Last night Donald Trump defeated Chris Wallace in a debate. The other person on the stage who refused a drug test and refused to have his ear checked for an electronic device feeding him answers (probably with good reason) was extraneous.

When Donald Trump realized that he was facing two debate opponents—one of whom had snuck in as the moderator—he rightfully pivoted to being combative.

Was Trump rude and impolite to his opponents? Give me a break. It was not a fair fight! It was one and a half against one.

This was a set up—a trap, and Trump sprung the trap himself, so it would misfire. Trump was repeatedly scolded for interrupting, but Wallace allowed his assistant (Biden) to interrupt Trump repeatedly. Trump tried again and again to speak, but was talked-over by both of his opponents. Chris Wallace let Biden speak for well over his allotted time, but would not allow Trump any time for rebuttal to the lies.

The morning of the debate I wrote you that Wallace would be biased, since he has always opposed President Trump, and even his colleagues at Fox agree that he was biased last night.

Why do I believe Trump won the debate? Because his “rudeness” forced the truth to come out.  During the debate America got to see Trump Derangement Syndrome in full bloom. America got to see—for the first time—insane accusations being confronted in real time. Let me list but a few.

Biden accused Trump of killing 200,000 Americans by not acting quickly to stem the virus. Trump destroyed it by reminding us all how Democrats accused Trump of racism for shutting down flights from China—a move that saved thousands of lives.

Trump was accused of causing the fires in California because he didn’t stop global warming. Trump cited other nations that manage their forests with few, if any, fires. How then can it be global warming?

Trump was blamed for a spike in violent crime in cities. Trump rightly said that these are cities controlled by Democrats, so, how could he be responsible? He reminded Biden that these cities had refused his offer of federal help in stopping the riots.

The moderator, mind you, not the other opponent, argued that Tulsa, OK and Fort Worth, TX, which are conservative cities, also had spikes. This, gentle reader, only made the argument even stupider. Out of the scores and scores of hellholes controlled by Democrats, two cities that were nowhere near the level of out-of-control of Portland or Seattle. That is the best they could come up with?

Trump “wrecked the economy.” (The half-opponent, Chris Wallace, introduced this lie.) How devoid of logic and honesty do you have to be to ignore the best economic growth in American history that was only stopped by the China Plague, and the still ongoing shutdown by Democrat Governors and Mayors?

A specious story was dredged up that has been debunked, again and again, by those who were there. Trump “disrespected the military.” Here’s the fake quote, “Why should I go to that cemetery? It’s filled with losers.” In a separate conversation on the same trip, Trump supposedly referred to the more than 1,800 marines who lost their lives at Belleau Wood as “suckers,” for getting killed. No record of any kind exists that this ever happened.  Trump countered this false story with a documented one, wherein Biden called soldiers he was addressing, “Stupid bastards.” Which Biden immediately denied. Watch it here, he says it quite clearly at minute 1:50 seconds:

Biden used the debate as a vehicle to make personal attacks on the President, calling Trump a “liar” several times; a “clown;” the “worst President in history”; “this guy,” “he’s done nothing,” he is “Putin’s puppet;” and “he’s a racist,” among others. Yet Biden never cited a single bit of evidence.

Trump won because, yet again, he exposed the insanity. Trump won because he would have none of it. Trump showed us why he must be reelected. Last night proved that America is under a fake news censorship that can only be broken, if necessary, by a rude righteousness.






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1. Will Biden show up? His campaign knows what a weak candidate he is, so they have practiced avoidance—by hiding him in his basement—and refusing to let him say anything with substance. Even so, Biden has been a gaffe-machine; he recently accused Trump of killing “200 million Americans;” said that guns “have killed 150 million;” and that he (Biden) “got to the Senate 180 years ago.”

Yesterday, Kamala Harris blasted Trump for rushing to fill the now vacant Supreme Court seat. Then, she refused to answer any questions. That too, is their strategy.

Democrat handlers are relying on one thing: Leftist hatred of Trump. Their plan is to run out the clock, play in a manner so as not to lose, and keep their candidates from actually campaigning or saying anything. That is why it is possible for a last-minute no-show by Biden. It is quite possible that they see only a downside to a debate and will be desperate enough to invent another China Virus excuse in order to keep Joe in the basement. Democrats are not above the most absurd shenanigans in situations like this.

2.How will they feed Joe his answers and coach him during the debate? Technology offers some fancy gizmos for Biden. I have no idea how they will do it. No doubt consulting with Las Vegas magicians and mentalists. However, this tactic has a great chance of backfiring, since it is very obvious when Joe is mouthing words from his handlers. Still, you can bet that the same party that fed Hillary the questions from Donna Brazile ahead of the debate in 2016, can find some kind of feeding tube for  Biden.

This just in: Debra Heine  Writing for American Greatness today confirmed. The Biden campaign is refusing President Trump’s reasonable request to allow a third party to inspect the ears of the candidates for electronic devices or transmitters ahead of the first presidential debate Tuesday night, according to Fox News. 

In addition to refusing to have Biden’s ears inspected, his campaign has also declined Trump’s demand that the candidates take a drug test prior to the Fox News debate. The showdown begins at 9 p.m. ET Tuesday and will be moderated by “Fox News Sunday” anchor Chris Wallace.


3. Will Chris Wallace show his bias against Trump? The choice of Chris Wallace is a stroke of genius by Democrats. If they had chosen a talking head from CNN, MSNBC, or any of the legacy networks, millions would cry foul. But to find a guy from FOX News who doesn’t like Trump, is a coup. So, don’t be surprised if Wallace starts debating Trump and downplaying Biden’s fumbles.

4. Is Biden faking his mental lapses to lower expectations? Think of the movie Rocky 2. Rocky’s manager Mickey Goldmill ordered Rocky to begin his rematch with Apollo Creed by fighting right-handed. Then at the right moment he was to switch back and fight left-handed, and catch his opponent flat-footed.

Trump would do well to disregard everything he has seen from Biden recently—even the Democrat presidential debates. Trump must be ready to face a pit-bull, even if it turns out to be an aged porch-hound. I remember when, back in the day, Biden debated Paul Ryan in the Vice-Presidential debates. Biden destroyed Ryan. It wasn’t even close. I hope Trump’s people have reviewed the video of that debate, with due diligence.  Then again, Trump would have been a lot different than Paul Ryan even when Joe was in his prime.

The bottom line is this: If Biden even shows up, if Biden fumbles his ear-piece, if Chris Wallace is even marginally objective, if ‘Sleepy Joe’ Biden shows up, this election could very well be decided tonight.










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