Filling the vacant seat on the Supreme Court is urgent for both Trump and the Republican Senate. You will hear all kinds of lies and threats from the Democrats, the Fake News and leftists—and from all the usual RINOs. Even now, they have begun screaming that this is tyrannical, evil and wrong to place someone on the bench during an election year.

Throughout American history, the party that controls the Senate, gets to fill Supreme Court vacancies at any time. This includes election years, lame duck sessions after an election and even when the election is lost by the majority in the Senate. They have the power to do it any time there is an opening.

If the Senate is controlled by the party that opposes the President, they can block the nomination.  In 2016, Barack Obama nominated Merrick Garland to replace Antonin Scalia in March of the last year of Obama’s term, during the Trump–Clinton election.

Because Republicans held the majority in the Senate they blocked Garland’s nomination. Elections have consequences. The Democrats cried foul, but they were wrong. This was a simple case of how our system works. People elected Republicans to do their job, and they did it. This has happened many times in our history.

As Dan McLaughlin said “Historically, when the opposite party controls the Senate, the Senate gets to block Supreme Court nominees sent up in a presidential election year, and hold the seat open for the winner. Both of those precedents are settled by experience that is as old as the republic.

“Twenty-nine times in American history there has been an open Supreme Court vacancy in a presidential election year, or in a lame-duck session before the next presidential inauguration. (This counts vacancies created by new seats on the Court, but not vacancies for which there was a nomination already pending when the year began, such as happened in 1835–36 and 1987–88.) The President made a nomination in all twenty-nine cases. George Washington did it three times. John Adams did it. Thomas Jefferson did it. Abraham Lincoln did it. Ulysses S. Grant did it. Franklin D. Roosevelt did it. Dwight Eisenhower did it. Barack Obama, of course, did it.”

JOE BIDEN SAID THIS IN 2016: “Whenever there is a vacancy in the courts created by the Constitution itself, the supreme court of the United States the president shall—not may—shall appoint someone to fill the vacancy with advice and consent of the U.S. Senate. And deciding in advance simply to turn your back even before the president names a nominee is not an option the constitution leaves open.  It’s a plain abdication of the Senate’s solemn constitutional duty. If the president consults in cooperation with the senate then his nominee may enjoy my support. I made it absolutely clear I would go forward with the confirmation process as chairman even a few months before a presidential election.” Joe Biden 2016

It is extremely dangerous for Republicans to cave to pressure being put upon them, and hesitate to fill a vacancy on the Supreme Court. They would be creating a new and disastrous precedent. McLaughlin says, “Choosing not to fill a vacancy would be a historically unprecedented act of unilateral disarmament.”

The Nancy Pelosi clown car has careened away from constitutional law so long that they don’t even see the Constitution in their rear-view mirror. They can whine and rage all they want, but Republicans are absolutely right to take action now to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

The threats have already begun to be more and more insane: “If they even TRY to replace RBG we burn the entire f***ing thing down,” former CNN host Reza Aslan wrote on Twitter. “Over our dead bodies. Literally.” That is what Aslan wrote, a man who is a total hack and gained notoriety by being anti-Christian. He wrote the dumbest book I have ever seen about how Jesus resembled an Islamist Jihadist. That’s why he’s on CNN. That is also why we should utterly ignore his kind of threats and do the right thing.

The single most important reason we must move with haste is our 5 decade-old war to end one of the most heinous practices that has ever seen the light of day: Abortion.

Is it right to confirm a Supreme Court Justice in just 45 days? We have done it three times in our history. One of those times was when Ruth Bader Ginsburg was confirmed—it took just 42 days…




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Antifa on a bullhorn announces the killing: “We just got word he was a f***ing Nazi. Our community held its own!” The video shows Antifa celebrating after a Trump supporter was shot in cold blood on the streets of Portland, Oregon.

On the 95th day of riots and protests in Portland, OR, a Trump supporter was shot dead. He was identified by his “Patriot Prayer” hat and his shooting death was caught by multiple live-streamers.

“I was watching a live video feed of the riots when I personally saw the guy execute Aaron ‘Jay’ Danielson,” wrote Julie Jackson-Steele on Facebook. “There was no fight, just a coldblooded murder right before my eyes last night. America, the news media is lying to us! These are not peaceful protests.”

On the video, cars drive through the intersection, a man can be seen pulling a gun and shooting. Aaron is hit stumbles and falls and is then illuminated by headlights.

Let’s go over this one more time. Jay was targeted, shot, and killed for his political beliefs, and the mob rejoiced. The disgraceful mayor of Portland had just refused the help of federal officers, even though Portland Police complained that they are shorthanded.

“Last night my son was brutally murdered by communists in Portland. He did not deserve that!” Stephen Bishop said of his slain son, Jay Bishop.

This did not happen in Iran, China, or North Korea. It happened in Portland, Oregon. We have murderers being coddled by those in power in many Democrat-run cities, because the violence was committed out of hatred for America and Trump.

Am I even getting through to you?

Remember when the media reported George Floyd’s death, they repeatedly focused on the fact that he was a black man killed by a white cop. In this case—if you hear anything at all—it will be that a man was killed and, “We don’t know why, except that Donald Trump is to blame.”


Many conservatives and Christians were outraged by the death of George Floyd, even though it might advance a narrative of white supremacy. That didn’t matter because we only cared about the sad loss of a life.

You will not get that from the other side. The only deaths that matter are the ones that advance their agenda, and there are no regrets. “I am not sad that a f***ing fascist died tonight,” says a woman at the Antifa gathering in downtown Portland. The crowd laughs and cheers, even though the ID of the deceased was not confirmed, he is believed to be a Trump & Blue Lives Matter supporter.

The despicable New York Times only mentioned that someone in a “right wing group was killed” and then they attacked Trump. “A fatal shooting during a night of political conflict in Portland, OR, has yet again escalated tensions in the city and further inflamed the issues of crime, protest and race that President Trump is trying to make a focus of presidential politics.”

They said nothing about Antifa celebrating the murder.

Jay was a part of the Patriot Prayer group who were there to peacefully demonstrate prayer and patriotism and support for Donald Trump. They will downplay it because it doesn’t advance the lie they want you to believe. For them, telling the truth can’t happen if it, in any way, might help Trump win.

But you and I don’t care about that right now. Our immediate reaction was not political, it was American. Our blood is boiling because a free man who was exercising his right to demonstrate was gunned down for it. For us it is not a right-versus-left outrage—it is just an outrage!

Will the leaders of the Democrat Party be outraged by this? No, they will not. Will you hear them disavow these killers? No, you will not. That should tell you that what is happening is not a political campaign! This is the beginning of the takeover of America by violence on the streets, in the classroom, in the media, and even in churches.

The evil of this is not just the murder itself, but the total refusal to condemn it, let alone report it. This means Antifa and Black Lives Matter are in fact a wing of the party—the armed militia of the Democrat Party.

How are their actions not treason? Leftist protesters brought a guillotine with an effigy of President Donald Trump on it to the White House on Thursday, where the President delivered his speech on the final night of the Republican National Convention. A piece of paper was placed on the effigy that stated that Trump was being ticketed for being a, “Fascist, Rapist, Criminal.”

If your tender sensibilities can’t handle the truth of what is going on, not just in Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Kenosha and New York City…well then maybe you don’t deserve to be free.

We must wake up to the glaring fact that these are not protests—these are acts of war against freedom, the Constitution, Capitalism, and the duly elected representatives of the American people.