When Hillary announced she was running for President, Christians began fasting and praying for her to be defeated. But when Trump announced his bid for the White House, a vast number of witches and occultists began casting spells and curses on him. What a contrast!

When Democrats heard God mentioned from their platform at their 2016 convention, they began booing.

What I am writing you about, is the fact that Democrats and leftists have gone way beyond this. They are now joining the Temple of Satan. Here’s what leftist attorney Jamie Smith wrote in the Huffington Post: “I am a 40-something attorney and mother who lives in a quiet neighborhood with a yard and a garage full of scooters and soccer balls,” Smith said. “I often walk with my children to get ice cream and spend weekends hiking through a national park. I am not the type of person who would normally consider becoming a Satanist, but these are not normal times.”

Then she explained why she became a Satanist: “When Ginsburg passed,” Smith said she, “didn’t feel sorrow but rather fear that America is headed toward “theocracy or dictatorship.”  When Justice Ginsburg died, I knew immediately that action was needed on a scale we have not seen before. Our democracy has become so fragile that the loss of one of the last guardians of common sense and decency in government less than two months before a pivotal election has put our civil and reproductive rights in danger like never before. And, so, I have turned to Satanism.”

“We should, however, analyze Smith’s argument seriously, as her claims and their implications paint a troubling picture of the dangerous ideology pervading today’s left,” said Kylee Zempel in her article The Satanic Temple Is In Fact Emblematic Of The Leftist Worldview. 

She goes on to say about Jamie Smith, “Smith assured her readers that, not to be confused with the Church of Satan, The Satanic Temple doesn’t actually worship him. Most of the temple’s adherents are atheists, viewing Satan as a symbol of rebellion. According to Smith, members reject the supernatural in favor of reason.

““Like other religions,” Smith went on to say, “members of The Satanic Temple adopt a set of beliefs. In this case, its seven tenets, which include that people “should strive to act with compassion and empathy” and that “one’s body is inviolable, subject to one’s own will alone.

“Reading through the seven tenets, I was struck by how closely they aligned with the unwritten code I had used to try to guide my own life for several years,” Smith wrote. “I realized, happily, that these were my people and that I had been a Satanist for several years without even knowing it.”

Finally, Smith couches the murder of the unborn in typical Democrat-speak, justifying killing babies, which is human sacrifice as practiced by Satanic cults, as a “right,” thus:

“Everyone who cares about women having autonomy over their bodies should care about efforts to use religion to chip away at this right. We need to think outside the box to challenge what is coming and what is already here. The Satanic Temple is already doing that, and by becoming one of its members, I believe I have joined a community of people who will stop at nothing to safeguard my family’s rights― and all of our rights― when they are at their most vulnerable.”

Three times Smith refers to wanting the ‘right’ to exist “for her daughters” to kill their own offspring.

The Left has descended into something that they do not even understand. When you hear me say this election is a choice between good and evil, be assured, I took great pains to study Democrats before making that assertion.

What Democrats don’t realize is that there is no safe version of Satanic involvement. They have taken the embodiment of evil—the devil—and made him a revolutionary hero.

Moreover, they do not understand the urgent difference between Satanism and Christianity when it comes to the supernatural. To become a Christian and receive the Spirit of God you must make a conscious surrender. With Satanism and the occult no such precondition exists. In other words, if you dabble with any form of the occult, even playing with a Ouija board as a joke, you will invoke demonic activity, and you must repent of it, renounce it, and you will need to be prayed for, for deliverance. Even when Democrats are atheists, if they practice Satanism, they have invited supernatural evil into their midst.

The real evil comes from a single tenet of the Temple of Satan, and Kylee Zempel rightly identifies it: “One tenet, in particular, is notable: “The struggle for justice is an ongoing and necessary pursuit that should prevail over laws and institutions.” In other words, the law is dispensable in the pursuit of justice — a remarkable statement coming from an attorney. The ends of equity justify the means of tearing down institutions. Sound familiar?

“This principle, which the Satanic Temple articulates and Smith affirms, absolves the rioters who are pillaging America’s cities under the guise of “social justice.” It supports illegal social programs that promote a so-called oppressed group, while discriminating against another group. It exonerates election fraud by those who reason that the “fascist” President must be removed from the White House by any means necessary. This idea reeks of moral relativism and guarantees lawlessness.

“To adopt a tenet such as this is an interesting response to the death of a Supreme Court Justice and an interesting way to cope with the fear that one’s legal ‘rights’ will be infringed. If equity is greater than the law, how does the Constitution fit in? If justice ‘should prevail over laws and institutions,’ there will be nothing left for the Supreme Court, an institution itself, to protect.”

Satan has emerged as a hero to leftists. They don’t see the issue. They have been deceived. Seeking justice over law, opens the jaws of hell to a society. Justice can be defined as whatever they want. As soon as they define what they think they want, they can wreck anything to get to it.

Justice—perverted and demonically inspired—is how Satanism and Democrats found each other.

Now you know why a segment of the Democrat Party is keen to defund the police. Now you know why even mainstream Democrat leading newspapers have written about looting being justified. Now you know why they will not shut down rioters, arsonists, and even killers. Now we know why there is a clear correlation between the demon god Moloch that commanded his worshippers to burn their infants alive, and late term abortion. They are both after justice—social justice…

Satan sincerely believes he is fighting for justice against God. Now we know who is giving the Left their definition of ‘justice,’ and now the Left is finally starting to admit it.

That is proof that this election is, indeed, a choice between good and evil.


    1. My happy Revelations 20 song!

      IT only takes one Angel,
      One Holy Holy Angel of God!
      To Lay Hands on the Serpent cast him into the Pit!
      One Angel,
      One Holy holy Angel of God!
      Who is it? Is it Gabriel is it Michael instead?
      Oooooooo O It only takes one Angel you know!
      It only takes one Angel!
      One Holy Holy Angel of God!

      Now, the devil was defeated!
      Defeated at Calvary!
      When Jesus kicked his butt and took the kingdom keys!
      Jesus defeated, the devil At Calvary!
      Ooooooooooo,O It only took One Savior you know!
      It only took one Holy, One Holy Holy Lamb of God!

      And Now IT only takes One Angel!
      One Holy Holy Angel of God!
      To Lay Hands on the Serpent cast him into the Pit!
      One Angel,
      One Holy holy Angel of God!
      Who is it? Is it Gabriel is it Michael instead?
      Oooooooo O It only takes one Angel you know!
      It only takes one Angel!
      One Holy Holy Angel of God!

  1. Totally agree Mario! Have watched the Satanic movement grow in power and influence over the past few years and which is rampantly increasing in recent years especially since President Trump came on the scene!! The DECEPTION of the left and even many folks that actually call themselves Christians is alarming! Thank you for posting the truth about the evils we are fighting right now in the political realm!! I believe you posted this earlier but it needs to be kept in front of us to be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might,,, having on the full armor of God as we battle in intercession for the re-election of President Trump and for the soul of our nation.!! God BLess you to keep up the good fight of faith and keeping the truth ever before us.! Praying for you !!!

  2. Thank you for what you shared during your phone call with Jon and Jolene Hamill.

    Thank you for sending this out, explains a lot of why I have felt such restlessness and tension coming from the Democrats and why so many Christians are being deluded (including members of my family). God bless you. Judith Grominger, Silver Spring, MD

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  3. Satan didn’t realize, when he rebelled against God, how bankrupt God could make him. As far as Satan is concerned, God went too far! God removed from Satan everything that pertains to life. His very identity, his belonging, was removed from him. Satan is a hollow shell of a person. And he resents how far God went in his judgment of him. He never foresaw how perfect and complete God‘s judgment would be against him. And he rages against God for the emptiness of his existence now, after receiving the wages of his rebellion. He wishes there were someone higher that he could take his argument to, but there is no one higher than God.

    1. God will always out smart Satan. He did all He could to save mankind, so it’s up to the individual to choose life. Just like us, God grieves when anyone hurts our children. That’s Satan’s revenge on the Lord. As many as he can take with him to hell, he’ll do. This must make him feel really BIG. God loves you & I. Why won’t you accept & love Him for your own sake?

  4. 2 Chronicles 7:14; Jeremiah 17:9….When you are deceived, you don’t know you are deceived, BECAUSE YOU ARE DECEIVED…
    Reminiscent of Jesus warnings in the synoptic gospels, “be not deceived”…

  5. Amen Mario!

    By the way, I just watched your sermon on youTube @ Cornerstone Church “The End of the Beginning”
    It was a great message to the church. I wish my Pastor for such a time as this would preach about this election, just once! People need to watch this…. take a look.

  6. Big amen: The old saying you dance with the devil and he leads, you give him an inch and he will take everything he can, and destroy it, it even goes deeper but people can’t hear that, but we are dealing with pure evil, funny now they want us locked up in insane Asylum’s when they are the one’s who belong there, they don’t want to be called devil’s, which they totally are, be God forbid we call them that today we might hurt their feelings, they need more than their feelings hurt, they need stopped, they are destroying this nation , and the church they are after the Christians and Jews again, just like Hitler, its a battle of good and evil. and we best get on the winning side.

  7. Thank you so much for the truth. This may be the start of Christian’s speaking it. My pastor said once, we may be the ones to bring the tribulation because truth is hated, who will be on the side of the Lord is a question all must ask; a self evaluation.
    Reading Ezekiel chapter 13 brought a light into where we are right now.

  8. Wow! Thank u 4 helping me know, understand, the truth in this! That is craziness! God bless, protect & keep speaking the truth thru Mario!

  9. WOW! Well as unbelievable as this is, I am not surprised! Satan has concocted this mastermind of a thought process. A total LIE that feeds off of man’s self centeredness and entitlement. Satan is shrewd and his delusion powerful. But man being sick with his own utter selfishness cares not anymore how he will fulfill his wants. Just thinking about it makes me feel nauseated. So terrible!

  10. Thank you
    I am concerned why more pastors do not take a stand behind there pulpit.

    True this election is about Jesus and the devil evil and good.

    Keep these great messages coming.

  11. it is surprising how so many cannot see the demonic influence on the left. But then many who vote democrat are blind to those who are hardcore leftist. They cannot see how the murders in the major, often democrat ran, cities are demonic and created by the cultural pollution spewed by the left (like Battle Rap).

    These folks need to have their faces rubbed in the mess. Perhaps that is what is meant by judgement is coming in November.

  12. Blessings to you. I’m crying out to the Lord against the wickedness in high places. The Lord has given the Body of Christ a chance to repent and pray for His mercy and He sent help through President Trump. Hallelujah!! I’m fasting and praying Gods will for this election and of course a blind man can see the will of God for this election.

  13. I’m crying out to the Lord against the wickedness in high places. The Lord has given the Body of Christ a chance to repent and pray for His mercy and He sent help through President Trump. Hallelujah!! I’m fasting and praying Gods will for this election and of course a blind man can see the will of God for this election.

  14. Mario, a fresh flowing river of TRUTH from the Throne of God and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit finally coming out and telling the truth about the evils of government… and the condition of the lukewarm, Laodicean, anemic church.

    Thank God you have the means and platform to say the truth… and I’m sharing this on social media.

    My wife and I have been saying this for years among our social network, but it doesn’t really seem to get far.

    Thank God, he has given you a strong voice for Truth and Righteousness in the bowels of Hell.

    I read the end of the story, and we do win, we will overcome!

  15. You used the term “late term abortion”. I believe any abortion fits the category of sacrificing infants to molech. You do believe all abortions are the same I think.

  16. I am relieved that once again the battle lines between good and evil have become clearly defined in everyday life. Now all we have to do is stand with courage and clarity, as so many have stood before us.

  17. I had always thought a person had to be intelligent to be a lawyer. This foolish woman in this story is putting her entire family in danger. She’s given the Enemy permission to enter their lives and their household. Very frightening for her family.

    This is the insanity of the Left. They think that because they don’t believe in God, that there is no real devil either. And so, they play right into his hands and will one day find that they belong to him anyway.

    Judging by the way those on the left are capable of lying straight-faced on a constant basis to the American people, and to sell their souls for money, power, fame, and is not surprising that this is fertile ground for satan to find ready vessels to fill with his evil.

    Why do people do this? When the Savior of the Universe is waiting for them to turn to Him so that He can give them everything, more than they could possibly imagine?

    But then..there were those who saw Him raise Lazarus from the dead, and hated him anyway..

  18. This is a fact. We as believers must fast and pray for this election. It is not a time to be idle. We can pray and we will have the victory. Then we must continue to pray that the Abortion will stop in this land. Satan is not more powerful than Yehovah, or Yehoshua. Satan has been defeated on the cross, but the assemblies (churches) must repent of sin in order for us to have the authority as a whole. Individually and collectively  we must repent. This is a must if we want to see the revival. I firmly Trump will win. I dreamed of him twice, and the second time he had won. I thank Yehovah in advance. But still I continue to pray and will continue to pray after the elections. The war has not ended, it is just beginning. But revival is also here. Children will begin to be used by Yehovah to prophesy. they will lay hands of the sick and they will recover. Yehovah is not sleeping and democratic will realize the Blood that was shed on Calvary is their nightmare. The Name of Yehoshua is going to be heard all over the world. They will fear, and yes they will eventually do great damage, but we know where we are going and we will not cease to call upon our Master and King Yehovah. he is our strong tower.  we will run to Hi and we are safe. let us fall in love with our Creator and serve with all our hearts, minds and soul, and worship Him in the Spirit. I love you in the Spirit, Mario, and I pray you continue to will souls, and never stop until you are in heaven and see Him face to face. ShalomDeborah

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    Flame of Fire MinistriesDeborah A. Atzori Missionary, Author1 808 214 0557

    zakhor ‘et-yom ha’shabbat leqaddeshoremember the Sabbath day for holiness (Fourth Commandment) Exodus 20:24 “In  every place I cause  My Name to be  mentioned (azkir=to be spoken) I will come to you.” Yehovah El Olam -Yehovah El Everlasting

    Yehovah Avinu  /Yehovah our Father Shema’ Yisra’El Yehovah Eloheinu, Yehovah echad Hear O Israel, Yehovah our Elohim, Yehovah is ONE

  19. When my mother was 45 years old, several events happened to destroy her life. I am going share one of them. At 48 years old, the state of California declared her incompetent, and appointed her a public guardian. A few years past and the Lord had me call my mom who was living, at age 51,in a Nursing home. I ask her if she remembered what happened to her when she attended a show featuring a psychic. She started screaming and said, something black entered her body. If anyone thinks you can be a bystander, and treat the demonic realm like a show be warned. My Mom went from Country Clubs, Rolls Royce, mink coats and diamonds to the bottom and never got her fully got her mind back.
    Without Jesus we have no protection and no future.

    1. SMZ: In my own life, know perished for lack of knowledge: Lot’s of Books on Biblical Verses for Prayer especially for deliverance and keep it simple: Shaping History Through Prayer and Fasting; Ministry of Intercession by Andrew Murray; Rees Howell’s Book on Intercessory Prayer; John Eckhardt’s Books; Derek Prince has some great teaching Video’s; “some things only broken through prayer and fasting”. Will refer people in deliverance ministry and I know they can give you more information. Don’t concentrate on the demonics or demoniacs but the Glory and the Love of the Father! Blessing and Cursing Video & Book was great help. Books on true intercession and the Power of Almighty God. Look for Books that are full of God’s Word-Bible. I’m sorry sorry as lament of mine is NOT enough prayer and a Pastor told me recently “NOT enough praying Saints”. 2 Chronicles 7:14. This whole evil propaganda agenda will be only won on our knees in prayer or sucking carpet/stone/linoleum=POWER OF PRAYER! Not to mention, fasting, praying, worshipping (as someone’s demons wanted to stop that), speaking the WORD per Bible, etc., and repeat. God can glorious deliver your mother right where she is at; my number #1 prayer is GOD SEND HELP; he hears the prayers of all, not just the saved or the Christian for all those testimonials that had that Damascus Road Experience or him just showing up because of NO conditions, that’s his great love and mercy!

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