1. Will Biden show up? His campaign knows what a weak candidate he is, so they have practiced avoidance—by hiding him in his basement—and refusing to let him say anything with substance. Even so, Biden has been a gaffe-machine; he recently accused Trump of killing “200 million Americans;” said that guns “have killed 150 million;” and that he (Biden) “got to the Senate 180 years ago.”

Yesterday, Kamala Harris blasted Trump for rushing to fill the now vacant Supreme Court seat. Then, she refused to answer any questions. That too, is their strategy.

Democrat handlers are relying on one thing: Leftist hatred of Trump. Their plan is to run out the clock, play in a manner so as not to lose, and keep their candidates from actually campaigning or saying anything. That is why it is possible for a last-minute no-show by Biden. It is quite possible that they see only a downside to a debate and will be desperate enough to invent another China Virus excuse in order to keep Joe in the basement. Democrats are not above the most absurd shenanigans in situations like this.

2.How will they feed Joe his answers and coach him during the debate? Technology offers some fancy gizmos for Biden. I have no idea how they will do it. No doubt consulting with Las Vegas magicians and mentalists. However, this tactic has a great chance of backfiring, since it is very obvious when Joe is mouthing words from his handlers. Still, you can bet that the same party that fed Hillary the questions from Donna Brazile ahead of the debate in 2016, can find some kind of feeding tube for  Biden.

This just in: Debra Heine  Writing for American Greatness today confirmed. The Biden campaign is refusing President Trump’s reasonable request to allow a third party to inspect the ears of the candidates for electronic devices or transmitters ahead of the first presidential debate Tuesday night, according to Fox News. 

In addition to refusing to have Biden’s ears inspected, his campaign has also declined Trump’s demand that the candidates take a drug test prior to the Fox News debate. The showdown begins at 9 p.m. ET Tuesday and will be moderated by “Fox News Sunday” anchor Chris Wallace.


3. Will Chris Wallace show his bias against Trump? The choice of Chris Wallace is a stroke of genius by Democrats. If they had chosen a talking head from CNN, MSNBC, or any of the legacy networks, millions would cry foul. But to find a guy from FOX News who doesn’t like Trump, is a coup. So, don’t be surprised if Wallace starts debating Trump and downplaying Biden’s fumbles.

4. Is Biden faking his mental lapses to lower expectations? Think of the movie Rocky 2. Rocky’s manager Mickey Goldmill ordered Rocky to begin his rematch with Apollo Creed by fighting right-handed. Then at the right moment he was to switch back and fight left-handed, and catch his opponent flat-footed.

Trump would do well to disregard everything he has seen from Biden recently—even the Democrat presidential debates. Trump must be ready to face a pit-bull, even if it turns out to be an aged porch-hound. I remember when, back in the day, Biden debated Paul Ryan in the Vice-Presidential debates. Biden destroyed Ryan. It wasn’t even close. I hope Trump’s people have reviewed the video of that debate, with due diligence.  Then again, Trump would have been a lot different than Paul Ryan even when Joe was in his prime.

The bottom line is this: If Biden even shows up, if Biden fumbles his ear-piece, if Chris Wallace is even marginally objective, if ‘Sleepy Joe’ Biden shows up, this election could very well be decided tonight.










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  1. Most likely Biden has been coached to not answer any questions but to merely attack Trump.

    Pray that G-D will allow Biden to be shown as not competent. We need miracles

  2. Only GOD can help us – and He IS, and HAS BEEN! My comfort is from Ps 2 – “He sits in the heavens and LAUGHS!” So, if God is laughing, I am not going to worry! Prayers for all participants, that any chicanery is exposed on live, national TV, and that Trump speaks GOD’S words. And that someone will FINALLY get Biden the help he needs [his family and “handlers” all need to be brought up on charges on “elder abuse”…..Prayers for tonight’s debate on-going!

  3. Thanks Mario, Praying for the Hand of God to lead and guide tonight for the sake of our nation and for President Trump to excel during the debate tonight.!!

  4. Hi Mario, Thanks for all the great work you’re doing! We know that our battle is not with flesh and blood. Therefore, I’m requesting that we pray for these two things regarding the presidential debate tonight: – Pray that President Trump would speak the truth boldly, empowered by the Holy Spirit. – Pray that Almighty God would restrain the demonic forces that are empowering the left; that their opposition to Godliness would be completely lack the power that they have been relying upon. Thank you and God bless you! Mike AmatoBedford, PA

  5. Pastor Mario thank you for all your Wisdom and real journalism. Much appreciated. I got your book offer and am sending Holy Hugs to you, your family and staff. Thank you for all that you do! Thank you for being part of SFC too. Faithfully, Robin

  6. Just as surely as the LORD God Almighty confounded those in Nimrod’s godless camp, we ask the LORD to confound the communication of the godless democrat leadership & their spokesman, in Jesus’ Name, amen.
    Thank You, LORD.
    We also ask for the Holy Spirit’s self-control & humility for President Trump as the “debates” continue.
    Thank You, LORD.
    Also for President Trump, we ask for the Spirit of Truth to prevail at these debates, and godly wisdom that none can gainsay.
    In Jesus’ Name, we pray and we thank You!

  7. I have been tossing all kinds of scenarios in my head all day. I have always questioned whether Biden would show up, but short of a car wreck or God forbid an assassination attempt (think a set up by the LEFT like the Jesse Smollett debacle), it looks like he may very well be there. OR they could be setting up Biden to completely be demoralized as to set the stage for a last minute switcheroo and run the real candidate (like Michelle Obama) I do know this, the powers that be are using Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as pawns (even though she believes that she will ultimately be President). The left has multiple gamed out scenarios to attack with so I’m praying for confusion in the camp of the enemy since their plans are so diabolical that only God can deliver the checkmate. Praise is a powerful weapon!

  8. Hm, I had not thought of that possibility at all, that they could be coaching Biden to pretend to be a bungling idiot in order to throw Trump and Republicans off. It is scary to think that they could be that devious, but let’s face it-they’re capable of that and a whole lot more.

    I need to go back and watch that Biden/Ryan debate again because I don’t remember it that way. All I remember is Paul Ryan disappointing us by not performing well at all, and Biden being his usual goofy self, sitting there laughing through the entire thing. it was after that that I first saw him being referred to as the Village Idiot, and I thought it fit.

    Yes, it did occur to me that they might have a mole in the Republican camp that stole the questions and has already shown them to Biden. Yes, Chris Wallace will probably let his bias slip through to some degree.

    Some people think Biden will not show but will say at the last minute that he’s been exposed to Covid and is being quarantined.

    The plot thickens..

  9. I spoke with some of my prayer partners Mario. They all felt Biden was going to wear a sophisticated hearing device. Also, from what I could look up on a party replacing a candidate at the last minute to run, only ONE reason was given, the presumptive candidate must be deceased. At that point the party can give their delegates to ANYONE they choose to run. Supreme court ruling just in the last couple of years. Pray for the protection of the lives of Biden/Harris.

  10. Armor up. The fight has commenced.

    Put on the full armor of God, so that you will be able to stand firm against the schemes of the devil. Ephesians 6:11

    The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. James 5:16

    A horse is prepared for the day of battle, but victory is of the LORD. Prov 21:31

  11. I watched both VP debates with Biden in ’08 and ’12, and Biden in his prime was a full-on attack dog who’s default position was to lie, keep on lying, and lay it on non-stop. I think Trump is fully aware of those facts, and will not depend on Joe immolating himself. Trump absolutely must take him seriously as a heart attack, and I believe he’s too smart not to do so.

  12. It wouldn’t surprise me if Trump says ‘that’s it,’ as far any more debates are concerned. I think the Democratic ticket is headed for disaster. If Joe’s smart (and Trump says he isn’t) he will have Jill head to the nearest health food store and grab some ginkgo. The man’s brain circulation needs urgent help. Seriously. A stroke occurs when blood flow to an area in the brain is cut off.

  13. Dear Mario, As I watched this debate, I could see the diabolical plan unfold. The questions and the responses from Biden put Pres. Trump on the defensive in my opinion. As I watched, it appeared that Biden was more level-headed than our President. Biden did not argue or retort in an angry manner which may be a plus for him sad say. Biden is definitely a smooth operator. He was definitely appealing to the emotions of the people from what I saw. I received an email from Don Jr, asking me if I was watching his father’s debate. Below is a copy of my reply to that email. I left out all that political mumbo jumbo that contained pleas for donations. I will be surprised if I get an actual response. I am totally open to any input you have on the matter and welcome it gladly. Sincerely, Martha

    This is the email: I am watching the debate and I am praying for our President to remain calm and confident because right now he is on the defensive and it will not help him to gain the confidence of the American people. He knows he is doing a great job and he does not have to argue with Biden to prove it! He needs to just state facts and not let Biden irritate him so easily. Biden is setting up President Trump to fail. I hope that Biden loses miserably at his attempt. Martha Barnes Sent from Mail for Windows 10

  14. I have thought the same about Biden deliberatley playing the forgetful, weak, bumbling candidate. Then coming out strong in the debates.

  15. Vice president Biden is relying on one thing, that the democrats have there facts together. And of course they didn’t, poor sleepy Joe was only relaying what was given to him to say. Was not a good debate. Prayers for president Trump. 🙏

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