My Tribute to Jan Crouch

By Mario Murillo

My father in Christ, Ralph Wilkerson said—back in the day—“we are going to be on a television show.” So, we drove to Fontana CA to a storage facility.  After driving past row after row of roll up storage units we came to one that was strangely outfitted.

A bed sheet was the backdrop.  There was a non-descript light bathing the whole “stage area” which consisted of two folding chairs.  Whenever Paul Crouch did the interview, Jan ran the camera. And, when Jan did the interview, Paul ran the camera…this was the beginning of what is now the largest religious television network in the world.

Watching TBN grow up was something straight out of the book of Acts.  Being allowed to be a big part of it was amazing.  For 30 years I preached on TBN.  For ten years we had our own 30 min show on TBN—donated to us by Paul and Jan Crouch.

We were family.  Like any family…you have differences.  Today…those differences are irrelevant and utterly unimportant.

Jan was larger than life and was never afraid to be herself…that’s for sure! She genuinely loved lost souls.  She really did feel profound compassion for poor children around the world.  She sincerely loved the moving of the Holy Spirit.

Time after time she would be amen corner as I preached.  She would constantly challenge me to “Let the Holy Spirit move!”  This resulted in reports of healing flooding in from all over the world.  She was this way with every spirit-filled preacher who came to TBN.

She withstood a tidal wave of criticism during her years in broadcasting.  She never let it stop her or make her bitter.

You can still hear her voice speaking with such unabashed affection for “our little partners.”  That voice—along with her laugh will be sorely, sorely missed.

She was a pioneer who never apologized to anyone for her uniqueness.  She is in heaven with Jesus—the Jesus who she so deeply loved, served and followed by faith. At last she is with Him!