What do you call it, when States want 8-year-olds to have the option to postpone puberty by providing them with pills? When the cities with the most murder, want the least police? When a protester argues in court that he has a First Amendment right to throw a fire bomb? When every major university is a ‘hate America’ factory. When every last one of the major news outlets black out opposing views? When the Democrat candidate for President wants radical abortion, radical socialism, and is an empty vessel whose campaign consists of saying that we should vote for him, because he is not Trump…

What do you call it when the American Church is largely unfazed by these alarming facts?  When high profile pastors are on the wrong side of these issues. What’s worse, they can’t even take a stand, either to leave their church doors open or to sing worship songs.

Sorry, but the virtual church will never match a live and in-person church service. The most powerful videos are always the ones taken from a live service with fiery preaching and documented signs and wonders.

I know that I will get blasted for what I am about to say, but I can’t hold back the fire in my bones. Listen to how Andy Stanley justified his decision to keep his church closed until January 1, 2021:

“One of the things that I love about our churches is that we attract all kinds of people with all kinds of opinions and persuasions,” he said. “So, for some of you, this makes perfect sense and you may even be relieved. For others of you, this seems like an unnecessary precaution, perhaps a lack of faith on my part. You might even interpret this decision through a political filter. And honestly, I get all of that.”

Well, no, he doesn’t get it at all.

I am certain that his announcement plays well to the ‘woke’ crowd, but it is not consistent with the facts. First of all, people are dying because the churches are closed. And a wrecked economy is killing more people than the virus, by far. Lives depend on economic activity. When you stop that, you kill people. Suicide has reached record levels. So has addiction, despair and rage. Closed churches allow the devil free rein. The mental health epidemic of loneliness is the greatest in our history. The welcoming open door of a church is more of an essential lifeline now, than ever.

I am all for taking every precaution to prevent infections, but I will never agree to Democrat governors and mayors demanding that churches remain closed, while allowing thousands to mingle in public protest. Furthermore, there is no such thing as a public gathering that is 100% risk-free, and there never will be. 

What if the conditions next year are the same as now? Will Stanley’s church remain closed permanently? The leftist media will do everything they can to give us that impression. Unless of course Biden wins, in which case, I guess the virus will just suddenly vanish.

Furthermore, many of the so-called ‘spikes’ are the result of dubious tests. At some test sites in Florida, 100% of those tested came back positive for the virus. Give me a break! Real Christians can recognize demonic deception. Real believers understand when a lie is killing their freedom.

And isn’t it odd how the same churches that don’t mind being closed, are the same ones that won’t endorse Trump or oppose the impending disaster of a Joe Biden presidency?

Not only is the lifesaving repentance ignored—it is dismissed and even ridiculed by some of these leaders. By postponing the national repentance that is so desperately needed, they are helping sign America’s death warrant.

So, what will happen if the American Church continues to refuse to repent? That is a horror I do not even want to describe to you.

Isaiah wrote about a similar crisis that parallels what is happening in our streets: “Their feet run to evil, and they make haste to shed innocent blood; their thoughts are thoughts of iniquity; wasting and destruction are in their paths. The way of peace they have not known, and there is no justice in their ways…” (Isaiah 59:7-8)

The current looting, fires and destruction are not the product of a civil rights movement. There is zero justice coming out of their rampage.

The Bible then describes how bad things became because of the God-haters: “Justice is turned back, and righteousness stands afar off; for truth is fallen in the street, and equity cannot enter. So, truth fails, and he who departs from evil makes himself a prey” (Isaiah 59:14-15a).

Beloved, this is what we are seeing today! Antifa, social-media-cancel-culture, and the oppression of believers who dare to speak out are clearly shown in these verses. The righteous even make themselves a prey in the ‘modern’ church!

So how did God react? Isaiah 59:15b-16a tells us, “…Then the Lord saw it, and it displeased Him that there was no justice. He saw that there was no man, and wondered that there was no intercessor.”

The Lord was stunned that no one rose up to speak truth! God is as shocked today as He was then. Shocked that the very leaders He raised up to call America back to Himself, refuse to do it!

But, Mario, is there hope? The greatest hope is that you will see what God is about to do! “Therefore, His own arm brought salvation for Him; and His own righteousness sustained Him. For He put on righteousness as a breastplate, and a helmet of salvation upon His head; He put on the garments of vengeance for clothing, and was clad with zeal as a cloak. According to their deeds, accordingly He will repay, fury to His adversaries, recompense to His enemies; the coastlands He will fully repay. So, shall they fear the name of the Lord from the west, and His glory from the rising of the sun; when the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him” (Isaiah 59:16b-19).

God is not waiting for the ‘woke’ pastors to wake up! He has decided that when it comes to America, He will take matters into His own hands—He is looking at you, you who are His body on earth. He is rising up within a remnant. Special power, special words, special miracles and special courage. We need to become the prayer of repentance, the voice of repentance, and the force of God against the flood of evil before it is too late!



  2. I’m sure Charles Stanley has to be shaking his head at the theology of his kid Andy. I’m sure he wasn’t raised that way.

    Again, you’ve hit the nail on the head, Mario. I’ll be sending this to some pastors I know.

  3. Amen Pastor. I am with you.

    On Tue, Oct 20, 2020, 1:31 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “AND WHAT IF THE AMERICAN CHURCH DOES NOT > REPENT? What do you call it, when States want 8-year-olds to have the > option to postpone puberty by providing them with pills? When the cities > with the most murder, want the least police? When a protester argues i” >

  4. Mario, I think you’re putting way to much responsibility for America’s woes on a building that people have named a church. In communist countries the real church of Jesus, individuals, find a way to gather, even under the threat of death. Many of them don’t even have a Bible, they juat have a personal relationship with Jesus. Their revelation comes from their relationship with the Holy Spirit not from words in a book. Americans are being shown by Jesus the extent of Evil people that have infiltrated our government. The rise of Trump and his supporters were tagged to clean it up and with God’s help that will happen, inspite of the church. The condition of America’s government is the responsibility of all the people who call themselves Americans, regardless if they know Jesus or not, although it is very helpful if they do have a personal relationship Jesus.

      1. Of course it’s valuable, Mario is the first Bible believing church person I have crossed paths with that is politically wide awake. There may be more, but I’m not really searching. My point, that you missed, is there is a wide awake church of Jesus that is very much inthe politialy fight and he didn’t need to stress so much trying to awaken a bunch of happily sleeping pew warmers. President Trump will be
        reelected regardless of the per warmers. I admire Mario for his political stand. What he writes is very powerful.

  5. Thank you for following the lead of the Holy Spirit and allowing God to use you in this time there are a lot of people so hungry for God including me, so as I watch and read how God is using you and for your boldness to speak I’m encouraged, because I thought for a while I was the only one hungry for Gods power and Glory to come down and see lives changed!!
    Thank you and I pray for you, your family, and your ministry daily God bless you man of God, I truly believe you have a heart after God!!!

  6. Oh chaplainm (see comment above)…”words in a book”!? Really??? These are no mere “words,” brother! This is the WORD of God! This “ book”, brother, is the Bible… The living WORD that speaks to HIS people. You are right in what you say about the church building, but it grieves me to hear you talk about mere words in a book. If there is not a church building open where will the lost go when they are seeking God and don’t know where else to turn? Where will the lost who don’t know where to begin go? If there’s not a church building open for those seekers they will be left with no support. Do they know who to call? Wake up! As long as we have FREEDOM of worship we should use it to make ourselves available to those in need by keeping our houses of worship available and OPEN. The Holy Spirit is wonderful but He alone does not take the place of the WORD!

  7. Im so glad this ministry has taken the higher road and has led the charge to the American church. Your words are powerful and well received. Your ministry has provided the catalyst for others to wake up, stand up, repent. I’ve watched over the ladt 30 years they assembly of God denomination turn into the assembly of Men. Leaving the holy spirit out of services on purpose. As a Watchman I have confronted pastors about this new thinking and stand in shock. Ive written the National Headquarters and have gotten no response. Now its church with other believers in my home. I cant sit under this quenching any longer. Keep preaching the word with boldness. Yiur brother from Wisconsin

  8. Amen good word and right on : and the worst child abuse ever, looks like everything heading right up to the days of Noah lawlessness. I see a church that prefer’s mans opinion’s and ways over Gods word of truth, a church that will not repent,yesterday I posted about how the church in America brags about how protected she is, well from most of what I see the church in America is not doing anything to upset satan, they preach how your blessed and how to prosper, but never teach them how to stand fight, suit up in there armor, pick up their sword and go to battle, the Apostles had Psalm 91, and Isa 54:17, and were covered by the blood, and they were still beaten, and whipped, Paul was stoned and left for dead, They stoned Stephen in Act 7 and killed him, the thing is most here in America are not doing anything to upset satan and he don’t attack whom he already has, they accused me of slandering the church, I said slandering is telling something thats not true on some one, and what I am telling is going on in the church, we have sold out, and don’t even realize it, when we condone what God condemns we have chose the other side, we are the form of life that has a manual to go by and if we do we will prosper and be blessed, if we listen and obey, but we had rather do things our own way and mess everything up and miss heaven, when the rule book is right before our eye’s, we just have to obey it, he gave me a word that he would not remove them from the Land but allow them to be a thorn in our side, so thats means there still going to be here and keep on trying to do there evil, because some of the church refuses to do right, and we allowed things to get so bad, there will be consequences to pay for it. What if I told you this C. Virus was a demonic attack, all sickness and disease is demonic, and they are spreading the disease through witchcraft and there magic arts, they have unleased an evil on us, that is more spiritual than anything else, and thats the main way we should fight it is in the Spirit, spiritual warfare. I have seen the Church going right back to the same old way they were doing, and we are asking for more trouble, they are choosing whom they want to serve!

  9. Thank you Mario❣️Well said. Love the Truth you speak. God said not to forsake the assembly of yourselves together as the day draws near! It’s a privilege to Worship and gather unto Jesus ❤️

  10. Amen Mario, you are so right on thees issues!!

    Blessings Trenton

    On Tue, Oct 20, 2020 at 2:20 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “AND WHAT IF THE AMERICAN CHURCH DOES NOT > REPENT? What do you call it, when States want 8-year-olds to have the > option to postpone puberty by providing them with pills? When the cities > with the most murder, want the least police? When a protester argues i” >

  11. Thank you Mario. Our church, Grace Church of the Valley is in unison with you. I thank God for my Pastor. He has never strayed away from preaching and teaching the Word of God the way it is written. We have been meeting, in person, since the first day back. The Spirit of God is really moving in our midst. People being saved, miracles od healing and deliverance . Thank you again for standing, we are standing with you.

  12. I have heard no one, no not one stand up for GOD but you and Sid Roth and against evil. Why are they afraid? What do they fear? As for me I fear GOD only and not man and am sick sick sick of church that is not church!! All I know to do is pray against the evil and repent for allowing our government to be over run with bought out politicians!! Weaklings!! Biden wants the souls of Americians but he can not have mine, I am sold out to GOD!!!

  13. I have heard no one, no not one stand up for GOD but you and Sid Roth and against evil. Why are they afraid? What do they fear? As for me I fear GOD only and not man and am sick sick sick of church that is not church!! All I know to do is pray against the evil and repent for allowing our government to be over run with bought out politicians!! Weaklings!! Biden wants the souls of Americians but he can not have mine, I am sold out to GOD!!! Something is trying to stop my texting!

  14. Thank you for standing up for God. The church I go to is still open and, even though there are not a lot of people there, we still have our Bible study and Sunday service. I WILL NOT allow fear to take over for me… I will go to Church and sing praises and listen to the fiery preacher that we have!!! God bless you Mario!!

  15. Thank you Mario for the type of message that should be spoken in all churches. The way we ended up this way today, we have listened to the weak false teachers and preachers for years and they have seduced many In thinking we were created…so God could pamper and bless us. We sat back and became lazy and did not pursue righteousness but our own worldly ways and agenda. We are here to serve our Lord and to allow Him to prepare us in this life so that we will feel at home with a righteous King, Jesus in God’s Kingdom. Yes He blesses us but do we seek Him first? Jehovah also said that there would be a famine of his Word. Oh there are more bibles than we can count but also more false teachers than ever. These guys take a scripture and completely use it out of context. As you quoted Mario in Isaiah 59….Jesus is the real answer and until He comes let’s align ourselves with those who still have a fear of The Lord and are trying to do what is right. By voting with the Satanic, evil left you are making yourself an enemy of God.

    Amos 8:11 NASB
    [11] “Behold, days are coming,” declares the Lord GOD, “When I will send a famine on the land, Not a famine for bread or a thirst for water, But rather for hearing the words of the LORD.

    Toilet paper shortage is not what he is talking about……but it is hard to find people teaching the Word Of God and not some new age woke watered down message.

    God only knows His timetable and when He will turn his wrath on these false teachers and those that call evil good and good evil. Let’s us align ourselves with what is good and hate what is evil as our Lord does.

    Hopefully our prayers will be heard, and this country and especially the church will repent so that we have one more opportunity to seek the the Lord. God’s Will will be done.

  16. Mr. Murillo, Thank you for sharing these truths. I pray that many will have their eyes opened in Jesus’ Name, and I proclaim that every plan of the enemy will result in their own feet being caught in their traps. Let the church grow in purity of heart and deed through these challenges.
    It’s not too late for the lost to be saved if they choose, but the church must stop cowering to teethless bullies whose hearts are set on destroying everything good. Trust God to give us the discern to know the difference.

  17. What an superb, timely message for the Church!! Full of truth, and Gods Word to re-enforce your message! How I pray and repent for our “ Laodicean”, lukewarm church that God will indeed “ lift up a standard against the onslaught of evil” that has been ushered in by a sleeping Church for years !
    Thank you for being a strong voice for “truth” in this day Mario…you are one of very few! Your anointed posts are a life line to me and now Google has shut down my ability to forward your messages to fellow Christians of like minds!!
    I will get your messages to them somehow! Keep up the GOOD work!!
    God Bless you and protect you, Mechelle and ministry associates!!

  18. The church we attend has been open for months.
    Masks and every other pew.
    Was announced on SundAy by mid November we will be going to two services!
    Just hired a new Youth Pastor and Bible studies are in place as well as some children’s activities!
    Thankful for the bold leadership of the church we attend!

    1. To Barbara: Hallelujah and praise the LORD!!! Happy for you! Our church has been open since May 16, with great joy, … and masks. The blessing that comes on the whole Body of Christ was palpable! This is why we need to get these Churches open! We must assemble, the joy of the LORD is our strength.
      Open wide you gates, the KING OF GLORY IS COMING IN, THE LORD IS THE KING OF GLORY!!

  19. Mario
    THANK YOU for carrying God’s message of truth,,,,for all you are doing for God and for God’s Creation worldwide,yes Worldwide .
    I am in gratitude to you man of God.

  20. Mario
    THANK YOU for carrying God’s message of truth,,,,for all you are doing for God and for God’s Creation worldwide,yes Worldwide .
    I am in gratitude to you man of God.

  21. Truth is, every church in America should be emphasizing every Sunday, complete surrender and repentance before God, on our faces or knees and crying out to Him to search our hearts, cleanse us, and to save our country.

    But our “former” church is not. That’s why I left. They used to, but now they are caught up in a dream world of building bigger buildings, being “blessed”, and ignoring the wolves at the door. They do not seem to be interested in talking or hearing about the importance of this election. They don’t even tell the congregation to search the issues and find out how both candidates stand on them, and then vote their conscience. How hard would that be?

    If there is post-election mayhem in this country, many, many Christians will be unprepared to face it, and it is the fault of the idol shepherds.

    I just read yet two more stories of innocents being gunned down in cold blood by BLM people and the media is ignoring them. Another of a policeman beaten in the face to a near bloody pulp while onlookers laughed.

    While the church talks about buildings…

  22. In numbers 16, Korah and his followers rose against God’s anointed, they faced the judgements of God and so did those who complained about the judgements. Those who have turned on God and are encouraging their congregations to vote for devil’s think they will escape? Surely biblical illiteracy is the downfall of the lukewarm church. Judgement will begin at the house of God before it falls on the world.

  23. Coin operated hirelings are never going to cut it, and God is not going to send any kind of major “revival” until they are uprooted. They serve some kind of lesser purpose on a divine plane, but they also are holding everything up on a higher divine plane. That is actually the real issue in America and the world.

  24. I am so thankful that our church has been meeting every Sunday since June. We have 300 to 500 people every week and so many new people are showing up. No social distancing and very few people wearing mask. We are having a fall festival this Sunday and expecting a large crowd. We have numerous events planned for the upcoming holiday season. We also have our youth group meeting every Sunday night with 50-100 teenagers attending. So far we have not had one incident of Covid 19. God is honoring our obedience to open the church. I am so looking forward to hearing you speak at the Jeremiah Johnson conference next month in North Carolina.

  25. Hi Mario you’re doing a great job by staying up to these people that are not opening the churches, they will have blood on there hands. God will deal with them, I would hate to be in there shoes. Doing a great job for speaking out. I all fully behind you. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    Sent from my iPhone


  26. You say by keeping our churches closed it’s killing people. Isn’t that contradictory? With this pandemic keeping people safe by not congregating together makes more sense! God tells us in the Bible he will never forsake us no matter where we are whether it be socially or praying from our bedrooms. I opt to listen to our Lord rather than social media. God will answer our prayers whether we are in a building or in our homes. All we can do is give this to God and he will tale care of us all!!

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