I will hammer away at church hypocrisy as much as I can until election day. In this updated post I go after the root cause of the moral delusion that allows Christians to believe they can vote for Biden…and worse, that they don’t need to vote for Trump.

We had a pandemic that should have ignited reverence and repentance in Christians. But it didn’t. The big reason is modern preaching. That widespread moral confusion spills over into Christian sentiment about Biden.

Here is my question: How can they call themselves Christians and do such an anti-Christian act as voting for Biden? The answer is simple: modern preaching. Modern preaching has produced the most Biblically illiterate generation of church-goers ever.

Because of modern preaching, Christians don’t know what they believe beyond their false vision of a loving, tolerant and generous God who caters to their every whim. A God to overlook their carnal lifestyle.

Because of modern preaching a moral choice is not as important as ‘feeling loved.’

Because of modern preaching, many who call themselves Christians cannot handle persecution. And this is a critical point. Why? Because the platform that Biden is running on is hatred for Trump. And the hatred of Trump coming from the media and Hollywood makes it uncomfortable for an ambivalent believer to take a stand. They want to be accepted…the same motivation that drives their celebrity pastor. Acceptance!

Certain Christians want him because he is not Trump. But this is not a conviction but a concession like the concessions Christians have made in other areas of morality. Again because of modern preaching.

It is true that Biden is not Trump thank God, but believers need to be clear about what their vote for Biden will do to the world and what it says about them. I beg you to open your heart and mind to facts.

Again, these are facts not opinions:

There’s undeniable evidence of cognitive decline in Joe Biden. He often looks confused, the man can’t finish a sentence. He has the rude angry outbursts that accompany this form of decline.  He continued to give unwanted attention to females long after being warned. It’s almost as if he forgot to stop.

Back to the issue of cognitive decline. Below are his actual words as he addressed the coronavirus. Teleprompter and all.

He has embraced the full compliment of socialist evil embedded in the Democrat platform. He wants Beto O’Rourke to take away our guns. He wants to reinstate laws that oppress Christian bakers and businesses. Not opinion. Things he has just said. He is so desperate to become President that he has vowed to veer left and rally those who support the agendas of Planned Parenthood, the LGBTQ activists, and socialism. He has even made a deal with the other devil, Bernie Sanders.

China lied about Covid 19. That was a devastating attack on the United States. Joe Biden has made a career of giving in to the Chinese government. He even sided with them after the pandemic started accusing Trump of racism for stopping flights from China. Attacks from China are only beginning. That of itself makes Biden a disaster and the absolute worst choice.

Joe Biden is the consort of Barack Obama, who has consistently been the most hostile President in history toward the Bible. How can you call yourself a Christian and vote for Joe Biden? He is too weak to resist Obama’s war on the church. He will serve at the behest of the worst enemies of both the church and the nation. He will go after every value Christianity stands for.

It is clear what Joe Biden will do—his every move will be anti-Christian—so how can you believe you are innocent and not do everything in your power to stop him?  The only way to stop Biden is to vote for Trump. No one else, no matter how saintly you esteem them to be, has any chance of winning. And if Trump loses, America will belong to the enemies of God.

This pandemic has shut down the American economy. How can you call yourself a Christian and vote to elect a cure that is worse than the disease? Should the economy be in the hands of Biden?

Many liberal governors will do all they can to keep churches shut down long after the virus has subsided. How can you call yourself a Christian and allow an enemy of the church and an ally to these governors to put the finishing touches on an already dangerous situation?

Come on—ask yourself, do you seriously believe Biden will be able to rebuild America after all the damage this pandemic has done?  Trump alone possesses the skill and the will to bring us back from disaster. China fears Donald Trump but their mouth waters at the thought of a Biden presidency and a Democrat-run Congress.


This corona virus is the warning shot across the bow to a nation that has filled up the cup of iniquity with the wrath of God. So far, many in the church are still drowsy, indifferent and ignorant of the two most important facts that exist in this hour.

1. America must repent or be diminished. We have shoved God away. It grieves God that lost souls go after depravity, but it also grieves God that so-called Christians still don’t get the urgency of this hour and the utter necessity of radical repentance.

2. We must appreciate that Donald Trump is an act of mercy. He is a rough and tumble deliverer. Certainly, many have wished for a smoother, less combative President. The fact is that America, in her sin, has made it necessary for God to use strong medicine. We must appreciate that Trump was sent by God or suffer unspeakable consequences.

“If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?” (Ps. 11:3)

The foundations are being destroyed, and it is clear who the destroyers are…so how can you call yourself a Christian and vote for Biden?

P.S. A Special message to those who support Mario Murillo’s message to America

Why do we offer you books? It is certainly not to blunt the impact of the message you just read. In fact, these books reinforce the message we are trying to spread. More on that in a moment.  So, why do we offer them to you?
When the pandemic closed our tent crusades, church meetings and rallies, the Holy Spirit commanded Mario to keep our staff on at full salary, and trust Him. He obeyed and God has provided. But another thing the Holy Spirit grants are wise ideas. And we needed one. That is when the War Chest Collection was born.
If you look at the page you will see no advertising. And there never will be. And if you get our newsletter you will see that we have stopped raising money for projects we can’t do right now. But even that was not good enough for us.
In this pandemic we needed something that was truly a win-win situation. We prayed for something that would help the people, and us, that was not a garish fund raiser.
Then, we remembered how John Wesley taught his young preachers to always bring books with them that would help the people. Why not then, at a time when people have time to read, offer them something that will empower them and at the same time keep us strong and ready to go as soon as the door reopens?  
We are amazed at the impact of Vessels of Fire and Glory. That book is not just blessing people—it has started a movement! Critical Mass remains required reading in many Christian schools and has never stopped influencing people who pray for revival. Edgewise offers wisdom for living in the last days. Together they provide you with solid, hard-hitting and encouraging truth. Not a bad thing just now.
The War Chest Collection has handed the enemy a double defeat by empowering God’s people and keeping us strong and ready.
Thank you for listening and get your War Chest Collection today. Turn your summer read into equipping, encouragement, and fire! We are all going to come out of this mightier than ever!   -Mario Murillo Ministries

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  1. From an outsider looking in: America is in a mess and many Americans are in denial. Not only America, but also the rest of the world needs Americans to Wake Up, take off the ‘Party’ voting blinders, and look at the real history and causes of America’s decline. People, if you don’t vote on the issues, if you won’t recognize that hard times need a strong man, and if you really want to vote for all the godless principles of the current Democratic party, you will be responsible for even more innocent bloodshed and even more sliding into anarchy. Heaven help you – go google ‘Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God’ and read that memorable sermon by Jonathan Edwards. God is real, and He will not be mocked.

    1. I stand with you in your mandate to inform Christian worldwide. sometimes people cannot see the Forest for the Trees. I live in South Africa and God has put the burden of prayer for America on me at this time. so how can we have access to these resources. i am not sure that we can even get delivery from overseas.

      1. We internationals can get delivery – I have a copy of ‘Vessels Of Fire And Glory’ purchased from Sid Roth’s website in Jan/Feb this year. It is one of the most brilliant books I’ve ever read. Mario is a true and powerful warrior for the Lord. We need to stand with America in its fight against Marxism – God founded this nation on Biblical principles and favored it mightily. Now it is down on its knees and fighting for its life – thanks to recent past administrations. Christians worldwide must stand in prayer with the US: this one of the greatest end times battles of them all. Bless you, Jennifer!

    2. Mario …100% in agreement

      The church leaders have brought in the apostate counterfeit gospel which the Apostle Paul say is no gospel at All. We have too many Leaders with good intentions, good people with a heart to serve our Lord….but they have self anointed themselves as Pastors leaders bishops apostles and James instructs us in James 3:1 Not many of you should be teachers, they deceive the sheep and teach doctrine which is completely against the truth. We all need to know what Gods word says…..not from someone on TV , most of those guys care only about money and not the truth. I pray that they get on their knees and repent.Many of these woke pastors need to go back to seminary and take a course of hermeneutics and quit taking scripture completely out of context. No wonder their churches don’t know Gods will. They have taught that the church will be good and blessed contrary to the life the apostles lived and the early church. We are blessed spiritually when we know his Word. We ARE going to go through trials and tests……to prove that God Is first in our lives. However we are all responsible ourselves to know the Spirt of Truth. We must worship God that way and must choose what is right over. The Holy Spirt will teach … don’t need a woke leader.

      1 John 2:27 NASB
      [27] As for you, the anointing which you received from Him abides in you, and you have no need for anyone to teach you; but as His anointing teaches you about all things, and is true and is not a lie, and just as it has taught you, you abide in Him.

      A lawless party of Democrats who hate Trump because he stands up for biblical principles. It is time to vote. You cannot and should not vote for thugs, rioters, lawlessness, baby killers, and a socialist country. Leave the personality out of it and vote for what is right. Black white Hispanic, Asian….Americans Trump will do more for you And has the knowhow to make America great again… is our job to make America Godly again.

    3. To that I give a hearty AMEN. The church had better wake-up to the plight of this country. I am fully in agreement with Mario Murillo.

      1. Thank you for sharing this. ‘Socialism’ is just Communism in disguise – I’ve seen that first hand here in NZ, but what you share makes it absolutely plain. This Marxist statement could be the manifesto of where the Left is leading the USA right now. Get your heads out of the sand, US voters!

  2. Perfectly said Mario!! stand Strong and keep the truth before us day and night!!
    God Bless you, keep you and give you new strength for the day ahead, every morning! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🤗🤗🤗

  3. Dear pastor Mario, when I read your emails I can feel the pain you’re going through to save your people, The nation as whole. And I can feel the heart of God. Im living in UK. But God gave me discernment to understand what’s happening in America and He pud burden in my heart to pray for you, for your presidential election. Im praying 🙏every day. All true believers have discernment to understand that Donald Trump is God’s tool, and will support him. We need to pray God will open the eyes of American 🇺🇸 Christians so their spiritual blindness will be heal before the election. Demonic powers had cast dark shadows upon many believes and they are confused.God bless you and your work that have tremendous impact on whole America. We love you and hold you in our prayers.

  4. My FB Post: over this blog post…

    You cannot remain a Christian and be complicit in the shedding of innocent blood, an abomination per Proverbs 6:16-19, by voting for an abortion supporter. Period.

    You don’t have to love the candidate, but consider their walks of life the last three years, and consider their platforms.

    And, above all forgive past behavior, which is likely under the blood of Jesus, and consider their current track record.

    TRUMP has done more to attack human trafficking, recover stolen children, and preserve the life of the innocent than the last four presidents combined.

  5. Hi Mario,

    I know two more reasons some Christians vote for Biden: ethnic loyalty (black or Hispanic) and public employee union indoctrination. Public employee union people don’t say it outright but it’s in their economic self interest to vote Democrat. I know of 4 such people in my small meeting group. Talking to them is futile as their blinders are firmly in place.

    Sent from my iPhone


  6. It is a shame that a President has to do what Pastors refuse to do. Protecting and leading others to respect God’s holiness.

  7. Mario, I really appreciate your passion and I am glad to have found a Christian Minister who is addressing the condition of many churches, I read everyone of your posts. This election is far bigger than who actually gets elected, hopefully Trump, but if not, God has another plan. The swamp will be drained and the evil choke-hold grip of America will be exposed and swiftly dealt with. On the otherhand, Biden will be replaced before the election, most likely by Michele Obama, she will unite the criminal elements and stupid people of America and that along with the overwhelming voter fraud the Democrats are planning, that could certainly give Evil a win, but not for long. Evil will never again have control of America or planet Earth. What you are witnessing throughout the world is the residual Evil within human minds taking its final breath. This is not just another four year election. It will be the greatest awakening of all time since Jesus revealed the Love of the Father and the fact that He is our brother and God is our Father.

  8. Hi Mario,
    After many years of walking with the Lord, I can objectively look back at how many times I have been tested with whether I would choose to please man (including my personal sentiments) or please God. Choosing the later can at times be a lonely place. I look at Jesus and how alone He was in many of the decisions He made. He only pleased His Father and in fact subjected Himself to no man because He knew what was in them. Living such a life is not that appealing to the human ego. Because of a diluted, more popular, gospel coming from compromised pulpits, too many in the Church know little about what Jesus indicated when He said we must lose our lives (souls) in order to gain eternal life. Churches in America are largely made up of people who have been conditioned to believe that serving (pleasing) the “system” is the same as serving God. Those who refuse to turn from honoring withering flesh are turn over by God, becoming eunuch-slaves to it.

  9. Thank you for standing Mario; thank you for your courage, and your love of God, and loving others enough to tell them the Truth. May you be strengthened with Might and encouraged, refreshed and uplifted!

    “All who CONQUER shall have God’s heritage, and I will be your God and you my son. But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the polluted, as for murderers, fornicators, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, their lot shall be the lake that burns with fire and sulphur, which is the second death” (Revelation 21:7-8).

    We are thankful for a President who is under the Blood of Jesus, pastors have reported that he is born again and needs all our prayers as he learns, grows, and matures in Christ. And we are thankful that God has chosen a very strong personality who is be able to stand up to dark, evil power, and protect life of the most vulnerable, and protect the constitutional republic under God, and its God-given rights, freedoms, and liberty. So we put on the whole armor of God and stand strong and praying for God’s Will to be done on earth as it is in heaven.

  10. President Trump will win this election by a landslide. The democrats, once again, will not accept the results and the demonic forces behind them will be stirred like we’ve not seen before. Like a swarm of wasps whose nest has been smashed. Prepare yourself for battle my fellow warriors. Put on you armor and get into the word of God 🙏🙏🙏

    1. I am praying for a miracle. Something that no man could bring about.

      Basically Trump winning by at least 70% and the Republicans having a super majority in both houses of Congress. But even more than that. I am praying for a real miracle where we see a spiritual revolution, led by G-D and not men, where G-D moves throughout our nation and brings people (especially the left) to him.

  11. I completely agree! I live in California and am constantly frustrated and amazed that people don’t see what is happening! They look at an obvious situation and instantly declare the exact opposite to be true! The only explanation I can come up with to account for such bizarre behavior is mass spiritual deception. The demons are working overtime to deceive the deceivable and there are many. People I’ve long considered smart and esteemable fall prey to the deceiver! So I pray for the scales to fall off, for the ears to unstop, for hearts to soften, for truth to be revealed, for the darkness to be dispersed! And often, even if they kind of get it, they don’t understand the urgency of the hour!😐 But the word “remnant” often pops into my mind!
    Father, May Your remnant come together and rise up! Hear our prayers, Father, and save our country, for the sake of Your beloved! In Jesus mighty Name!🙌

  12. We have four groups of “Christians”. The orthodox (Catholic, Eastern/Greek orthodox, Lutheran, Episcopalian), Protestant (mainstream and fundamentalist) and evangelicals. Among the Protestants, the mainstream stopped preaching the gospel decades ago and too many fundamentalists are caught up in thinking that this is the end of age and no use trying (which is why many of them are anti Trump). Only the evangelicals tend to be preaching the word and tend to vote for Trump.

  13. I too am disheartened at what I see happening to, and in, California. But I truly believe that Pastor Mario’s tent meetings in Fresno are going to be the shock treatment that California needs to wake this state up, get it out of the Enemy’s hands, and turn it around. However, I am wondering if we might have an earthquake in the natural realm afterwards. We will see. Something has got to jolt people awake before California, and America, collapse.

    I can also second the grief we feel when when we are trying to talk sense into those who should know better than to vote for Biden, but are determined to do so. People who are intelligent, Christian, and normally very good people. What is in their minds? How can they fall prey to the Enemy’s lies in this manner? How can they not see all that Trump is doing? And how inept, empty, failing, and devoid of a moral compass Biden is and how cold-hearted and conniving Kamala is? How can any thinking person vote for those two?

    If the worst happens, and Biden/Kamala win, they will not stop the riots. They won’t be able to, even if they come to the place that they want to try. Biden won’t know what hit him, he will be overwhelmed with what he has gotten into and will most likely have an emotional collapse. Kamala will be in over her head and incapable of any kind of plan. She will be controlled by those waiting in the wings to pull the strings on those two puppets from the background.

    And yet..we have Christians who will vote for these two…smh

  14. Point 1 at end of of Mario’s article speaks of repentance… I want to pass along the word that there is a great prayer gathering in Washington DC beginning Friday evening September 25th from 6 to 9pm, and then on Saturday the 26th from 9 to 5 pm eastern time. It will be simulcast. And I believe Daystar will carry it on Saturday. Check out the networks to be sure. Also, Franklin Graham will be having a prayer gathering there on Saturday. I feel this is a most vital opportunity for all of us to join in and pray and repent for the the Church and our Country. Just go to –

  15. ​Tomorrow Christians all around the world will either be in Washington DC at the National Mall as part of repentance and prayer gathering called for by Jonathan Cahn, “
    Also Franklin Graham has called for a prayer walk from the Lincoln Memorial to the Capitol grounds from 12-2 p.m. stopping at 5 different locations to focus prayer.
    Fortunately we have pastors like John MacArthur, Jack Hibbs, Rob McCoy, Brandon Holthaus and J.D. Farag among a few others who have been warning their congregants of what’s been going on for years and standing up for the true Gospel. I’m sure you’ve seen how L.A. County officials have been attacking John and he stands firm. We also know that God is still Sovereign and He is separating the wheat from the tares in His church…so as Joshua wrote centuries ago, “choose this day whom you shall serve. As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!”
    I’m glad you continue being a clarion to the Church.


  16. Include Catholics in your “Christian” dialog, because although there are beliefs within the Catholic Church I do not agree with, who am I to say whether they are saved or not. This video is from a Catholic perspective, and should be seen by all Catholics at this time.



  17. I’m wondering Mario (not accusing) How you advised or would have advised Christians who
    voted for Romney in the 2012 Presidential election. Franklin Graham endorsed him to the point
    of removing Mormonism off his dad’s website as a cult. Also Alan Keyes wrote an article & I
    researched it,on how Romney, when Governor of Massachusetts, made civil servants issue
    marriage licenses to gay couples before the state legislature even voted as whether or not
    not heterosexual marriage only, was unconstitutional. Romney also opened pandora’s box
    on making Abortion more affordable to the poor as a part of Romney care, a micro of
    Obamacare. Lastly, Romney wrote an article in the Wall Street Journal in an op. ed.,
    castigating the boy scouts for not allowing gays to be admitted to their organization. Later
    the Boy Scouts did accept them. I found that very few Christians were aware of these
    things. I don’t think I’ve ever seen or heard Franklin Graham repent of these things. May-
    be at the event in DC that begins today, He could repent of his compromise over this
    issue. He could lead the charge in being an example of what he & other leaders want
    the rest of us to do! By the way, I’m voting for Trump!

    1. Let’s see, he was running against who? Oh yeah, a radical non-citizen islamist sleeper agent, and Romney was the lesser of two evils.

      But, I have to wonder if the church had been more active during the convention if Romney would have been the pick?

      We were given all authority, delegated to us by Jesus, and as a group the church has failed miserably at accepting, much less walking in that responsibility.

      After all politics is too dirty, wicked and evil to get involved in… Right? And, look where it’s got us.

      The choice is so much clearer now, though…

  18. Amen O Biden would be a a disaster for our nation, and shame on any Christian that is so uninformed to vote for such an evil man. Their platform is anti God and baby killing and so much more evil. President Trump is our Godsend….He must be re-elected. God put him in office and he has been great has been for our nation and the world.

  19. About the apostate church and preachers: much of the blame for this is at the feet of the Money Cartel; names like Rockefeller, Schiff, Warburg, and Rhodes, among many others. They enticed organized religion with their money, got them hooked, then started dictating to organized religion to ” go soft “. This includes but is not limited to getting religious leadership to say that Yeshua HaMashiach, the Hebrew name for Jesus Christ, is not the only way to heaven. Then getting organized religion to say that abortion is OK, same gender marriage is OK. No more preaching against cohabitation. No more preaching that lust is adultery and hate is murder. There must be a purging out of such apostate religious leaders and apostate churches and seminaries. We as real Christians must repent for this. It does not stop here: The Whole Counsel of God must be preached and the above stuff is just the start. The Whole Counsel of God also includes looking at all the Ten Commandments, including the 4th one. We must keep the Sabbath ( Shabbat ), which is the 7th day, not the 1st. There is not one place in scripture which says keep the 1st day, it says keep the 7th and keep it holy, it is a covenant forever. We must also keep the Feasts of Yehova listed in Leviticus Chapter 23. Passover, Feast of Unleavened Bread ( leaven signifies sin ), First Fruits, Shavuot ( known to many as Pentecost ), Yom Teruah, Yom Kippur ( Day of Atonement ), then Feast of Sukkot ( Tabernacles ). We must have the two books of Maccabbees put back in our Old Testament in order to commemorate the ancient fight for religious freedom in about 165 BC led by the Maccabbees against Antiochus Epiphanes, who tried to wipe out allegiance to Yehova, the One True God. This celebration is called Hannukka. We must get back to the Biblical Calendar with the year starting in the spring when the barley comes in, that is Aviv. Our months must correspond to lunar cycles. Just look at the words ” month ” and ” moon “. Notice the similarity? Not a coincidence, being as there is no such word in Hebrew. In a word, ” God is good and a month is a moonth “. In Greek, ” Sabato ” describes the seventh day, and Spanish picked that one right up, ” El Sabado “. Coincidence ? Hardly. We must also celebrate the new moons by blowing the shofar as it says in Psalm 81:3. We either believe the whole Bible or don’t believe any of it at all. Yehova is either Lord of all or He is not Lord at all, the second part is a quote from Pastor John Hagee of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, TX. We as The Church must repent of all the above stuff, and no doubt many other issues if there is to be any hope of true revival. And, yes, the Church must go political and fly right into the face of the 501-3-C put in by another wicked politician, Lyndon Baines Johnson when he was U.S. Senator in the mid fifties. We must preach against every politician who votes for abortion and LGBT among other forms of wickedness. We must advocate that such politicians be tried for mass murder in Military Courts of Law under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, prosecuted, convicted, and put to death. This appears to me to be the only way to even begin to atone for the blood of some sixty million preborn children which pollutes the land. Personally to you Mario Murillo, thank you for your service to God, and all the sacrifices that have been required to answer God’s call especially there in California, which by the way my old stomping grounds. Pomona and Escondido, mostly, but also about a year in San Rafael, near your old stomping grounds. Just think of this: San Rafael is said to be the angel of healing. And as it says in II Chronicles 7:14, repentance for all the above mentioned stuff and many other issues by each of us as individuals, as churches, and as a nation is the requirement which God lays down for us as individuals, churches, and our nation to be healed. Baruch Atah.

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