If you believe the day is coming when Democrats will officially allow churches to reopen, you are fooling yourself.  That day is never going to come.  If your church is in a city or state governed by Democrats, they will never, ever declare that is okay for churches to reopen.

The only way churches will reopen is if they do it on their own.  At this moment Democrats are looking for a way to keep churches closed that goes beyond The China Virus. 

If you are counting on the day when your Democrat mayor or governor will tell you that you are free to have open church services wake up! That day is never coming. 

The lock down had little or nothing to do with the China Virus, it just provided the excuse they have been wanting for a long time. They wanted to see what pastors would do if they were ordered to shut down. They sure found out!  Their illegal order worked beyond their fondest dreams. Christian leader after Christian leader rolled over like a puppy who hears a newspaper being rolled up, with extraordinarily little resistance.


This was also a way to bankrupt churches—churches that were too weak to survive months of being closed. And they were right again, because many of these churches did not survive. They are gone forever.

The only way that churches will ever reopen is for them to take matters into their own hands and test the criminal behavior of Democrat leaders. Though they were extremely clear about when we needed to close, they will be vague at best and totally silent at worst.

Here are three reasons why the Democrats will never reopen the churches.

1. The closure had more to do with our Christianity than with the virus. The proof is their long history of trying to shut down the church. After the virus, they will try something else.

The most glaring example of their past efforts to persecute Christianity was California Assembly Bill 2943.  This is no exaggeration.  It is not the overreaction of an overly emotional preacher.  I challenge you to come up with a different conclusion than I have concerning this proposed law that would have passed had it not been stopped at the last minute:

This bill would have declared all forms of sexual orientation change efforts, or SOCE (sometimes referred to as “conversion therapy”) to be a form of “consumer fraud” if performed for a fee. Such counseling or therapy is designed to assist people who experience unwanted same-sex attractions to achieve their own self-chosen goal of overcoming those attractions or abstaining from same-sex conduct.

In fact, because the “consumer fraud” statute applies to any sale of “goods or services,” AB 2943 could potentially have banned not just therapy but even the sale of books. And because “sexual orientation change” was defined to include changes in “behaviors” (not just attractions), the sale of any book promoting a Christian sexual ethic could have been banned—potentially including the Bible itself.

No exchange of money can be allowed for a book that suggests recovery from same sex attraction or gender dysphoria?  No conference can do so either?  Oh wait, the Bible does that.  And oh, yeah, a Bible Conference will do that.

This frontal assault on the Christian faith is a giant step toward outlawing Gospel preaching as hate speech.  What will stop them from removing tax exemptions?  What will stop them from removing the right to assemble?  What will stop them from shutting down any group that does not fall in line with their gender values?

2. They are ignoring the decisions of federal judges who have ordered them to reopen churches. Does that tell you anything? The Justice Department has opened investigations threatening Mayors and Governors. Has that had any impact? Of course not. The Democrats know what they are doing is illegal. If they are already flouting the law to force churches to stay closed, what makes you think they will ever give in and announce our reopening?

  1. They are only buying time to come up with the next reason to ban churches. This was a dress rehearsal. Think about how nutty Nancy Pelosi is to suggest a second impeachment of Trump because he nominated Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court? What makes you think they will not invent some absurd reason to close churches again?

Here is the conclusion of this matter. The real enemy is fear. I call it Covid-20. It is the virus that makes people afraid to go back to their church. It is the fear that makes a pastor reluctant to open en masse to force Democrat governors to face the futility of keeping us closed.

If the church in America is ever to reopen, she must do it on her own.

If ever we needed to heed to the example given by Peter in Acts 5:28-29. When the Apostles were ordered by the governing officials in Jerusalem to shut down: “saying, “Did we not strictly command you not to teach in this Name? And look, you have filled Jerusalem with your doctrine, and intend to bring this Man’s blood on us!” But Peter and the other apostles answered and said: “We ought to obey God rather than men.” 

After being warned, the Church in the 1st century did the exact opposite. They rose up and became even more bold to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, accompanied by signs and wonders. And that is what the Church in the 21st century must do, during this hour of persecution!


  1. If BLM and Antifa can protest, why can’t Believers? Praying God’s people will receive God’s wisdom and boldness to not only pray but take action.

  2. if we don’t see by now I don’t think we ever will, its as plain as the nose on your face what they are doing, and their main goal, lawlessnes first must do away with anything to do with the law, the Church is founded on the bible and Gods laws, his rules his way of doing things, the only exact truth is the word, and the word corrects and condemns sin, and there lies the whole problem, they can’t do there evil with out the church making them feel bad, what do the scream, YOUR CONDEMNING ME NO, YOUR SINS CONDEMNED YOU, THE WORD JUST LET YOU KNOW WHAT THEY WERE, Whether we like it or not God gave us rules to go by, a written word in motion, it says if you do this, you will be blessed, but if you don’t you will be cursed, we are already under a curse because we allow, Lev. 18:22, and Prov. 6:17, abortion and samesex marriage, because the words says don’t do it, and when we do what it says not to we pay, it bothered me for a long time and then it hit me, everytime I even thought of doing something half way wrong, the Lord corrected me right then, instant, saying you know what I told you about that, and it was just a thought, but other said God or the Holy Spirit nevr corrected them, and I thought what he corrects me all the time, and then the true meaning of Heb 12:6 hit me, Heb 12:6 For whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth, and scourgeth every son whom he receiveth.
    Heb 12:7
    If ye endure chastening, God dealeth with you as with sons; for what son is he whom the father chasteneth not?
    Heb 12:8
    But if ye be without chastisement, whereof all are partakers, then are ye bastards, and not sons. [ if he doesn’t correct you then your not his, plain and simple]
    So we are in there way and they want us gone, thats why if you think about it, they will do away with most of us when they take over, some are denying Christ right now, Evangelicals who say abortion is ok, and same sex marriage, condoning what God condemns, they have chose whom they serve and its not God, so what if some are taking the mark already by whom they serve, which is the whole truth about the mark any way its about whom you serve, the Lord told me to tell the people right after this started, CHOOSE THIS DAY WHOM YOU WILL SERVE, WELL SOME DIDN’T CHOOSE GOD, IS THE COLD HARD TRUTH, some chose the god of this world and a socialist communist system, and they will not let the church reopen we are there enemy, we are the restraining order that holds the enemy back, and we stopped holding him back and he is trying a forced take over, just like with some of the people, use to it was just thought he would throw at you, and you had the choice of whether to dwell on it, or cast it our, now he trys to force you to do something, not just a thought but use brut force any way he can, he will try to force the thought and not go as he is suppose to, we are in a day when he is doing more than he is allowed by the word, and we must stay prayed up and on our toes, deception is crazy, people call the Dems light, and they are the darkest of the night and think they are light, I heard one on Twitter, they can only see the hate driven in them about Donald Trump, not what he has done, and what he is doing for this country, they can’t see that the party they back is communist and wants to destroy this nation and the real church, there so called love has gotten so great it allows sin and evil, which is not Gods love its a we allow everything kind of fake love a hippies 60’s type peace love man but sleep with everything, thats the kind of church they want, not one that does right by the word of God, but an evil church where everything is allowed. Good word sir be blessed

  3. I believe that if Joe Biden becomes the next President, The Nazi Party will be revived. There is growing no difference between the Democratic Party and the Nazi Party. Both claimed to have Christian roots, but carry out Satan’s work. They are determined to kill, steal and destroy.

  4. The churches that actually experience the living Spirit of Jesus in their midst and know him individually as their brother and know God as their Father will open and become bigger and stronger. A weeding out is happeng in the center of Evil.

    1. You’re right on, chaplain.
      All they have done is set the stage for a wildfire of a revival; it only takes one little, faithful church. It seems that all the Cali-Marxists are good at is causing wildfires, and this one will be their undoing.

  5. 501c3 tax exemption that the vast majority of churches participate in ties them to the government. It’s something they can and no doubt will, use to gain control of the church. Pastors will have to follow their set of rules as to what can and cannot be preached or they will threaten them with the loss of that status. Research it!!

    1. technically the IRS no longer forbids political involvement for a 501c3 (LBJ wrote the amendment to the tax code so as to block the black churches from protesting civil rights). Besides all a church has to do is create a 501c4 (social welfare which is what leftwing groups use as a non profit as it allows political activity) or 501c6 (fraternal or association such as the NFL).

  6. Thankfully that is not the case here in the great state of Texas, but we all know that evil plots arise from California liberals, and NY. God can and is going to strengthen the faith of true believers through these persecutions. May he be glorified ! But we should still fight for religious freedom as it is the bedrock of these nation , even more so than other freedoms.

  7. We need an Almighty God intervention in our midst to show himself strong as he did in the day of Daniel

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  8. Let’s see. Isn’t “Fear not” in the Bible 365 times? Not coincidence. Yes, I agree. Fear has paralyzed the church. I had a young woman say to me, “One thing that gets me about Christians is that they will talk about how wonderful heaven is, yet they all act afraid of death”. Be not afraid, church! Christ delivered us from the fear of death! (And the fear of man brings a snare!)

  9. The governor of NY and the NYC mayor seemed to be conducting a pogrom against orthodox Jews. The archdiocese of NY filed a lawsuit because the democrats were attempting to dictate what a mass was.

    This is like the French Revolution were they even changed the days of the month so people would not know when to worship.

  10. Thank you, brother Mario, for ALWAYS speaking truth…even when the truth is difficult to speak or hear.

  11. Your blogs are simply WONDERFUL! Your blogs gives to God all the Glory and Praise our Lord deserves. Your blogs are filled with so much knowledge and the tools needed to become the type of Christians we MUST be in our world today through the word of God! I thank you and God Bless You for your continuance to keep your readers inspired and Blessed by your blogs!

  12. And may I say that many churches in California won’t open because of there political stance & it would mean they would have to change what they believe and get persecuted for what they believe neutral lukewarm churches

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  13. If anything besides abortion and gender-confusion issues has ever proven the corruption of our government, particularly the democrats, and the inaccuracy of “science”, it has been Covid. We get mixed messages now almost daily for so-called “experts” on masks, numbers of “infected”, medicines, vaccines, and everything else connected with this virus. How in the world is the average citizen supposed to know on a day to day basis, which messages, edicts, and orders to follow, and which to ignore? Ignore the wrong order by a power-crazed mayor and risk landing in jail, while three counties over, people are allowed to do the very same thing you just got arrested for.

    How stupid do these democrats have to prove they are before the people say en unison, “Enough!”, and take their lives back from these bungleheads?

    The Church needs to stand up as one. I don’t know if they will. Maybe if one by one by one starts to do it, eventually the cowardly will start feeling left out, and take a stand.

    If real physical persecution comes to America, it’s anybody’s guess how many Christians will be able to stand.

  14. Amen! our intercessory team is on it. We will target these 3 Governors and please let us know of any other Politicians need to be targets of prayer.

  15. I live in Michigan and while our governor is very evil, she never shut the churches down. There weren’t any restrictions on them, either.

  16. We celebrate the first anniversary of As One church on Sunday in the park with bbq after church. We are anointed to grow.

    On Thu, Oct 15, 2020, 2:10 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” If you believe the day is coming when > Democrats will officially allow churches to reopen, you are fooling > yourself. That day is never going to come. If your church is in a city or > state governed by Democrats, they will never, ever declar” >

  17. By the way, NO Churches, NO Businesses, NO Airlines, NO Restaurant’s and NO one had to close per Constitutional Law Group.US-Rick Martin and (awesome Video of “Mother of all Video’s) as it’s ALL a satanic communist agenda to take away ALL your FREEDOM and FEAR IS NOT OF GOD!

  18. The Democrats opened the bars for drinking but won’t open the churches. What are they afraid of? God does not like UGLY. So beware you Democrats the end is coming and we will see who is standing alone.

  19. I have not received anything from you for a couple of days is everything OK?

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  20. This Is Terrible Praying For America At This Time As The Enemy Gets Such A Foothold can spread to other nations we have not had major problems in Perth Western Australia but people on the other side of Australia have We Need To Be Bold And Stand Up For What Is Our God-Given Rights 🙌🙌🙏🏻🙏🏻😎😉👍

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