What do you call it, when States want 8-year-olds to have the option to postpone puberty by providing them with pills? When the cities with the most murder, want the least police? When a protester argues in court that he has a First Amendment right to throw a fire bomb? When every major university is a ‘hate America’ factory. When every last one of the major news outlets black out opposing views? When the Democrat candidate for President wants radical abortion, radical socialism, and is an empty vessel whose campaign consists of saying that we should vote for him, because he is not Trump…

What do you call it when the American Church is largely unfazed by these alarming facts?  When high profile pastors are on the wrong side of these issues. What’s worse, they can’t even take a stand, either to leave their church doors open or to sing worship songs.

Sorry, but the virtual church will never match a live and in-person church service. The most powerful videos are always the ones taken from a live service with fiery preaching and documented signs and wonders.

I know that I will get blasted for what I am about to say, but I can’t hold back the fire in my bones. Listen to how Andy Stanley justified his decision to keep his church closed until January 1, 2021:

“One of the things that I love about our churches is that we attract all kinds of people with all kinds of opinions and persuasions,” he said. “So, for some of you, this makes perfect sense and you may even be relieved. For others of you, this seems like an unnecessary precaution, perhaps a lack of faith on my part. You might even interpret this decision through a political filter. And honestly, I get all of that.”

Well, no, he doesn’t get it at all.

I am certain that his announcement plays well to the ‘woke’ crowd, but it is not consistent with the facts. First of all, people are dying because the churches are closed. And a wrecked economy is killing more people than the virus, by far. Lives depend on economic activity. When you stop that, you kill people. Suicide has reached record levels. So has addiction, despair and rage. Closed churches allow the devil free rein. The mental health epidemic of loneliness is the greatest in our history. The welcoming open door of a church is more of an essential lifeline now, than ever.

I am all for taking every precaution to prevent infections, but I will never agree to Democrat governors and mayors demanding that churches remain closed, while allowing thousands to mingle in public protest. Furthermore, there is no such thing as a public gathering that is 100% risk-free, and there never will be. 

What if the conditions next year are the same as now? Will Stanley’s church remain closed permanently? The leftist media will do everything they can to give us that impression. Unless of course Biden wins, in which case, I guess the virus will just suddenly vanish.

Furthermore, many of the so-called ‘spikes’ are the result of dubious tests. At some test sites in Florida, 100% of those tested came back positive for the virus. Give me a break! Real Christians can recognize demonic deception. Real believers understand when a lie is killing their freedom.

And isn’t it odd how the same churches that don’t mind being closed, are the same ones that won’t endorse Trump or oppose the impending disaster of a Joe Biden presidency?

Not only is the lifesaving repentance ignored—it is dismissed and even ridiculed by some of these leaders. By postponing the national repentance that is so desperately needed, they are helping sign America’s death warrant.

So, what will happen if the American Church continues to refuse to repent? That is a horror I do not even want to describe to you.

Isaiah wrote about a similar crisis that parallels what is happening in our streets: “Their feet run to evil, and they make haste to shed innocent blood; their thoughts are thoughts of iniquity; wasting and destruction are in their paths. The way of peace they have not known, and there is no justice in their ways…” (Isaiah 59:7-8)

The current looting, fires and destruction are not the product of a civil rights movement. There is zero justice coming out of their rampage.

The Bible then describes how bad things became because of the God-haters: “Justice is turned back, and righteousness stands afar off; for truth is fallen in the street, and equity cannot enter. So, truth fails, and he who departs from evil makes himself a prey” (Isaiah 59:14-15a).

Beloved, this is what we are seeing today! Antifa, social-media-cancel-culture, and the oppression of believers who dare to speak out are clearly shown in these verses. The righteous even make themselves a prey in the ‘modern’ church!

So how did God react? Isaiah 59:15b-16a tells us, “…Then the Lord saw it, and it displeased Him that there was no justice. He saw that there was no man, and wondered that there was no intercessor.”

The Lord was stunned that no one rose up to speak truth! God is as shocked today as He was then. Shocked that the very leaders He raised up to call America back to Himself, refuse to do it!

But, Mario, is there hope? The greatest hope is that you will see what God is about to do! “Therefore, His own arm brought salvation for Him; and His own righteousness sustained Him. For He put on righteousness as a breastplate, and a helmet of salvation upon His head; He put on the garments of vengeance for clothing, and was clad with zeal as a cloak. According to their deeds, accordingly He will repay, fury to His adversaries, recompense to His enemies; the coastlands He will fully repay. So, shall they fear the name of the Lord from the west, and His glory from the rising of the sun; when the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him” (Isaiah 59:16b-19).

God is not waiting for the ‘woke’ pastors to wake up! He has decided that when it comes to America, He will take matters into His own hands—He is looking at you, you who are His body on earth. He is rising up within a remnant. Special power, special words, special miracles and special courage. We need to become the prayer of repentance, the voice of repentance, and the force of God against the flood of evil before it is too late!


    1. As believers it is our responsibility to support, both in prayer and financialy, the churches that are loyal and true to Christ’s teachings.

  1. Thank you, Mario. These words spoke directly to my heart, in that I have been wondering how to address my family friends who have supported the closed doors agenda, for when God’s Truth is revealed and the corruption laid bare, they will be forced to realize they’ve been lied to by the medias and sources they believed as truth tellers.

    What if their pride refuses to let them see God and the Truth behind the corruption and lies, and attempts to close the churches? I know where I will stand, but will they stand with God, too? That’s where my prayer includes them, implores on their behalf their eyes and hearts will be opened to His Truth; the only Truth that matters.

    We recently decided to reject the armchair / online services and found a church that God has blessed. This church refused to close its doors from the beginning of the pandemic panic, and better yet they refused to wear masks. I’m certain the only way they’ve escaped the law’s scrutiny is because God has His hand over them like a shield. It’s been a blessing to gather with people who feel free to smile, visit, and prayer together in Worship to God.

    Father God, hear the cries of Your people to expose all evil threatening our lives, safety, and freedom, especially our freedom to openly worship You. From the shutdowns, the masks, and the mass confinement of hearts that need the touch, feel, and experience of you in the real, to the mass corruption that also threatens our nation and freedom, Father God expose them all; reveal and lay bare their last wicked intent, and hold those responsible accountable for their selfishness and disregard for Your mighty Power as they seek to destroy us on their evil attempt to come to power under the antichrist. Lord Jesus, thank you for giving us this opportunity to also reveal YOUR glory and mighty power. I remain steadfast in You, my Jesus, for all days. Amen and Alleluia!

    1. Yes, I really couldn’t deal with virtual church either, and the Lord opened up a way to go to one here that never shut down. We’ve got to be with living, breathing,(without masks) believers! Also, watched the Charlie Shamp video posted yesterday; it’s so good, and right in line with everything God has been telling us. Hank Kunneman is good, too. Last night there was a prayer meeting celebrating the 400th Mayflower Compact anniversary with Michelle Bachman as a participant. They used her prayer, the one Mario posted that we all forwarded. My youtube froze, so I couldn’t find it at first, but when it cleared up, I typed in “400th.org” and it came up, if anyone wants to see it after the fact. In God there is no time. If there’s one thing that’s been really good, it’s been finding the live church to pray and battle with in places like this; the written word has a real life. In the beginning was the Word, right? And we are His own.

      1. Charlie Shamp’s video really blessed me as well! I couldn’t find the Michelle Bachman prayer site at first, but I watched a neat interview with her on the Eric Metaxas show (from the first Pilgrim house) the day before and she talked about it. Thanks for the head’s up on that! I’m grateful Joe Biden won’t be our next President! His plan for Covid is to shut down the entire country for 4-6 weeks. That would be the nail in the coffin for most small businesses that are finally starting to recover.

      2. Thank you for your likes and comments. I like what you have to say, too, We’ll have to stay on track to see this thing through, but we know God is the One doing the heavy lifting, and He will get the glory, and we’ll all celebrate together. I just keep praying for Donald Trump; this has got to be so wearing.

      3. I agree and I’m asking God to uphold him with His righteous right hand! We will celebrate then, but we can also celebrate NOW in faith. 🙂 Praise and worship are powerful weapons of warfare!

    2. Kaye…such beautiful words the Lord gave you! We resonate completely! Pastor’s wife/worship leader, our planted, prayed-up church like you describe, praying for the Lord to send us some KAYES as we get ready for the best that is yet to come! Proverbs 11:25…you have refreshed! People do now and will need even more a remnant-filled church!

  2. Thank You! I’ve asked myself if we few are enough… Then I remembered how Daddy whittled down Gideon’s Army to 300…

    Over the years I have written about the need for Revival…

    First in 1998 https://houseofmyrrh.org/tarries.htm

    Then again in in 2010 https://houseofmyrrh.org/revival201.htm

    But, for us, at this time here is one I think you’ll really like, published first without attribution then I was contacted, 🙂 https://houseofmyrrh.org/i_stand.htm

  3. Here’s one I wrote in 2006, and did minor editing in 2018, I still missed several grammatical errors…

    But, it relates to our RESPONSIBILITIES as Believers…


    “If meticulous control is a truth, as the Calvinists would assure us it is, then we are free to do as we please and ‘que sera sera’ prayers are just great…”

    But… If… Not…

    “Make no mistake about it, as believers we are going to be held accountable. And, the leaders who refuse to instruct and lead us where we should go will have the greater penalty.”

  4. In the end, this is about so much more than an election or there would be no hope for America. I know we are all praying for and believing God will heal our land in so many ways! A powerful word was given last night by Chris Reed. Thank you Father for speaking words of encouragement to your children during this time of testing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJ5ncTRmCCc

    1. Yes, amen! I watched that video last night and was encouraged as well. Sid kind of went off on his own thoughts there for a bit, 🙂 but Chris was patient and finished his message.

  5. I believe the churches that are closed so support Biden. My church pastor is outspoken and basically told people to vote for Trump, without even saying his name. We are fully open. No mask wearing. No social distancing. It’s so nice to feel some sense of regularity when there. I like seeing people’s faces and smiles.
    Take P-91 (psalm 91) and trust God. No perilous pestilence shall touch you. I take God at his word. And it hasn’t touched me nor my family and it never will.

  6. Mario, I thank the Lord every day for your blog, for your words of wisdom from the Lord that inspire us to keep praying & to keep believing God for His miracle.
    I live in Sydney, Australia & though we might only be a few in number, we continue to stand in the gap & pray for Donald Trump & for God’s justice & righteousness to prevail in America.
    May God arise & His enemies be scattered.

    Sent from my iPhone

    1. We are so grateful and humbled by people like you. America has felt so alone. Now we are seeing our true reason for being; we must shine the light of Christ to the world, and now is not the time of darkness! Not now! Thank you for your love, we love you too, and pray for Australia.

  7. Mario, so well put and to the point. Your wisdom is a blessing!

    The current political struggle reflects the spiritual battle ongoing in the Church. Will Christians, especially younger ones, follow the God of the Bible or a “feel-good” God of their imagination that tolerates sinful behavior without repentance or accountability?

    Continue to fight, pray and stand firm. The Lord has His hand on this one and will prevail!

  8. WOW!!!What a great Word. God Bless you Bro.

    On Thu., Nov. 12, 2020, 2:48 a.m. Mario Murillo Ministries, wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “AND WHAT IF THE AMERICAN CHURCH DOES NOT > REPENT? What do you call it, when States want 8-year-olds to have the > option to postpone puberty by providing them with pills? When the cities > with the most murder, want the least police? When a protester argues i” >

  9. We have appreciated receiving your blog and have been praying fervently for President Trump and the USA, along with our own country. We have found ourselves encouraged with your blogs to know Truth is being boldly spoken. In our area, our churches are open with restrictions- social distancing/no hugging, etc. and we cannot attend without wearing a mask. We do not have pastors opposing the government’s mandate but believe they/we need to honour the government. We find we cannot bow to this unrighteous mandate to worship God in His House wearing a mask but feel conflicted as the pastor believes we are unscriptural to not be coming to church because we can’t wear the mask. If we go without a mask, we are viewed as rebels and dishonouring the pastor. It has been very challenging.

    1. SLF: constitutionallawgroup.us Rick Martin watch his 16 minute video on the Welcome Page on an answer to your Pastor who doesn’t read and not protecting people and knows Constitution and Bill of Rights! NO Laws to “Unlawful Lockdown and Tyranny” and or to wear a Mask, he will tell you it’s “suicide to wear a mask” and violating your “1964 Civil Liberties”-Wikipedia and Google: Anti-mask Law on Wikipedia. “WE THE PEOPLE”!

      Lot’s of Truth Speakers Books, Video’s and Articles: Dane Phillips, John Scura, Dr. James W. Wardner, Milton William Cooper, Dr. Judy Mikovits, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Dr. Rashid Buttar, Constance Cumbey, David Kupelian, Candace Owens, Adam Green, Max Igan, Theo Colburn, healthimpactnews.com, etc., Medical Professionals speaking Truth and exposing Covid Propaganda to take away all your FREEDOMS for Communist-satanic agenda period! Bible talks about obeying God over man especially since “sheeple” worship their idol pastors and their opinion OVER God; for those who sold you out and lied to you! JUDGE FRUIT. Personally, would NOT be in a Church Building that isn’t Fasting, Praying, REPENTING, Worshipping, Speaking the Bible, etc., Full of the WORD. Never grew up in any church building that those entities were important let alone Holiness, Righteousness, Humility, Repentance and PRAYER! People are the Church.

      “As the Church goes, so goes the World”-Leonard Ravenhill.

  10. The buck always stops with the Church! We alone have the spiritual insight and the spiritual power to resist and overcome the enemy. I pray that we will take our mandate with the utmost seriousness and fulfill it in the Name and Power of Christ!

  11. All I could think of is the answer to the question you asked Mario early on in your observation of what’s going on in our so-called Church today as I copy you here Mario asks:
    What do you call it when the American Church is largely unfazed by these alarming facts? ANTICHRIST Yes ANTICHRIST same as appeared in the beginning as the Apostle John in his epistle wrote to us Today about as it was happening then by saying this: They went OUT from us to REVEAL that they were NOT of us!! This is the separation that must take place even though they speak enticing words to keep the sheep at bay their evil hearts betray their words and are FAR FAR away from our God. This is that spirit both Daniel and Jesus referred us to saying when “YOU” that’s right “YOU” See with Eyes to See that Abdominal force called the ABOMINATION causing DESOLATION sitting where Beloved??? Yes right smack dab in the Midst of the INNER TEMPLE OF OUR God WHICH IS ONE’s OWN SOUL A PLACE WHERE ONLY THE LIFE-GIVING SPIRIT OF OUR PRECIOUS JESUS IS TO BE Amen!!! it’s time we take the High Road and flee to those Mountains that God alone raises up as His People maturing in the Spirit of God Himself in Jesus because He is and is setting this world’s stage for its total collapse. If we entertain evil then let the evil be evil still and if the righteous are to continue in righteousness then let it continue still. Yes, it’s HIGH TIME Gods sheep come out of this wicked spiritual BABYLON lest we receive her plagues as surely can we Not See them Beloved? I say yes we can so Father grant your people to REPENT and turn and save nothing but our souls as we run to those High Places in Christ Jesus as Lord to secure and find our REST Amen!

  12. I used to think the Church in America was asleep, but I have determined she’s in a diabetic coma from too many sugary sermons.

    30% of a healthy balanced diet should be quality fat, which staves off hunger. Low fat fads have led to high sugar diets that are killing us. Likewise, ministry low in the anointing has led to sugary sermons that are starving the Body of Christ.

    On Thu, Nov 12, 2020 at 2:54 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “AND WHAT IF THE AMERICAN CHURCH DOES NOT > REPENT? What do you call it, when States want 8-year-olds to have the > option to postpone puberty by providing them with pills? When the cities > with the most murder, want the least police? When a protester argues i” >

  13. Amen

    On Thu, Nov 12, 2020, 1:48 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “AND WHAT IF THE AMERICAN CHURCH DOES NOT > REPENT? What do you call it, when States want 8-year-olds to have the > option to postpone puberty by providing them with pills? When the cities > with the most murder, want the least police? When a protester argues i” >

  14. Its truly time to stand for truth and may we not fear Confrontation for truth will need to confront in love from time to time

  15. What if the American “church” does not repent? It doesn’t really matter. The living church of Jesus is made up of individuals who personally know Jesus as their brother and God as their loving Father. Some attend church buildings and many upon thousands do not. They know it’s not needed in order to have Jesus as their brother. The living church is at the heart of what is happening within our political system. They spiritually and collectively recognize President Trump was ordained by Jesus to clean-up the corruption. The living church of Jesus recognizes the Rule of Law, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights to be more important than the Bible. Those documents were actually ordained by Jesus, because they provide freedom for all. The Bible was compiled by a church that wanted total control of people and their money. The so-called “Christian church” has been studying the Bible for years upon years and look how lukewarm and sound asleep they are.

    1. “The living church of Jesus recognizes the Rule of Law, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights to be more important than the Bible.”

      That is absolutely FALSE!

      1. Why is it false? Because the Bible told you it was false? Of course you can provide scriptures from the Bible to proove what I’m saying is false I am sure. If your Bible is your only arguement then that prooves my point, you’re trapped inside it’s box. If you can’t argue my point without using the Bible, once again, that prooves my point, you are trapped in the Bible box. My arguement outside of the Bible is my experiences with a living Jesus as my brother and God as my loving Father. That I cannot give to you, you can only experience that for youself. I am telling you there is pure spiritual freedom outside of the Bible box. Ask Jesus if you dont belive me because the Bible won’t let you entertain the thought. Sad but true.

      2. “The living church of Jesus recognizes the Rule of Law, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights to be more important than the Bible.”

        Prayingnok answered: That is absolutely FALSE!

        There is a big difference between “recognizing the rule of law” and making it equal to The Written Word of God. It is *NOT* equal or more important, and I defy anyone to show Scripture that they are.

        Now the question I have is just what is your absolute rule of Faith and Practice. It doesn’t sound like it’s the Bible.

        So, what would you obey first an unjust law that goes against the Bible, or The Bible itself?

        Some time back Mario blogged about whether the Christian is required to blindly obey the law if it goes against The Bible.

        You might want to look it up:

        Posted on May 11, 2020 by mariomurilloministries

        I will affirm that the Government of Man is *NOT* above The Government of God.

      3. The entire Universe is based upon law and order. A grand mistake is believing the Bible is the written word of God, it was written by men for the purpose of control and financial power. It was designed to keep people in it’s box. Beliving in it rather than in a living God. There are stories of people having a relationship with God but they are their stories and have nothing to do with our relationship with Jesus and God today in our time.
        You asked what is my absolute rule of faith and I know you can’t even tell me exactly what faith actually is.Your Bible is very vague on its description; it says faith is substance and faith is evidence, but you can’t tell me exacting what substance it is and what evidence it is. So how would you know if I even answered your question? First of all, I do not have any faith in the way you believe faith to be. Faith is merely tool, once you get the job done you don’t need the tool anymore, right? I know you may think faith is the way one believes. It is up to the point of knowing. Once you know you no longer need faith. The entire purpose of faith from God’s perspective is to obtain a living relationship with Him. But none of what I just wrote explains exactly what the substance and evidence of faith is. I do know what it is. But right now I’d rather move on.
        What is my practice? I have no practice. I have a living relationship with Jesus as my brother and God as my loving Father. Do you practice anthing with you earthly relationships except for just experiencing them. Your hevenly relationships should be no different.. I experience Jesus and God on a daily basis and I do not need the Bible to do that. The Bible is not a relationship with Jesus or God the Father.
        Would I obey an unjust law or the Bible? I would obey neither, I would obey Jesus and or God first and foremost. The Bible is not God.
        Law and order is one of the most important things to Jesus. Evil politicians write evil laws. If Christians don’t vote for politicians ordained by Jesus, they suffer under that evil and may be forced to serve under it . You get what you let other people vote for. I think the bottom line in our discussion is summed up by, I can not willingly, any longer, serve a book called the word of God when I now know its far from what God wants for his children. I was trapped inside that book for 25 years. That was 20 years ago. When Jesus freed me from it, I experienced an enormous spiritual freedom I had no clue was outside of the Bible.
        As long as you’re safe inside the Bible you’ll reject everything I am saying, why? Because the Bible tells you to and since you firmly believe the Bible to be the holy, unadulterated, final word of God, you’ll remain in its prison and wither away. Finally, if you really do have an experienced personal relationship with Jesus, then ask him, if you should trust the Bible as your go to, or trust him as your go to.

    2. Chaplains
      You say our nation’s founding principles are “more important than the Bible.”
      Those very documents were BASED ON THE BIBLE, the BOOK (rev 22:19), THE WORD OF GOD.

      Perhaps your intent was meant to clarify that the leadership of certain churches manipulated God’s Word. Certainly. THIS EXPLAINS THE LUKEWARM churches: those that can be bribed, those that are friends w/the world, those that are in fear, and those that use their liberty to live without moral restraint. Pastor Mario aches for all the clergy/pastors to be awakened to the horror of their error; for them to return to the model of JESUS, Chief Shepherd of our souls.

      In Revelations, the LORD, the Almighty, revealed He is the HEAD of all seven of the different churches, and ALL seven need correction. ALL seven.


      1. Your response is beautiful, but this isn’t the first time he said that. I fear he really thinks it’s true.

      1. If you really think that God would let His word be so corrupted, and that manmade documents, even though written through prayer, are more important than the Bible, then you don’t trust God to handle His own business. And then, what have you left to stand upon? Man?

      2. Tell that to be people in communist countries. The Constitution and the Bill of rights protects the Bible. A person does not need the Bible to have a real and living relationship with Jesus but does need the Constitution and Bill of rights to live openly free in that relationship. The Bible is full of death and destruction blamed on an angry god that can’t seemto stop punishing or killing his children. Countless wars with millions killed have been fought over the Bible. It paints a bad picture of my Father in heaven and it is no where close to the Gospel that Jesus preached. Maybe if you had a living relationship with Jesus as opposed to a stagnant relationship with an old book tainted by man you would understand Jesus does not need any book to have a real relationship with you. You seem to be trapped in the Bible box and that is what the Bible was designed to do. There is pure spiritual freedom outside of the Bible box. You need to ask Jesus about my claims He’s the one that opened my eyes to the Bible box.

      3. That isn’t true Annette, witout our forefathers having an individual living relationship with Jesus as their brother and God as their loving Father we may not have the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The Bible had nothing to do with it. The Bible is not a relationship with Jesus the same as a car manual in not a relationship with the car. There were other belief systems in that room, they were not all practicing Christians. The common factor was they all recognized Jesus as a brother and God as their Father.

    3. To the contrary, the modern church has NEGLECTED the Word of God for decades. Our nation was founded on the Bible, that is the reason “it works”. It is not perfect but it is revelatory in its concept of government “under God”. Our government system is a federation established by God working through imperfect, God fearing men who treasured freedom, liberty, freedom of religion, etc under the restraints of the Bible. Your opinions are yours but they are unfounded on fact .

      1. Our nation was not founded upon the Bible. That’s a Christian myth. Our nation was founded by Jesus working through the hearts of men, some were Christian and some were not.

      2. Our country was founded upon all people are created equal, the rule of law and the freedom of religion. The Bible doesn’t allow for the freedom of religion. Look at how many wars were fought over people not accepting the Bible. Does the Bible accept Islamic teachings? No. The Constitution allows Islamic teaching. Does the Bible allow Satanism? No. The Constitution allows Satanism. Under the Constitution people are free to have any religion they want. Under the Bible you are forced to believe one way or else, that’s not spiritual freedom. The Bible was written by church people for manipulation and control of people’s money. Is it a sin not to pay tithes to the church? The Bible tells you that so you’ll faithfully surrender your money, sounds like a scam to me. I would rather live spiritually free under the Constitution and Rule of Law any day than under the tyranny of the Bible. If you feel safe within the walls of the Bible, pretending it’s God’s way of speaking to you, then stay. I’m saying there is pure spiritual freedom outside of the Bible box and a living relationship with Jesus as your brother and God as your loving Father. You do not need the Bible to experience that, just a heartfelt desire to do God’s will, then leave all the details up to Jesus.

  16. Mr. Murillo, you are speaking absolute truth. I personally have attempted to inform friends, etc of these very facts all year. I have a list of alternate news sources which I provided. (Fox News is not and has never been on the list…now we know why). I practically spoonfed people with information, providing scripture, background information on the participants heading the “protests” etc. The biggest letdown, my very biggest disappointment was in media ministry “leaders” who just didn’t “get it”. There was absolutely no reason for these leaders to be misinformed because the information was out there (example blm’s website openly stated their marxist intentions of destroying the family and America). I was so shocked by the “christians”. I tried hard to provide them with information, but the gatekeepers (administrative staff) prevented that. I emailed one in particular, and I felt that I was “put down”, All this is due to a lack of Biblical teaching/preaching/personal study for the past three decades at least. Also the younger generation has been groomed in marxism and is prepared to abandon the country in a hot minute. I am thankful I attended school when I did, read what I did, studied the Bible (and the Democratic Party Platform back in the early 70’s…it was the same then, only in “seed form”),studied American and British history, and the history of the Christian church (great preachers of the past, prayer movements, persecution, etc). All of that combined to give me a BIBLICAL WORLDVIEW. My biggest mistake was in assuming all christians thought the same. Two days ago the name “Gideon’s Army” passed through my mind.(Judges 6-8) Apparently, everyone will not jump onboard to save the nation. I had to accept that. But I do know, that this is a precious time and a valuable opportunity to join Gideon’s Army. ” it may be that the LORD will work for us: for there is no restraint to the LORD to save by many or by few.” (I Samuel 4:6). Thank you for your faithfulness to God and the Body of Christ’.

    1. The awesome thing about Gideon’s Army is: it was obvious GOD won the battle. That will be the case in this battle as well. 🙂

      1. Prayinginok,
        And the remnant say, Amen!!!!
        To God be ALL THE GLORY

  17. I thank GOD for His faithful servant, Mario Cierulio! I read your articles and I stand on every word you said! I was one of GOD’s Saints that said that Trump will win & I never recanted from what GOD had shown me. When they said that Biden was the President Elect, my whole body went through such a dramatic change, we were at the Diner waiting to be seated & I saw it on their TV. My husband looked at me and asked, “honey, are you OK, you look like you are about to faint” in my head I was saying no, this can’t be…LORD You told me President Donald J Trump was going to win, what is going on, what is this lie from the devil? But, I continued to pray everyday as I always did & I never lost hope, for deep down in my heart I knew GOD was still working & I & the whole world would witness that GOD IS ALWAYS IN CONTROL. Thank you, gor you articles of truth! GOD Bless you & your loved ones always!!!!

  18. Powerful word! Amen!

    On Thu, Nov 12, 2020 at 2:59 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “AND WHAT IF THE AMERICAN CHURCH DOES NOT > REPENT? What do you call it, when States want 8-year-olds to have the > option to postpone puberty by providing them with pills? When the cities > with the most murder, want the least police? When a protester argues i” >

  19. I think the Apostle Paul said it best

    Romans 1:28 NASB
    [28] And just as they did not see fit to acknowledge God any longer, God gave them over to a depraved mind, to do those things which are not proper,
    Romans 1:29-30 NASB
    [29] being filled with all unrighteousness, wickedness, greed, evil; full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, malice; they are gossips, [30] slanderers, haters of God, insolent, arrogant, boastful, inventors of evil, disobedient to parents
    That is why my friends the radical left and the carnal church are opposed and defiant of the Truth.

    If you want prophecy, this is straight from the Word. Most of mankind will reject God and his son Jesus . Our responsibility is in letting the light be shown to the world that we have in us and provided by the Lord by renewing our minds to become more like HIM vs becoming compromised with this world. We each must examine our walk, do we love the truth and what God says in his word…..or do we love the things of this world more than truth. There are plenty of woke community leaders, some call themselves men of God but yet want the approval of men i.e. the examples that Mario refers to. Our God judges our hearts, so where are our hearts….. in the world ….or are they with truth and God’s word.

    If we truly repent, Paul says in Act15:26 when he is defending himself to King Agrippa
    that they should repent and turn to God, performing deeds appropriate to repentance.
    Stand and speak and let God be heard and let the light that He has given you shine forth fight for truth would be one deed we can show that we have repented from our complacency.

    1. Amen! And when does a candle shine the brightest? In the daytime or in the darkness of night? We are in such a dark time! We need to reflect the light of Jesus more than ever! I once heard a preacher ask the question: “If you were charged with being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you?” Sadly, for most of the church today, that answer is no.

      1. amen and amen that is so true, let our lights shine in darkness we are in,
        God is our Shield and Protector whom then do we have to fear….light dispels darkness.
        We are His witnesses to what He has done for us, ‘the Cross of Christ’ the newness of life that was once in the pit and under satanic bondage…..O Let Us Praise The Lord at all times….

  20. Amen good word sir, First I say they are pushing child abuse, forcing the unimaginable on us all, doing away with all our rights, leading us in to lawlessness, as in the days of Noah, they hate the truth of the word, because the word does not allow lawlessness, it corrects [Heb 12:6, For whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth, and scourgeth every son whom he receiveth.
    Heb 12:7
    If ye endure chastening, God dealeth with you as with sons; for what son is he whom the father chasteneth not?
    Heb 12:8
    But if ye be without chastisement, whereof all are partakers, then are ye bastards, and not sons.] and sadly many fit it to this category right here, its ver frustrating to watch what is happening in the church to day, it stirs up an anger, a righteous anger they accuse us of having no love, how does ;ove allow lawlessness and evil, a monster allows lawlessness and evil, love corrects and has laws to follow, but this love they preach and throw up in our face is a lawless love that allows all sin and evil, and people fall for and draw to it, like a fly to honey, because they can do what ever they want and say its ok with God, well it maybe ok with your god, but its not ok with Yahweh and Jesus Christ, he died so we could turn from our sins, and give us grace and the Holy Spirit to help us, so we will not continue in them, but they preach grace covers sin, and only the blood covers sin, just like the Love, because the word says God is love, they say he want punish us, that Stupid, I tried for a long time and it took a while for this to sink in, I said Lord why do they think you allow this, and why do they not get corrected, you correct e if I just think of something different than what you told me, and Heb 12: 6 hit me like never before, [Heb 12:8
    But if ye be without chastisement, whereof all are partakers, then are ye bastards, and not sons.] and then I understood a lot of people professing, but they just messing with you and fooling them selves, they made a Jesus in there image, and its heart breaking, to watch most just want to hear prosperity and blessing, they could care less about the rest of the word, preachers not preparing the people to stand, but to be led to the slaughter, and he takes me to Heaven and gives me 2 Cor 12:20-21, and says all this is going on in my church and they are not ready, and he speaks to me, he gives e the messages I don’t choose them I ask the Holy Spirit what do they need you know, I don’t, but he took me to heavem scarring theDickens out of me, it was exactly Pauls 2 Cor 12 experance except I new I wasn’t in the body because I was dodging floor joice, decking, and then ceiling and rafters, duct work first I was in the basement, and then I was if front of him, as I fell as dead to the floor of heave, and he said fear not stand and read, I said I can’t Lord your to bright I can’t see, a scroll rolled down, for me to read, but he walked off some and started quoting it, with his back to it, most of it was for me, I had ask him to remove some things, but the last two verses was for the church 2 Cor 12:2021, and he said all this is going on in my church AND THEY ARE NOT READY, NOW GO BACK AND TELL THEM THEY ARE NOT READY, AND PREACH WITH MORE FIRE THAN EVER BEFORE, But all the people wanted to do was put my fire out, telling me to tone it down, and preach love, only thing was the love he taught me doesn’t allow evil and sin, and he sent me to teall the CHURCH TO REPENT, And I have have been but all they do is scream your mean, and cruel, your judging me, no I am preaching the word it is convicting you, if you are lost your already condemned, Jesus came to save us from the condemnation of the world, but we must get saved and turn from our sin, we can’t stay in them, but the Preachers or church leaders would not accept the message, they rejected it, as they are now, they don’t want to repent, and if things was to not turn for the better here it will be because we didn’t truly repent, but he is trying to make his bride ready, and they don’t want to listen, and lawlessness id trying to take over our land, AND REPENTANCE IS MAIN KEY, but I see no change in most, they still want to save me and get me to conform to there ways, and I see what their ways have led to, a passive tolerant, disarmed church that allows all kinds of sin and evil, and that is wrong and I will have no part of a church that actually has self and satan running it, the POB and the wordly system run by communist, because I ask the Lord during this why was satand able to do this, he said because the Church allows sin and evil, and then I saw the sins of one in the body affects the whole body, because I know a few are doing right, but we were all taken prisoner, it cost us all in some way, so I thought Josh 7 Achens sin, it hurt the whole camp, we just beter wake up and truly repent, I believe the Lord is going to turn this around but look how many will not hear truth, and will perish, I thought again of the verse , Straight is the gate and narrow is the way, and there be few that find it, thats so sad, and now I see how many want heaven but want to live like hell and do thir own thing, and this with B. is the antichrist spirit, so when you choose Biden you choose the antichrist spirit you choose evil over good, wheter you see it or not doesn’t matter you chose evil, and he told me to tell the people choose this day whom you will serve, and I feel with everything in me he was telling us choose the antichrist or me, and we better choose right, and REPENT he took me to heaven in 09 June 1st and things have gotten much worse, we are just trying to save people but most act like we want to kill them, saying thats to hard, a christian life is not easy, but its worth everything.

    1. Very well said my brother. That is one of the prices we pay for adhering to truth, we will lose friends family, and receive hatred from the world. Matthew 10:35

      We only have peace with God through Christ. People will hate us for standing up for what is Godly and right. I pray that the Holy Spirit helps us to guard our hearts from this seducing enemy of the left.

  21. Amen!!! Praying for your continued perseverance in righteousness… Be strong in the Lord Our God and in the power of HIS MIGHT through Holy Spirit, Sound the alarm, dear brother!

    A sister in Christ

    Sent from my iPad


  22. I’ve shared that the day after the election my daily Bible reading was Isaiah 55. God began to open my eyes to the fact that He had a much bigger plan in mind. I didn’t write this, but I thought it made the point so well, and I wanted to share it:

    “I would have pulled Joseph out. Out of that pit. Out of that prison. Out of that pain. I would have cheated nations out of the one God would use to deliver them from famine.

    I would have pulled David out. Out of Saul’s spear-throwing presence. Out of the caves he hid away in. Out of the pain of rejection. I would have cheated Israel out of a God-hearted king.

    I would have pulled Esther out. Out of being snatched from her only family. Out of being placed in a position she never asked for. Out of the path of a vicious, power-hungry foe. I would have cheated a people out of the woman God would use to save their very lives.

    I would have pulled Jesus off. Off of the cross. Off of the road that led to suffering and pain. Off of the path that would mean nakedness and beatings, nails and thorns. I would have cheated the entire world out of a Savior. Out of salvation. Out of an eternity filled with no more suffering and no more pain.”

    God’s ways…. they are beyond our understanding.

  23. Amen! This is how God has had me praying for the last couple of months, for repentance and it has to start in the church. I don’t know what it will take because the church is so divided. It will take a miracle! This word is confirmation to me. I’ve been stuck at repentance!

  24. John 12:27-28. “Now is my soul troubled; and what shall I say? Father, SAVE ME FROM THIS HOUR: but FOR THIS CAUSE came I unto this hour. FATHER, GLORIFY THY NAME.”

  25. Abba Father, we thank you for turning what the enemy meant for evil to our good! All our faith and trust is in you Father God and your Christ and your Holy Spirit and fire; and You never disappoint! Hallelujah!

  26. Brother Mario, I am involved in pastoral ministry, prison evangelistic ministry, drug and alcohol recovery ministry, an inter-racial coalition trying to bring a Bible based reconciliation through Christ, and a ministry to re-integrate men coming out of prison. So I see life and ministry today through many different lenses. I have never seen so many pastors (several who are close ministry associates) and church people sick with covid, some have died, and many are still hospitalized. Every bit of news I receive seems to be something else bad happening. Suicide attempts, people in aftercare failing drug tests, somebody just went on a ventilator and is critical. Demons seem to be having a heyday in America. My precious wife and ministry partner and I have set aside hours at a time to pray. We travelled to every hospital in our city this week and just sat in the parking lot praying for the sick and for the overworked medical staff. Plus my refusal to “concede” in Spirit and surrender our nation to demonic Baal, Molech, and Jezebel worshipping leadership. Our burden of prayer was so heavy last night it seemed we would be crushed by it. Today God has sent a Spirit of refreshment upon us to ease the heaviness. I had to take a seat in the Secret Place of the Most High, and abide under that Shadow of the Almighty last night and this morning. We are determined to fight and not give up. We are casting down principalities, powers, the rulers of the darkness of this world, and spiritual wickedness in high places. Thank God for a remnant, stirred up by the Spirit of Haggai, who will believe to finish God’s work, and see the best still ahead for God’s purpose and Kingdom in America! Let God arise, His enemies be scattered!

    1. God bless and strengthen you and your wife, Mark! Wow! I can’t even imagine all the jewels that must be in both of your crowns. No doubt the devil and his demons are on a rampage. They know the GREAT victory that is just ahead.

  27. Chaplainm, the Bible was authored by the Holy Spirit, and is the infallible, inerrant Word of God. If you have been wounded and offended, and have become bitter toward God and His church, I pray God will heal you. You are so loved by Him! I pray you repent of your accusation against God. God started a good work in you, cooperate with Him that He can finish it.

  28. I guess it must be the crowd I hang out with (admittedly virtual due to health issues), but I am seeing passion, fervency, night and day prayer fasting, strong support for President Trump, and much else. There are 10s of 1000s if not hundreds of thousands really repenting of past lethargy and ennui.

    I know that there are “woke” folks like Mr. Stanley, but so many more that are nearly 24/7 in this battle. Please, please write about these as well. The battle fatigue and deep wounds are debilitating. Could you take just one blog and rejoice in these sheep? Many of them follow you. These ones, I believe, are much on His heart. Just one blog, that’s all I’m asking. (I know you’ve written about small church pastors in this way, but please think of the rest of the warring saints as well.) I speak as one in infirmity and fatigue who has fallen far short in the fight, not as one who has been really faithful. So, I’m referring to others.

    1. Jana, Galatians 6:9, dear friend. Every true, remnant church dreams of being filled with prayer warriors like your heart shows. Hold the line, sister, hold the line. I’m a pastor’s wife/worship leader, praying more JANAS into our birthed-by-prayer, baptized by fire, intercession-passionate church. We in the body must definitely encourage the encouragers!

  29. I have been fervently praying. The Democrat Party is not likely to be satisfied with the defeat of President Trump. They will now endeavor to shut down our Christian Churches, de-fund the police, and eventually establish a Marxist form of government. This process will gain support from Black Lives Matter and Antifa. The Democrat Party will use the fear of the Covid-19 virus in an effort to attempt to force us to comply with their agenda. They will not hesitate to use pseudo-scientific data to support the restrictions they try to impose upon us. The media will provide the “fuel” needed to promote this agenda.
    But, we serve the Almighty God! He is our refuge and fortress. Isaiah 54:17 promises that no weapon that is formed against us shall prosper.
    So, let us continue to pray and believe God for the victory!

  30. Woohoo! Praise God! YOU are the VICTOR LORD! Do Your righteous works thru Your mighty right hand of justice! We praise YOU! May waves of repentance flow through our land. YOUR WILL BE DONE in the U.S.A. AS IT IS IN HEAVEN!

  31. Powerful blog Mario. Keep blogging we the Ekklesia need them. Woe to these pastors, like Andy Stanley and the rest. IMO repent or have Ichabod, the glory of the Lord has departed stamped on your churches. These are the days God is exposing the wolves in sheep’s clothing. God bless you Mario and your family.


    Woe to you, United States of America, you just turned your country over to the most Godless, corrupt party in the history of our great nation.

    The party of BLM and Antifa thugs and terrorists who destroy our cities unhindered by the feckless, liberal leaders of those cities.

    The party that applauds a law allowing them to murder babies up to the time of birth, because they are inconvenient or not what they were hoping for.

    The party that hates Israel, hates the police, and hates the Christian church.

    The party where men have husbands and women have wives.

    The party where the sexually perverted have special rights, where Christian bakers and florists are not allowed to decline baking a cake or providing bouquets to same sex weddings that violate their own beliefs and values. Where the Democrat led states punish them and force them to close their business and declare bankruptcy.

    The party that says if you disagree with them you are a racist, sexist, homophobe, or xenophobe.

    The party that when one of their own has the audacity to disagree with the party line, they are cancelled and shunned.

    The party where the mobs vandalize the home of and terrorize the neighborhood of a newly elected city councilor, who dared to vote against defunding the police.

    The party that makes excuses for BLM thugs and looters when they break store windows and carry off big screen TVs and jewelry, again unhindered by their left wing city leaders who claim they need the loot to feed their families and say to just consider the loot as reparations for their distant ancestors being sold as slaves, usually by their black countrymen.

    The party that calls evil good and good evil and refuses to condemn those from BLM and Antifa, who steal, kill, and destroy, but if a patriot prayer group peacefully gathers they are condemned as white supremacists and armed militias.

    The party that has thousands of “woke” women marching in the streets of Washington DC wearing vagina hats and yet they expect us to take them seriously and treat them with dignity.

    The party that refuses to condemn BLM thugs who ambush police officers sitting in their patrol car and shoot them multiple times while other BLM thugs cheer and applaud.

    The same BLM thugs then block the ambulance entrance at the hospital and yell “we hope the bitch dies” when the female deputy is carried into the ER. A story the mainstream media refuses to cover and the left wing democrats refuse to condemn. Disgraceful.

    The party that calls mobs breaking windows, destroying vehicles, and setting fire to occupied buildings “peaceful protestors.”

    The party that abused and harassed our last president, Donald Trump, starting before he was sworn in, and carrying through his entire term. Baseless accusations of Russian collusion, improper calls with foreign leaders and on and on. The party that controls the mainstream media and has used them as propaganda machines against a duly elected president. The party whose last president and vice president used the national security apparatus and FBI to spy on President Trump and to fraudulently obtain FISA warrants and falsely accuse and try to destroy an honest man and retired General, Michael Flynn.

    The party that has sold out the U.S.A. to foreign countries and wants to destroy our economy because of their climate change fantasies. The climate may be changing but it has gone through cycles since the world was created. There is nothing mere man can do to change that other than getting on or knees and taking it to the only one who can change it.

    The party that refuses to give President Trump any credit for the many great things he did while in office. A thriving economy until the China virus invaded, our embassy in Israel moved to Jerusalem, three amazingly qualified Supreme Court Justices. He brokered three historic peace accords with Israel and neighboring Arab countries. Any other president would have received a Nobel Peace Prize. Heck, Obama received one for doing nothing. President Trump ditched NAFTA and negotiated a much better trade deal with Canada and Mexico. He has also been tough on Communist China and has negotiated better trade deals that are America first and have led to many jobs returning to our country.

    Sure, Donald Trump is abrasive and lacks a filter. If he wasn’t tough and a counter-puncher, he would not have survived four years of constant onslaught. When he was elected I was unsure about him, but over the last four years I have become a staunch supporter. He tells it like it is and is not afraid to call out the snobbish pearl clutching liberal elite hypocrite Nancy Pelosi and the pompous ass Chuck Shumer. And don’t even get me started on Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler. Nadler even had the audacity to claim that Antifa does not even exist. This while a few miles from my home they are utterly destroying the city of Portland, Oregon. What a fool!

    I truly fear for the future of our great country, since it has been handed over to the one world order leftists who hate our country. May God have mercy on us.


    1. Please do not assume that our country “has been handed over” to the leftists. It has NOT happened; keep praying and standing fast for righteousness and justice, which are the foundation of God’s throne. All who think this battle is over are forgetting to include BUT GOD. His permanent address is ‘Wit’s End Corner” and we are there. And so is HE.
      Listen and pray each day with Dutch Sheets on YOUTUBE at Give Him 15. He encourages and prays and we agree.
      2 Chron. 20:20 “…..Jehoshaphat stood and said, “Listen to me, Judah and inhabitants of Jerusalem: Put your trust in the Lord your God and you will endure. Put your trust in His prophets, and succeed.”

  33. Amen. Very powerful posts. To God be all the glory for Mario Murillo ministries being very diligent in taking a continual stand.

    Sent from my iPad

  34. Thank you Mario for your courageous, inspiring and encouraging words! I am praying harder and seeking God.more than ever before! The life of our Country ..One Nation..for ded under the One and only True God!

    On Wed, Nov 11, 2020, 11:53 PM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “AND WHAT IF THE AMERICAN CHURCH DOES NOT > REPENT? What do you call it, when States want 8-year-olds to have the > option to postpone puberty by providing them with pills? When the cities > with the most murder, want the least police? When a protester argues i” >

  35. Reply To an Island in New Hampshire. Please go back and re-read what I posted. I think you misread it or misunderstand what I said. I basically said the same thing Word for World said.

  36. It is interesting that an article in Atlantic Monthly spoke of our society in break down. We have produced too many elites (leaders) with too few positions and not enough workers. That comes from sending too many to college rather than the skilled trades.

    Much of the societal break down comes from a small academic community which is producing counter elites. American Studies, along with Women’s Studies, is the primary source of BDS/ANTIFA/BDS activists. Much of the pollution of our culture comes out of this academic subcommunity (including Critical Race Theory).

    The author predicts that we are going to have five to ten years of troubles until society makes adjustments. As believers we can minister by doing more outreach on college campuses. And by doing outreach within the minority communities. Our society needs help in being guided to repentance. And sitting in the pew is not outreach.

  37. You are right … Andy Stanley doesn’t get it … he only gets his net worth of $40 million and his $200,000 a year paycheck. He isn’t going to go against the leftist rule and risk his accumulated wealth in the but keep safe in the name of protecting his flock. He will stand before God stripped of his millions and then he will wish he had “got it”. Thank you Mario for your continued battle for America and to keep us who are the Remnant and blessed to be … informed and ready to march!

  38. You are so on point Mario!! Not much else needs to be added to your blog! You said it right! Seems to me the ones I know who were so into prayer and support for Trump etc. , have lost their edge and want to forget resisting currant pressures and are satisfied to submit to the present conditioning, lies, and false news and are no longer interested in staying in the fight or watching on the Wall!
    They seems resolved to make do and just wait and see what happens next!
    I will be forwarding this blog to all of them in hopes it will shake them up!!
    Thanks for saying it like it is!! Very scary times ! No time to sit back and “ go along” !!! Dangerous!
    God Bless You!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  39. Thank you so much for standing for truth in such a bold, iconoclastic way. I agree with everything you’re saying in this article except one statement: “Unless of course Biden wins, in which case, I guess the virus will just suddenly vanish.” I’m pretty convinced that in the unlikely event that Biden wins, God forbid, the masks will never be removed. > >






    > WordPress.com

  41. To Chaplainm

    What you have attributed to God’s atrocious actions are really Satan the Devil’s.
    You say you have Jesus but you reject his word.
    Jesus does not contradict his written word.
    You are listening to a lying spirit.
    May the Lord have mercy on you and open your eyes to the truth.

  42. To Chaplainm
    You are wrong and deluded. I pray that God opens your eyes and you come to true salvation. If not when you pass over the Lord will say to you depart from me I NEVER KNEW YOU.

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