Bob Klen was dying from a rare form of leukemia.  Doctors said he had a 20% chance to survive.  He sat in the back with his son and then something happened—something that would change everyone who was there forever.
It happened on a Sunday in 2004 at New Life Church in Houston, Texas.  I was preaching a message called the Radical Middle.    Bob had come for an uplifting word.  He had just gotten devastating news.   This was not the sermon he was looking for.
The news that shattered his life was that chemo did not work against the rare form of leukemia that was killing him.   His doctors referred him to alternative medicine at M.D. Anderson.  This grim news was a double hit.  Not only were his options down to nontraditional methods but his insurance would not cover the massive cost of his treatment.
He came to church with his son under the weight of this news.   The video will tell you what happened next.  Watch the video.  You should not deny yourself an amazing experience.  Also, please share this post!  All of the Glory goes to our Lord Jesus Christ.




Fasten your seat belt, this is really good news. They gathered with excitement and expectation…but none of us were ready for what happened next.


By Mario Murillo

It is a good sign…they keep adding chairs.  This is happening most of the night.  Another good sign: the house is filled with youth—youth who do not know Jesus—who battle everything devil throws at our children these days.  The best sign is everyone feels special power vibrating in the room.

We are doing a Living Proof Outreach with Ben Lucero, Isaiah Saldivar and the Awakening 209 in Manteca, California.

My message carries an unusual title: When Satan Helps Start Revival.  I begin by describing the strange experience I had after God ordered me to study the youth culture.  My research became torture as I fully grasped the curse Lucifer has laid on an entire generation.

I could actually sense the evil one boasting and threatening.  He was declaring his wicked intentions: “I will addict them.  I will shame them.  I will drain them of hope.  I will kill them.

Then the voice of God roared, BUT I WILL POUR OUT MY SPIRIT ON THEM!  I tell them “I am here tonight because a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit is coming.”  I make a prediction about the emerging army of youth: “You will lay hands on the sick.  You will prophesy.  You will cast out devils.”

Then I explained how Satan is mentally off.  If the devil just wanted to deceive and damn souls he would make everyone content like cattle being fattened for the slaughter.  Instead, he tortures, punishes and makes his victims miserable.  He can’t help himself. Observe California—creating new laws make it impossible for people to be safe or happy.

-Child prostitution is now legal in California.

-Drug dealers must be let out of prison because of bed shortages.

-Violent felons—some who have killed Americans—in California illegally will not be taken into custody.

-In Silicon Valley, American workers are being fired and replaced by foreign workers—and the Americans have to train their replacements!

-California schools—nearly the worst in the nation— are chock full of corruption, mismanagement and loony curriculum.  Reading, writing and arithmetic are out.  Brainwashing about transgenderism, anti-Americanism, and anti-Christian studies are in.

Satan is overplaying his hand in California.  He is creating a misery and despair in the youth of the state that will drive them to Jesus!

Now the audience began to see the proof of what I was saying.  A miracle, pure and simple, hits a young lady.  I love it when the Holy Spirit’s word of knowledge is so clear, piercing and detailed that people no longer see the man speaking—only God.

By the Spirit, the story of her life unfolded.  The precise illnesses of her body and the childhood trauma that caused them all was revealed.  Her total healing rocks the room.

On the heels of her miracle more healings ignite. The vivid details about people’s conditions electrify mighty praise to Jesus the healer.

Suddenly spines straighten, migraine headaches vanish.  A man in the back becomes so excited he just gets up out of his wheelchair and begins a little victory dance over his healing.  A full 60 minutes of unobstructed healings flood the house with shouts of joy and mass weeping.

God saved the best for last.  Never have I seen conviction grip youth like this. It was as if they wanted me to shut up and let them come to Christ.  It was an instant response crowned with total surrender.  They abandoned their sin as if it were nuclear waste. Notice, in the picture, the overwhelming number of young men who came forward.  This is really good news—prophetic news about a coming youth revolution.


How can you explain a turnaround from Jesus?  You can’t, you just rejoice and give fervent thanks to God.  In Bakersfield, we snatched victory out of the jaws of defeat.  My only regret is that I did not wait just one more day before writing you.  I do not apologize for being honest—I just wish that I would have been able to temper my report with the events of the next two days.


By Mario Murillo

The real story is the miracles that happened to individuals.  Even Friday night—with its disastrous attendance still produced a great miracle.  You already heard that Manuel Carrizalez is our point man in Bakersfield—what you did not know was that he has been praying for his mother to know Christ for 27 years.  Friday night she violently turned to Jesus.  She was overcome by the power of God and surrendered to Christ with all her might.
Even though we did not come near to filling the great hall—our attendance nearly tripled from Friday night to Saturday night.  The harvest we had prayed for and expected came forward that night.  The photo below show a composite of those who came forward in the last two days of Living Proof Bakersfield.

However, the real turnaround in Bakersfield came Sunday Morning at Victory Outreach with Pastor Mike.  The church was packed.  The people were ready for signs and wonders and our mighty God did not disappoint.  Few times in 50 years of ministry have I felt such intense power.
Let’s begin with the miracle of the woman to my left.  Without asking, I broke out in Spanish and began to tell her the story of the agony in her body.  Her look of excitement and recognition was undeniable.  No one could say they were not watching a miracle.  Arthritis, and a host of other maladies had turned her right side and legs into a war zone of pain.  She freely confirmed the word to be accurate.  Then the word became a healing miracle.  She charged across the front of the building demonstrating that all her excruciating pain was gone.

Spinning around, I charged to the other side of the church where I said “Witchcraft is being broken in a family right here!”  That family was connected to a woman who controlled entire neighborhoods with Santeria!
The flow kept intensifying.  I asked my wife to lay hands on a woman as the vivid details of her condition were being revealed by the Holy Spirit.  “You have pain and weakness from head to toe.  You are being healed!  She was in the throes of valley fever which does exactly that…weakens you from head to toe.  My wife Mechelle prayer the prayer of faith.  Fever broken by the power of Jesus!

Next came a dramatic demonstration of God’s power on a precious sister who needed radical healing.  The areas identified by the Spirit of God included her heart, liver, lungs, and blood.  The picture says it all.

Bakersfield indeed turned around!


Here’s what happened in Bakersfield

90% of those who needed Christ came forward—including one a family waited 27 years to be saved.  Those are staggering facts.  We are taught this is all that matters, so therefore, the event was a success.  But last night taught us something else…it was the most brutal wake up call we have gotten in 20 years.

Here’s what happened in Bakersfield

By Mario Murillo

90% of those who needed Christ came forward—including one a family waited 27 years to be saved.  Those are staggering facts.  We are taught this is all that matters, so therefore, the event was a success.  But last night taught us something else…it was the most brutal wake up call we have gotten in 20 years.
Paul once made this dramatic confession: “Therefore we wanted to come to you—even I, Paul, time and again—but Satan hindered us. -1 Thessalonians 2:18 He actually admitted that in this particular battle—Satan stopped them.  Last night we were stopped.  It was a major shock because we were spoiled by a long run of full houses and overflowing altars.
It is almost mandatory for evangelists to give only glowing reports.  There is overwhelming pressure to justify their appeal for funds with photos of masses of people. Some of that pressure is justified because we are stewards of people’s hard-earned money.  Some of it is foolish because it denies that we are in a war.
But what do you do when the news is not good?  Do you gloss it over?  Do you ignore it and move on?  I choose to hit it head on.
It would be ridiculous to sugar coat last night in a blog notorious for telling the truth.  When it was dangerous to rebuke Obama we did it repeatedly.  When we saw burning issues in the church we nailed them to the wall.  So it is time to take some of my own medicine.
Last night was poorly attended for many reasons—reasons that we must face or fold our tent. America has radically changed.  The church has radically changed.  We must adjust or face the fate of dinosaurs.  So what exactly do I mean?  Here are the facts:
California’s inner cities are now openly hostile to soul-winning.  The old code of honor and respect for faith is dead.  Two highly visible attacks on ministers flood the news:
-Herbert Valero, the 68-year-old pastor of Victory Outreach Church in Salinas, went outside his house to pray with Servando Ayala Silva, a 37-year-old man who took a sheet rock saw blade and cut the pastor’s throat.  He died in front of his wife and children.
-Rudy Trujillo, the pastor of Faith Center in San Fernando, assaulted Wednesday morning was hospitalized and recovering from a broken hip and other injuries after he was beaten.
Gangs see salvations as a threat to drug sales.  They will intimidate those who preach and those who come to hear them.  Fear grips communities.  We failed to see this. God has to teach us to overcome boycotts by gangs.
I also failed to obey a lessen from the Holy Spirit.  We should not have delegated the advertising and the ground game of this outreach.  A central key to our Living Proof Crusades is new ways of getting people to bring people to outreaches.  We must also take control of everything that happens during the crusade…this became painfully clear in Bakersfield.
Finally, we must unravel the mystery of millennials.  They are glued to their cell phone screens and live a life that is unlike anything humanity has ever seen.  They are our next crash course.
Some say that I am overreacting to a Friday night in Bakersfield and may see a major turnaround tonight. That would be a highly unlikely but welcome outcome.  Stay tuned
Finally, my great hope is the Holy Spirit.  This is His expertise.  He once led me to the violent intellectual campus at Berkeley with nothing but the clothes on my back. It was a challenge beyond words. I was beyond ill-equipped.  That is the situation I find myself in today.
I am asking for forgiveness from our faithful partners for losing an important battle.  I can only ask that you bear with me and consider our history:  We will never lie to you and we will never surrender to Satan.  Psalm 108:13 says, “Through God we will do valiantly, for it is He who shall tread down our enemies.

Worldwide Prayer Alert

Tonight a new era begins.  Tonight something happens that carries a real and present hope for our nation and the world.  As America hangs in the balance…God will stretch out His mighty hand.  Tonight it all comes down to God who will display His power in the eyes of politicians, educators, law enforcement and the forgotten people of the inner city.

Worldwide Prayer Alert

By Mario Murillo

Tonight a new era begins.  Tonight something happens that carries a real and present hope for our nation and the world.  As America hangs in the balance…God will stretch out His mighty hand.  Tonight it all comes down to God who will display His power in the eyes of politicians, educators, law enforcement and the forgotten people of the inner city.

25,000 cards of invitation went to gang members, addicts, and students in the public schools.  7 talk shows have showcased this night. Not one mean street has been untouched.  Not one at-risk young person has been overlooked.  The eyes of a whole city are asking…can this be the answer we have longed for?  An entire city is holding its breath for hope in the midst of violence and division.

Will love take on muscle? Will this be a collision of the mothers of sons killed in street warfare taking a stand—the leaders of the community unifying—the Body of Christ assuming her rightful place in the battle, and the Gospel being declared in power?

The seed is sown.  The ground has been watered.  The incalculable sacrifice to bring this project to birth has been given.  Everything is in place—it is time to pray!  I must implore you to pray.  Pray as if this was your own city—yea, your own neighborhood!

It all comes down to this wonder of wonders that God has given us: The power to go before His throne and make our needs known.  This holy privilege—this mighty weapon…do we dare pass up the honor of pleading for eternal souls?

This is not the first time I have begged the Christian family to pray, but this time I am asking as if it were the last time I ever will.  NOW OR NEVER is written on the forehead of the United States.  Who cares where the miracle begins so long as it begins?  Who cares who gets the credit so long as God gets all of the Glory?

In a few hours I will step out on the stage of the Harvey Auditorium in Bakersfield, California.  With your prayers, I know God will go with me.  Jesus will make a personal appearance and demonstrate His unstoppable power to save, deliver and heal.

Pray that nothing stops lost souls from coming tonight.  Pray for special protection.  Pray for every aspect of this event to be crowned with power, order and love.  Pray for pastors to unify.  Pray for community leaders to surrender to Christ.  Pray for the fuse of national revival to be lit.

If you live near Bakersfield, make your way now to this historic event.  Bring someone who needs living proof of the power of Jesus to save and heal.

No matter what—at the very least—pray!



Right now, people are making their way to Houston by car and plane for an event this Sunday Night. If you ask them why, their answer may surprise you:They are coming to receive a healing miracle.


You may have heard of Mario Murillo.  He does not claim to heal but he directs his audience to Christ to be healed.  But there is so much more to this night than that.

Mario calls these nights Living Proof because he insists they should offer proof of the love and power of Jesus.  He does not believe that you should check your brain at the door and be gullible. 

Living Proof is not just a night of healing.  It is a night that brings a message that pierces our culture and ignites moral awakening.  Mario will speak directly to your heart about the things you face every day.  He answers—from the Word of God—the questions people ask about these dark days. 

You will feel freedom and order.  The atmosphere is neither stuffy nor mindless emotion.  For Mario, it is not enough for people to claim miracles, he believes that those who are healed must go to their doctors and verify their miracle. 

The most common reaction to Living Proof is how different it is from what people expected. 

Jesus proved that He was the Son of God by doing miracles that no one had ever done.  He said that His works would not stop.  We believe that His power extends to our day and can intervene in our most impossible situations.  Come and see for yourself the amazing love and power of Christ.

Join us this Sunday night at 6: PM at New Life Church. There are plenty of free seats and lots of free parking.  Come early for the best seats.  Bring someone who needs a miracle.  Come expecting your own miracle!  


Check out this video that proves miracles last.  This video from 1993 shows the moment that Howard Kratzer was healed.  He is still healed 23 years later.


Mario Murillo Ministries: Stopping the Nation Killing Machine

Stopping the Nation Killing Machine

By Mario Murillo

Hollywood, pop singers, sports figures, politicians, tech giants like Google, Apple and Amazon along with countless college professors are turning our children’s minds into a nation-killing machine.

This coalition has untold billions of dollars at their disposal.  They control the airwaves—and through Obama and Clinton, the FBI and the IRS.  They can rig elections.

Months ago this would have sounded like a tinfoil cone conspiracy—not anymore.

Now let’s talk about what God is doing.

As a kid, I liked monster movies.  (We are indeed in a monster movie right now.)  Those of you old enough to remember the black and white monster movies featured giant insects, aliens and people.  The culprit was almost always the A-Bomb tests.

There were two elements in those movies: 1. A dark moment of hopelessness when all weapons failed.  2. A controversial scientist who worked out of a barn.

The military reluctantly had to use the weapon from the barn…the monster was defeated.

I freely admit that Mario Murillo Ministries is that scientist working out of the barn.  When this beast of political correctness first oozed out of the swamp, we started warning the church.  

We declared that signs and wonders and the conviction of the Holy Spirit are the only weapons for a brain-washed generation.

We declared that we needed to stop fearing politicians and call them out.

We said young minds needed to hear why the teaching of Jesus is divine and they needed to hear the truth about American history.

Then the name-calling and ridicule began.  We were told it would never work.  We were roundly criticized and rejected.  None of this stopped us from finishing our divine training under the Holy Spirit.

Then came the summer of 2016.  The weapon came out of the barn and leaders began to see how it is exactly what is needed.  october-4

The images you see in this blog are snapshots of outreach this summer.  It was a summer of supernatural transformations and no compromise.

Leaders see how the make nice gospel is only making things worse.  Influential pastors are breaking with tradition and joining us on the frontline.  Most of all…there is a growing recognition that this weapon can kill the monster.

In an added piece of exciting news…phase one of our World Headquarters is now complete.  We have secured…and paid cash for a suite of offices in Sparks, Nevada.  The name of our offices is The War Room.  This is our new “barn” and brain center for the next phase of our national invasion to bring Living Proof to the youth of America.