Nothing horrifies and bewilders me more than Christians who do not appreciate what a gift of mercy it was that Donald Trump was elected. They have no clue of the nightmare that would be our world, right now, if Hillary Clinton had won.

The ingratitude of Christians toward this miracle of God is mind-boggling. But there is something even more astonishing: Christians who can’t see that Joe and Kamala would be a worse fate than Hillary.

About the picture. It is ominous and grotesque, and rightly so. It not only depicts the mental state of Biden, it shows the sinister way Kamala will overpower Biden. But the real horror arrives after the ones who are their puppet-masters overpower both of them.

This is because they will get rid of America. They will fold America into a nameless unit of a single global power. They will destroy our borders, our history, our values—everything that makes us free and American. The people behind Joe and Kamala want only one thing: world domination.

How did these people decide on Joe and Kamala? Long before Joe began declining mentally, he was unfit to lead. Kamala brutally failed during her run for President because the public got to know her. Is this the best they could do? Yes, it is, if you understand what they wanted in their candidates. They didn’t want qualified leaders, they wanted people who were so vacuous that their every move could be controlled. And, Bingo! They found them.

How on earth did they think they could pull this off? At any other time—under any other circumstances, the very idea of these two running for office would merely be a sad joke. So, how did this happen? The powers that be, believe America hates Trump as much as they do. They believe in this hatred so deeply that they believe even candidates as pathetic as Joe and Kamala could still win.

The agenda of these would-be world rulers must be stopped. At all costs, it must be stopped. There used to be elections between liberals and conservatives. But now, this election is all about good versus evil. That some Christians still don’t get that, is alarming. It is just plain denial to think there is very little difference between Republicans and Democrats. The pastors who tell you that are living in a bygone era. That day has long since passed. They are on automatic pilot, and are not operating in spiritual discernment.

Every believer must stop Joe and Kamala. No Christian in possession of the facts—who has even an inkling of what the Bible teaches—can reach a different conclusion.

Stopping them is the natural extension of our faith.

It is blazingly clear that the Democrat Party doesn’t want you. They want to close down your church permanently. They want your children to be forced to learn propaganda about sexuality and gender that the Word of God calls perversion. They want to kill babies, even after they survive abortions. The middle ground is gone.

It boils down to this question: what are you doing to stop the evil of Joe and Kamala? What are you doing to protect the morals and freedoms of your children and grandchildren? What are you doing to save America?

Stopping evil is the elephant in the room for lukewarm believers. They want to deflect. They bring up the poor, or immigrants, or some other peripheral social issue as a way of easing their conscience about Democrats. When they do that, they only come off as pathetic. How can the bone of social justice that Democrats throw out as a distraction, compare to the holocaust of killing babies in and out of the womb?

It is the inescapable moral duty of believers to stop them. The question is, “How do we stop them?” That creates another mind-freeze in lukewarm Christians. The only way to stop them is to vote for Donald Trump. There really is no other alternative. Nothing else works.

You can convince yourself that by not voting, or by voting for someone else, you are doing what is right. I am sorry, but you are not. Elections are the single opportunity for us to choose leadership. And the only way to stop the wrong people from winning is to vote for the right people.

Here is what is coming if the Left wins:

They will defund the police. Close down churches. Codify immorality. Fire people who don’t agree with the LGBTQ agenda or who speak against it. Churches will be forced to hire gay applicants. Abortion will be expanded under a state-run and funded Planned Parenthood. They will let socialism kill our economy and lower your standard of living, permanently. The state will take your guns. The state will raise your children. America will no longer be a Constitutional Republic. The Bill of Rights will be nullified. Forget the America you knew and prepare to be a client-state of globalists.

Can you live with that? Can you live with making your children and grandchildren live with that?

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, can you live with the fact that you didn’t stop this?


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  1. Dear Mario,

    The left WON’T win. God has heard the prayers of His people who have invested decades of action in the spirit. The Appeal to Heaven has been heard. God bless you and God bless America.

    Blair Thomson ( an Aussie supporter )

    Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

  2. I am so nervous about the election. I am counting down the days. Look at the insanity of what is happening in Victoria state, Australia. It might spread to USA and Canada. If Trump is defeated, that is one less wall for the totalitarians to knock down. I live with brainwashed people who are absolutely intent on voting for Biden. They soak up all the garbage on CNN and other MSM. If Biden is elected, they may be in for a big surprise. Or maybe not. Maybe there are hysterics on the Right, just as on the Left. I pray it’s just scary political posturing from the Right. 16 days will tell.

  3. Trump is going to win. That is my prediction. The choice is pretty clear. Choose Biden simply because you hate Trump or choose Trump because you like what our country looks like. The rallies paint a pretty clear picture of how popular he is. I don’t even think it will be close. God is involved in this. If he weren’t I would be scared. God bless.

  4. In this city, near where I live, the pastors have Biden signs in their yards and on their church property! Astonishing!

    The issue is that they still love Obama, and the free stuff he brought. That’s the thing, they stay on the Democrat plantation as they’ve done for years, for what they, and their people could get in terms of handouts.

    I’ve yelled from the rooftops – Parkinson’s has kept me from doing so vocally anymore, so I write – I’m considered a racist and many other things. We have a local pastor who is also a state legislator, who i rail against. He’s trying to serve God and man, and hasn’t figured out that he can’t do that.

    You can read my first on him post here:

    To see others, search “Williams” on the same WordPress site.

    We’re being attacked from within. It needs to either be stopped, or Jesus’ coming in the air is just around the corner, and we all better be evangelizing like lives depend on it – because they do.

    1. This is rebellion in the churches, and their pastors will be responsible if they do not see the evil of their ways and repent. As you have stated, “No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.”
      How these people who call themselves godly can overlook the plain words of the scripture they purport to teach (or have they given up teaching scripture?) beats me. They need to get back on the right track and repent quickly and publicly, or else Matthew 18:6 hangs over their heads. If they are in love with Obama’s gifts, they have sold out to the devil.
      God will not be mocked.

  5. From Canada. We love you USA. PRAYING. We all need Trump. At least you are fighting for your country. I feel no one is fight for Canada. We are all asleep. I’m believing America is hearing the voice of God, now, if they be obedient and vote.

  6. Reposted to Facebook:

    Here is what is coming if the Left wins:

    [They will defund the police. Close down churches. Codify immorality. Fire people who don’t agree with the LGBTQ agenda or who speak against it. Churches will be forced to hire gay applicants. Abortion will be expanded under a state-run and funded Planned Parenthood. They will let socialism kill our economy and lower your standard of living, permanently. The state will take your guns. The state will raise your children. America will no longer be a Constitutional Republic. The Bill of Rights will be nullified. Forget the America you knew and prepare to be a client-state of globalists.]

    These are the *ONLY* Promises they will keep! It’s not just the Office of the President, it’s every elected office in America! You either vote the GOP Platform or you are complicit in every immoral act of the demoncrapic platform!

    Pastor Mike Speaks.

  7. It is not just up to us. At this point, the sense of hopelessness is overwhelming. In the past no great awakening ever happened without massive prayer. That is happening now. The left geared up for what happened the last time. But G-d has something new thus the left has no idea of how to react.

    Currently the left is preparing for a tight race like happened in 2000 and 2016. So G-D is bringing about something so big that it will crush the left. Our prayer has to be for a massive miracle. Something beyond what any man, or political party, could make happen. Pray BIG!

    Plus the enemy has done the same battle plan over and over. Look at how the French Revolution started and worked. That then became the plan for the Russian revolution which led to the USSR. The enemy then attempted to do it again in German Weimar Republic in the 1930s. The German people rebelled and turned to Hitler, a strong man. So the left assumes that since Americans are resisting that Trump is the new strong man thus they use language to deal with him and us based on that. However the German people were not as godly as we are. It is not that we look to Trump for salvation but to our god. And it is G-D who will bring about a miracle.

    Venezuela was the practice for taking America. Look at what happened there. Street fighting that led to one of the richest countries in South America now being one of the poorest. The insurgency we see in the streets of Portland and other cities is exactly what happened there first.

    Judgement is coming in November. Remember that. It will pass over us but will destroy the left. Including the billionaires behind it. G-D will not be mocked. Our god is our salvation.

    1. Father-Son-Holy Ghost Blessed Trinity, intervene in our election, set our nation free. Our eyes are on you G-D. You O god are our light and salvation. Our G-D reigns! Jesus is Lord of all.

  8. THANK YOU! Incredibly well written and no “wiggle room” for people to weasel out of their God given responsibility to VOTE!

    God bless and strengthen you, Mario and staff!


  9. Thanks for your obedience to God speak out in these blogs. Our faith and prayers are with you. Pastor Manuel (Sosa) Lozano – Pastor – Word of Faith Family Church – Racine/Mount Pleasant, WI

  10. Voted early – voted righteousness – voted President Trump.

    Behind the enemies of our nation is a much bigger enemy – the CCP. This is much bigger than Clinton, BHO or the Democratic party. PRAY as never before for indeed as Mario says the fate of our nation and the world is at stake. VOTE!!!!!

  11. Amen, I praise God that my brother shared your newsletter and Utube messages with me.
    God is awaking His people. My voice is getting louder and more passionate than ever before.
    I see so much evil unfolding by the day.
    Thank you for being obedient and getting theses messages out to us.

    Ethyanne Andres

  12. PLEASE, speak out people, do the URGENT CLARION CALL and ask all your Church Pastors/people and everyone to FAST, PRAY, REPENT (also Worship and speak the Word). To me, if your Pastors are NOT doing this NOW they are NOT shepherds but wolves; set aside ALL their inane and dead rhetoric and PRAY LIKE YOUR LIFE and future generations depend on it, which it does. The satanic agenda which you can communism and jezebel as it’s steal, kill, steal and destroy=satanism is here. You can tell what media networks have sold out to NO different than Nazi communist agenda selling America, World; people out; Aushwitz is no different mandatory vaccines as look at the ingredients evil Propaganda.

    One man said his Church was open, well (deep subject) are they calling all Churches/Leaders across the Country that they didn’t have to Close and roll over and play dead and bow to this demonic agenda at all. N.Y.Post etc., is exposing corruption on Biden who looks like the walking dead as it’s just an excuse for woman to get in. TIME TO CALL FOR A SOLEMN ASSEMBLY AND PRAY! It should NOT be just the few who carry the man as 2 Chronicles 7:14 depicts. Men, Women, Children=PRAY YOUR FACE OFF!

    Constitutional Law Group.US – Rick Martin NO one had to roll over and close and play dead and wear a satanic agenda mask. “mother of all Video’s and Google: Sheriff’s who are not honoring the “unlawful lockdown; tyranny! Do NOT let the evil satanic communist agenda tear America apart-the 5th Column at all. The “truth speakers” are saying agenda to kill you and your Children and destroy America is here and they are NOT lying! MeWe has great post. Fear, is NOT of God!

  13. Thank you Mario for your boldness and willingness to share the truth. I’m absolutely shocked by the pastors so called leaders that have caved to the Goliaths. More then Ever we need men of God like you. I Urge every believer get out an Vote Trump. This is the
    Most important election of our life, not
    Just for us But for our children and grandchildren. This is no longer about Republicans vs Democrat But Good vs Evil. Together we can make a difference.

  14. I absolutely agree! We can’t comprehend how deep the deception goes! This is brainwashing that has been happening for generations! Public schools, apathetic churches, luke warm Christian parents, atheist parents (literally and in principle), and general lack of education of the ideals of our country and how unique and wonderful they truly are, have led to this inevitable point in time! Now we must fight the darkness! I plan on being at your meeting tonight because I feel this is a battle line that we must fight!
    Lord, save our country and the principles it was founded on! Open eyes, ears and hearts to understand the truth, and bring victory to Donald Trump in the election! In Jesus Mighty Name!

  15. Don’t be fooled by the title of this video,, it shares just some of the gaffs, mental deterioration, and creepy sexual advances made by Joe Biden who said in his campaign for President, “I’m running as a proud democrat for the senate” and reveals that those so-called Christians who do try make a case are double-minded, ungodly, unbiblical, making a case from popery and pompous arrogance worldly power and wisdom (earthly, unspiritual, devilish James 3:15), prideful, lustful for power, cowardly, faithless, ruthless, selfish gain; throwing their flock of sheep to the wolves and lying lion who roams to devour prey.

  16. This is Satan’s last Hurrah! What he started in the Garden he now wants to complete or ‘perfect’ on the global level.

    Satan wants to completely expel God from the world God created, and establish his eternal ‘hell on earth’. His resentment and hatred towards God and His children is at a crescendo.

    However, Satan can not claim this final period of history, as the ‘Last Days’ is the culmination of all God’s ‘blood, sweat and tears’, as well as all humanity’s throughout the long Providence of restoration and salvation, bringing us to the era of God’s long awaited ideal, the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, where God’s Ideal of Creation is finally accomplished.

    As in the ‘First Days’ of the Garden of Eden, for this to happen requires us to accomplish our responsibility to keep God’s Word. Unlike Adam and Eve who rejected God’s Commandment, and therefore forsook God’s Kingdom and governance, we must conversely keep God’s Word in order to establish His Kingdom and governance. Adam and Eve fell by uniting with the fallen Archangel who had deviated God’s Word.

    Therefore internally each of us must unite with God’s Word, and also collectively as a nation unite with the person on God’s side who is leading the nation and the people in the accomplishment of God’s Will, just as Moses, then Joshua led the people into Canaan, causing the walls of Jericho to fall, and driving out the Canaanites. This parallels our situation today, as the ‘Canaanites’ have occupied the land and taken over the governance and sovereignty of God’s House and nation.

    Hence also the reason the first Temple was destroyed, because it had been defiled by false gods having been brought into it, which in turn represented the nation having been defiled, as originally Adam and Eve’s temples were defiled by accepting the false god Satan and his ‘word’. Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden, as too the Israelites from Israel at that time.

    God has been continually raising up His people to obey His Word in order to separate them from Satan, and to worship no other gods before Him. This is the formula God has been working through.

    1 Cor 3:16 “Do you not know that you are God’s Temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in you”.

    We must discern good from evil, and support God’s champion who is ‘Seeking first God’s Kingdom’. Today that person is Donald Trump as prophesied, just as it was Cyrus who freed the Israelites and allowed them to return to Jerusalem to build God’s Temple, God’s House.

    Moses parted the Red Sea, Joshua led the people into Jericho, Jesus left the keys to the Kingdom with Peter, now we must recognise how God is working at this time, and unite together in heart, mind, body and soul. As the Hebrews painted their doorposts with lamb’s blood so that the angel of death would ‘pass over’, we too must have our ‘pass over’ by making the condition of voting for President Trump.

    If we want to live, then this is our responsibility to fulfil. Is that harder than fighting a fully pitched battle, having a civil war, being circumcised as an adult as Abraham was, or to wander in the wilderness for forty years? No, there is no comparison. All we have to do is go out and vote to enter the ‘Promise land’, which until now we have only occupied physically, but not with all our heart, soul, and mind, as well as our body.

    This is such a small thing to do compared to what we will receive as God’s Blessing, and if we do not do it, then we can expect ‘God’s curse’, which as we know from studying the bible, how horrendous that will be. Deut 28

    We have no choice. If we want to live, then our Commandment is to vote for President Trump, don’t vote, “and in that day you will surely die”.

    President Trump will then lead us into ‘Canaan’, from where we must make internal preparations to receive the ‘substantial temple’, the Lord of the Second Advent by ‘washing our robes’ and preparing as a bride for her bridegroom as a nation.

    Man was given a ‘portion of responsibility’ in the accomplishment of God’s Will. That is why Adam and Eve were given the Commandment to keep. We too must keep God’s Word:

    Jn 14:23 “Jesus answered him, “If a man loves me, he will keep my word, and my Father will love him, and we will come to him and make our home with him. 24 He who does not love me does not keep my words; and the word which you hear is not mine but the Father’s who sent me”.

    1. The stone cut out of the mountain without hands is smashing every other kingdom, and the God of heaven is setting up His kingdom that shall never be destroyed. It shall stand forever and ever. Jesus said to those who keep the word of His patience, that they would be kept safe from the hour of trial which is to come upon the whole world, to test all who live upon the earth. Rev. 3:10

  17. The prophets prophesy lies, the priests rule by their own authority, and my people love it this way. But what will you do in the end?

    The spirit of deceit and the anti-christ spirit is in the church. The church has lost its moral direction and they are making a covenant with evil. So who do they belong to now? Satan?

    Pray for them to be saved before they make their covenant with satan himself! They are on very dangerous ground.

  18. Please post this to Facebook

    —————————————–From: “Mario Murillo Ministries” To: Cc: Sent: Sunday October 18 2020 2:33:08AM Subject: [New post] HOW CAN YOU LIVE WITH THE FACT THAT YOU DIDN’T STOP THIS?

    mariomurilloministries posted: “Nothing horrifies and bewilders me more than Christians who do not appreciate what a gift of mercy it was that Donald Trump was elected. They have no clue of the nightmare that would be our world, right now, if Hillary Clinton had won. The ingratitude of”

  19. Amen brother Mario, our church (Church Tsidkenu) is open and has been open and continues to stay open in the name of Jesus Christ the name above every name. So be it.

  20. Since when were:
    o Hate;
    o Division;
    o Dishonesty;
    o Misogyny;
    o Lust;
    o Hypocrisy;
    o Pride;
    o Greed;
    o Envy; and
    o Profanity
    Christian values?

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