Fauci is guilty of perhaps the greatest scandal in American History. Obama callously dictates policies that are killing freedom because he hates America. Biden is a lawless puppet who will do and say anything to appease his masters.

It is easy to lose hope when you see these villains escape prosecution while noble men like Michael Flynn are unjustly ruined. It is easy to forget that when this happens it is because God Himself wants to deal with their wickedness.

Other evil doers have wrapped a noose around the neck of free speech and every other right we hold dear. TRUTH is being choked to death in America. Not just Obama–Tech giants wield crushing control over people’s opinions.

And yet, I feel a calm sense of hope amid their tyranny.

The elements of the media, key intellectuals, and some mainstream institutions that have been trusted and objective in the past are strangely quiet during the censorship, the silencing, and even the cancel-culture obliteration of many American lives.

And still, I feel a great hope, even in this situation.

Kamala Harris, along with the Democrat Party have declared special war on the 80 million Americans who voted for Trump. They will not stop until they have destroyed everything good and decent about America.

And again, I am convinced God will expose and even exploit their evil.

2021 has been a year full of evil forced on the American people. Beginning with an election they forced on us–then a lock down–and perversion of our education, and finally, a total abandonment of Israel.

Yes, what is happening to America is evil. Preplanned and premeditated evil. We are watching something that was hatched decades ago and is finally upon us. So why do I feel hope in a seemingly hopeless situation?

I feel hope because I know it is evil–and I know what God has done about evil in our history.

Genesis 50:20 explains what I mean: “But as for you, you meant evil against me; but God meant it for good, in order to bring it about as it is this day, to save many people alive.”  Those words were spoken by Joseph to his brothers who had sold him into slavery. That vicious act was exploited by God to promote Joseph into a position of royalty in Egypt, in order to save a nation from famine.

It is time for you to settle your spirit behind a historical fact. God has always dealt with evil in America, even when we did not deserve it. It is not by accident that ‘wokesters’ have tried to bury our history. It is there that we find the irrevocable evidence of God’s intervention in America. It is not simply the people of America that God loves, it is the idea of America. In order for that idea to be destroyed, you would first have to get past our omniscient and loving God.

Many believers are throwing in the towel too early. We could very easily see a miracle in a few days. That miracle would cause unprecedented nationwide convulsions. Or it could take longer. But one way or another, surely and eventually, the evil will be exposed and it will be punished.

God may do it by changing the tide of public opinion. Another way is by exposing the evil acts and those who have committed the evil. One thing has already begun:  because Fake News outlets such as CNN have openly called for the shutting down of any news outlets that do not spout Democrat Party propaganda, such as One America News Network and Newsmax, Christian conservatives have been forced to build their own mass media—something they should have done long ago.

Another way may be the sudden groundswell of hunger for righteousness, which I see sparking mass conversions. The tide of revival is only just now beginning to crash upon our shores.

What the minions of Satan mean for evil, God will exploit for good, in order to save many.  You can either let the images of blasphemy and arrogance drain your spirit or you can take your stand, lift up your head and anticipate the inevitable intervention of the Holy Lord of the Armies of Heaven!



    1. I choose to believe God has the last word in America! There are many devices in the heart of man, nevertheless the counsel of the Lord, that shall stand!

  1. Amen my brother..I love your tenacity and guts, and know that God is at work in your life and ministry..never back down and continue to fight..I spent 30 years of my life in ministry..walked away because the legalism sucked out the life of my heart,,but I know that the Father still has plans,,I love you!

  2. On The Altar of The Cross, Yeshua said…”It is finished.” I believe that meant then and now, that every evil deed has a counter action by Holy Spirit, known and layed out and finished on the Cross… instead of pleading for God to do what has already been finished from His perspective, maybe we simply need to be PRAISING HIM for it ALL already being DONE… believing to be SO, what we don’t see yet…

    On Fri, Jun 4, 2021, 11:07 PM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” Fauci is guilty of perhaps the greatest > scandal in American History. Obama callously dictates policies that are > killing freedom because he hates America. Biden is a lawless puppet who > will do and say anything to appease his masters. It is easy to lose” >

  3. Thank God for your calling and your obedience to Him! Knowing we were both in the Jesus People Movement at about the same time makes me feel a special kinship to your ministry. The ‘taste’ of what the Lord was able to do back then has kept me separated from a lot of the window washing we see today, Thank you, Lord!
    Bless you, Bother Mario!

  4. Praying, believing & calling on the Lord of the armies of host to come to Sacramento with
    the Holy Spirit and Fire.

  5. I pray that the misery being unleashed on our country by this administration will turn people to God in droves – that God will use this for good, just as He did in Joseph’s life.
    Thank you, Mario, for your courage and encouragement. You always hit a nerve.

  6. For many months, I, too, have been convinced of righteousness coming soon and God’s victory being undenied. Thank you Brother Mario, for your conviction and defiance in the face of evil. Psalm 37 is one of my “go to” sources of hope. Maranatha!

  7. Yes and Amen, Mario. Or it could all the things you mentioned all at one time together to deliver and set free America spiritually and naturally from her enemies. Praying for Living Proof Sacramento! God bless you and your staff and supporters.

  8. MARIO, I can say that amidst all the things that my family and I are going through—my FAITH is GREATER than it has ever been. “For our GOD is a consuming fire.” How HE is working behind the scenes now, I don’t know—-I JUST KNOW THAT HE IS—AND O LORD, I DO BELIEVE IN YOUR GREAT AND MIGHTY POWER TO SAVE AND TO DELIVER AND TO HEAL! In the precious and holy name of JESUS CHRIST, my Savior and my LORD. Amen

  9. I agree Brother Mario! What a blessing you are to the body of Christ! Please continue to put us in remembrance of the faithfulness of God. He is the ultimate judge over All – no evil done to mankind had been left unpunished. Thank you and I love you.

  10. Amen and amen! Bless you Mario Murillo Ministry and team! God is faithful and true! He will never leave us or forsake us!
    Having done it all, then stand! Glory to God Almighty! Come Holy Spirit, wash over the World!

  11. The left does not realize how different the US was from WW1 Russia or WW2 Germany. We have far more godly people, even now. The more that the left pushes to change the culture, the more people resist. Especially democrat voters.

  12. Thank you Mario,
    Thank you for your servitude, selflessness and consistency in following the Lord Jesus Christ. My brother you are an authentic voice of the Holy Spirt. Speaking the mind of of the Holy Spirt.
    As always, this message is so on point and so concise. Only the “Willing” Deaf Dumb & Blind can’t see it.

  13. https://www.projectveritas.com/news/breaking-facebook-whistleblowers-expose-leaked-internal-docs-detailing-new

    Mario, Fauci and Zuckerberg are mere puppets whose strings will be clipped. The puppeteers Gates and the like think they are untouchable and can hide from God Almighty. But they cannot. Their schemes run deep but they will fall on their own swords and be caught in their own traps. God our Father will not be mocked nor share His glory with anyone. Spread the Word. God bless you ??

    Thanks, Jim. 214-577-3688


  14. I see where Proverbs says, “He, being often reproved, was suddenly cast down, and that without remedy”…

    New Testament disciple said, “I preach Christ and him crucified”. Another said, “We speak that which we have seen!”

    I’m always concerned when a man is called to preach Salvation through Christ; but then allows that pure sweet message to be replaced by a brand of political opinion. Without personal, first-hand, factual knowledge of what transpired in government, (Out of the mouths of two witnesses), some well meaning man or woman authoritatively states as though they have a revelation from God Almighty, that this one or that one is evil!
    Dr Fauci is 80 years old and has devoted his life to the study of infectious diseases for our country and the world! Barack Obama who has only one wife, went to the church each Sunday for twenty years with his family before winning the Presidency. Joe Biden carries a rosary and prays often for the world and our country, has no scandal in his past. Here is a factual rundown of Donald Trump. He dated an evangelical Christian girl while still married; divorced her later and married his third wife Melania, whose parents are hard line communists and would not be normally admitted into the USA except for his political clout as president.
    M. Flynn just admitted insurrection should happen here as in Myanmar! Our Capital was under drive!
    Please show me where,”God hates lying lips and feet that run to mischief does not apply anymore?
    Mario, get back to preaching Jesus Christ. There is less money, but Salvation at the end of your journey rather than deception of the elect and damnation! It seems you have lost your first love!

    1. Edward, you forgot to mention Obama and Biden are cold blooded murderers, who support tearing helpless babies apart by abortion. You sound just like the typical Woke Folk with the blatant double standards! Attacking Mario with your stupidity is laughable and pathetic!

      1. Agree completely, Mr./Ms. Jones! What really made me laugh was the statement “…(biden) has no scandal in his past.” Well…maybe not in the past 5 milliseconds!!! You nailed it with the “typical woke folk” (no, I won’t capitalize that). Praying for edward will be a challenge.

    2. It’s hard to believe you can be serious. How sad for you, to be so deluded.

      Obama attended a hate-filled, false church under a false, “pastor”, who defiled the pulpit with his screaming profanity. Obama voted against providing medical care for babies born alive from botched abortions. He lied during the campaign and said he believed in traditional (real) marriage, then did everything he possibly could to undermine marriage when he got in office. He favored Islam over Christianity and constantly tried to shame America and Christianity before the world.

      Biden lies constantly. It’s impossible to believe anything that comes out of his mouth. He has enriched himself through corrupt activities with foreign countries. There is nothing Christian in his words or actions. He believes in murdering unborn children up until the day of delivery through late-term abortions. How can you defend this man?

      President Trump was a man of the world and there may still be much of the world in him. But he has changed immensely. He has done great things for Christians, the unborn, for people of color, and for all Americans. He made certain promises, and he kept them. Whatever his playboy past was..it’s in the past. He is already a different person, and God is still working with him.

      General Flynn is a patriot and hero who was framed.

      Perhaps you need to learn the meaning of forgiveness. You have some nerve admonishing a Man of God such as Mario. You are way off base. He hears from God and is doing what the Holy Spirit directs him to do.

      Repent of your critical spirit.

    3. Edward may God have mercy on your soul for your foolish talk. God hates evil and these people you are speaking of are evil and want to destroy all we hold dear. You know that.

  15. This is 1 of your best blogs yet! Much hope! We keep praying. Marlene Nichols

    Sent from my iPad


    1. As God said in His Word…”He will never see the righteous forsaken nor his seed begging bread” God is doing wonders for His people even if it’s hidden right now.
      I am praying and I am at peace!
      Thank you Mario!

  16. Life’s trail
    The “house of man” is overly complex and filled with hostilities. It is a place/realm where a newborn enters in search of identity. The child learns by imitating adults and siblings. The child soon discovers there will be many teachers but few who will listen to the discourse of sharing. With time, events, knowledge the essence/trait that will emerge will understand the anomalies of surviving what was learned in the “house” where man quenches his/her appetites of physical/mystical revelations. Not by food alone does man exist. Within the body lies the key to understand the primal force that motivates passions for living. This quiescent energy is the scale that balances all deeds and action one encounters while traveling from birth to death. Very few are aware of this law of self-preservation. Many are guilty of plagiarizing the sensitive equilibrium that teaches the discipline of moral behavior. (religion/politics are offenders of this law) They have taken the covenant of life and exploited its fruit for wealth and power. The multitudes have been victims of this flagrant abuse. As a lifetime stretches from the physical to spiritual world, a child dreams of becoming an adult, and the adult tries to be a child again. The journey is laden with guilt, remorse, and anger. To partake of the vices, increases the weight of the burden the body carries along the path of life. Perhaps, along the way, a teacher/friend is encountered who will help to remove the garbage and replenish the emaciated soul with morsels of wisdom that lies within. Many choose to flow with the current of the river, then struggle upstream to see what lies at the beginning. Some will walk along the shoreline and become exploiters of what they find. A few will understand that the river of life has no beginning or ending. It is a cycle of continuity where life is refreshed, and death becomes obscured. And i…a traveler along this path, touched, and was touched, by all that I encountered in the House of my parents, alone, but not alone as I contemplated the increments of time woven in the mantle I wear.

    1. archaios6, have you ever stopped staring at your navel in your wokeness, while you are stuck in your psycho babble of a puzzle in a mystery wrapped in an enigma, or were you just born that way in your dream weaver?

      1. Mr/Ms Jones, you’re better than me to laboriously plow through that psychodribble. He/she lost me at “Not by food alone does man exist”. The winning lotto number could be buried in the rest of that morass of words and it would be unclaimed for all eternity.

      2. a closed mind fatigues the soul… Only Jesus can judge what He deems relevant to those who seek guidance in their quest to understand what humanity imposes on others.

  17. Amen Mario. God bless you and continue to anoint you and your ministries!

    Two passages come to mind:

    “Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil.”
    Eccl. 8:11

    “1 This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.

    2 For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,

    3 Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good,

    4 Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;

    5 Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.

    6 For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts,

    7 Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.

    8 Now as Jannes and Jambres withstood Moses, so do these also resist the truth: men of corrupt minds, reprobate concerning the faith.

    9 BUT THEY SHALL PROCEED NO FURTHER: for their folly shall be manifest unto all men, as their’s also was.”
    2 Tim. 3:1-9

  18. This is what I think. I agree that God is allowing all of this to happen, to expose the forces of darkness operating in this country.

    If Trump had been allowed to take the office that everybody knows he won, even those who scream the loudest against it, and if Biden/Harris had never been installed as they were, none of this evil would have come to the surface.

    They are exposing themselves for the corrupt and lying frauds that they are, from the top down..not just in government, but in media, academia, big tech//business, and so-called, “entertainment”.

    There are things being done to children in this country, and around the world, that are unspeakable.

    A festering sore cannot be cleansed and healed until its discovered. While I do believe that the twin purpose of all of this is judgment (which we deserve), I believe that God is using this to exposed, cleanse, and heal.

    Many shall come to righteousness-but many are headed to justice, judgment, and destruction, IMO.

  19. God is exposing the evil — more and more. We’re praying that there will also be justice and consequences.

  20. Praying, praying , praying! And God’s will to be done! Love your ministry and praying all who bow to evil will repent!

  21. Amen Mario

    Your wisdom and prophecy inspire me. I admire the work you are doing to bring thousands to Jesus, more pastors could and Gould learn from your example.

    God bless you in your ministry.

    Wayne Kachur

    Sent from my iPhone


  22. Well said Mario, we will not give up and will keep trusting the Lord that he will save our nation and restore righteousness in our country and bring revival here and worldwide! God is good and he is for us all the time.

  23. Hey Mario,
    I want to tell you what Fauci means…. It means sickle.
    I want to tell you what I just happened to read this morning in my Bible.
    (After wondering what Fauci’s last name means)
    Joel 3:13
    Swing the sickle,
    for the harvest is ripe.
    Come, trample the grapes,
    for the winepress is full
    and the vats overflow—
    so great is their wickedness!”

  24. God bless you, brother Mario. Thank you for expressing what a lot of us believe.
    I join my voice in agreement with all comments that God’s will be done on earth and His Kingdom come.
    Praying for principalities and powers to be stripped and rendered powerless in Sacramento. We command the kingdom of darkness to give up the spiritually dead and we claim them for the Kingdom and of God!
    In Jesus’ Matchless Name and Blood!

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