Why do I call this a prophetic update? Because we have just had a major collision with a forgotten prophecy from 8 years ago. More on that in a moment.

First, let me tell you about California. We knew, going in, that California was under a vast demonic spell. Demon power here takes on many disguises. Those who would win souls here must face a new level of deception. Not just the typical grungy occult—but a new and sophisticated devil worship.

Satan’s fans aren’t just in the back alleys or garbed in sinister costumes, practicing the dark arts. They are now the average kid, from a good home—a well-to-do home—and they are dabbling, but not totally committed to the dark forces. For many, it is just playacting, a novel way to rebel against their parents, and to hate God.

Why do they hate God?

They are mixing political wokeness with the occult. They side with the devil because they see him as part of the resistance. To many, Satan is a revolutionary figure.

More and more of them here see a connection between their goals of social justice and hating God. God-hating has taken on a new persona. God is merely lumped in with all of their confused agendas.

The sign she is holding says, “Keep God out of California.” However, it appears that their sign is not working, because God is very much present in California. As a matter of fact, the State that gave us Azusa Street and the Jesus Movement seems to be shaking. Not from an earthquake, but from a truth-quake.

The team in Fresno, CA, led by Frank Saldana, sent me their report that says they “have never seen openness to the Gospel like this. The people on the streets gladly take our cards, and eagerly let us pray for them.” The tent will not go up for 18 days yet, but souls are already being saved in Fresno and bodies are being healed.

How can this be, given the increase in demonic activity? Because Satan has yet again overplayed his hand. The lockdown. The extreme violence, perversion, and the silliness of wannabe Satanists has produced a result that is the opposite of what Satan wanted. People want God. People want prayer.

But why am I calling this a prophetic update? Because in November of 2012, I wrote a newsletter that bewildered our partners. Out of the blue, I introduced a subject that had nothing to do with our activities at the time.

In that newsletter from 8 years ago, the banner read, “Does the road to American Awakening go through Fresno?” To this day, I do not know why I took such a wild departure from what we were doing, to write that article. What is really strange, is that although we have archives with newsletters that go back many years…that one is strangely missing. We can’t find a copy anywhere! Only the cover survived.

Did I come across it by accident, after 8 years? Right after we made the announcement that we would reopen our tent crusades in Fresno? I don’t know about you, but our team is pretty stoked by this.

It explains the favor we are seeing in Fresno. Not just on the streets, but also from pastors, leaders and city officials. It explains why people are already being saved and healed on the streets.

It also explains why people are making a pilgrimage from vast distances to attend this particular crusade. They are flying in from Hawaii, New York, Alabama, Kentucky, and even Canada!

I am holding in my hand, right now, a letter from a precious sister who lives in Minnesota. She says she is living with unbearable pain. She says that doctors have tried everything, but to no avail. So, she is coming. She is braving the torture of a long flight. She is coming, expecting her healing!

Does the road to American Awakening go through Fresno? The assurance that it does, is getting stronger every hour!







Dear reader,
This is a message to those who support Mario Murillo’s message to America.
As you know, the lockdown stopped our tent crusades and we are locked in a battle to restart them in Fresno on October 11th. Our major support came from tent outreaches. Prayerfully, Mario decided he would stop raising outreach money, but still keep his outreach team on full salary.
God gave Mario an idea that is win-win. Take our 3 bestselling books, make them a collection and offer them for just $27.
This collection includes a signed copy of Mario’s latest book Vessels of Fire and GloryCritical Mass the classic on revival—Edgewise a guide to living in the last days. We call it the War Chest Collection.
When you get the War Chest Collection you not only get three amazing books—books that can change your life—you are keeping Mario’s voice strong, and you are keeping us ready to invade.  Order your War Chest Collection now.   

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  1. May our Heavenly Father be praised and glorified! He is working for our good……no matter what the outcome in November. His plans will prevail and his (spiritual) church will be humbled and awe struck in his righteousness, holiness, magnificence and, most of all, his sovereignty. Blessed be the name of the Lord.

  2. We are seeing many people get born again. Not people praying a “sinners prayer” which not biblical, but people are truly getting born-again, as in Acts 2:38. People are repenting, they are getting water baptized and they are being baptized in the Holy Spirit! They are being healed, delivered and set free. We are living in exciting times!

  3. Hallelujah!
    In advance the road was laid, through your words the road was paved, Angels working behind the scene, to gather together in the extreme, may the Covering of GOD’S SPIRIT rule this time, when in Fresno, GOD’S Presence will shine! Healings, Salvations and Deliverances coming to pass as the ground has been prepared through the fast. Isaiah 58:6-12

    1. I believe with all my heart that God is about to shake America loose from the demonic activity that’s going on in our churches and communities.

  4. G-D knows the best route to take. It is the Holy One who is leading, not men. As G-D moves there will be more and more rise up like Mario and Sean Feucht. Pastors may not be those leading. And leaders will be people from all walks. We need those who minister by being college professors, journalists and Hollywood producers.

    The left understands this and has their people there controlling the culture. We can reach more via the culture than via the church.

  5. Thank u …. my daughter & her family live in Fresno & I will be there that week…..so blessed to see this move of the Holy Spirit … see you there !!!!
    Linda Winterroth

    Sent from my iPhone

  6. Your photo has context issues, like it has been photo shopped. The bus behind the girl appears to be from a German speaking location. While I appreciate your message, this is damaging to credibility without clarification of where the photo was taken. It looks like what is commonly seen during fasching in Germany which is an entire debacle of evil.

    Sent from my iPhone


  7. Mario, I hope you are sitting down on this here comment I am, with chill bumps that come when Holy Spirit is in the game. I read about your upcoming tent crusade that you were planning to have in Fresno via your past postings. As I was reading the details I was reminded that I was given an assignment as an intercessor to pray over what I recorded in my prayer book as the “Central Valley Area” some years ago. Being in law-inforcement, I learned to keep very good records on my assignments given to me by HS, bingo I found my prayer book with my past assignments; there it was “Central Valley” FEB. 17, 2008 (Sun). I covered the area from Fresno To Modesto, gangs were my main target including Northenos and Surenos plus many other gang names like the bulldogs, stockton also included ( Loc Town Crips/Cambodians etc) THis was the first time Holy Spirit introduced me to Micah 2:13 (The Breaker Anointing.) Mario just an overview to what I was assigned to do to let you know this is real and I do not play. Met you many years ago via.TBN as a new born. I have a Jeremiah Mantel plus other goodies. Keep up the good work you are doing. My friends call Me Sniper for the Guv.

  8. I got this word in 2016 in a dream. I wrote it in my journal.
    Screenshot 2020-09-23 at 9.41.29 AM.png
    I have been praying for this ever since and so has my pastor. 💜

  9. This is extremely exciting news, Pastor Mario, and I will be praying for all of you. Plus, I’m praying for those involved in the prayer marches in Washington D.C. this weekend. We need to be praying for everyone’s safety.

  10. Well, if it breaks out you’ll need christian media to help it spread. It will really have to be an awakening to get tbn’s cameras there.

    1. at some point what Mario and Sean Feucht are doing will reach critical mass. At that point this movement will have its own life beyond what men do.

  11. My husband and I live in Florida, but our son is at CalPoly in San Luis Obispo, CA, (just 2 hours from Fresno). He is one of those young people who was raised in a loving Christian home but is now dappling in the occult and turned his back on God because he wants to live the way he wants to live. We are loving him and praying for him. (his name is Benjamin). He is adopted, a product of a date rape, but his birth mother hid from her family so they wouldn’t make her get an abortion. Through a series of miracles we were extremely blessed to become his parents when he was born. God has a calling on his life, and we believe, with all our hearts, that he will return to the Lord, like the prodigal son. Now our hearts are on fire to see this whole generation delivered and awakened. And that Ben’s entire school will be saved. I am prayerfully excited to hear what the Lord does in Fresno and ALL of California and America!

  12. I wept when I read this post because I have been praying so much for California for “as California goes so goes America” and praying so much for President Trump for “as America goes so goes the world” God bless you and your ministry! God bless your tent crusade! God bless California! God bless America!

  13. Dear Mario, The new mayor of Fresno, taking office in 2021 is a born again Christian. Jerry Dyer, (google him!!!) was police chief for 20+ years and is greatly loved and respected in Fresno. If you have not already contacted him, it would be great if you could get his support. The police department respects him GREATLY. He turned Fresno around from a crime infested, dark place, to a well run city with a state-of-the art police training facility that draws trainees from many other counties and other states for our outstanding police training.  Chief/Mayor Dyer is also a supporter of the Fresno Police Chaplains Association, of which I am a member. The Director is Rodney Lowrey. The Chaplain’s chaplain is Duane Ireland . The office number is 559-621-2120. If they knew more about your mission, I think you could get a good deal of support from them. (although they gave paid little attention to me and my requests) They are currently ignorant of your calling and mantle. Perhaps you could change that. (I have followed your ministry since you were preaching in San Jose, CA) I hope this information will help you in all your endeavors to allow Christ to transform Fresno and surrounding communities. I also have a request/inquiry for you……..  I am unable to find anything in the Bible about spousal abuse/domestic violence. It is a huge problem in our city and even in the church. Pastors never speak about it and women are crushed, shamed and intimidated. There is no where to turn for a woman trapped in the cycle of physical and emotional abuse. I am such a victim, and have hit nothing but walls in trying to reach my husband, (who professes Christ). I am just told to go to a women’s shelter and that would only infuriate him, and they are not pleasant places (nor Christian) in any sense of the word!! (I take many women there in the course of my duty as a police chaplain. Even the food is rancid! It is shameful!  I am in my 70s and have special needs that shelters cannot provide. I have prayed for 9 years for God to help, but I am being crushed emotionally. God must have a better plan for women like me that what is currently out there. Pastors don’t address it or know how to help, and so many women need a miracle in their home just to survive. Can you please find some way to address this nightmare and give some spiritual guidance to the church? Sincerely,  Jennifer Garcia Adams    559-960-5860

  14. Brother Mario,
    The Love & Power of God will be so evident that all who need ministering to, will be powerfully
    healed and delivered by an overwhelming presence of the Holy Spirit. I am believing & agreeing
    with you that a mighty awakening and Spirit of Repentance will be coming and in fact is already
    beginning in Fresno and beyond!

  15. Great insight about demon power in a different way. Young people Mixing political wokeness with the occult. I never would have thought. Mat God bless the upcoming revival in Fresno!
    We will be praying from here in Mississippi.

  16. God bless you Mario ,I am so excited for you and I can’t wait to hear the testimonies! so many will be saved and healed and delivered from addictions. It will be awesome I pray many Pastors will come and will get a fresh anointing and everyone will get baptized in the Holy Spirit!! I am excited about what God is gonna do in the next few months and beyond that! I wish I could be there but it’s too faraway for me to come. But I’m praying and watching!Keep up the good work! God bless!!

  17. Everybody be sure to catch Sunday Night Church with Mario and Robby Dawkins. Sunday nights at 6pm Eastern. Do a search on Youtube for Sunday Night Church and it comes right up if you want to review past messages. Very powerful and always contains updates on the upcoming Fresno event.

  18. Apparently they read the Bible for they do believe there is a devil. Have they not read the part that talks about his judgment and eternal end? Save yourself from this perverse generation. Acts 2:38-40

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