One thought on “Keep God out of California

  1. Satan has blinded our youth but God is going to take off the blinders we need to pray for the next generation because so many of them have been deceived through our school system i remember sitting in a sociology class two years ago and the professor was telling us that white people were better off because of the color of their skin. She was also trying to tell us that we should be ashamed because of the benefits that we have gotten over the years and this was at a junior college in the silicon valley. i have witnessed the absents and disrespect for our God and that education is everything, i have even been told not to say things about the bible because it would afend some students, i have even had a professor who claimed to be a Christian admit the she voted for Hilary Clinton and i could not understand that because we serve the God of life not the God of death. As for all i know i was the only one that vote against abortion in this college. I believe that God is preforming a rescue mission on the united states but the true believers must pray if we don’t want to lose a whole generation to evil and corrupt people who think that every thing is alright. Prayer is a might weapon that God gave us and we need to use it.

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