God bless you and keep you sir.

  4. Way to go Mario !   I have long complained of the impotency of our Pastors which I believe was created by the 501C3 given them back in the 50’s.  They simply FEAR speaking out.  They fear the government and they fear offending certain people in their congregations.  So they stay in a zone that is uninspiring.  I have also long said that we need a leader like a MLK Jr to lead the church to peaceful civil disobedience.  Will someone arise to fill that role ?  I hope so, but I am not holding my breath in anticipation.  A united Church would not allow the slaughter of the unborn and there would be no chance for a win by these leftists who promote the destruction of our Constitution, Faith and Families.  But we know that the degeneration of all we hold dear is well under way.  I will jump on board when I see the ship ready to take off.  So far, nothing in sight. Thank you for promoting awareness. Jerry Novak

  5. Bang on Mario! The late Derek Prince stated before he died “there is coming a showdown between God and the North American culture. It will be very interesting how it plays out and God is going to win.”

    1. I love this post, I am so aggravated as well to see what is happening, I’m trying to explain to my family and all but no one seems to care like you said, asleep, it is amazing I never thought I would be alive for such a time as this, I’m so thankful that God has given me ears to hear and eyes to see what is going on, the attacks on the churches and people still are not recognizing anything I’ll be 60 years old, and I got saved in 2006 and I tell you, I’ve been so alert to the things of God, pray with me in agreement for God to give me a gift of faith for this generation of our children, I witness to all my sons friends and praying for them for a touch of God.

  6. I want to serve and as you say “go get those devils.” How do I do that?

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  7. So true the house is on fire and they sleep, they have listen to the cake and Ice-cream preaching so long, they can’t even hear the truth now and God is SHOUTING WAKE UP, DESTRUCTION IS COMING, BUT THEY WILL NOT HEAR, and it is dishearting as you sound the alarm your about to perish, Jesus even took me to heaven to tell me, to tell the Church, and the urgency for his bride was on his face, as he said go back and tell them, there not Ready, alll these things are going on in my Church, 2 Cor 12:20-21. and this was 11 years ago, and I been screaming it, only to be told to tone it down, black balled, some want me dead and others have sent evil spirits to try and do it, the leadership we call the church today, so deep in witchcraft, sorcery, voodoo, they even come in your dreams and say your going to do as we say and be like us, yeah right when something freeze’s over, we have a horrible mess claiming to be the leaders of the church today, SC would not even accept the message the Lord gave me, they rejected it, and many others, and not because some one caught me doing something horribly wrong, but because it was the truth and it warned the people of what was going on in his church, and they feared losing some people, a lot are going to have blood on their hands come judgement day, because of not preaching truth, some will not even mention sin, they will not stand and speak out, the things it take to change the world for Jesus so many will not do, they compromised, turn the army into a passive bunch of wimps, some sold out to the evil, they made a love they think greater than Gods who allows evil and sin, thats not love thats SUICIDE TO A NATION AND THE PEOPLE, LAWLESSNESS, they made people think we can now talk to people and stop evil, evil that is not dealt with, will control and murder and rape you, but we don’t want to hurt any one, and this is a war on Americian soil, Domestic terrorist, and they will and are out to destroy us, but the preachers most will not warn the people, and the enemy has them blind, they can’t see with the proff on the news every night, people locked up in their homes, told to wear mask, strange no virus or disease has ever wiped us out yet, but noow they act like God has no power, but its most of the people who don’t because they do not have the Holy Spirit, so now we have to have life coaches, and others in the church, Psychologist and therapist to take care of and medicate the people, so they can be able to survive , when meds never healed any long term problem, but the HOLY SPIRIT CAN HEAL, DELIVER AND SET FREE, AND THATS WHO WE MUST GET BACK IN CONTROL OF AND LEADING THE CHURCH, AND THATS WHAT A BUCH OF FAKES AND PHONIES, DO NOT WANT BECAUSE HE WILL EXPOSE TO FAKE, AND THAT WILL WIPE OUT MUCH OF THE SOCIALIST CHURCH OF TODAY, WHICH NEEDS TO BE DONE. what people can’t see is how evil they really are, full of murder and hate, but I don’t know why its happening on the streets, and their in the church in the pulpit, and we are screaming but they will not listen, and it is dishearting, but some of us will sound the alarm as long as we can, but you better be able to take the abuse. Truth brother keep on keeping on very few telling the truth today. God Bless You

    1. Pray and humble yourself before the Lord. Keep speaking what He gives you. Do not stop. The enemy wants you to stop. The Lord gave me Ezekiel 2:1-8 a long while ago when He was calling me to do the same. God bless you brother!

  8. I had an interesting thing pop into my head the other day.

    All these concerns about the election being stolen via mail-in ballots: It’s not going to matter–if the actual results are actually different than an engineered outcome. Because the actual truth is what God is interested in. A stolen election will most likely mean this: America didn’t vote for judgement. But Judgement would have been forced on us with rigging.

    Thus, they heap judgement on their own heads.

    The point is, we nee to pray and stand and make sure the true count is what it is, and let God litigate the fallout.

  9. Praise God for your voice and boldness and fire! I thank God for you and your ministry. I want you to know that this Daughter of Almighty God is fighting with the sword of the Spirit and on fire to pray without ceasing for President Trump and all people who are in a position of authority and I declare that no one but Jesus the Son of the One true God sits on the throne of their Lives and the USA has righteousness Peace and Joy in the Holy Ghost! I surround you and your ministry with the Host of Heaven and the Angels who are listening to obey Gods Word. Yes and Amen! Laura.

  10. I confess to not knowing what to do! I desperately want to do something. I have found groups of conservatives in my town and have attended their meetings and taken some of the actions that they offer. But I find myself dismayed -when they protested in front of Pelosi‘s house and gathered around the tree & held hands and walked in a circle and someone said loud enough to be heard on the news report “this is like Wiccan!“ -And one of the leaders of Reopen California Now, who was talking on a live stream, turned around and gave a poster of Gavin Newsom the finger. I feel like I need to be working hard, yoked together with fellow believers, but I’m not succeeding in finding where they are. The people I’ve gone to church with recently are definitely sleeping. The wicked ways I have repented of are my pride and my complacency and my love for my comfort zone. I have been praying a lot recently, and that’s another thing for me to repent of is my prayerlessness over the years. I have been born again since 1971, and I am ashamed of my Christian history. I have totally bought into that my job is to stay in the church and to try to help people get saved and come to church. But I have no voice in the town square, nothing I can do other than sign petitions and send money to organizations that I hope will support righteousness in this nation. I read your emails every time they come out with eagerness hoping there will be some kind of marching orders! I try to imagine myself going door-to-door knocking on doors trying to help people understand they need Jesus and they need to vote for Trump. That doesn’t resonate. And nothing else is coming to mind. Do you have any specific concrete ideas to offer about what a 73-year-old woman living in a rich county in California on a fixed income can do for Jesus and our country right now? Thank you, Susan Palm Novato, CA


  11. for many denominations the typical congregation has a median age of 50. Thus people more interested in being comfortable, of settling in for retirement. It is being comfortable that has the church asleep. And many of our fellow believers, unlike those reading here, feel like it is someone else’s job. They feel that they have done their part and now should be able to just be comfortable. Thus their congregations are more like a social hour.

    Those reading and following Mario are awake. And while many of us are older, we are still warriors. Which, by the way, makes the ones wanting to retire feel uncomfortable.

  12. God bless you Mario! I too am praying for enough Christians to wake up to the real threat to our freedoms which is at our door! May God have mercy on us!

  13. We can beat this giant if the Church of the Living God will stand up (Is there not a cause?) and Declare the Word of the Lord! It is not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, sayeth the Lord of Hosts. (Zec.4:6) God wants to fulfill His purpose and plan for America, but we are too proud, indifferent, selfish and stubborn. We have innocent blood on our hands because we did not take a stand in prayer, in obedience and compromised and ran from the fight and many have died because of it. Our secret sins are going to kill us unless we repent and turn to God. Have we not all had enough of the liberal agenda? The greed, and selfishness. When will we wake up and realize the gift of this nation God gave to us. It’s time to rise and fight and take down this giant! We are more than able! Has not God given us these enemies as Bread to eat? It is God’s Spirit that causes us to triumph! The Hope of glory! May God arise and scatter all our enemies and may His will be done here on earth as it is in heaven! For God is not a man that He should lie, neither the son of man that He should repent. Hath He spoken and it not come to pass!. When the Enemy of the Lord comes in like a flood the Spirit of the Lord will raise up a standard of against him. The only thing between us and victory is our sin. Confess, repent and turn to God! God is our strength and help, our Victory!

  14. Once again, I find myself disagreeing with Greg above. Retire? Who gets to retire? Age 50 is way back in our rear view mirror and long gone, and we are working harder than ever. We don’t punch someone else’s time clock any longer, but I don’t know anyone our age who is sitting around, loving “being comfortable”. Where did such an idea come from? There are no Golden Years. They disappeared years, maybe decades ago. Fine with me. It’s too dangerous to travel in this country and world now, and we have too much to do.

    We are the warriors. Besides what we have to do in and around our homes, on our ranches, we are the volunteers at food banks, ministries, churches (when our tyrannical governors allow us), etc. We are the ones adopting orphans, becoming foster parents, etc.

    Pastor Mario is so right. The Pastors had better wake up soon. The shepherds are not keeping their flocks safe because they are not informing them. Sunday morning sermons STILL focus on preaching to the choir, hoping for a better life, new house, bills all paid…the church is asleep. The wolves are at the door and the pastors are preaching like it’s 1970.

    Is this what they learned in seminary? I had hoped that the “bless me, quick” gospel was gone.

    But all that said, I have seen some evidence of some pastors waking up. Some are catching onto the seriousness of the hour. To those who are-kudos and God bless you.

    1. I attempted to word this to apply to those in those congregations which are asleep. Not us. I even stated that. This is what we face in too many congregations. Most protestant congregations have a median age of 50. Their pastors cater to them. These congregations are desiring a social life, not challenges.

      My comments were NEVER directed at you nor those who read this blog.

  15. Excellent Mario!!! Well said!
    Im so in agreement with you I could shout!! Praying earnestly for our Country. Trump, wake up church!! On and On!! Yes! lets go after these devils!!!
    Bless you!!🙏🙏🙏🙏👍👍👍❤

  16. Amen..I witnessed this in the Spirit and Questioned it to God and My Church Leaders..God replied; Said Ray, My Church, A Sleeping Giant had Fallen asleep Thousands of Years Ago by Satans Influence. My Church needs to wake up for Such a Time As This..This message was confirmation and connected the Dots for me…Serious…When I was a Baby Christian 25 years ago, I used to think God’s Church, His Sanctuary, His Training Ground for his Saints, His Hospital would be the last Place the Devil would want to hang out…I was Dead wrong..It is the First Place he would want to do his Dirty works, Plant his Jezebel Spirits, Rip the Church’s Heart Out, Passion, Focus, Mandates, and Instill a Spirit of FEAR And Confusion to NO END and keep her CAPTIVE in the 4 WALLS and Paralyze her and Put her to SLEEP..Well, he has done all of this and then some..The Condition of the Church Today is Pathetic..I do not hold back, even at the threat of being Rebellious to the Perception of My Church Leaders…It is not easy..But recently God put on My Heart that He doesn’t his Sick Dysfunctional Church to Return to the Four Walls and carry on Business as usual. He wants his Church-Ekklesia to hit the Highways and Byways like Jesus did..I heard him say take the the Ekklesia to the Front Doors of the Harvest Field that is very hungry, hurting and depressed..Share My Love, My Good New, My Hope, My Peace, Signs Wonders and Miracles with my Children…The thought of returning to the 4 Walls Puts Dread in my Spirit…So Myself and others in my Community will come together-Ekklesia and Bring the Church to the Front Doors of Our Community..Blessings..Thank You For All You Do….

  17. Of course the church will wake up. Stuck in your microcosmic view? What is your macrocosmic view? Tell me the big picture and how it all eventually turns out. Check out the tommy hicks vision… The president could lose, and if he does, you have president kamala harris after the distinct possibility that vp biden will have a debilitating health occurrence during the election. franklin graham is planning a prayer march in dc september 26th. On september 25th and 26th, jonathan kahn will lead a prayer and repentance gathering broadcast world wide in the same location.

    1. I suggest sir you listen to a lot of the Churches, for they are still sound asleep, backing Dems, and its our job to wake as many up as possible, and I have heard so many fairy tales told in the pulpit, I am sick of it, the truth is if we truly repent God will move mightly, but so many mega churches and other’s have not repented, and still back evil and sin, just this past week in a vision I saw the Harlot of Rev.17 over Ca. which meant more child molesting, homosexuality, all perverted junk, and evil taught to children, so we are stoll trying to get through to people, if they have all repented why is God still having us preach repentance, and try and wake them up, we are hated for it, we would like to preach something else, but God knows who has truly repented and who hasn’t, so until he says stop, we will preach wake up and repent.

  18. Reblogged this on free73735 and commented:
    Have to commend you Mario, for still sounding the alarm to the wayward churches & Pastor/leaders. Several months ago now, I decide to use what time I have, to actively promote current knowledge to the masses. They are responding vigorously.
    The situation of the wayward churches remind me of a huge ship sinking, & ppl are directed to the life boats, but ignore the crew & run the opposite way, if they respond at all.

  19. It’s the same in Australia as an evangelist it’s like trying to wake up the dead many are baby believers even many so called pastor’s!!!

    Get Outlook for Android


  20. So well said. God bless you Mario for your boldness. I am praying for you and your family, but never hold back! That’s what I pray also for President Trump.

  21. Trump could lose BUT he won’t!

    Esther 9:1
    “When the enemies of GOD and his people hoped to have dominion over them; GOD turned it to the contrary and overrode their plans. So that Israel (GODs people that’s us) would rule over them that hated them”

    Democrats are salivating hoping to have dominion over us. Throwing every weapon they have at Trump. Trying to rule every GOD fearing, freedom loving American This November 3. But GOD will give us the overturning & The triumph against those that hate Us.

    VERIFY your word oh LORD. Verify to us;
    “That the rod of the wicked shall never rest upon the lot of The righteous (those who trust and love you)”Psalms 125:3

    I feel the HOLY GHOST ….Halelujah!!!

  22. There are certain situations that GOD reserves the condition to bring salvation himself.

    This is one!
    We just need to trust and worship GOD with all our hearts.

  23. The disciples asked Jesus why couldn’t we cast out the demons? And Jesus said this kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting. Matthew 17:21 We all know satan is behind it all using them as puppets they are deaf and blind. But the church has fell asleep for sure. I have been praying and living on bread and water for God to save our nation and President and root out the wicked and expose everything! It’s like the Pastors are under a spell and don’t preach the gospel anymore and no one is running to the alter and the people are sitting in their comfort zone. The mega churches are loving the candy coated sermons all the while making their Pastors rich! How blind can you be to that! There are some small churches that are hearing the gospel from preachers with fire and stickley from the Bible. But if these other ones don’t wake up the blood is on them. Mario I love every blog you write. You are still keeping it up with fire in your belly, it shows. And I am angry with the righteous indignation of especially the last few that BLM and Antifa have done and the leftist have sit back and done nothing for anyone. They think what’s a life to them long as they get there agendas and we know they are doing everything in their power to keep him from winning. They are filled with demonic minds and thoughts. satan has a stronghold on many minds. But I believe as dark as it gets the light is going to get brighter, but I know judgment is coming on these sleeping people and the wicked. I don’t know what it’s gonna look like in the end but I know a thousand may fall at your side and ten thousaned at your right hand, but it shall not come near you. Only with your eyes shall you look, and see the reward of the wicked. God bless your heart Mario for bringing the truth!

  24. How do we get them out of the way? What are we suppose to and say to those who are cursed and blind?

    On Tue, Sep 15, 2020, 3:15 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “For many, it is their familiar nightmare. > The house is on fire and as they rush to warn the family, something makes > their legs move in slow motion. They shout, but their voice is muffled. > Reaching the bedrooms, they face a new horror. They shake people i” >

  25. Well I have definitely ran into this issue (personally) even long before all this stuff hit the fan. As a person who was once on staff with a well known ministry I can safely say I have seen senior management pull out the “You’re got a religious spirit or you know that person is just bitter” card to defend and quietly discredit people. It’s nasty, but this present age of the “church” must be broken so that the bride can rise.

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