77 years ago today, in one of the largest amphibious military assaults in history, more than 160,000 Allied troops stormed the beaches of Normandy to liberate Europe. We must never forget their courage and sacrifice.

And, like America, in those dark days of 1944, we are facing a new threat in 2021—not from some foreign power, but from a socially-designed cancer that is bent on consuming all decency and freedom.

An entire generation answered the call, then. I am asking you to answer the call, now.

While nothing can compare to the courage and sacrifice of those men, I cannot think of a better day to announce our own invasion: Sacramento!

It is Friday May 21st, 2021, and hell is reeling. 1,500 warriors attending the FIREPOWER master class hear me say, “We are going to Sacramento.” The shout of God explodes!

Since that announcement—all over America, and in many other nations—thousands have been bombarding heaven on behalf of Sacramento.

Now comes the big news.

Today is the official launch of our invasion of Sacramento. This is Day One of a summer of fire and glory on the streets of Sacramento.

Today is our D-Day. Today, we serve notice that California’s plunge into darkness will not go unanswered or unchallenged.

Today we remind the enemies of God and lukewarm religionists that we are a ministry of action—not just words.

Today, we put boots on the ground in some of California’s most victimized neighborhoods—neighborhoods that few leftist politicians will ever visit—lest they see what their vile policies are doing to the poor.

Today, we announce an astounding and unprecedented schedule of outreaches. We are already here, but today we are calling in reinforcements to join us in Sacramento, beginning this Saturday, for the first major outreach of a Summer of Fire and Glory.  Check out the schedule below:

Today, we arrive as servants honoring the many ministries and leaders who are being used of God in the Sacramento area. We are here to hold up their arms in the mission to save the lost and heal the sick.

Today, we begin to knock on the door of the hearts of pastors, leaders, and anyone else who loves Sacramento and is willing to working with us. 

The Living Proof Tent will welcome thousands, starting Sunday, August the 8th, through Wednesday, August the 11th, at 6:30 P.M. For four phenomenal nights, the power of Jesus will destroy sickness, addiction, perversion, despair and lies.

Remember this: Every tent crusade has surpassed the one that came before it. We have watched both the tide rise and the power intensify, in each successive crusade.

But Sacramento will be the greatest, for another big reason—it is the stronghold for the political evil in California. Victory here can send a shock wave across the nation!

I told you at the beginning of this blog, that we need to answer the call.

First, I need you to appreciate the magnitude of the demonic power we are about to challenge. Paul said, “For a great and effective door has opened to me, but there are many adversaries” (1 Corinthians 16:9).

Sacramento is home to evil influencers, both human and demonic. We face the fiercest opposition we have ever faced. We need prevailing prayer. We need a massive amount of prayer. We need continual prayer. Will you take the challenge to pray fervently for Sacramento?

Next, we need workers! We need people to come from the far reaches of America to help us bring in what will surely be an enormous number of lost souls. Please pray about joining me on the frontline. Below, you will see a link you can use to join the army.

I have never anticipated a crusade the way I am anticipating this one. As I wrote in a previous post: “But during all of these massive breakthroughs, the target on God’s mind was Sacramento. That alone is stunning. But it is the magnitude of what God has warned me He will do in Sacramento, that is earth shattering.”

That is why we will commit the entire summer to this single tent crusade. That is why we are asking for warriors to come from all over: because this is a crusade for the very soul of California!

The leftist machine that is driving America away from God is centered here. Every leftist policy that you can think of has been birthed here and exported from here. We are literally going into the lion’s den, and we need to pray that the Lord will close the lions’ mouths.

We not only need you to pray, but I am hoping that many of you will answer the call, and that you will come and join us in Sacramento this summer. Thank you, to those who will respond!


  1. The Lord blessed America with physical and spiritual warriors to keep this a free nation. Thanks be to God for His love and mercy on us. And God bless the families of the men and women who sacrificed their lives so we may continue in freedom.

    1. Let the fear of God and the gift of repentance fall on Sacramento, California in Jesus Name. Let the cloud of glory rest upon this outreach.

  2. First of all, Mario, you are one of the few people today to even mention the Anniversary of D-Day. While I am not surprised, I am disappointed. Thank you, however, for remembering the significance of this day.

    I do commit to praying for the August Crusade. God bless you and your fellow warriors!! Be encouraged and strengthened. I pray especially for refreshing as the days go by and the opposition intensifies.

    Thank you for allowing God to work in you and through you. To God be the glory!

    1. How true and how sad! Our pastor yesterday didn’t say one word about this significant event… as a retired military person I was very disappointed… we’ve forgotten the price that’s been paid for our freedoms… I think this is why so many are so ready to let so many freedoms slip through their fingers. We need to be constantly reminded of the costs for what we enjoy… too many take it for granted.

  3. Love to join you but God doesn’t listen to my prayers anymore. Don’t know of any sin blocking. Just no more answers Kate Sequeira.

    Sent from my iPad


    1. Kate, God IS listening, even though sometimes is feels like the heavens are brass. He knows better than us what we need to be polished and sharpened. When asking for something from Him, sometimes the answer is Yes, sometimes No, and sometimes Yes, but not now. The fact that you question whether sin is blocking your prayers shows you have a pliable heart and conscience He can use! Hang in there… the answer is on the way!!

  4. I commit to being an intercessor for Living Proof Sacramento. I cannot be there personally but I will be there spiritually! God’s blessings on you, Mario, and all those who will be ministering with you.🙏✝️

  5. Trey Gowdy has a new program on Fox at 7:00 Sunday evenings. It debuted tonight He talked about D-Day and the sacrifice that so many gave to keep this nation free.

    If you can find the program on u-tube, everyone please watch it. He did a great job. It was at the end of the program.

    He asked those who died…over and over again…”Was it worth it? Have we become the nation that you died for? Have we become the nation you envisioned we would be at this time, when you died alone on a foreign field, away from all that you knew, and everyone you loved? Was it worth it?”

    I said out loud to the tv, “No. With what we are right now, we do not deserve the sacrifice they made.”

    But that does not mean it’s a done deal, that it’s over, or that God is finished with America. I do believe a miracle is on its way.

    I will be praying and giving and lifting Pastor Mario, his wife and family, his crew, and all volunteers, up in prayer. I will also pray for every person who God wants to be at that crusade, praying that God surrounds all of you, and them, with angels, and that everything that is needed for the crusade will be supplied.

    Pastor Mario….I can’t begin to imagine the rewards you will have when you stand before the Lord one day…

  6. MARIO, I have been praying for the other crusades, and you can count on me to continue for Sacramento, and for you, family and all who are able to travel to California and be a part of this GREAT MOVE OF GOD!

    I wish I was younger and able to join you all in this GREAT WORK .

    Thank You for Remembering our World War II soldiers and Omaha Beach….So many gave so much—and look at the enemies within America now who are trying to destroy our nation….BUT THEY WILL NOT SUCCEED! AMERICA SHALL BE SAVED!!!!!

  7. Yes, Mario, I will join in prayer for a great victory of the Spirit in Sacramento, and that it will be the start of a revival fire across our beloved country!

  8. We say YES LORD! We will be in fervent prayer, especially for our front-line HEROS !! Mario, you ARE a HERO of our Faith! ThankYOU from the bottom of our hearts — you answered the call and our Lord & Savior gave you the mantle !!

  9. Prayers have been lifted, including a request to The Father to dispatch however many Angel Armies necessary to push the demons out of CA and into the ocean, as well as binding on earth what is bound in heaven… binding them from being able to do anything but think about what TRUTH IS…unable to hinder another human being. In The Name of Yeshua ben Yehovah! Yes and Amen!… and NOW begins the PRAISE❣ Great is He Who is in us than he, (the stupid one) who is in the world. WHOOHOO Sacramento! GO God!

    On Sun, Jun 6, 2021, 9:09 PM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” 77 years ago today, in one of the largest > amphibious military assaults in history, more than 160,000 Allied troops > stormed the beaches of Normandy to liberate Europe. We must never forget > their courage and sacrifice. And, like America, in those dark d” >

  10. Every day I’m praying and believing for you, the ministry & Pastors & helpers: in short the whole state of California brother Mario. Holy Spirit’s fire and glory and courage and boldness be with you & all of the helpers. Blessings of Heaven be with you.

  11. Believing and standing with you, Mario, for the huge harvest that the Holy Spirit will make possible through all of the intercessors and volunteers who are dedicated to the success of this mighty move of the Lord! Thank you for your dedication and service!

  12. I am praying against the evil that is crippling our county our families and even the Church. I will continue to pray against the strongholds the enemy has crippled us with. I am sitting with my dying husband right now waiting for God to open the door and take him home.

  13. I am so sorry we can’t be a part of what God is doing in Sacramento. My husband and I both have health issues. I have been praying for you and will continue to pray for God’s fire to fall and for his presence to come near. I join with you in claiming every soul that God has foreknown, predestinated, called and chosen for salvation. I pray they will be sincerely saved, delivered from every evil spirit, healed in their souls, bodies and spirits and they will be spirit filled and on fire for God. May God raise up an army in California in Jesus name.

  14. My prayers for a mighty breakthrough anointing on you and your staff for such a time as this. We come against the darkness and pray for the glory to come and enlighten men and women in the awesomeness and love of GOD and open up blinded eyes to the hatred of satan! Boy does he have dumb people fooled! And we all thought these rich ones were smart but the poorest of poor is smarter than them. Prayers and blessings for the last day great revival to start at your meetings! You are the Joseph and Daniel of this day for such a time as this. Keep up the truth in JESUS name! And come soon Lord JESUS!

  15. I have been praying continually since you announced your 1st tent meeting. This one is different for I too FEEL the intensity of God’s power flooding my body even as I read this blog post. Although I physically cannot attend for I will be recovering from back surgery, you CAN count on me to bombard Heaven with prayer & you can also COUNT on me to send the host of heaven to shred the platforms evil would set up against you & these tent meetings. I am thrilled to read how God CHANGES the face of California after this!

  16. On Sun, Jun 6, 2021, 8:09 PM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” 77 years ago today, in one of the largest > amphibious military assaults in history, more than 160,000 Allied troops > stormed the beaches of Normandy to liberate Europe. We must never forget > their courage and sacrifice. And, like America, in those dark d” >

  17. THANK YOU FOR MENTIONING D-DAY SO VERY MUCH; Know people who lost loved ones serving. THANK YOU TO ALL WHO SERVED IN EVERY WAR as i know FREEDOM ISN’T FREE. Thank you for those who put it at the forefront of EVERYONE news outlet like December 7th and each and every War. PRAYING PERIOD that EVERYONE would wake up like NOW! Also, for the Glory and the Fire of God and the Love of the Father and Luke 8:17.
    God Bless those, like the woman who shared at Street Fair how many WWII Vets were left as know so many who served in Korean (forgotten) War, and Vietnam, Desert Storm.

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