We Christians no longer have equal protection under the law. We are officially second-class citizens in the United States. How else can you explain the total double-standard that exists: one standard for protesters and another for churches?

I thought we were in the midst of a pandemic so dangerous that everyone had to stay home? I thought that churches couldn’t meet because of the threat of spreading the virus? Weren’t police taking down license plate numbers of people at drive-in church services?

Why then, are tens of thousands of people standing shoulder to shoulder and protesting across America? Why is there no attempt whatsoever to stop them with the self-same zeal with which they have shut down the church?

Look at the picture of the protest in front of the California State Capital building. This is absolutely bizarre. Weeks ago, on that very spot, Christians staged a public rally. Suddenly, their permit to assemble was revoked. A pastor was arrested for giving a speech. They were told their rally was a great danger to the public.

Saturday, on that same exact site, there was a rally, but this time the “organizers didn’t have time to get a permit” we were told. Apparently they didn’t need one. Their crowd was several times larger than the church crowd, much louder, and more likely to get out of control. Not everyone was wearing a mask, and many other “guidelines” were blatantly ignored.

The only voice at the Christian rally, was one pastor, and he was arrested. Yet at the protest, as many angry people as wanted to speak were granted free access and protection.

At the same time as America is being looted, burned and assaulted by thugs, the leftist Governors are putting the screws to the local church. They are so blindly anti-Christian that they don’t care how blatant their double-standard is.

They see us as passive. The see us as apathetic. They see us as compliant. And, sadly, for the most part, they are right.

Here, in the middle of widespread lawlessness, and massive crowds pushing against each other, are the rules for the local churches in California to reopen: “Attendance must be limited to 25% of building capacity or a maximum of 100 people, whichever is lower. The limitations will remain in places for 21 days after approval. After the initial three weeks, the California Department of Public Health will work with county public health officials to review the impact of in-person gatherings at Houses of Worship and provide further direction for future services.”

Now get this: at the very same time that all restraint has been removed, allowing thousands to protest, draconian rules are being reinforced against the church. How is this possible? Since they have proven by their actions that they don’t believe the protesters pose a public health risk, there is only one conclusion to be drawn: This is not about the virus—it is about silencing the church.

Look at those rules again. Are you kidding me? If you have a 5,000-seat sanctuary and 10,000 members, only 100 get to go to church? Have your ever heard of anything crazier? In Colorado Springs, for example, New Life Church, with 10.000 members has had to go to six services on Sunday!

Worse still, is the subtle language. What we have here is not a phase, but a test. The language is ominous: “The California Department of Public Health will work with county public health officials to review the impact of in-person gatherings at Houses of Worship and provide further direction for future services.”

Yeah, sure. Reviewed by leftists with out and out antipathy toward the church. Officials can manipulate statistics to draw their own conclusions. It happened today:

L.A. reported a spike in the number of Coronavirus infections. Turns out it wasn’t a spike; it was slow record keeping.  500 people who were infected long ago, and who never made it onto the current count were added, so it just looked like a spike.

Do you really believe they can’t play games with numbers and tell the church: “Oh well, the number of infections are up, so we can’t let you have more than a hundred people, sitting 6 feet apart.”

How can any official—in the face of what they are allowing out in the streets—read those rules out loud with a straight face? Gavin Newsom tacitly approves overwhelming numbers of people in the streets behaving recklessly, but goes to extremes to squelch the church.

He is not alone. In every state where a Democrat is governor, similar madness toward the church is reigning.

Ridiculous rules that choke the life out of local churches could become permanent. Lukewarm preachers who want acceptance are traitors to us. They appear on network news and mouth the very propaganda being spewed by these blue states.

Men and women of God are at a critical point of decision. There will soon come a time when the rules will no longer make sense on any level. Soon, you must choose whether or not you will obey the order of your state’s governor to ‘kindly drop dead.’

The hour is upon us when we must rise up with one voice and cast off these chains they want to put on all of us. Are you ready for the day when you must obey God, rather than men?








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The left hates the church. This is fact and not fiction. You can count on them to use the coronavirus in an attempt to damage Christianity. Their ultimate goal is to sell preachers on a future church with a vastly decreased influence on the nation.

They proved both their hatred and their future plans by the way they closed the churches during this pandemic. They should have found a way to keep churches open, and they could have done so, easily: they found a way to keep “necessary businesses” like Planned Parenthood open.

But by not even trying to find a way, they made a very dangerous statement. The First Amendment to the Constitution states, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…”

It is illegal to prevent worship. If there was any way possible to allow churches to remain open safely, they were duty bound to find it.

If it is in the Constitution that you can’t create a law which prevents American citizens from meeting for worship in churches, why did they do it? California’s Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) will tell you that it is necessary to close churches for the safety of the public. That is a bald-faced lie. California found a way to keep Walmart, Costco, and liquor stores open, as well as the Planned Parenthood death mills.

But when it came to churches, they didn’t even try. They didn’t even bother to consult pastors about what could be done. California is the epicenter of technology, and they couldn’t find a solution for safe worship? Why would they do this? Could it be they couldn’t find a way to keep churches open for the same reason a burglar can’t find a policeman?

The preexisting hatred for the church emboldened them to ignore their Constitutional priority to allow freedom of religion. This hatred is so blatant and open that Governor Northam of Virginia hideously overruled freedom of religion by passing a law that forces churches to allow men to use the ladies room.

Ever notice how the Left uses the phrase “freedom of worship” rather than “freedom of religion”? They do that on purpose. They use it to justify their bans on churches. They say, “You can worship God in nature, in your car, or in your house.” But “freedom of religion” means something else, entirely. Freedom of religion refers to houses of worship, doctrines, creeds and traditions.

Freedom of religion means you cannot write a law that overrules a religious conviction, but that is precisely what Northam did. He is saying, in essence, “I don’t care what your Bible says, I order you to violate your faith.” Using that logic, they could force Rabbis to eat ham sandwiches…

So why did they do all these things? This, my friend, was merely a dress rehearsal. They flexed their muscles to prove they could close down every church and keep them closed for as long as they wanted. If you think they won’t do it again—and next time, do it with far less justification—you are naïve.

The purpose of the test was to see how America would react. Look carefully at these verses:

Acts 12:1-3, “Now about that time Herod the king stretched out his hand to harass some from the church. Then he killed James the brother of John with the sword. And because he saw that it pleased the Jews, he proceeded further to seize Peter, also.” Are you seeing a pattern here?

When Herod saw how murdering Christian leaders pleased the anti-Christian crowd, it emboldened him to arrest Peter. Bingo! That is what California and other States are doing. Testing to see how it plays with their base when they persecute the church.

Here is the tragic fact we must face. Millions were okay with the church shutdown because they hate President Trump and they see the church as his ally.

Long after the virus is no longer a viable threat, every State under Democrat rule will keep churches closed as long as possible. And even after they allow us to open, there will be permanent irrational limitations placed on us. Here in Reno, they opened the marijuana dispensaries today, but churches are still forced to remain closed indefinitely. Go figure.

I hate the term ‘wakeup call’ because it is vastly over-used. But, this really is a wakeup call. Just as Paul indicted the Philippian politicos for their gross violation of Roman law in Acts 16, we must take legal action against all the governors who illegally violated the Constitution, and who oppressed the church.

If we fail to come together in unity and act against this tyranny, we will be bitterly failing our children and future generations.

It’s a hard truth, but when it comes to defending freedom of religion, at this point, we can only look to God and ourselves. But if God be for us, who can be against us?