Joe Biden is not a leader. I do not mean this in any cruel or sarcastic manner. No one with a brain can honestly say he is a leader. No one with a heart would wish the presidency on him, or America. Joe Biden is the mascot of the Democrat Party. He is not their leader.

Buttressing him up, and forcing teleprompters on him during this campaign is a sadistic undertaking. He is the equivalent of the ‘Susan Alexander’ character, from the film Citizen Kane. Remember, in the movie, how Charles Foster Kane forced his wife to be an opera singer? Kane built opera houses. Hired singing coaches. Manipulated the newspapers and radio stations he owned. They touted Susan as a diva. She had a terrible voice and the real world knew it and ridiculed her. Still, the Kane machine kept spinning the lie. In the story, it almost killed her. I am observing the same slow death in Joe Biden.

How did this tragedy come to be? First the Democrat Party went woke. Then it went broke. This hapless institution veered so far left that everyone who decided to run for the presidency was unelectable. I mean, seriously, look back at the candidates. Biden became the candidate by default. It is not that they deemed him electable. They simply concluded that he was the least unelectable.

The Democrat Party invented a mascot. Here’s how the dictionary defines a mascot: “An animal, person, or thing adopted by a group as its representative symbol and supposed to bring good luck.” The mascot is not the real team. They are a symbol of the team. They root for the team. They have no power except what the team and the fans give him. Joe Biden is the Mascot of the Democrat Party.

The base of the Democrat Party knows this to be true. They are not energized by Joe Biden. You never hear any Democrat talk about Joe Biden in glowing terms. They really don’t talk about him at all. What are they counting on then?

They are betting the house on hatred of Trump.

Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Oprah are counting on your hatred of Trump to compensate for the leadership vacuum that is Joe Biden. Check out the video below and tell me why this man should be being forced to run for president

In the Democrat Party, there is no committee to elect Joe Biden. There is only the committee to defeat Donald Trump. That is the platform. That is the vision. That is the single goal.

The gang of four I mentioned are hoping against hope to carry Joe Biden across the threshold of the White House. Once inside Joe is finished. He will never author a bill. He will never be allowed out of his room except when he has mastered the simplest sentences.

Kamala Harris is also a mascot. Chosen not only on the basis of gender and race, but on her soulless desire to be and say anything to have power.  This tragic duo will live and breathe at the behest of the Democrat hierarchy. America’s freedom would be extinguished by committee.

I see Joe being disposed of quickly. Kamala more slowly.

Finally, I have faithfully written to you about how dangerous the Left is—how this election is a choice between good and evil. Now I want to reveal the biggest reason not to vote for Biden: Compassion. How can any decent human being not see the deterioration—the toll being taken on this man by both time and the committee to defeat Trump. Because a mascot wears a costume they can be replaced without much fanfare.

Please find it in your heart to spare this man the agony. Perhaps, you can fast forward to the heart wrenching scene in Citizen Kane where Susan Alexander begged and pleaded not to be forced to sing anymore. Kane refused, and it drove her to try to kill herself.

To the evil committee, Joe Biden is not a person. He is a means to an end. A mere mascot. And that is the tragedy, for him, and for America.






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38 thoughts on “THE TRAGIC MASCOT

  1. Finally the sad truth. A mascot is a good/kinder way to state this tragic charade. Hatred for the opponent is also a tragic way to decide who you will vote to be the President of the United States of America.  Thank you, Mario, for your faithful service to JESUS CHRIST.  I grew up in Berkeley. Later lived in Oakland. Now live in Oregon City, Oregon. Roberta Lauren Adrian Sent from my T-Mobile 4G LTE Device

    1. I feel this truth in my spirit! I also know we have millions of prayers as incense going up into the prayer bowls of heaven! I feel God loves America and has given her a window of return! We know that the left is not in controlGOD is.God doesn’t always give us things on a golden platter, but he let’s us experience some discomfort that would bring us to prayer! God I does not need our help he chooses his people to partner in prayer! For my people who are called by my name! We are those people called and if we follow that scripture and humble ourselves, seek his face,pray and turn from our wicked ways he will hear from heaven forgive our sins and heal our land! People God will not be mocked we need to stand firm on the promise of this scripture! Repent always and keep yourself in communication with God as he cannot hear us when we have sin blocking between ! He hears and answers the truly repentive heart. Who is this you may say ? I am one called by his name begging everyone to join in this word so he will heal our land! If My People Who Are Callled By My Name!!!

    2. This is the verdict: many people love darkness rather than light. President Trump is shining the light on their wicked works, and this is precisely the reason for their intense hatred toward Trump.

  2. Bumper sticker:

    “Show your hatred for Trump. Give him four more years of torture by CNN as President”

    Mario, you wrote in Edgewise in 2007 that a revival was coming. I haven’t seen one yet. Is it still coming, or did I miss it? Although a great thing, I don’t consider the standing up of pastors like Jack Hibbs against California’s unconstitutional lockdown as revival. I got your combat bundle and enlisted, now I’m listening for my assignment.

  3. Amen a vote for him will be for the coup that has been trying to take over since Mr. Trump became President, they care not who they hurt or destroy, just that they complete their mission, and this man does not have the mental compassidy to run for president, the strain mentally would drive you crazy if you have a problem already.

  4. Remember…in their 2012 platform, the Dimms cut God out of existence. The party ‘now’ only has two pro-life people elected at the national level. The third one they recently ‘primaried out’. Trump is the LOGICAL choice. He ain’t perfect, but he’s better than seeing Hell enlarged…again! Roll On Trump!

  5. The Emperor has no clothes.

    *From:* Mario Murillo Ministries [] *Sent:* Friday, September 18, 2020 1:58 AM *To:* *Subject:* [New post] THE TRAGIC MASCOT

    mariomurilloministries posted: “Joe Biden is not a leader. I do not mean this in any cruel or sarcastic manner. No one with a brain can honestly say he is a leader. No one with a heart would wish the presidency on him, or America. Joe Biden is the mascot of the Democrat Party. He is not”

    1. Same with Hillary. Had she won she would have stepped down after 90 days. Her health was, and still is not, up to being a president

  6. It is strange that the left is now in control of the culture. And that the left uses the culture as a political machine. Frankly academics and journalists are now the democrat party funded by elite billionaires.

    We need to be encouraging our children and grandchildren to be college professors, journalists and Hollywood producers. We have to battle our way back to being in charge of the culture.

  7. The prevailing thought in some circles is that Biden is just a place holder. That come Oct he will be removed and Harris will step in and become the Presidential candidate and she will pick a running mate. Or that she will remain in the VP candidate position and someone else will be chosen to run as the Presidential candidate. Possible candidates are Michelle Obama, Hilary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren etc.

  8. I read this this morning and thought we could use some message of deliverance.

    Deliverance Comes By Deliverers
    Now therefore, behold, the cry of the children of Israel has come to Me, and I have also seen the oppression with which the Egyptians oppress them. Come now, therefore, and I will send you to Pharaoh that you may bring My people, the children of Israel, out of Egypt.—Exodus 3:9-10

    Yes, if evangelical Christianity is to stay alive it must have men again—the right kind of men. It must repudiate the weaklings who dare not speak out, and it must seek in prayer and much humility the coming again of men of the stuff of which prophets and martyrs are made. God will hear the cries of His people as He heard the cries of Israel in Egypt, and He will send deliverance by sending deliverers. AWTozer

  9. They are running their campaign on hatred of President Trump, and we all know where hatred comes from, lucifer, demonic spirits, satan. When they took God out of their platform, all that is left is hatred, lies, deception, manipulation, and trying to control the narrative; putting out one outrageous lie after another, hoping they will stick, or if they repeat them long enough the gullible will believe them. Abba Father, we pray for America and for President Donald John Trump; may Your Truth prevail and Your Light expose all hidden darkness and motives and agendas and evil plots and plans. “Shower, O heavens, from Above, and let the skies rain down righteousness; let the earth open, that salvation may sprout forth in every heart, and let it cause righteousness to spring up also: I the Lord have created it…I have aroused him in righteousness, and I will make straight all his ways; he shall build my city and set my exiles free from the world system of lucifer, not for price or reward, says the Lord of hosts…Assemble yourselves, and come, draw near together…Declare and present your case; take counsel together!… with our Righteous God and Savior, there is none besides Me. Turn to Me and be saved America and all the ends of the earth!…From My mouth has gone forth righteousness, a Word that shall not return void. To Me every knee will bow, every tongue proclaim Jesus is Lord!…Only in the Lord is righteousness and strength…all who are incensed against God and his anointed shall be put to shame. In the Lord we shall triumph and glory ” (Isaiah 45:8, 13, 20-25).
    “Righteousness exalts a nation” (Proverbs 14:34).

    1. campaigning against something, or someone, is far less effective than having something you are for. Less energy for one thing.

    2. Big amen sis{ I saw yesterday another model is claiming he sexually abused her in 97, they just jump from lie to lie to and make up more, instead of doing there job for the last 4 years they have been paid big money to lie on the President, and took the tax payers money and not worked a day for this country, they have only tried to destroy it and now the C.Virus and shutdown all on their door step, why would any one ever vote for a Dem again, they have shown what they truly are DEMONIC.

    3. JESUS CHRIST the LORD of GLORY is LORD over America. Stand against the wiles of the devil by voting for President Trump!

  10. Joe Biden said last night that ALL of the people who have died from Covid would not have died if Trump had, “done his job”. It is a whopper of a lie and only Fox is calling him out for it. He is probably demented enough to believe the lies he is babbling out. At the stage he is in, he most likely figures that since the media lets his lies stand, they are the truth. He has never been qualified to be president. When he debated Sarah Palin, he made 11 major gaffs. The media ignored them, and attacked Palin instead. When he debated Paul Ryan, he laughed like a loon through the entire debate. It was bizarre. He’s always been a show-off hot-dog, and it’s doubtful he could have ever run a Seven-Eleven. If he’s accomplished anything of substance, I don’t know what it is.

    The bias of the media is a sickening levels. Like someone said on Fox “-he didn’t get softball questions-those were beachballs.” Even a dementia patient could answer them. The Right is banking on Chris Wallace asking fair and balance questions. I’m not a fan of Wallace, but sometimes he’s fair. We’ll see. Or maybe he’ll feed him pablum like all the rest. If Biden happens to win-my guess is, he will collapse during the first few days when the weight of what he has done, and the responsibility of the presidency dawns on him, if it can dawn on him. Cutthroat Kamala is waiting in the wings and salivating at the thought of the power she will have to finish shutting down churches and Christianity in America, destroy the rest of the small businesses, and make certain no children get an actual education.

    Fox panel show, Outnumbered, shut down Newt Gingrich yesterday when he tried to mention Soros and his culpability in the riots and the rest of the evils occurring. I heard they are now 40% left-leaning. I know the morning shows definitely are evening shows are good. A LOT of people are upset with them. Sometimes compromise is a good thing, as in husband-and-wife issues. But not when it comes to the truth that we should be hearing from the news. Their compromising is just making everybody angry. The liberals will never like Fox. They want it ALL. They hate Fox and will continue to trash it until they stop telling the true/actual news completely and go full-bore CNN. So, Fox may as well make up their mind and get back to the way they were.

  11. One of the biggest risk in this is also Donald Trump himself. Without a doubt, he gloms onto any praise of his name, no matter its origin. Even from dictators. He lights up and even requotes bfore he realized how tone-deaf it is to wave around an endorsement from an autocrat.

    There are two issues with Trump:

    1) He may not believe a bit of the Christian message he touts (But neither did Jehu)

    2) His ego is his greatest liability.

    These are the two places that need to be prayed on the most. Trump need to see that he is more of a vessel, than THE answer. If that guy ever hit his knees, it would be game over.

    But like Mario says, we don’t get the cure we deserve.

    And here’s my other thought (which is not a fatalistic thing):

    Trump could lose. Or, should we say, he could win the actual votes, but have the deliberately-generated, mail-in discord award it to Biden. But God will know who the winner is. If we genuinely vote for Harris/Biden and hand the Senate over to AOC and OMAR, then . . . well, I guess it’s God’s prerogative to give us our democratic wishes.

    But if they steal this (whether it can be proven or not) then they have cheated in order to continue killing children–THE most important sacrament in their flailing, vacuous religion. This could bring judgement of a different kind. God’s ability to heal our land doesn’t stop January 21st, 2021.

    Mario has stated that judgement is coming to select people, in a way that will perhaps unsettle all of us, and perhaps displace many of us. I feel like the static charge is waiting. Lightning may have to strike.

    I know one thing. After reading Jonathan Cahn’s “Harbinger” series, I am WAY aware of the significance of moments when our leaders co-sign on to abominations. Our California governor signed SB-145, which widens judicial discretion when classifying sex offenses. In other words, a 24 years old person having sex with your 14 year old kid can be let off the hook in terms of registry. A law was already on the books for that for heterosexual crimes, but out governor expanded it. Now, the same parameters are in place if you son’s coach is sexing him up, too.

    None of this should have been legal. And yet, our governor sat down after surveying the rubble of our completely-charred state, and signed this bill.

    On September 11, 2020.





    ISA 59:21:LUKE 21:13




  14. Exactly on point Mario !
    It is disgraceful what is being done to this poor empty soul and what is would mean for American if he should every become president which to my way of seeing things simply must NOT happen!!
    He is a mascot, a puppet and a totally incompetent sham of a candidate. Harris is dangerous at this point, and waiting in the wings to slaughter his every narrative. She sees herself as President and has openly, and not be mistakenly said so! Satan is working overtime in the Democrat party to set them in power which by GODS GRACE will not and cannot happen!! It must be TRUMP 2020 ALL THE WAY!!
    Thank you for putting the truth out there again!!!

  15. It’s sad that the left is trying to get Joe past the finish line. We all know he could never run this nation except into the ground. Biden needs to retire. It’s also sad that the left has so much hatred for our great President Trump.
    We need him to win….and that’s what God wants also. So we must pray and vote for Good ( Trump and good republicans) locally. So (Joe Biden and the Dem’s) have a platform that is SO Evil and no Christian in their right mind should ever vote for them! Our God Reigns

  16. Who is really running the Democrat for prez. it’s not Joe or Kamala, then who are they? Obama, Hillary,
    and other radicals on the left…Nancy, Chuck…Soros?

  17. Mario, What do think should be done with the Mail-in Votes? Why hasn’t TRUMP done something … long b/f NOW?? Why didn’t he have a special group working on this long before now? He, Trump knew !!!! If anything will kill his re-election, that is it! The Dems know this. Everyone knows this! Why, with him being the President, couldn’t he, still can’t he — put out a Strict “DEADLINE” Policy, for ALL USA to follow… Such as, having strict Deadlines that MUST be met, w/o question. For those who wish to mail in their votes, to have Oct 5th be the deadline date for all VOTES to be in. No ifs, and’s or but’s — they must be in by that date, and not a second later. And finally, they all MUST be processed and fully counted by — Oct 30th, and no later. So everyone knows 3 days in advance, to the now, face-to-face votes. End of Story!! Period!!!

    On Fri, Sep 18, 2020 at 2:07 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “Joe Biden is not a leader. I do not mean > this in any cruel or sarcastic manner. No one with a brain can honestly say > he is a leader. No one with a heart would wish the presidency on him, or > America. Joe Biden is the mascot of the Democrat Party. He is not” >

  18. RBG died in 2019. Fox News aired it, and posted it online, then quickly took it down. I’m sure people must be posting pictures of it by now but I don’t have social media and I never will. If I did, I would be too tempted to sin in my anger over what Democrats (and many Republicans) have been exposed for.

    What we’re seeing are more political games, just like with McCain’s supposed death of glioblastoma and GHW Bush’s death. There is so much more going on behind the scenes than the average person can not only comprehend, but fathom, accept, or process. By the time it’s all over, it’s been said that the public will still only learn about 20-25% of everything that’s been going on. The rest is stuff they can’t handle. I am inclined to agree.

    No one forced RBG to stay when she could have easily retired under Obama’s administration, giving him the opportunity to fill her seat. But she didn’t? Why? Because they never thought Hillary would lose.

    Personally, here’s how I see things. I’m aware of enough that’s going on to help me know how to pray. In these 40 days before the election, I’m devoted to fasting, praying and seeking God’s face. Everything else – e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g – can wait.

  19. True, Mario… Inside information from our most reiiable Source is that Joe and Kamala will not be elected. In fact, Joe will suffer a big health issue days before the election that will knock him out. Because of this, the Democrats will implode and this will throw the election into Chaos. The election will be delayed until they ‘redo their nominees.’ Of course, there will be much protesting and civil unrest. The election will eventually be held, the Supreme Court will be envolved and will have to ratify the subsequent election. The final outcome is not clear as to which Party wins. We have much praying to do. I do not wish bad health on Mr. Biden. This word is ‘as it stands now,’ meaning prayers and intercessions can change things. Love to you and Mechelle…

  20. The Dems aren’t stupid. They manipulated Bernie and Warrens’ exits so Joe could get the nomination. Now, something is going to pull the trigger so they can replace Joe with someone like Michelle O. She’s probably the most popular Dem in America, and it gives Barack a road back to the White House. No time to vet or oppose or investigate her. Very clever maneuver don’t you think?

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