Trump trounced Biden. It wasn’t even close. Biden was weak. Biden would make a point and Trump would instantly blast it like a clay pigeon. During this debate, Trump had a controlled and devastating delivery.

Once again, the moderator was protecting Biden. She interrupted Trump 32 times and Biden only twice. Trump knew better than let her stop him from drilling Biden. Notably hammering away at Joe for the 3.5 million the Russians gave his son, and for the cages that Obama built to detain children at the border.

Trump even found a way to expose the scandal that everyone except the leftist media is talking about. The statement by Tony Bobulinski showing Joe Biden selling influence to nations hostile to America.  He stated that former Vice President Biden “was a willing and eager participant in a family scheme to make millions of dollars by partnering with a shady Chinese Communist firm.”

The statement attributed to Mr. Bobulinski appears to confirm that contrary to his denials, Joe Biden was involved with his son Hunter’s business, and it was not a business in which a future President ought to be involved. The Bobulinski statement published by the New York Post reads in part:

“I am the CEO of Sinohawk Holdings which was a partnership between the Chinese operating through CEFC/Chairman Ye and the Biden family. I was brought into the company to be the CEO by James Gilliar and Hunter Biden. The reference to “the Big Guy” in the much-publicized May 13, 2017 email is in fact a reference to Joe Biden. The other “JB” referenced in that email is Jim Biden, Joe’s brother.

“Hunter Biden called his dad “the Big Guy” or “my Chairman,” and frequently referenced asking him for his sign-off or advice on various potential deals that we were discussing. I’ve seen Vice President Biden saying he never talked to Hunter about his business. I’ve seen firsthand that that’s not true, because it wasn’t just Hunter’s business, they said they were putting the Biden family name and its legacy on the line.”

Trump got most of that on the record in the debate. Then Biden said, “I never took any money.” At that point it was over. Biden had finally succumbed to his own arrogance and hypocrisy. It was too obvious that he was lying and even the moderator couldn’t protect him.

But tonight, was not about a Trump victory. It was about something so dark and evil that every American should be alarmed. What is that chilling depravity? It begins with this revelation: Joe Biden is not just a fumbling do-nothing. He is exposed as a corrupt politician who is the head of a crime family that has in the past, and would in the future endanger the United States for money. He took money from our enemies. He made his son pay him a cut on every deal to peddle influence.

The horror is that Facebook, Twitter, Google, and YouTube will—even in the face of these heinous crimes—still protect Biden and censor any stories about Biden’s crimes. They have dropped a great curtain on America. Not an iron curtain, but a silicon curtain.

Is it possible that Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Jack Dorsey of Twitter, Sundar Pichai of Google, and Susan Wojcicki of YouTube are this cold blooded? Yes, they are. And so are ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN and the New York Times.

At this moment, America is going to bed knowing that something darker than Watergate has happened. While he was Vice President of the United States, Biden abused his power for money.

We knew that they were biased. We knew that they censored stories in favor of the Left. But now we know something that should drive us to our knees in prayer. We now have proof that there is no evil Biden can commit that will provoke them to tell the truth.




  1. Wonderful news, Mario – I have been praying for light to be shone into the corners of darkness, and the scales to fall from the eyes of the electorate. People need to see the extent of the cover-ups and the depth of the denials. Hallelujah!

  2. It’s bye bye for Joey Biden the brutal baby butcher, and chronic and acute liar. Biden is the modern day Haman who is going to hang on the gallows he tried to prepare for Trump!

  3. Unfortunately, “christians” especially those in minority churches will believe every lie about Trump, hate him to their core, and believe harris-biden is their messiah.

    You can’t win against these people… All you can do is PRAY ans Survive til Jesus comes…

    This is an election where our prayers and our votes are paramount.

    But, only Father God can actually win it for us.

    I tried talking to two at work yesterday, smart technical types that fit the above description.

    One was even enthroned as a Bishop in his denom…

    Father God must enlighten the hearts of the Electoral College and Trump will have to have the intestinal fortitude to declare marshal law to quell the violence that will come no matter what.

    UNLESS Father God stretches forth His strong right arm and intervenes personally.

    But, I fear that not only has the American Church set the Children of The King’s Teeth on edge they have set The Kings teeth one edge as well.

      1. the problem w marshall law is that UN troops will be involved. Troops from not friendly nations are waiting for that opportunity.

      2. UN Troops would *NOT* be allowed to participate in an internal US declaration of Marshall Law.

        They would have no right or business unless invited by the US President.

        *IF* They involve themselves, they will be shot on sight!

        *IF* The president invites them then we were all wrong about TRUMP….

    1. You are so right. I’m seeing it with my own eyes. Some of my most trusted, God fearing, deeply loved friends are so blinded by these truths. They literally can not see it in black and white. They refuse to hear it, read it or watch it. I just pray they listen with they’re hearts.

    2. The minority churches are often pastored by those who are part of the problem. The result is that those communities are seeing huge levels of violence. Their young men are killing each other. Not over drugs or gangs but over social media feuds. Battle Rap is best left to the professionals. On the street it will get you killed.

      We need people preaching repentance in the minority communities. We need peacekeepers like we have here in Indianapolis with the Ten Point Coalition where they actually step between those shooting.

      BTW marshal law just means our military is sent in to preserve order. Not the UN.

  4. Important that we urgently pray NOW! To avoid having to desperately pray every day for the next four years!

  5. We are seeing demonic activity everywhere. Not just the insurgency in the streets of cities like Portland but the high murder rate in every community. What has been the response of not only pastors but those in the pews? Basically wanting to see those doing demonic things to move out of their community. BTW much of the violence in not gang related nor over drugs. It is often a feud in social media. Battle Rap.

    What we really need to be doing is to be on the streets. Working with people in the neighborhoods which see high levels of violence. Being peacekeepers even if that means stepping between those shooting at each other. We need to get out of our comfortable pews, stop judging and start ministering.

  6. President Trump did an awesome job in that debate last night. He restrained himself, yet fought back concisely and precisely. I’m glad he talked over the “moderator” – as did Sleepy Joe. I hope those that were watching had their eyes opened last night. I believe justice will be done, not only to the Bidens, but the other members of the Deep State/Swamp. God is HERE, He is on the scene and is intervening in the “7 mountains” of society. I am excitedly watching and praying to see what happens during Sean Feucht’s Worship-fest [i.e. “worship protest”] on the Washington, DC mall this Sunday – I believe Father God is going to show up, and show off – in a very BIG way!

  7. God told me a few years ago that there were evil tentacles projecting into many area . I have prayed for them to be revealed and many have been brought to light, such as the Russia hoax, and now this. Then everything would seem to stall as to justice being done. Now I am feeling that I should pray that the impediments, the roadblocks, to justice be removed. This evil has to not only be revealed but be stopped and justice be done. I am thankful for truth no matter how disturbing. I pray that El Shaddai, Almighty One, will stop and bring to justice all of these evil plots and deeds that threaten His people and this nation. I ask that He will use his great power and wisdom to bring a David, many Davids, to stop the giants in their tracks.

  8. Awesome summary of Trumps triumph and deeper expose’ of the “Biden Crime Syndicate”… thank you Mario!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  9. It’s still not finished, this evening I intend to fast and pray for your people to see trough all this. Its ensorship and couruption,, see it for what it is, evil We can not turn our heads away from God. This is the last chance to make things right, Stay safe in God’s grace, best wishes from Scotland to all people of the U,S,A

    1. Please edit your comments to “through”, “censorship”, “corruption”. (I hope editing is possible. It is on most sites that allow comments.) Thank you for your prayers, we need them badly; so much is at stake!

      1. Editing is not possible on this site. I’m wondering why you felt the need to tell someone else to correct their post?

  10. We now know what Old Joe was doing in his basement for the week before the debate. He was practicing his, “shock and surprise” look to use every time Trump talked about how much money he has made through corruption. Only the willingly deluded were fooled by it. But at least he showed some life when he feigned shock. It made him look like he was alive now and then, at least.

    Biden continues to slam President Trump for giving hope to the American people. One of my favorite lines from Love’s Christmas Journey, taken from Janet Oake’s book series, , is when a young man, Eric, confronts the town people who are condemning the mayor for giving them, what they considered, “false hope”, regarding their hope of the railroad company building track through their town and, “making them all rich”. When the mayor has to break the news to them that it is not going to happen after all, the people turn on him…”You lied to us”, “You said the railroad was coming through here and we’d be rich and prosperous”, “Good luck getting re-elected”. Sound familiar?

    Eric speaks up and tells the people that he remembers what the town was like before that mayor took over. He was abandoned there by his father. The town was full of criminals and cutthroats. He knew, because his father was one of them. He told them that mayor had” turned that town around, into a place where anyone would be proud to live. You’re mad at the mayor for trying to give us hope. I’d rather have a mayor with too much hope, than have one with no hope at all.”

    That scene describes the difference between Trump and Biden. Every time Trump tries to raise America’s hopes that Covid will pass and we need to live our lives, Biden speaks up with a dark comment to keep the people properly miserable. The purpose of this is to keep us properly in line like good little sheeple and looking to the State to show us what we’re supposed to do next.

  11. Dear Mario,

    It seemed to me upon thinking about it this morning that President Trump was battling evil last night, not just a man. When the President walked off stage he did not have a hand-raising show of victory. To me he appeared almost stunned by the degree of evil that he had faced, maybe even mortal combat?

    GOD bless you and your team! I’m praying!

    Barbara Sullivan

  12. I would hope that this will all be exposed about corrupt Biden and his family!
    They are wrong for America just like Hillary was. The Big tech companies are like the CCP
    with their censorship of conservatives and those that don’t agree with them! God expose them all including the Deep State evil people
    and the evil left Democrats. President Trump is anointed by God even though he might not be a saint, God is using him to do great things for our nation.

  13. Here for Trump. That said marshal law should only be used in time of armed rebellion or extreme disaster.
    Using it before could cause the rebellion your trying to fix.

  14. Last night was like watching the expose of an attempted murder, and the intended victim is America. Joe’s mind is going, but he remembers well how to lie, scheme and hate; those things were the only things holding him together. Yes, the President looked very solemn. We’ve got to hang in there and pray even more down this home stretch; the enemy will fight for its miserable life. It’s so good to find people to pray with; my area still needs a lot of waking up. Thank you.

  15. I have been Provoked, Brother Mario,

    last night at the Debate, Joe Biden said ” we are in for a dark Winter “. What kind of leader wants to lead and curses his own People? I rebuke that word in the name of Jesus. Our God is an all-consuming FIRE! There will be no dark winter, BUT Revival, healing, and deliverance, and Salvation. I am pleading the Blood of Jesus! Here in California and still fighting the good fight and we will win! I have never heard such a person wanting to be a leader that curses his own people with a plague and darkness !!! Not on my watch.

  16. He thought that he could find solace in his church affiliation; Catholics believe in pardon by confessing to a priest, and taking communion[ I was raised Catholic,but even as a child, when watching “communion, I often felt nausious, and realised later it was a religious “spirit”]. But, now Joe Biden is even cut off from that lying “spirit” resource Catholics depend on.

    1. Raymond,

      While I agree that the current Pope is poop and while I agree that there are many practices of The Catholic Church that occult’s the truth of the Gospel of Jesus, especially our position in Him and directly below Him in the Heavenly Chain of Command.

      There is enough truth in the Catechism of The Catholic Church to be saved.

      The passions for Biblical truth and their flocks of *some* Priests cannot be denied, especially Ed Meeks and James Altman.

      It’s amazing how we consider anyone who hasn’t memorized our own denominations verbiage a heretic, no matter how much truth they speak. All churches have a religious spirit of religious politics. And, when you can’t play their game their way you aren’t allowed to minister.

      I know! When I was on the outs with my denom I spent more time ministering my pastors heart at a Catholic Rectory that even the Sisters thought I was a Jesuit in Plain clothes. I longed to minister so badly that I seriously considered becoming a priest after being rejected by my own.

      But, a Jesuit Lawyer sat me down over coffee and explained why I would never be happy as a priest.

      So here I am… Still on the outs. 🙂

  17. Praying martial not Marshall, law will not be necessary. That we persons of prayer keep on our knees until not only Trump is clearly and quickly decisively re-elected, but that we have the national revival and harvest of souls we have been groaning for for decades. Amen! God continue to bless Mario Murillo and all true lovers of God, amen.

    1. I always get confused between Marshall Law and martial law. I’ll have to do some research.

      I agree martial law will be hard on us as a nation. But, IMHO, as a Vietnam Era Veteran to keep the peace will require if, unless Father God supernaturally intervenes.

      Because the only way to deter people bent on lawlessness, rioting and looting is knowing that they are under a shoot to kill order. Sorry to say that, but it’s an ugly reality.

      But, as Mario has mentioned before, IIRC, he believes it will be a selective process based on where and what’s happening. Whether it will be supernatural events, or human there will be intervention.

      I, too, am longing and hoping for a massive revival and a come to terms with reality such that what I feel in my heart will not come to pass. PRAYER! And, of course a Righteous VOTE is our part.

      Then we can go to sleep and say, “It’s yours Lord, I’m going to bed.” 🙂

  18. Irony, Ma Bell needs to sue=lawsuit as was there for the Phone Break-up! Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Amazon, Yahoo, Instagram, etc., all those like the DOJ just sued Google they ALL need to be broken up period an Apostolic Man said it and been thinking about it. END TO Corruption and Evil. Bill Gates is NOT a Dr., and he DID NOT take the hypocratic Oath to due no harm as reading articles crimes against children and he’s a Eugenics guy; Fauci also did Crimes against children per site below. Battle Hymn by Scura/Phillips wrote about “Eugenics Anyone” and also PBS/KCET did a horrific documentary which have seen twice from 70’s (playing their god and sterilizing people). All those who censored and blocked need to be tried for treason as anyone especially on the News Media mentioned Covid propaganda communist agenda should spend one year in Prison for their Communist-Satanic Agenda of selling out the U.S.A./Nation and the World evil people that they are who need a Damascus Road Experience like us all.
    Lot’s of articles exposing evil: (note the comments)! Always read the comments as people are waking up and NEED to wake up before ALL their Freedom is taken away as it’s such a Spiritual Battle-Ephesians 6:all. Psalms 91:all. Isaiah 60:1! PRAYER, THE POWER OF PRAYER!

    Note: from this site read where M.Z. pouring millions into trying to defunct Property 13 showing motive, agenda=intentions of the Heart and is their stupid thinking California only for the Rich, Elite and the beyond Evil Elitist Globalist Cabal as their evil agenda as hearts and motives are revealed especially with regards to beyond evil insane agenda of Covid. 2 Kings 6:16-18! “sin makes you stupid”-extremely; Judge Fruit!

  19. You want evil: they are infecting people with Covid when get tested and putting it in vaccines. Read so many articles and the Whistleblower Dr.’s and Nurses alike and heard video’s that got removed fast and furious because the Occult Doesn’t Live in Truth, Occult Lives in Darkness, Occult hides sin and sweeps it under the carpet. U-Tube, Facebook, is removing truth but not breighton, new tube, bitchute and banned video unless they got hacked and removed by force which is witchcraft, seen it over and over! Derek Prince does great teachings on “anytime you usurp your will over someone your walking in witchcraft”! Natural News, Dr. Mercola, speaking out as so many others. 6/23/2020 article on on Khazarian Mafia will tell you who is selling the U.S.A., out and the World and why. Stand up and take U.S.A., back from satanist.

    Wait till you research the ingredients in Vaccines folks! Lawyer was lamenting for the people to turn off entertainment=T.V., and do their research and “stand up for themselves and take their Country Back”; and I add work with your Family and people. FEAR IS NOT OF GOD! Lord’s Prayer.
    Pray, Fast, REPENT, Worship, speak the WORD-Bible, etc. and repeat!

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