George Soros’ Christian Lackeys

I want to show you a nasty comment someone posted concerning one of my blogs: “I honestly don’t understand how God-fearing Christians can defend this repugnant, amoral, adulterous, whoremonger, toddler of a President. Jesus fed the hungry, healed the sick, told His followers not to judge. And Trump’s cruelty knows no bounds. Locate your moral compass. It’s failing you right now.”

Let me point out how hypocritical it is for this person to say Jesus’ followers are “not to judge,” while this person proceeds to judge, condemn, and speak evil of the leader of our nation in violation of Acts 23:5!

Here’s another nasty comment, “Total lies. Any real Christian would not support the evils and sins of this current President. Mario, you and your Fake ministry are all about the money, the root of the devil. You have sold your soul.”

These two comments were written by people who are infiltrators, who go on social media and pose as Christians. The reason they are doing this, is because the church is slowly and finally awakening. More and more believers including Black Americans and Hispanics are realizing that God has put Donald Trump in power for this very hour.

At this moment, George Soros Christians are viciously trying to discredit Franklin Graham through a bogus petition supposedly signed by thousands of Christians. In fact, many who signed are Trump hating leftists.

Recently, I had a message passed on to me from a pastor. The note was from a concerned Christian woman who eloquently, (a little too eloquently), described how dismayed she was by the lack of love among Trump supporters, and she added that the people of God had been fooled for following such a wicked leader.

She is not a believer at all, but an activist from a local Islamic and Leftist consortium.  She and others were being trained to insinuate their way into churches and social media, in order to spread anti-Trump lies. Guess who gives them money?

They are trying to distract the church away from the nation-killing evil that is at the door. If we let voices like these fool us by shaming our faith, it spells doom for America. Trump, like him or hate him, is the last firewall against the Satan inspired villainous policies of the Left.

Another even more subtle approach of these posers is to spread apathy by telling believers that political involvement shows they are guilty of not trusting God.  Some of these deceivers say, “It’s all in God’s hands. Don’t interfere in His work”

Don’t believe them!  And don’t you say you believe it is all in God’s hands while at the same time you oppose the solution He has sent. Trump isn’t our pastor, don’t ask him to do the job of the church.  He is the wrecking ball sent to destroy those ideas that promote hatred for God, Israel, you, and your children.

Here are some odds and ends to remember:

-The Democrat controlled House voted to remove the phrase, “so help me God” from the oath taken by those sworn in to testify. New York legalized killing an unborn child right up to the moment of birth.

-Kamala Harris, who will be Vice President if Biden wins, said she would abolish all private health insurance. According to Kaiser-Permanente, that would wipe out coverage for 49% of Americans…not to mention throwing 500,000 people out of work. Ms. Harris, also hates your God given right to defend yourself, and would make gun control (read: confiscation) the law of the land in blatant violation of the Second Amendment of the Constitution, leaving an unarmed populace at the mercy of criminals and an all-powerful government.  

The enemy doesn’t want you to see the disaster that is right now at our door. Satan is using deceived Christians to fixate on Trump’s past so he can destroy your children’s future.  Your children’s future is far more important than Trump’s past.

The demonic engine that drives the Left, hides the Socialist world they want for your children and grandchildren.

Here’s how George Soros Christians turn lies into truth: you call in “experts.” You speak your lie with a straight face. Devoid of facts, you drop the God card to command the audience to believe you. 

Trump is the racist? Take a deep breath and prepare for what history is going to conclude about many things in our time. They will say the events that excluded whites on campus were racist. That terms like ‘white privilege’—like any other categorical statement that includes a color—is itself racist. They will ask how a nation that elected a black man to its highest office for 8 eight years could be accused of being “systemically racist.”

By the way, when you support the Democrat Party, you are supporting the historical slave owners and founders of the Klu Klux Klan.

The current investigation led by John Durham into the FBI is eye-popping. The Mueller investigation wasted millions of dollars and 2 years trying to show Trump colluded with the Russians was based on a total lie. Turns out the FBI and Justice Department did abuse the FISA process, omit material information, and subvert justice, and the Department of Justice has now admitted it.

In fact, A legal filing submitted Friday in federal court in Washington, D.C., said Attorney Kevin Clinesmith will plead guilty to a single charge of making a false statement by altering an e-mail to get a court permission to spy on Trump. Rogue FBI agents loyal to Obama were committing heinous crime to destroy Trump! Yet, and still, Christians are saying Trump colluded with the Russians.

“Woke” Christians excoriate Trump for putting children in cages and separating them from their parents. Conveniently, they forget Obama built these cages and invented the policy of separating the children. Moreover, this travesty was inherited by Trump and something he worked to abolish.  Worse still is their hypocrisy about caring about children. They claim to be Christians but celebrate late term abortion that allows a woman to dismember her child in the womb, at the point of birth.

The stakes can’t clearer to any true Christian. Trump must win because Obama—the most hostile president to our Bible and our Faith ever—will control Biden.

Questions burn in me:

The noise, smoke and mirrors of today’s propaganda machine, amazes me on so many levels.  The Democrat Party’s hard left turn promises massive new spending. All the free stuff they intend to force on you will bankrupt a nation already drowning in massive debt. When the beast starts eating, do you really believe only the rich will be taxed? Your children will give up most of what they earn to the socialist machine that will hand it over to those who earn nothing.

Why wouldn’t we try to stop this?

They know robots will soon replace millions of jobs. Why are they anxious to open our borders to millions of unskilled laborers?  Is it because they need more potential Democrat voters?

In Iran, they just hung a person for being homosexual, but in the Leftist universe it is the Christians, not the radical Muslims, are the real moral bigots. And you worry about standing with Trump?

I could go on forever, and no doubt you could throw in some real zingers I have overlooked. But I need to get to the point I wish to make: you need to take a look at the Left—they can destroy America—and if they are allowed to go on unopposed, they will. What do you think Trump is trying to stop?

We must not look the other way and ignore the doom the Left spells for all we hold sacred. Don’t ignore the changes that have occurred in this man since he began running for President. Most of all don’t let infiltrators posing as Christians dredge up Trump’s past. It is evident to many who knew him that he is not the same man.  Don’t join those who hate him—continue to pray for him! (1 Tim. 2:2).

Every author of the New Testament, beginning with Jesus, warned of deceived Christians. Now more than ever we must see through their lies.

I say again…your children’s future is far more important than Trump’s past.


Dear reader,
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58 thoughts on “George Soros’ Christian Lackeys

  1. Dear Mario Murillo: I have been following you for some time now. And realize that you would not put out anything that was not true. I believe that President Trump is our lasting chance. That the Lord has put him here for such a time as this & to truly wake up the Ecclesia. But not all Christians see this. They have blinders on their eyes, ears & hearts. We as a small church in Chicago we pray for our President, his family & our Government weekly. And as an Intercessor my prayers go out as often as possible for our cities, states, our nation & all nations as well as the church on my Facebook page. I can’t believe how their is no unity in the church. How we can not stand together no matter what our color or denomination may be. So I continue in prayer because of the evil that is out there (George Soros, Obama, the Clinton’s) & their is so much at stake to loose. Especially our God given rights, our freedom & constitutional rights that would change not only our country as we see it now but our individual lives & the lives of our children & their children. Let us pray: Lord, Your Word says we are called to be salt and light on the earth. As Christians, we can begin healing our land through prayer and action. Let us come together not just by words but a faith that produces works. The love and grace of God can begin turning the tide of America. We look to You and to You, only, Lord. Help us make wise decisions that move our country in the right direction. Help us to do our part in praying and in staying with what we know is right according to the truth of Your Word. Teach us to make our actions count and our words matter, and line them both up to Your sense of rightness, not ours. Guide us with Your eye; grip us with Your strong arm; teach us what we need to know to make our lives – and our nation – count for you. In Jesus mighty name & only by the power of Your Holy Spirit.! Amen! Sincerely, Carolyn Martinez/Nehemiah Family Fellowship/Grandmother & Intercessor

    Sent from my iPhone


    1. Hallelujah & Amen, thank you so much for your prayer and for praying for America!

      If everyone would pray like that just a few minutes everyday it would change America and the world!


    2. Amen. I wish I could find a church that would even say the name Trump let alone pray for him. It’s truly a spiritual battle. I just happened to tune in to the first 2 minutes of a local pastors message Sunday and heard him say 1. America is not in dark times. 2. This is not the most important election. 3. Relax. God help him.

      1. I hear you , not at my church either, here in conservative red Mississippi!
        What’s wrong with these people to not pray for the leader of the free world.
        I’m disgusted with it, but will survive biting my lip.

  2. Mario just took a sledge hammer and smashed the Democrats into 10,000 little pieces and flushed them down the toilet where they belong. Well done Mario. I salute you. VOTE FOR TRUMP!

  3. Oh Mario….another riveting message of the on going fight for our very lives!
    I pray “authentic Christians” far and wide are able to read your blogs!! They are so factual, so frightening at times, like this one , but how we all need to know more and more of what’s really going on behind the scenes so to speak! SO many are disinterested it is upsetting! I have just shut down Face Book, because there is so much trash in there and what’s needed to be out there is either censored, or removed or the important posts are hardly noticed by anyone! I had many comments removed from some posts because I would strongly write my deep concerns, to put it mildly, but it was getting to me with so much dissention ! So, I deleted my FB…. reading mainly your blogs and videos from Lance Wallnau, and a few others who are on the cutting edge as you Are!!
    I pray you will continue to unleash the truth as you discover more and more! I can’t post you on aFB anymore, but send your blogs via texts and emails to those who are open to truth!
    God continue to Bless you, your wife and ministry!,❤️

  4. David Barton presented a great response to voting and Christian responsibility …. please watch.  https://youtu.b/TuJTWLIsuGU

    George Soros is destructive to this nation and it seems to be verboten by media to criticize him.  Google Newt Gingrich and Soros comment on FOXnews.

  5. Mario,
    What a privilege and an example it is to have such a brave and Godly man as yourself leading your team. You are an inspiration for justice and righteousness in word and deed.
    Thank God for President Trump and other great warriors of biblical truth like yourself.
    Here in France we too are battling the principalities and powers of darkness at this tipping point in history to save western democracy.
    Can I pay for your chest of books to be sent to France?
    Currently your website serves only the USA.
    Thank you.
    Yours faithfully
    Gillian Alp

  6. I have been dealing with these fakes from the left for some time now. Never in person, just online. I doubt that many of them would survive if they had to be face to face. News media and social media amplify evil.

    Mario is reaching millions. People forward his blogs on email and repost on social media. It is having penetration.

    The polls are being skewed, as they always are. Over sampling of anti Trump women in the suburbs and avoiding pro Trump democrats. However the polls will get more realistic as we get closer to the election otherwise the pollsters would look like fools. Same thing happened 2016.

    The left is gearing up for a close election. Thus we need a miracle to crush them. Like Trump taking 70% of the popular vote and republicans taking super majorities in both houses of Congress. Then expect the devil spirits among the left to rage throughout November in massive destruction. That will lead to more and more seeking G-D.


  8. Amen!

    May I add?

    It’s the platform, stupid! You cannot vote for a candidate of a platform that promotes the shedding of innocent blood through abortion without imperiling your soul!

    By your vote you become complicit just as if you performed the abortion procedure yourself!

    Do not accept lies about a baby Christian. grant TRUMP the same Grace and Marcy Jesus has granted YOU!

    1. Amen! You are in corporate agreement if you promote any politician or church that doesn’t stand on Biblical truth.

  9. I hate to tell you this, but I have a girlfriend of over 30 years – born again, tongue talking – who feels the way the person below in your first paragraph feels. It could be HER in that paragraph! Born again! Talking in Tongues!!! Not easy to take. The only explanation is – it is a delusion. I KNOW God called me – COMPELLED me to pray that President Trump would make it in 2016. She felt God called her to pray AGAINST Trump getting in. So – go figure.

    April Bentley
    Dwayne Johnson & Associates, S.C.
    W233 N2080 Ridgeview Parkway Suite 301
    Waukesha, WI 53188

  10. I have an old friend, believer (whom I truly believe is just wrapped up in this deep deception that our beloved President is evil, and I continue to share with her facts I have that she is incorrect.) But she continues to disagree and blast him on FB. To such a degree that I need to question her faith. I do not understand how she ( and her husband), are not able to discern the truth?

  11. For the life of me. I do not know where some people are coming from.
    We went to a truck rally for supporting President Trump in Kansas city , Mo. Two weeks ago. I watch a lady block the traffic so one side could not enter. Yelling as loud as she could. She was arrested and her car was towed away. They along the streets people using their middle finger. I have never been flip off so much in my entire life. So much hate. The Lord spoke to me and said just start laughing.

  12. Thank you Mario, keep preaching the Word of God. Don’t let the fake Christians get to you. I will always stand for the Word of God and thank you again for standing. Sincerely, Bob Norris

  13. Gods Got it!
    *and Most of all PRAY FOR OUR ENEMIES
    To Receive the Love of Jesus Christ

  14. Thank you for your courage. Pastors willing to take a stand right now are hard to find. I am so confused by this. I work in a church and I heard just the other day” God told me to stay out of the fight and and not post on social media.” And they complained that President Trump is mean. The man that said that is not a Pastor but is ordained in an evangelical church and a music leader. But here is part of the problem and I am seeing it more and more. He has a gay child and one that is an atheist. They are more afraid of their children than they are God. We left a church a few years ago because of this very problem. Weak leadership allowing the promotion of sin because of lost children. Do they not believe hell is real? At first I was angry, but now I am just sad about it. Please keep sounding the alarm! I am sharing your messages! Denominations are broken. We just need to be the church.

    1. Jan, it is a crying shame for those who have loved ones in ungodly lifestyles. They ARE afraid to lose their child, their kin. I have seen their anguish. They do know what is right.
      However, those loved ones know their lifestyle choices go against God, for their parents told them the truth. But the parents thought to “love one another” meant even to invite them into their homes, and over time (!) expected the other members of the family to be unaffected!! Tragic, tragic situations like these have occurred many times!
      Binding those ungodly influencers is our mandate, in the Name of Jesus. We must set them free from those, and all evil influencers. Speak that for your music leader, he is between the Rock and the hard place. He has forgotten the Rock is Jesus Christ! He has to offer his child/children on the “altar” of our Great High Priest Jesus. (Just as Abraham was to offer up Isaac…) And he will see the result of giving The LORD highest honor.
      Hope you’ll see some (not all) of these situations in a different light.

  15. Mario, I am so grateful you are taking a bold stand for truth regardless of the attacks. It is interesting my husband and I have received almost the exact same comments on our posts ( as you mentioned at the first of the blog post) even from those we worshipped with for years. (It seems like an evil spirit of rage on a mission to rip character apart of those who stand for truth.)
    I believe this is a reminder to pray for them…and be encouraged. “Beware when all men speak well of you.”
    Definitely in a spiritual battle and through God’s strength we can stand firm in the evil day.
    Thank you for your blog. I am grateful to share your posts as God has given you a gift to articulate on paper in a way people can get it.
    Many blessings!

  16. HE that hears the joyful sound of the ever-living power, calling him by the voice of his eternal light out of the darkness, out of the death, out of the misery, out of the dominions, territories, and deep slavery of Satan unto himself, and cometh unto him in the virtue and power of that life which calleth, he hath a taste given him of the eternal rest, and a promise of entering into it.
    But the entrance into the fulness thereof is not present; but he hath a long journey to take from Egypt, the dark land; from Sodom, the filthy land; from Babylon, where all the vessels and holy things of God have been defiled, through the wilderness unto Canaan; and many battles are to be fought with enemies by the way, and also with the enemies which possess the holy land; and many hardships to be undergone in following the Captain, who also leadeth his Israel by a pillar of cloud by day, and by a pillar of fire by night; and there must be a circumcision and baptism in the cloud and in the sea, and the falling of all those carcasses in the wilderness, which are not to enter, nor so much as see, the good land, before the entrance be ministered to the seed, and to that which passeth through the water and through the fire with the seed. In plain terms, there must be a taking up of the yoke, and a learning of Christ under the yoke, till the proud, the stiff, the stubborn, the wise, the wilful, the selfish spirit, the hard, stony heart, be wasted and worn out by the Cross, and a taking up of his own Cross, and nothing left but what becomes one with the Holy Seed, and so is fit to be married to it, and one’s very own soul is to enter by the indwelling Spirit with it into the everlasting kingdom.
    Isaac Pennington

    “The purest love is that which is of his immediate operation in the soul”

  17. People who say, “It’s in God’s hands don’t realize this: WE ARE GOD’S HANDS! We are God’s feet. We are God’s mouth! “How shall they hear without a preacher?” (Romans 10:14) Does God have a bullhorn to preach to this world? No! It is up to Christians to proclaim righteousness and the Kingdom of God! Let’s get “’er done!

    1. Amen! Glen excellent post!

      I have maintained that Jesus was delegated all authority under Heaven and He delegated that to us as His hands, feet and mouth.

      For too long the church has considered politics “too dirty” to be involved with, and as a result it has become a thoroughly filthy thing indeed.

      We have the right and responsibility to vote for the best platform available. Today there is a stark contrast between shedding innocent blood and preserving life.

      Personally, I will vote to choose life because I don’t want to be complicit in an abomination.

      And, right now that is TRUMP and the GOP…

  18. Pastor you stand for our Lord who granted us the ability to have freedom of choice. Our nation today stands on a grave situation of having us lose all. I stand with you. Time is critical, evil coming out from under the rocks. Incredible time. My church has chosen to ignore politics. Not that it is healthy to bring it to church but prayers for our nation are very important. It’s not about us, it about being free to worship Him that is not quite understood. This weekend I was highly disappointed when no prayers for the President’s health was done. He is another human in need of prayer!! Very sad!! Thank you for your work it will reach its purpose. You see through the rage. They WILL NOT be allowed to succeed. 🙏✝️ Sent from my iPhone


  19. The comments last night and this morning regarding President Trump’s return to the White House, and about his comments, are enough to make a person ill. The Left in the media has gone stark raving bananas. Because he took off his mask and saluted Marine One, and spoke words of encouragement and hope to the American people to try to show us it is important to have hope and courage and to stand strong and fight the virus instead of hide in our homes for the rest of our lives, he is being compared to Mussolini. They have lost their minds completely. They really certifiably insane. There is no goodness left in them.

    I believe in Pastor Mario’s blog about the coming judgment, that he named the media as some of those on whom the judgment will fall. I need to read that blog once again. God has to bring these people down. They cannot be allowed to continue spewing their pernicious lies. They are harming the nation, badly.

    President Trump was in his own home. He is quarantined. No one is around him except the First Lady, who also is recovering from the same thing.

    Now, the democrat party is going to look into the ride he took to wave at his supporters near Walter Reed. How many millions of taxpayer dollars are they going to waste on mindless, useless, investigations of this President, and every move he makes, every word he says?

    Please, Heavenly Father, stop these insane, evil people before they destroy America worse than they have.

    1. I am not wishing or praying evil or destruction on the media, or anyone, I just want God to stop them, stop the evil they spew daily, in whatever way He deems appropriate. Just to be clear.

  20. This is such a chilling Truth!! Please, all of you who are truly Christian, read this at least 3 times or until you know in your heart that a vote for Donald J Trump is the only choice you have to save America, “the land of the free and home of the brave”. He truly does love this country and the people in it! Let those of you with no sin, vote against him!

    1. We are truly in a time of separating the wheat from the tares, there are a lot of “Christians” that are having to make a choice between heading the Word of God and the word of the democratic party…

    1. Which ones of Paul’s Writings? “If any man be in Christ he is a new creation old things are past away.”

      And, before you get on about his tweets and in your face towards the left you might want to consider how Jesus talked to the Pharisees; Sadducees; Scribes and even King Herod himself.

      And, TRUMP goes around turning over the tables of the money changers in Washington and scourging them with words instead of a whip…

      As Christ has granted you Grace and Mercy perhaps you should do the same towards a baby Christian?

      1. No, brother, I’m disagreeing with you. I’m responding to those to whom Mario referred regarding their judging the president by his past. We should not judge President Trump by his past any more than we should the Apostle Paul.

  21. Thank you for your boldness in telling the truth, and with no hype whatsoever. I pray your words might open the hearts and eyes of the slumbering church. God bless you.

  22. Mario I have no clue how to send you this link in private so I’ll post it here.
    I hope you see it.
    Your building something beyond what you understand.
    A powerful legacy.

  23. If Joe Biden wins the election and is a decent president, and the gates of hell don’t open, and people go back to work and school and church in good health and spirits, what then?

      1. Let’s see we FINALLY have a politician that has kept his every word word except as thwarted by a demoncrapic congress. We have a President who has unleashed the full force of his administration to combat human trafficking and has recovered more stolen children in three years than the last four presidents combined. And, he is adamantly against the unholy and ungodly abomination of the shedding of innocent blood through abortion.

        And, you call him bad????

        Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter! Isaiah 5:20

        If this is your heart…. And, if you do not repent before Jesus, I am afraid that all the follow on curses in Isaiah will come upon you.

        I am just glad that Jesus grants greater Grace and Mercy to a baby believer than you do or none of us could be saved!

    1. Honestly Aaron, you must come from a completely different planet. 🙂

      You said, “Trump is so Bad to the bone he even makes Coronavirus sick!!!”

      That doesn’t sound like terms of endearment to me…

      Had you prefaced it with, “They’re saying Trump is so Bad to the bone he even makes Coronavirus sick!!!” Then your meaning would have been much clearer.

  24. Thank you for your posts, blogs, and books, but most of all for your passion to wake up the church!  I know several who go to church and consider themselves Christians, but HATE President Trump.  It grieves my spirit.  I am purchasing several of your books to give away on the condition that they read and pass on to someone else.  My husband is one of those who HATES Trump.  Please pray for my husband and for my family as almost all of them are staunch Democrats and do not realize the party left them behind. My two adult children are voting Republican, praise God!


    Rosie Seaburg

    Rush City, MN

  25. This whole thing is not just about the USA, it is the whole Earth. Still I am glad I am not American because the choice you have is between an insidious left or a Saul or Ahab type. What you have to do is sort your own individual hearts out. It is the power of the Messiah that divides the enemies of God. The order has always been righteousness, so stand firm on that.

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