Special alert! Every single blog I write is now being censored in one way or another. This latest one about extending the crusade in Fresno–as innocent as that seems –is something they felt the need to ban.

However, Facebook’s new censorship will backfire. Facebook has published a lengthy disclosure of their new policies that are set to kick in on October 1st. They claim that these new policies are necessary to protect themselves from lawsuits. That’s rich. Facebook worrying about lawsuits is like a hippo worrying about flea bites.

They also claim that they are concerned about civil unrest arising from malicious posts. Such concern is of course selective. It took forever for them to remove leftist propaganda that called for violence. If you think that their concern about unrest will extend to removing Black Lives Matter propaganda—well, as they say in Texas, “Bless your little heart…”

When Mark Zuckerberg appeared before Congress to answer questions about Facebook censorship, he was adamant that they were fair. But when a Congressman asked him why Facebook had censored black conservatives for no good reason, he was, in the words of one reporter, “flummoxed”— a great word meaning bewildered and perplexed.

What does Facebook fear? They fear Donald Trump. Specifically, they fear his reelection. They fear his power to disrupt their company with the only organization big enough to threaten them: the U.S. government. They fear Trump’s reelection will lead to an investigation into social media’s long standing and draconian bias against Christians and conservatives.

So, here’s how leftist logic works: “in order to avoid prosecution for something I am doing, I will do more of it.”

The reason Facebook is ratcheting up its censorship, is that Trump is winning. Trump campaign ads are devastatingly effective—perhaps the most effective political ads in our history. Trump’s ads are actually changing minds. They know that Biden’s ads by comparison are a joke. They think that doing a pseudo-censorship of them is no big loss.  But Trump—and Christians and conservatives, by extension—must be stopped.

The most irritating thing about the Facebook politburo is how they insult our intelligence. Do they really believe they are fooling anyone? Facebook, you are left wing. You hate Trump. You want Biden to win. You are the only ones who think your bias doesn’t show.

Facebook says they will ban hate speech. That’s code for, “It’s not that you said anything hateful, it’s that we hate what you believe.”

Facebook and other social platforms enjoy an immunity from lawsuits because they are an information platform. When they drift into editorializing, they are more vulnerable to government intrusion. They are not inventing these new policies to avoid lawsuits—they are doing it to create an additional firewall to protect and enhance their bias.  All they are doing is sprucing up their camouflage.

But this is going to backfire, and backfire big time. If history has taught us anything it is this: God will have His witness. When God wants the world to know something—nothing can stop Him or His message.

Sometimes, God even permits a great centralizing of power in order to exploit it for His Glory. Nebuchadnezzar centralized power over the known world. However, God sovereignly inserted a teenager named Daniel into the very halls of power in Babylon.

God gave Nebuchadnezzar a nightmare. No one could help the king. He was so terrified by his dream that he created this new rule for his magicians: “If you do not make known the dream to me, there is only one decree for you! For you have agreed to speak lying and corrupt words before me until the time has changed. Therefore, tell me the dream, and I shall know that you can give me its interpretation” (Daniel 2:9). The king needed a real answer, not Oprah opinions.

Daniel was censored by the greatest potentate on Earth, but because he knew the King’s dream, Daniel rose to prophetic authority—even over the king.  God can flip the script of the most powerful agendas of man.

God creates the crisis that forces truth back to the top. That is what I believe will happen in America. Truth will rise again—even over Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Google. “Surely, the wrath of man shall praise You and You shall bind the last bit of Your wrath around You like a belt” (Psalm 76:10).

What crisis will God create to make this censorship backfire on Facebook? Only God knows. But I rejoice that God is going to do it. Wait and see.

Daniel prayed for mercy because, he too, was on the death-list if he could not tell the king the dream. Then God showed Daniel the king’s dream. Daniel rejoiced, and in his psalm of praise to God he said something glorious for you and me, but chilling for Mr. Zuckerberg—a reminder that no one who censors God is safe.  “And He changes the times and the seasons; He removes kings and raises up kings…” (Daniel 2:21).





We are live streaming this historic outreach this Sunday at 6:30 PM PST use the link below!


  1. Amen! God bless you for your posts. All glory to Jesus.
    Thank God for Your stand and the issues that Re addressed. Too many Christians, as well, are waisting their dreams and absorbing on Icon Facebook and its negativity.

    It’s a fake book with “mirror, mirror on the wall, tell me Facebook, who is the fairest of them all?”
    May broken lives look into the mirror of HIS WORD. May the Lord have His way and expose this corruption and may His will be done. Yes. Just like He rescued and used Daniel may it’s also be so even in your day. HIS day.
    God bless.

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  2. Fight back with good for their evil by asking God to lift the darkness from the employees heart that will hear.

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  3. Thank you Mario….again!!
    Robby has spoken at the Holy Spirit Renewal Conference in Green Lake four times. I wait with anticipation for the time when both of you will be there. Thank you Jesus for your prophets and warriors that are bringing truth of your kingdom to earth.

  4. God is God! He is in charge. How He works it out is beyond our wildest imaginations. Who ever thought a seat would come up ” in the 11th hour.” We live in exciting times, yet challenging. That’s why we pray. He has brought us to our knees andthat is where battles are won. The WORD OF THE LORD. Praying for your ministry that stands for truth and truth has the last say.

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  5. YES, SHOUT FROM ROOFTOP: Twitter and U-Tube is also removing the TRUTH FAST AND FURIOUS, “Truth Speakers” Blogs are getting hacked and removed with NO warning! Mark Zuckerberg is a Rockefeller grandson, there you go! Ted Cruz is complaining blocked from posting an article on Twitter. “It’s an over-reach to inter-fer with the Election”.

    NO one had to roll over and close their doors NO Churches, NO public gatherings, NO Businesses, NO Airlines, NO Restaurants TAKE IT BACK FROM THE SATANIC Communist Covid beyond evil insane Agenda. Rise and Shine Isaiah 60:1. Hey, Gravatar hijacked where couldnt’ even post or comment for months not even when created new email (how’s that for a satanic agenda and taking away FREEDOM OF SPEECH). PRAY HARD! DON’T SHUT UP, DON’T BE SILENT!
    Again, you can tell who is for Almighty God and or their god the devil, THAT WAR NEVER ENDS! 2 Kings 6:16. Quit bowing to the beyond evil people’s insanity of taking away all your Freedom and agreeing to wearing a satanic mask!
    Constitutional Law Group.US Rick Martin – NO one had to close or wear a mask and SSBAmerica.Com, RISE UP AND SLAY THOSE DRAGONS! “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”! There are MORE of us, than there are of them!

  6. LOVE THIS TRUTH MARIO,, GOD WILL MAKE HIS VOICE HEARD FAR AND WIDE!, He will cause the great downfall of all these social media tyrants!!
    GOD is watching closely to every censored word they tear down, delete, and remove!! It may be cowardly of me, but because FB was removing many of my “comments” regarding some radical left wing posts especially regarding some posts made about some School Curriculums being accepted in California schools! And I tried posting your blogs on FB and Kevin Kileys too and several times they would be removed a short time after posting!, SO, I deleted my FB account permanently!.. I forward your blogs via email to as many as I can, and getting some great favorable responses!
    Keep up your anointed blogs …we love getting them!!
    Praying for you, your ministry (Fresno) and your wife Mechelle!!

  7. Brilliantly written, Mario! God bless you for exposing lies and double dealing!
    Jesus said, “Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters.” (Matt 12:30) – a great indictment of the fence-sitting, mealy-mouthed, so-called ‘political correctness’ that is trying to brainwash the world today, just as it was 2000 years ago. The source then was the same, satanic power that now goes under the guise of Socialism aka Marxism – with exactly the same intention – to enslave the people and take their freedom of choice.
    Let the lukewarm ‘Church’ and the blindfolded voters of America rise up, let the scales fall from their eyes so they see the reality of what is going on. There IS one standard of Truth, and it has nothing to do with the manipulative double speak these vipers are pushing through the media, social networks and the education system.

  8. F.Y.I. Also, note Yahoo (who owns) you think you send a Bulletin and it does NOT go., so they’re complicit also (heard lot’s of complaints). U-Tube is now owned by Google and Battle Hymn by John Scura/Dane Phillips would expose that agenda; as so many others. Look to see who owns and pray for their Damascus Road Experience. Same for Phone Carriers of not getting text/calls (look at Class Action Suits on your Carrier). Such a satanic agenda of kill, steal and destroy! Ephesians 6:all.

  9. Dear Mario: Did you notice Zuckerberg pouring mega bucks into the new roperty tax initiative that will undermine Prop 13 passed awhile back? Oh yeah,  this guy is up to no good. Jerry

  10. Ban the crusade notice! these people are sick! No more censorship from the left!
    Just a couple days ago YouTube took do some of my favorite Trump pages, one had 386,00 subscribers! What happen to free speech in America.
    May God let truth arise again!

  11. This time, Satan will not be able to fool and deceive the world again with his propaganda, deception and lies. As for the election, he is resorting to tipping the ‘chess board over’, so that Trump will not be the clear and outright winner of the election.

    However this desperate attempt by Satan and his ‘left hand’ minions, along with all the censorship will come to naught, it will actually backfire and hasten their demise more quickly than our own best efforts. This time Satan will be caught out and exposed for all the world to see, with ‘gun in hand’, so that no explanation will be required.

    Trump in a free and fair election would win by a landslide all things being equal. The Left can’t have that, so they will deliberately ‘spoil the whole election process’ to try and create confusion and doubt about the election outcome, and then based on that, try to install themselves, a Democratic President, that being Pelosi as Speaker of the House, as part of COG – Continuity of Government.

    The ‘pit’ they have dug, they themselves will fall in to.

    We must just remain vigilant, prayerful and resolute, and be ‘wise as serpents’.

    “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake”. They have overplayed their hand.

  12. We need to pray, Saints, that facebook does not censor Pastor Mario’s live stream, or shut down the sound or something. They are evil and capable of anything, IMO. I disconnected completely from facebook and just cannot go back. I feel oppression at the thought of going back to it.

    Pastor Mario, please consider going to It is still growing, but it’s growing daily. They do not censor at all, or sell our information. I post your blogs on there.

    I hope you are going to put the livestream on utube for those of us who are not on facebook.

    I will be praying that they do not somehow disrupt your livestream. May God arise, and His enemies be scattered!

  13. Thanks for the truth !!!!

    On Sat, Oct 17, 2020, 9:49 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “Special alert! Every single blog I write > is now being censored in one way or another. This latest one about > extending the crusade in Fresno–as innocent as that seems –is something > they felt the need to ban. However, Facebook’s new censorship will backfi” >

  14. The adversary, thru those possessed by devil spirits, attempts many things. And he never seems to learn. Even the current insurgency has been repeatedly. 1790s with the French Revolution. 1918 Russian Revolution. 1930s in the Weimar Republic in Germany. That one was derailed as the German people turned to a strong man. Which is why the left assumes Trump is like Hitler. The problem is that the German people were not as godly as Americans are. And the defeat of the left will not come from a strong man by from G-D.

    This current insurgency was practiced in Venezuela. What we are seeing across the nation is that pattern. Plus the new left is authoritarian social justice. They want to see liberalism destroyed.

    This is from a Jewish writer on the new left. He is having as much problem warning Jews of the coming troubles as Mario has with too many pastors.

  15. Everyone needs to watch this…if we don’t get angry enough to stand up now for our freedom, we never will, and we’ll deserve what we get. Stand strong, Pastor Mario, you are right, it is time to stand up in the face of this tyranny and these lies, and open all churches!

    1. Who is that masked man or woman? Democrats have been wearing masks for decades. They are incorrigible hypocrites who point the finger, always looking for scapegoats and excuses! VOTE FOR TRUMP AND TEAR DOWN THAT WALL OF MASKS!

    2. Wow- thank you for this! I recently had an interesting comment from a retired nurse. She said cloth masks in use become moist very quickly – which actually increases penetration of viruses, bacteria etc. We the public sure are being manipulated….!

  16. From the death of RBG, to the President’s brief bout with Covid 19, to the fiasco of Hunter Biden and the unreclaimed laptop, I’m convinced Yahweh has had hold of this year and this election from the git-go. How it will end only He knows, but this we can be sure of — whatever the outcome, He will be glorified.

    1. Amen. It’s all in the hands of our Savior Jesus Christ, so no matter what happens we can handle it. Stay close to God, witness much and be fervent in prayer.

  17. Bitchute, Breighton, NewTube etc., not removing the truth along they are getting hacked with removal just shows Occult=satanist don’t want the truth out and they’ve been censoring truth speakers totally no Freedom of Speech, obvious.

    Kingskid there are a LOT of Dr.’s and Nurse speaking the truth and exposing satanic Covid Communist Propaganda agenda to take away ALL your FREEDOM!
    Seen lot’s of Video’s, although they are getting removed fast and furious. # of Whistleblowers were exposing if you went to get test for Covid they were infecting you with Covid and someone said “are they insane” and I said yes they are 2 Thessalonians 2:9-11 talks about that as they are playing their god of “zero population movement and georgian guidestones” nazi hitler agenda is here. Really terrible and evil when you have Gov’t officials saying we’re going to kick in your door and drag you out of your Home and take away your Children (heard it, more than once) and that’s acceptable to the people like wearing a satanic mask signifies the evil agenda to take away ALL YOUR FREEDOM!

    Regarding Prop. 13, this would apply to All Corporations (corpse) who owns and funding and their agenda, who owns the Media outlet that’s NOT doing truth and removing truth; as whose the whole body of the fish stinks from the head?

    Just like when they wanted Jim Bakker’s mailing list WHY; how satanic is that hope he got the message when called about the Constitutional Law Group.US Rich Martin and Tried calling Businesses, Airlines, Churches due to satanic agenda of Automated NO one is picking up the phone and worse the interceptor stonewalling secretary like Rene who would NOT give her Pastor the message that’s the evil we’re dealing with. Ephesians 6: War oh definitely. Again, you can tell who is for God and who is for their god-satan. John 8:44; 10:10.
    PRAYING for armies of Dragon Slayers, Jehu’s, Jael’s, Deborah’s, Esther’s, Elisha; Elijah’s. PRAY HARD!

  18. The enemy is using every trick in the book to win this election. If God wants President Trump in for another term then he will be, no matter what they try. In that case, they won’t accept it. In fact, I’m thinking they are wanting him to win. Why else would they choose such a lame pair to run against Trump? Then they will holler “FRAUD!” at the top of their lungs. The recent riots will pale in comparison to the violence of these that are forthcoming.
    We need to be prepared. Hopefully for exit, be it by rapture or death. But many of us will be brutalized first.
    But the lost, and some of them are our loved ones, will be left to face these demons without Christ. It will be extremely difficult to choose Him as Savior at this time.
    Step up your prayers and your witness to the lost.
    Stay close to Jesus and the body of Christ.

  19. I was posting your messages on f/b..and that was ok, however when I POSTED AN ARTICLE ABOUT HUNTER,I was disabled.. there should be a better alternative for social media. I am looking at ”parler”? just thinking about it. Perhaps I should not play on the net for so many hours. As always i enjoy your articles..I think the last time I attended one of your meetings,was in Palmdale ca, and another time in northridge ca.. I was born in TX.. My husband and I moved back here in HERE 2003, I was paying attention to your ministry when you were very young, YOU WERE OFTEN on TBN.



    On Sat, Oct 17, 2020 at 11:55 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “Special alert! Every single blog I write > is now being censored in one way or another. This latest one about > extending the crusade in Fresno–as innocent as that seems –is something > they felt the need to ban. However, Facebook’s new censorship will backfi” >

  20. Because many are praying and standing in the gap for America, we are seeing God put confusion upon our enemies like in 2 Chron 20. When He did, they destroyed themselves. It seems like they just can’t help doing stupid things that are bringing about their downfall. Those with eyes to see, see it clearly, but they (the wicked) are blinded to their own undoing. Lord, we thank You for hearing our cries for mercy and justice in this land. May this Republic be restored as You intended. One nation under God and a great vessel for the harvest.

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