Three reasons for hope and excitement in this impossible situation

Here are three reasons for hope and excitement in this impossible situation

1.The prophets who said Trump would win were right. He did win. The enemy cannot prove otherwise. All we need now is one more miracle.

The second half of the prophecy—that he would serve 4 more years—is ours to claim. The only right thing to do in the face of the impossible is to believe, pray and obey.

Remember our 2020 bible verse: 2 Chronicles 20:20 “So they rose early in the morning and went out into the Wilderness of Tekoa; and as they went out, Jehoshaphat stood and said, “Hear me, O Judah and you inhabitants of Jerusalem: Believe in the Lord your God, and you shall be established; believe His prophets, and you shall prosper.” It brings hope to remember that God has tested His people this way many times before.

2. Democrats tried to use widespread fake mail in ballots to steal reelection from Abraham Lincoln and the plot was exposed. Traveling to Baltimore in the fall of 1864, Orville Wood, a merchant from Clinton County in northeastern corner New York, uncovered the scheme by Democrats to use mail in ballots to defeat Abraham Lincoln. Wood saw them passing blank papers to one another to be signed with the names of active enlisted men, wounded and dead soldiers, and officers who never existed.

Democrats were brought to trial. A New York Times reporter wrote this: “The honest electors of the state of New York have escaped an extensive and fearful fraud, a fraud that might have subverted the honest will of the people and left the state and the nation at the mercy of those who would make peace with rebellion and fellowship with traitors.” Hypocritically, the New York Times today cheers on the kind of fraud they once condemned.

But the important fact is that it was a miracle that exposed Democrats then, and I expect a miracle to expose them again.

3. A groundswell, the true source of any change in America is just beginning. What changes America are groundswell movements. Ignore FOX, NBC, ABC, CBS, and CNN. It is when the masses are moved to action that real change comes.

While they congratulated Admiral Yamamoto for his success at Pearl Harbor he said: “I know the Americans.  I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.”

At first, I was deeply concerned that the initial shock of the fraud night might drain the fight out of the millions who support Trump. Now I am seeing a giant with a terrible resolve rising. The masses are not going to let this go away no matter how arrogantly Biden is paraded as president by the fake news outlets.

That is why there is hope and excitement in this situation



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  1. Amen Mario ! My husband , a close Christian friend and I ,prayed warfare prayer for 3 hours today , praying into every scripture we received and claiming God’s words over your election and President Trump . We live in Melbourne , Australia and there are many Christians here praying for this evil to be fully exposed ! We are not giving up , unless the Lord tells us to !

    1. Thank you friend. Thousands are doing this around the globe. Our ancestors prayed through……London was saved during WWII when the Christians finally buckled down and prayed daily. Thank you for your effectual prayer and support of such an upright President.

    2. Biden is the slumbering modern day Haman, who will hang on the gallows of his own arrogance and lies. SURPRISE! SURPRISE! SURPRISE!

      1. AMEN. However, to me, Muslim Hussein Obama is the real Haman, Joe is puppet and has parroted, Islam to be taught in schools and Muslims should be at all levels of Government. But the battle is not over. A spineless hireling would have fled, but Trump was God sent in answer to prayers after 8 years of mockery upon Christians, America and Israel. God the Glory.

      2. The demoncrats are modern day Pharaohs. They want to control all if us. The.evil spirit that was in Hitler is still alive today. He goes by the name of Satan . He’s been busy.
        God always shows up on time.

    3. . Some may be familiar with the martyred Polish priest, Blessed Father Jerzey Popieluszko. He was the confessor of Solidarity, and murdered in 1987 by state thugs because he wouldn’t bend to their threats and lies trying to silence him. There’s a quote from one of his sermons that drives right to the heart of what we’re dealing with, and the courage of the President who speaks for us — and for whom we speak:

      “To live in truth is the basic minimum of human dignity, even if the price to defend the truth could be costly. You must always remain faithful to the truth. You must defend it to the end.”

      1. John said in his epistle, I have no greater joy than to hear that my fellow believers are walking in the truth.

    4. We believe in the King of Kings! In the name of Jesus Christ we decree 4 more years! Remnant keep standing strong! Thank you Holy Spirit!

    5. Thank you Angie and friends for your prayers. It is my prayer too that all evil and darkness will be exposed, that God sends His truth and His light.
      God is on the throne, He let kings rise and fall. Be encouraged everyone

  2. Thank you, thank you Mario, for your endless encouragement. We will continue to stand in the gap & pray for the miracle.
    Be blessed for being such a blessing

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    1. Thanks to you and your husband, Angie, for entering into warfare !! We must stay firm and trusting our God will fu
      lfill His promise: TWO terms !! SHALOM.

  3. I just checked this out with a friend who is a member of the Republican National Committee and it is true!!!! Chopped from a friend: Info from some of the lawyers in a group: Ok in a nutshell. This is going to the Supreme Court. Where they will rule that the election is invalid due to fraud or mistakes on a country wide scale. It will go one of two ways, either they will rule that all the unconstitutional mail in ballots will be removed and the states ordered to recount without them or they will simply rule the election is invalid due to mass voter fraud and at that point it will be sent to the congress and senate for a vote. This is where it gets good. The house/congress votes on who the President will be. It has nothing to do with what party that has power. Every State gets one vote and 30 States are held by Republicans and 19 by Democrats. They have to vote down party lines, they have no choice due to the 12th Amendment of the Constitution and the Senate votes for the Vice President where a similar even will take place. This is The law. This is why the Democrats are so mad at Nancy Pelosi. This will all happen in January. The only way President Trump won’t be President is if he concedes the election and that will never happen So stop watching the fake news and don’t let your heart be troubled and live your life knowing this will all work out. President Trump will remain President I have researched all of this and it is Fact! Another fun fact, they call Gore the President Elect for 30 days in 2000 until the courts ruled against him and declared Bush the winner. And two people that were part of that decision was none other that new Supreme Court Justices, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett. Why do you think the Democrats tried so hard to keep them from being confirmed. 3Lily Acain, Veronica Celestine Maes and 1 other

    On Sun, Nov 8, 2020 at 8:17 PM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “Here are three reasons for hope and > excitement in this impossible situation 1.The prophets who said Trump would > win were right. He did win. The enemy cannot prove otherwise. All we need > now is one more miracle. The second half of the prophecy—that h” >

    1. Oh my goodness! Thank you for that post! Words cannot express adequately how wonderful this post is to me! Thank you! I just love God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit…✝️

      1. Amen…. I have been very very down.

        I keep repeating to myself that the test of the righteous has always been from the beginning

        “to believe GODs word is true in face of impossible odds and contrary circumstances.”

        GOD bless everyone …

        To GOD be the Glory forever

    2. Dear Rugged4you: Great post. Thks !!! Be blessed. We keep standing firm, declaring the victory for Pres.Trump that our God promised through our prophets. SHALOM!

    3. I appreciate your comments. We studied and had to memorize the constitution in Jr. High. Thanks for the refresher. May I share this with others?

    4. Thank you for putting this out there and explaining the process!
      God bless you; Gods bless President Trump and God bless America! 🙏🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸

    5. THANK YOU so much for sharing this. I have been wondering what’s going on at all levels of this but have not been watching the media because I didn’t want negative to steal my faith. Obviously Guiliani and results of the investigation into this is being censored and it is hard to find information for encouragement. I know Our God is faithful and will prevail. Its just nice to get a little nugget to feast on. Where are people getting real updates on discoveries?

      One other question to rugged4u: who will be in office while we are waiting for states to vote? Pelosi?

      1. Sandy we as Christians are listening to the known prophets who speak truth and in the secular to Newsmax. Even Fox News has new owners now so you cannot be sure if you listen to that newscast! God CANNOT lie, so listen to his spirit. He will give us all the wisdom we need as we call on him.

    6. I have read and re-read this numerous times!!! First, thank you thank you thank you Brother Mario for these truly encouraging words. And “rugged4u”, for this insightful explanation on what’s coming. I join this vast army of warriors in fasting & prayer. Am I permitted to copy & share (not publicly) any of this commentary?

    7. Rugged4u can you please make the info you posted here shareable?? There are Sooooo many people who really need to hear this!!!! Thank you for this info, it helps us keep focus and trust in God’s plans for this election! We need to stand firm on the word of God and nothing else!!

      1. I had requested the same from Mario. I’m also saying THANKS to Mario for your boldness and faithfulness to the body of Christ for this defining moments for our nation

  4. Thank you!! I fasted this weekend and prayed throughout both days as I was able. My spirit cannot give up! Nor can I believe or trust anything other than God’s prophets and leaders. I am fully awakened to what is happening and fully engaged to the warfare of this situation. God’s will shall prevail against the gates of hell in Jesus Name the name above all names!!!

    1. Mario, we stand in faith and prayer with you and all believers supporting Trump. first report is not the last report! the last report belongs to the Lord! Andrei Chaikovsky, Kyiv, Ukraine.

    2. I am fully AWAKE also and have made prayer my full time job. I have been neglecting friends and centering around scripture and God and what the prophets have decreed so as to not lose hope, faith, truth or my peace. I have noticed a huge disconnect with some of my church friends so I have sought out people who believe the same way as me on the the internet like this website. People who have not given up and praying thru this.. This is NOT done and unfortunately some Christians have given up. I was alarmed with a pastor I like, who actually said He will accept anyone in Office. I say NOOOO
      !This is not Gods will to have Satan take over His covenant country who stands with Israel and the Unborn. NOO I will not accept Satans will over Gods. Amen

      1. Perfect , Sandy Willis !! In agreement. TOTALLY
        I’m doing the same and I’m holding to His promise for USA/D.Trump through prophets and righteous spiritual leaders.

      2. I so resonate with making prayer my full time job. People ask what I’ve been up to, and all I can think of is praying. God wins.

  5. Thank you so very much, Mario for being a reliable source, an unwavering center of focus and a steady hand on the tiller in these times. You never even faltered. Thankfully, other prophets are now coming to the table with confirmation and encouragement for the Body of Christ – praise you Lord!

    Today I was going through some of the jottings of scriptures I make while working, and came across this from Paul the Apostle, speaking about false teachers in the church in his day:

    “And what I am doing I will continue to do, in order to undermine the claim of those who would like to claim that in their boasted mission they work on the same terms as we do. For such men are false apostles, deceitful workmen, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ. And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. So it is no surprise if his servants, also, disguise themselves as servants of righteousness. Their end will correspond to their deeds.” (2 Corinthians 11:12-15)

    Press in saints, for “The prayer of a righteous man has great power to prevail.” (James 5:16)

    1. Dear Rta, 100% in agreement ! I also fasted, entered into spiritual warfare. I’m standing firm, believing the fulfillment of His promise, given through our prophets and spiritual leaders: TWO terms for our President! SHALOM.

    2. Dear junglequeen, I agree with EVERY paragraph of your comment! Perfect examples and scriptural help !THKS ! Be blessed.SHALOM.

    3. “Their end will correspond to their deeds.”

      God, let it be so with all who committed fraud in this election, in Jesus’ name!

    4. Boasting Biden will be bawling in the basement looking through the bars, beaten down in defeat! He will be eating what he has served, getting what he deserves.

  6. Mario, thank you for this encouragement! I also recall how the newspapers tried to say Harry Truman was defeated. I will stand for the message of God through His servants. Please stay strong for us, Mario.

  7. Dear Mario, this post is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT for us all , standing firm in the promise of Our God, through our prophets and spiritual leaders: TWO terms for our President!! HOWEVER, I have NOT been able to post it in my facebook or email it to friends. I CONSIDER IT TO BE KEY FOR THEM TO GET OUT OF THEIR SHOCK, MANY NOW DOUBTING, FEARING, AND ALMOST CONCEDING DEFEAT, AND STOPPING THEIR WARFARE !! Please, please, please Mario. Give us the possibility to SHARE . THAAANNKSSS! SHALOM, my brother Mario.!

    On Mon, Nov 9, 2020, 12:18 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “Here are three reasons for hope and > excitement in this impossible situation 1.The prophets who said Trump would > win were right. He did win. The enemy cannot prove otherwise. All we need > now is one more miracle. The second half of the prophecy—that h” >

    1. Maritza, if you are logged in to WordPress, right below Mario’s signature at the end of his blog there are buttons that will allow you to share.

  8. We can not let it go and will not, these dogs will not rape this nation and get bywith it, Biden admitted he and Obama created the best voter fraud, that ever was here[ ] and he said he didn’t need the people to win this election, NP said they could not afford tolet the people decide this election, They pushed their fraudulent ballots by the millions, GS, and other’s own the companies who supple the voting machines, NP owns the biggest part of the companies who supply the tally machines, and just look at Mic, the glitch they gave Trump votes to biden, was used in 47 counties, in Mic. not counting the rest of the states, so they cheated in every way possible, and we must prove it, or we will never have another honest election in America, I don’t believe we will any way if they win, which they didn’t win they pushed their man in office or are trying to, and thats what they will do from here on out, if all this had not been brought to light, because only Donald John Trump will do his best to fix this mess, no one else will, and this is what I heard the Lord say, it had to be brought out for all the world to see, before they would know what to do about it, but still a dear person was jumped last night and told to quit causing trouble, because they were exposing this evil and saying Jesus would do this, preach Jesus some people are so intellectually challenged, that do not see if these dogs take over, there will not be any preaching the real Jesus here, I been attacked more over this than anything else they hit me hard the other day, I had to turn notif. off to even listen to my worship music, but this is how the church of today has been taught just be silent, your rude your causing trouble, I HOPE TO GOD I AM, I WANT TO CAUSE EVER DEVIL ALL THE TROUBLE AND HEARTACHE I CAN, ESPECIALLY THESE RELIGIOUS DEVILS, WHO HAVE NO FIRE NO FIGHT AND WANT TO PUT THE REST OF US FRIE OUT, THE WHOLE PROBLEM WITH THE NATION AND THE CHURCH WE QUIT STANDING FOR GOD AND WHATS RIGHT AND COMPROMISED, AND STARTED ALLOWING SIN AND EVIL, AND LET DEVILS MOVE IN THE CHURCH AND AND RUN THE POWER AND PRESENCE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT OUT, OR satan WOULD HAVE NEVER TAKEN THE CHURCH PRISONER, AND THE CHURCH STILL WANTS US TO SHUT UP, ONE PASTOR YESTERDAY CALLED ME RUDE, JUST LOVE HE SAID, WHEN WILL WE SEE WE BEEN DUPED THERE TO, GODS LOVE CORRECTS, LOVE DOES NOT MEAN YOU ALLOW EVIL TO PREVAIL, LOVE STANDS UP TO IT AND STOPS IT, WE HAVE BECOME SO TWISTED, AND PREACHERS HAVE DONE IT, BY ALLOWING THE POB TO COME IN AND DISARM US, AND TELL US TO JUST LOVE AND BE NICE, WELL LOVE MADE A WHIP AND RAN THE EVIL OUT OF CHURCH IN HIS DAY, AND WE NEED TO DO THE SAME TO GET THE EVIL OUT, WE MIXED WITH IDOLS AND OTHER gods AND goddessess, AND SOME EVEN WORSHIP THEM, AND WE NEED TO CLEAN HOUSE, LOVE SAID TO THE PHAR. YOU MAKE THEM TWO FOLD MORE THE CHILD OF HELL THAN YOU, JUDAS THE SON OF PERDITION, [UNREDEEMABLE, ROM. 1:28 REPROBATES, THESE ARE seeds of satan who can not be redeemed [unredeemable] look the meaning it up, and this what we are fighting in that Dem party, and some Republicians to, PURE EVIL, AND THEY TELL US TO JUST BE NICE, YOU BE NICE TO A DEVIL AND HE WILL RUN ALL OVER YOU, AND STEAL EVERYTHING YOU GOT, YOU DON’T BEG DEVILS, YOU ORDER DEVILS TO GO IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME, JUST LOOK THIS WAS NOT AND ELECTION, THIS WAS FORCED TAKE OVER ATTEMPT BY PURE DEVILS, AND ITS TIME TO GET ROUGH WITH THEM, AND THE CHURCH NEEDS TO DECIDE IF THEY ARE GOING TO BACK GOD AND HIS WORD, OR satan AND THE WORLD, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, AND SOME HAVE STRADDLED THE LINE WAY TO LONG. TIME TO AMERICA AND THE CHURCH BACK FOR YAHWEH AND JESUS CHRIST AND LET THEM STOP TRYING TO MAKE WIMPS OUT OF US, AND SOME PREACHERS NEED TO JUST SHUT UP, AND CALL THEM SELVES PREACHERS OF satan, OR GET SAVED AND PREACH THE TRUTH OF THE WORD OF GOD AND JOIN HIS SIDE, AND GET A BACKBONE AND LEARN HOW TO FIGHT FOR GOD, NOT AGAINST HIM. Good word sir

    1. “WELL LOVE MADE A WHIP AND RAN THE EVIL OUT OF CHURCH IN HIS DAY, AND WE NEED TO DO THE SAME TO GET THE EVIL OUT, WE MIXED WITH IDOLS AND OTHER gods AND godessess, AND SOME EVEN WORSHIP THEM, AND WE NEED TO CLEAN HOUSE..” Well said, well said – I couldn’t agree more. We get a lot of stuff about ‘unconditional love’ these days and I believe it’s false. People trying to push the ‘lovey-dovey’ angle are doing Heaven a disservice. They forget about “I never knew you!”

      1. amen sis and thank you, its a hippies 60’s type love that allows everything and sleeps with everything as they did, it’s not Gods love Gods love corrects, but they took love and twisted it and made a Gospel out of one word, that has taken the fight out of the church and nation, same spirit working in both, be tolerant, be nice, WHY, so they can run all over us, and take over with out even a fight, and now the church pushes it, and we are the power that stops evil, and we can’t do that by never fighting it and standing up to it, we bind devils and tell them to go not ler them run all over us, we need to learn who Jesus really is, and really act like he did, he was not this passive Jesus they made him out to be, we have to reteach the church. Be Blessed sis

      2. Yes you are so right, stand up for righteousness in Jesus name. I am so over this lovey dovey don’t say anything to ruffle feathers outfit, this is war.

    2. well said. i am here in South Africa cheering and praising the One who saves. He will shine His light into the darkness and reveal their evil acts. Praying for my brothers and sisters in Christ, in USA. there are many of us that were shocked at the announcement but we STAND WITH YOU IN YOUR FIGHT AGAINST EVIL. Wear the amour that our God has given you all to protect your mind and body and take THAT SWORD OF THE SPIRIT it will cut through the deceptions and lay the lies bare to be seen by all.

      1. Thank you Jenny! Don’t you love the fact that there is no distance in the Spirit when we pray? God bless you!

  9. ” we need to learn who Jesus really is, and really act like he did, he was not this passive Jesus they made him out to be, we have to reteach the church.”

    Yep! If Jesus had twitter what would the media had been saying about the many rebukes to the leaders of His day…

    And, about that clearing of the Temple….

    May TRUMP clear the Temple of America… Congress!

    1. Ae brother the Church of today would try to do as they done to him then, shoot the Dems even bragged about it out loud, we have evil working like never before, and they tell us be nice, I want to be like Jesus my self, and some could use a whip. lol

      1. Eph. 5:11. Have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rip the cover off those frauds. Shine the light of truth on them, and watch them scatter like roaches who love the darkness! Light always triumphs

  10. I agree wholeheartedly with you Mario. The voice cries from the wilderness. God is hearing the cries of his people. The evil ones have been exposed and laid bare for all to see. God in his infinite wisdom will make this right. We will trust that no weapon formed against us will succeed. Instead of destroying the church the church just got stronger. People are praying more now than ever before. And revival will follow that. God bless you Mario. This is exciting times.

  11. When I see the faces of Biden and Harris on the media channels they have a strange demonic look on their faces and it’s not my imagination! The works of darkness are being exposed. Celebrate.

  12. November 2, I dreamed that the House was suddenly on fire. In that house there were bad people there. I ran for my mother to take to safety she had cut her back on fire, but when I ran the fire died. then I was supposed to take a boat and I was told to go to the two guys to get the ticket. They did not look to be gook people, but they sold the ticket for 450 dollars. but it looked that the writing was on fire. But in November I had two dreams. I dream of President Trump, and I told him, You have to go, but he was sad, and did not move. So I knew he would stay. The next dream there was victory, He won, but their seemed to be something … I got up.
    With all these dreams and the voice of the prophets I know He is our president for the next four years. Everything is happening is to clean the swamp and the truth will be exposed. I have been praying the witnesses to come forth, for truth to come out and for Him to be sworn in on January 20 . Communism is not going to reign now in America. We must not be afraid and run away, but fight the good fight of faith. Victory will come. But we must to continue to trust Yehovah, pray, and be united in the faith.

  13. MARIO, if there is an attempt to hold an Inauguration for the fake president, everyone who voted for Trump should SHUN the event and turn our backs to it by a great act of civil disobedience – not work, not turn on any electric device (TV, cell phone, radio, etc.) call in sick (excusing emergency services, health care workers), not drive any vehicle, not ride on or take any form of public transportation, not buy anything. All should stay home and pray for the 4 million babies that will die during a Biden/Harris term of office, for the loss of our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights, the loss of our right to vote, pray for mercy, and repentance.

    Yours in Christ,
    Geoffrey E. Webster
    17813 Flagler Drive
    Austin, Texas 78738-7630
    Cell: 614-571-6168

    1. I agree in Jesus, Brother Geoffrey E. Webster, and will do and teach other’s to do the same if that scenario happens! Thank you for your service in Christ Jesus!
      And Thank you Brother Mario Murillo for your steadfastness in obedience to our Lord Jesus Christ!
      What a Mighty God we serve!
      Onward Christian Soldiers! Put on the WHOLE armor of God!

  14. It took me a few days to work through all the emotions that come during something of this magnitude. As I have listened this weekend again to the prophets, they began to voice some of the same questions that I had been asking. How could every Godly, word loving prophet have gotten this wrong? Surely God would have moved on some of them to say something other than what has been spoken. They spoke as one voice, proclaiming the same message. How could it be God’s plan for a baby killer to lead his people? How could it be God’s plan for someone who is the antithesis of everything we as believers hold to be true to lead his nation. Take heart child of God, we will yet see the salvation of the Lord if we do not faint, but hold the line. He will not be mocked, he will deal with those who mock his prophets, he will triumph over his enemy just as he always does.

    1. Yes! When I woke up Wednesday morning, I was stunned at what had happened since midnight! I opened my Bible for my morning reading to Isaiah where I’d left off the day before. I was up to chapter 55. Wow! God’s ways are not our ways. His thoughts are not our thoughts. He had a much bigger plan in mind with this election.

  15. Amen Mario!

    I believe there’s going to be a shaking in the weeks to come that will change the election on its head. But we all must believe, pray and stand firm that it will happen.

    Pray for our country and pray for President Trump!

    1. EXACTLY !! BUT we ALL must believe, pray and stand firmly believing it will happen, as unanimously announced by our prophets !! I’m surprised at seeing many believers just sitting there, just waiting to see the outcoming of this all !! NO! a prophesy is giving so us believers take it on our hands and begin battling, in spiritual warfare, to see it fulfilled !! THIS IS NOW OUR RESPONSIBILITY. WAKE UP BROTHERS AND SISTERS. NOW IT’S OUR TURN. OUR GOD IS WAITING FOR US TO ACT !!!!

  16. I am certainly glad for your article. I have stated repeatedly President Trump won the election and he will take the oath of office in January. Contention over the voting process was to be expected. The people of God need to stand in fasting and prayer for the victory to be manifested and for the fraud to be exposed. Personally I believe God wants more involvement from the believers in fighting this over the finish line. There is no need for doubt and fear. I do encourage everyone to 1. stop listening to and repeating the lies of the media. and 2.) support the President with words of encouragement and every other way we can. I certainly don’t want President Trump to feel abandoned by the very groups he fought so hard to support during his first term. Your words today should revitalize those who have become fearful and doubtful. Daniel’s prayer was heard the day he offered his prayer for the destiny of Israel. But the spiritual warfare in the heavenlies delayed the answer 21 days.

    1. I have been praying the spirit-prince(s) over America will be defeated! That’s the term used in Daniel 10 in the NLT.

  17. Thank you so much Maria for your faithfulness & your ministry it has been such a blessing to me and my family!  Prayerfully Cathy Todd PS I am also thoroughly enjoying your books

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  18. Thank you Lord that many Americans and all over the world our eyes are open to what’s really going on underneath our noses. I give God all the glory he will protect us and he will expose those that need to be exposed amen

  19. “We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers .. etc” Eph 6. It certainly is spiritual warfare. I am reminded of when I was in USA in 2012 (I am a Brit). I went to your magnificent Mount Rushmore and saw it, not just as a monument to 4 great Presidents, but as symbolising liberty, democracy and the American spirit. I then went on to the First Nations memorial at Crazy Horse, another amazing monument. In the Visitors’ Centre there was a stunning life-size bronze of a Lakota war brave engaged in battle. He had a shield in one hand, a weapon in the other and a short lance stuck in the ground from where he could not and would not retreat. When the battle grew fierce he would sing a death song. It was either death or victory.
    I believe God has His braves all around the world with feet planted strongly on His Word , with shield of faith and sword of the Spirit, who cannot and will not retreat but take this victory in His Name. There’s no death song: it’s a song of triumph.
    God said His eyes see the whole history of your great land, from the very first indigenous peoples right to the present day. He is about to bring JUSTICE. He said Indians need justice, blacks need justice, Latinos need justice, women need justice, the poor need justice and every living soul on your God-dedicated soil needs justice. “Let justice roll down like waters and righteousness like an ever flowing stream!” Amos 5:24.
    This battle will begin the flow of justice. This satanically engineered fraud has played into God’s and Trump’s hands because it gives something concrete to go after and give the American people proof of the truth that has been hidden from them, even by their own media.
    God also says as we stand and refuse to retreat we must take “arrows” in our hands and strike the ground again and again and again, and the enemy will be completely defeated 2 Kings 13. Keep standing and striking folks. Our God reigns. God bless America!

  20. I am encouraged from a different perspective. There are Christians in Michigan who have been praying and interceding for our country and our state. We want the wicked agenda exposed, our land healed, and most important a great move of God’s Spirit to bring life and hope to our people. Our God is The Lion Of The Tribe Of Judah!! I have been praying that HE ROARS!! Praise God exposure is taking place! Perhaps the same type of prayers are happening in other “questionable” areas. We serve a very wise, faithful God. Could this political delay be the answer to these prayers?

  21. Hi, Mario

    Can this be true?

    TRUMP STING w CIA Director Steve Pieczenik The Biggest Election Story in History, QFS-BLOCKCHAIN

    God bless you all! We do not give up.

    1. Dr. Steve Pieczenik isn’t the CIA Director. He is a former CIA Deputy Assistant Secretary of State who served under five different administrations. I hope what he says is true. 🙂

  22. Where we have failed as believers is that we are too dependent on pastors. We expect people to come to church to be saved. Few of us are on the streets bringing hope and salvation to where people are. Thus we are seeing increased demonic activity such as murders.

    Also conservatives need to be out on the college campuses countering the indoctrination by the left. Conservatives need to be going out among the minority communities. We cannot wait for the GOP establishment.

    It is now up to us as individuals. We have to stop waiting for the “leaders” to lead.

    And yes, we do still pray for a miracle. But long term it is the individual who bring salvation to the masses. Not the leaders.

  23. Amen Mario,

    My wife and I will not believe the bad report from the enemy (lies and deception) from the MSM News, nor will we watch one second of them! Newsmax and OANN are ok. This race is not over and God is in this thing.
    I believe the Prophets also, Trump will win!
    Here is a positive message from Hank Kunnaman on the link below – people should watch this.
    Hank talks about being with Kim Clements and Rudi Giuliani years ago and how President Trump would be a Two-term president. A very good video.

  24. AMEN Mario. How can we flood D C with our voice of support for TRUMP. How show us how. I am excited as we have a God of the impossible, the miraculous and the supernatural. We declare and decree Trump is our next continuing President!

    1. It is not DC that needs to be flooded. It is the cities where the fraud was committed. Believers in each of those cities need to be praying. Then let G-D work on the hearts of those who did the fraud so that they confess their evil.

  25. MMM!Thank you Mario! There is HOPE in HIM WHO ordains ALL THINGS for HIS GLORY!Your testimonies about the tent outcomes were wonderful to read … I love the fact that it was never a super spreader of the China virus!Not only is there election fraud on a massive scale in your country ready to be exposed … but also health fraud to be exposed!God’s Blessings of Peace and Strength upon you and your teamMeredith YatesWinnipeg MB Canada (via Australia!)

  26. On Mon, Nov 9, 2020 at 12:26 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “Here are three reasons for hope and > excitement in this impossible situation 1.The prophets who said Trump would > win were right. He did win. The enemy cannot prove otherwise. All we need > now is one more miracle. The second half of the prophecy—that h” >

  27. This is an awesome reflection of history Mario! Thank you for sharing it. Patterns repeat because the enemy covers them up and lulls the righteous into pathetic passive doubting faithless delusion! The word is our guide and history proves out the Truth of the two kingdoms at work in the earth. Only two. Winner take all and we know who that is! We have a job to do and we can’t do it with our eyes closed and our hearts compromised while standing on shifting sands of social acceptance and self indulgence! This is a time to stand and stand therefore and only on the directives of our God! He is faithful but will He find faith in the earth? I say Yes, a resounding YES! I hold on to my God and His promises and will NOT let go!

  28. AMEN, and AMEN!…not discouraged! Holding onto Gods promises, the prophetic word, and the awakening sleeping giant!..
    Great words of encouragement once again Mario! Praising God for your powerful messages!

  29. Mario,
    This blog is a most escellent 3 part sermon to which i say AMEN, AMEN, and AMEN to each point!!!
    Keep the faith.
    Remember the old addage, He who laughs last last best.
    Trump will triumph in 2020.
    Let’s thank and praise our Father for giving President Turmp the foresight to place good judges in over 300 courtroom across the USA and 3 in the SCOTUS, especially Associate Justice Barrent.
    Praying for the dominos to fall.

  30. I believe that God has favored America and I believe that all of this fraud will be exposed. Thank you Mario Murillo and all of the other faithful prophets and leaders that are leading God’s people to pray and stand!

  31. Thank you Mario, encouragement is needed and I appreciate it. I am terrified!
    I am praying much! I am Psalm 131! However, I am intimate with ” the great and terrible God,” I serve. I am expecting much! 🙏❤

  32. Yes Mario the sleeping giant is awake. Friends and myself included are leaving facebook and going to parler.Christians are fervently praying for a miracle . The Lord told me 6 months ago Trump would be reelected and I am still claiming it. God Bless you !

  33. our Living Hope is in you Lord Jesus Christ! Abba Father, save our republic under God! We ask and thank you for the re-election of President Donald John Trump! and all lies, deception, manipulation, sorcery, witchcraft, fraud and corruption be exposed by the Light of Truth; we stand on Your Light of Truth; we stand on Your Imperishable Word that is immovable! thank you Jesus!

  34. I’m glad you listed Fox among those media entities that are not to be trusted. I’ve lost track of how many people have told me they’ll never watch Fox again, or will only watch the Conservative shows that remain on there.

    Their anchors looked straight into the camera and bold-faced lied to the American people. What must they have told their children when they got home? Did they lie to their kids and tell them that the system worked properly and Biden won fair and square?

    If the network is getting Soros money, I hope it’s worth it to them for what they have done to their reputation. The Murdoch wives were on Twitter bragging about getting Biden elected.

    Sleep well, Leftist Liars. You’re losing half your viewership.

    1. The final straw for me was when they yanked Judge Jeanine’s program because she was going to talk about the fraud. What are they so afraid of? They better be afraid of God!!!

  35. Two verses I’m praying right now:

    “Only do not rebel against the Lord, nor fear the people of the land, for they are our bread; their protection has departed from them, and the Lord is with us. Do not fear them.” – Numbers 14:9

    “Having disarmed principalities and powers, He made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them in it.” – Col. 2:15

    Mario, your words of faith are strengthening the spines of SO. MANY. Thank you, brother!!

  36. Just got a message from a friend:

    Trump has asked all of the Christians to pray today at 5PM Eastern Time as they take the case to the Supreme Court.

    That is very soon – in 20 minutes.

    Please pray that there are no loopholes and that every detail is in place In the name of Jesus Amen

    Please pray.

    1. The president needs to appoint an independent counsel to investigate potential election fraud. This is similar to how the justice department went after states over suppression of black voters.

      Also there should be an independent counsel appointed to investigate the corruption within the Biden family and foreign governments.

  37. Mario, I presume you seen Kris’s video. I never understood why they never called their flock to them and warned and equipped them. Now I know why. They need very much prayer.
    There is so much I’d like to say and discuss but don’t want to cross into……..
    I have forwarded many of your blogs to their office.

  38. Thank you so much for your encouragement, Mario! There is beginning a groundswell of support! We will stand with God and Trump!! Nancy Jones

  39. I would imagine most of us here have unsaved family.
    Some of those folks are Biden supporters.
    My Dad is one of them😞.
    It’s a bummer he thinks that now we can all finally have a normal country again and he is totally convinced by the secular media that the election is over and that Biden will make America at peace again.
    He has no clue that there are even contests to the outcome or that voter fraud could be possible.
    It’s so disturbing because I can see that the effect of herd mentality deception has overcome his entire personality.
    I can remember the rapture movie from the 70s thief in the night.

    There is a scene we’re people are lining up to get there mark and the one old man points at his forehead and said “PUT IT RIGHT HERE I WANT TO BE A REAL GOOD CITIZEN”

    Now I’m starting to get some clearer empirical knowledge as we get closer to the end.

    Lord Jesus save my dad PLEASE!!

    1. I sent this to my close friends who are believers. We must indeed pray for the deception on the Dems is so deep. They are asleep. They need to wake up. Yehovah loves them too, we must pray for their salvation. 

      Please visit Amazon and see my new Book “The Lost Sheep’eBook. You may want to download it.  The paperback is also available. Thank you. Soon the revised copy of The Mud, The Diamond, The Glory, nowNew Life And Glory will be also available.   You may visit my blog and be    Do you need  Elohim/God  intervention in your life? Please send a message and phone number and I will call you back. 

      Flame of Fire MinistriesDeborah A. Atzori Missionary, Author1 808 214 0557

      zakhor ‘et-yom ha’shabbat leqaddeshoremember the Sabbath day for holiness (Fourth Commandment) Exodus 20:24 “In  every place I cause  My Name to be  mentioned (azkir=to be spoken) I will come to you.” Yehovah El Olam -Yehovah El Everlasting

      Yehovah Avinu  /Yehovah our Father Shema’ Yisra’El Yehovah Eloheinu, Yehovah echad Hear O Israel, Yehovah our Elohim, Yehovah is ONE

  40. I am praying in Canada that there will be people come forward just like David found the man left behind in a field who led them to the enemies camp as David by God’s word pursued his enemies after the destruction of Ziglag when all Hope seemed to be gone. But God! The Lord spoke to David “Pursue and you will regain all”. When they announced Joe Biden as President Elect the feeling I had was so different. It was like the announcement was a dream, hollow with no reality. behind the words they were speaking. That’s what I felt in my spirit.

  41. We believe in the power of prayer!!! We believe our God will get all the Glory !!!! We believe that the corruption and fraud will be exposed!!! We believe in Gods Devine Word!!! We stand fir righteousness, justice and truth!!! We decree and declare Gods will be done on earth as it is in heaven!!! We trust Our creator!!!! He is on the throne!!!! Hallelujah!!!!!

  42. Amen! Keep Praying, fasting warring in the spirit. Do Not Relent! Get together with other prayer warriors in agreement! God does Not align himself with the ungodly that dishonor His covenants! God Loves this nation, but we have to fight. The Israelites wandered 40 years because they did not believe. Don’t let that be America! This is of utmost importance to you and your children’s children…

  43. I felt the Lord telling the same thing this morning, that it was time to start shifting from prayer emphasis to praise emphasis. God’s victory over Baal is at hand!

    1. I watched that last night and began singing an old song that was taken from the words of Psalm 97:1-6. It was so powerful! “A fire goes before Him and burns up all His enemies! The hills melt like wax at the presence of the Lord!” The Lord reigns!!! It’s time to PRAISE!

  44. Absolutely Brother Mario!!! I’m already celebrating!!! I stopped watching FOX years ago when they started getting nasty with people and playing the devil’s advocate…stopped trusting them. I do watch Kat Kerr, the Revelator, Hank Kunneman, Mark Taylor and Prophetic Rewind of the late Prophet Kim Clement from his wife and daughter. I also watch Tim and Dutch Sheets, Lance Wallnau, Chuck Pierce; just a few tried, seasoned and trusted Prophets and Prophetic Voices; and you Sir! Loved As One broadcast you did and Hallelujah for Fresno!!!!!!

  45. this tells the tale of what may be going on pretty well I believe and may be part of the surprise waiting for us. Praying and spreading the good news. Looking forward to Friday the 13th this year!

  46. You are right, Mario, about the giant awakening…we are strong in prayer and pushing back against the enemy who loves darkness. We claim God’s truth and light in this situation, and we believe we will see victory. Waiting is not easy, but we keep praying.

  47. Aman and Aman !!! I am thankful to God that my friend in Christ directed me to Mario’s website. I now have Brothers and Sisters in Christ that I can count on for support and confirmation in the standup fight for our beloved nation and for the re-election of President Trump. God bless you all. Betty Record

  48. Amen, there is hope. There are a lot of people coming out with too many proofs of the democrat spoofs. No pun intended.

  49. I am always so grateful to read your emails, I hope this does go to you and your ministry. Thank you thank you thank you for what you do! You are impacting and strengthening the body of Christ amazingly. You are a gift from God, thank you again 🙌🏻🙌🏻💥🔥🕊

    Sent from my iPhone


  50. Your messages give me reason to keep praying, hoping, and believing for that miracle! Keep up the encouraging words.

    Sent from Mail for Windows 10

    1. history proves that they tried to steal the election way back then and there at it again ,lies deception schemes and ever dirty trick .But they will not succeed in Jesus name

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