4 thoughts on “decided

  1. I began countering Biden’s “DARK WINTER” curse the second I heard him say it…more than once in one speech. I also looked up the meaning of Dark Winter. Code for introducing more bioterrorist pandemic and forcing lock downs worldwide. It is WINTER OF LIGHT with plenty of SONshine all about. Winter of OPEN DOORS and outside in God’s Beauty. AMEN. I join you in REBUKING that very obvious demonic CURSE and witches SPELL in Jesus NAME.

  2. I rebuke Joe Biden’s words in the name of Jesus Christ our Savior. I rebuke the Democrats anti Christian words in the name of Jesus. God has us in the palm of His hand and the evil one cannot touch us, has no influence over us , in Jesus Name.

  3. AMEN! The word says the curse without CAUSE shall fall. and We render this “Dark Winter” curse to naught! What the devil has meant for harm shall be turned for good…by the God who OVERTURNS the works of DARKNESS Amen.

  4. As usual on target jesus in mario.get wordcto trump somehow thst all all mature prophets global see a turning of the evil against Gods plan to restore America and revival and major reformation.we walk by faith not CNN or biden..kamala decrees

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