Do you need proof that Jesus heals today? I literally mean today.

woman healed

Do you need proof that Jesus heals today?  I literally mean today.

Here is some breaking news: Last night in San Jose Mario walked over to a woman who was suffering in silence.

The first words out of Mario’s mouth were “Jesus visited you this afternoon and told you that you were going to be healed tonight.”  She burst out in weeping and rejoicing because she knew that this was true but she had told no one.

For the next several minutes Mario described her private hell.  “Your entire body is in excruciating pain and the medication that you must take for your sickness has made you even sicker.”

He proceeded to describe a litany of agonies in her body.  Her fingers, arms, hips, spine, and all of her bones were being destroyed.   She was taking chemo therapy and that was devastating her body.

He ordered her to walk bend and move.  The pain vanished, natural healthy movement was restored.  She could not wait to demonstrate to the audience that she was healed. She began running and jumping bending and twisting.  This electrified the crowd!

When she had the chance she told the people that her bones were so diseased that both of her hips could pop out of joint simply by moving the wrong way.  Now she knew that something supernatural had happened to her entire body!

This miracle led to a call for the lost to receive Christ.  25 people including gang members and addicts rushed to Christ.

souls in San Jose

We received this note just now of another miracle that happened last night:

“I wanted to let you know that last night at Star of David you gave my brother a prophetic word.  I was the one you said to put my hand on his back and chest. He gave his life last night to God  and I know God was working through me to plant plant that seed and He sent you to help my brother take that final step. Thank you. I thank God that he used you to get to my brother.”  

God Bless you and your family.   -G

Let all of our partners and friends rejoice at the miraculous flow that is upon this ministry right now!   We want to honor Sonny and Linda Lara who are leading the amazing Star of David Church in the heart of San Jose!

Tonight at the ARC this flow of healing will continue.  We will be serving communion and expecting a personal appearance from the One by whose stripes we are healed.

final march 21 card front copy

7 PM Tonight at the ARC 1015 Estudillo Street Martinez CA 94553.

Doors will open at 6 PM and Childcare is provided.

 Come and receive from Christ the miracle that you or someone that you love needs. Call us at 925 300 3007

Even if it is a long drive it is so worth it to come to the ARC tonight expecting a miracle for yourself or someone you love.

There is Trouble in Googlicousappleplexyintelia

Trouble in Googlicousappleplexyintelia

There is Trouble in Googlicousappleplexyintelia

Something really important is happening in the Silicon Valley.  You deserve to know about it.  In order for you to appreciate how important this is, you must begin by realizing the backdrop of where and when this is happening.

Few people say it out loud because it is too scary to think about but…God has been almost entirely dismissed from the Silicon Valley.  You are looked at as if there is something wrong with you if you believe in a higher power.  In some circles, you are treated like a traitor to human progress because you carry a Bible.

People really try to be hip here.  So…their dismissive attitude toward Christians is displayed in subtle ways.  They will roll their eyes while they purse their lips.  You will catch it on the edge of a remark or in the almost universal assumption that following Christ will cost you massive I.Q. points.

Silicon Valley is an intellectual Tower of Babel.  Their feverish obsession to build a computerized heaven has blinded them to many realities. In their fervor to leave the church behind, they have given birth to the Church of Technology.  Their god really is a jealous god with his own giga jihad.

There are deep cracks in the walls of this citadel of electronic wizardry. All is not well in Googlicousappleplexyintelia.  Glassy-eyed worker bees peer endlessly into devices while soul sucking corporations have created the perfect prison for millennials seeking upward mobility.

To be sure, billionaires abound here…but so does poverty.  Poverty is spreading fast in the Silicon Valley.  It is a testament to the failure of Limousine Liberalism.   Scrooge, who when asked to help the poor, began rattling off the names of government programs he supported.  In the same way today’s moguls toss tips to social agencies and then look the other way.”

Among the poor, wages have not budged in years, while the cost of everything has skyrocketed.


Into this world, a simple meeting in a simple church began on March 2, 2014.  It is still going and the crowds continue to grow.  Yes, it is a simple meeting and that in itself is part of the miracle.

Here lately, spiritual movements have sought to be exotic, mystical and very emotional.  Northern California rewards meetings that tout something new and different and more intense.  The thirst for something new drives most spiritual gatherings here.

Yes, there are miracles in these meetings.  Just like that sister that could not stand or move her legs for two years and experienced healing. Yes, pastors have come together in unity.  Yes, there is exuberant worship.  Yet, none of these things are the outstanding quality of these series of meetings.

The stunning uniqueness is its simplicity.  It is in the simplicity of God’s presence; the simplicity of the joy and peace; the effortless witness that is moving  the unchurched to seek God and be converted.

No one is pulling a muscle trying to relate to the hip culture.  No one is stage diving into bizarre behavior in an attempt to churn up a blessing. This simple meeting runs against the grain of all of that.

It matches what my friend Winkie Pratney said about revival.  He said, The things that touch men and women in an awakening are not strange and hidden things made clear but plain and simple things made central, old things made new.  The familiar touched again with heaven.  What we see in revival is the truth of things anew, The change brought about by the restoration of wonder and mystery in simplicity.  In revival, do not seek for new things from God, but seek to see God through new eyes. (Not sure if you wanted to print twice on purpose or not)

The mark of apostolic preaching and revival focus is a Church in love with Jesus Christ, her Lord.  Nothing else dominates the landscape of true awakening; nothing is seen as more important as the loveliness of God in the face of the Savior.”

Stay tuned for more about this miracle of simplicity in Silicon Valley.

These meetings will continue for a third week starting this Sunday

Silicon Valley around San Jose

Atheist, Dead On Morgue Slab, Wakes After Meeting Jesus In Heaven!

Atheist, Dead On Morgue Slab, Wakes After Meeting Jesus In Heaven! …the Lord Jesus who appeared to you on the road by which you came has sent me so that you may regain your sight and be filled with the Holy Spirit.” And immediately something like scales fell from his eyes, and he regained his sight. Then he rose and was baptized… – Acts 9:17-18 After spending a life traveling and seeking the pleasures of the world, Ian McCormack found himself in a perilous situation. Ian had been stung by five box jelly fish. One of these deadly creatures can kill a person in a matter of minutes! Ian’s mother, far away in New Zealand, received a vision from God, telling her that her son was dying and that she needed to pray for him. At the same time Ian was granted a vision that his mother was praying for him! Despite this holy intervention, Ian’s soul left his body while in the hospital. Like the story of Mickey Robinson, that we brought to you last week, Ian was given a glimpse of hell before he was granted access to paradise. Ian’s account of meeting Jesus is absolutely astounding! His account of Heaven is awe inspiring! His account of waking in the morgue, getting stabbed by the coroner is actually a little funny! This video is split into two parts. Click the next page button below to watch the second part of this riveting interview.

Are you seeking your healing God’s Way?

hands out


One day a drunk tried to break up a crusade. I wondered if I should have him removed. What a contrast he was to everyone else. Three thousand people packed the Pasadena Civic Auditorium. The crowd full of faith and worship, the atmosphere crackling with electricity, but there he was in the front row drunk and cursing loudly. I heard him yell to his seven-year-old son, “He’s a fake don’t listen to him!”

Why did he bring his paralyzed son to this meeting?  Grandma had ordered it, that’s why!  Her little grandson had Spina bifida.  The boy sat there with brittle, lifeless legs.  She expected a miracle.

When the drunken father saw the healings around him his heart totally changed.  He hoisted his son in the air.  He desperately screamed, “What about my boy, what about my boy!”

When I saw this I crumbled to my knees. I remember the precise prayer that burst from my heart:  “Lord if you ever do a miracle let it be now!”  Then my unworthy eyes saw His Glory.  It was as if lightning struck the boy. He began to bicycle his legs in the air. His father could barely hold him aloft so he lurched forward and set him on the stage. The little boy ran into my arms! Oh what blessed bedlam broke out in that house!

I fell before God under the weight of this memory! This is what we need more than anything. No more words, laser lights, or the smoke and mirrors of technology, we need the raw power of God to drench our meetings and shatter the chains of modern life!

All of these things sent me over the edge and now I must thunder forth!  No longer can a crusade or church service be a harmless gathering or a mystical meeting where bored saints get self-absorbed personal words. We must become a nuclear reactor of the anointing that turns battered saints into mighty warriors and unleashes them on a cursed world! We must have the miracles of the Bible!

If God wants to heal then why aren’t there more miracles today?  The answer  awaits those with honest hearts.  No one who approaches God with a double mind will hear anything! No one who comes humbly will be denied!  There is an agony in the spirit world! God yearns to give us power but cannot because of our carnal ways.  There is profound heartache in heaven. The Holy Spirit pines to release a blanket of healings but He is grieved by our unbelief.

The truth about healing is simple.  We stumble over it because it is profound. A child can grasp the wonder of what I am about to say but the proud intellectual will strain over the very first step. Let us blast forth the truth that we need so desperately now!

1. We must reject the ideas and programs that hinder miracles!

Are healing miracles for today? They are more for today than they have been for any other day! Jesus said in John 14:12 “Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believes on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.”

YOUR HEALING GODS WAY Why would God ask the church to face the greatest explosion of false miracles, occult and demon activity in history with one hand tied behind her back?  This power-outage myth makes God seem foolish and cruel. If ever it made sense for miracles to appear it is now.

However, some spirit-filled preachers are not innocent.  I’ll let you decide the greater sin.  Is it worse to teach that the power gifts stopped or to be a Pentecostal that denies them expression in services used up by modern programs?

2. God wants to heal you more than you want to be healed.

Romans 8:32 asks the wounded soul that wonders about God’s willingness to heal a burning question, “He that spared not his own Son, but delivered him up for us all, how shall he not with him also freely give us all things?”  This question echoes in eternity. Everything that you ever ask God must be asked from the foot of the Cross.  It is here and here alone that you can fully see your Father’s heart toward you.   The bar is set.  God gave His Son for you and He will not hold back anything good from you!

Bring back the Cross to the American pulpit and you will bring back the power that made the Book of Acts Church, World Changers. The Cross settles the question of God’s willingness to heal and redeem.  Yes in your suffering God can seem distant and unmoved by your plight.  The Cross reminds you that it is utterly unreasonable for God to give His son and deny you anything  that you need!

3. We have confused divine faith with human belief.  Human belief is the fool’s gold of miracles. It looks right, it feels right but it bitterly fails where it matters most.  A miracle begins and ends with God.  He is in the very first step and every subsequent step.

There are two Greek words for faith that we must understand. Though they are very close in meaning and appearance, they are a universe apart! Pistis means firm conviction or persuasion and Pistos which means dependency on or trust in something or someone.

There is human faith which convinces itself that something is going to happen. This human belief works in the mind not in the heart.   Mental conviction is vital and has its place but not in the atmosphere of the supernatural.  I have seen many try to work up a miracle and think that within themselves they could move God to heal.  If they could remove doubt and repeat verses over and over again, they surmised, God would heal. When you try to use human belief in the arena of the miraculous it becomes a cold mental exercise.  The faith that causes miracles is a grace of the heart that God imparts right before He heals.

I talked with two different people one night before a miracle rally.  The first was a man who told me that God would heal him that night. He told me that he had them send his wheel chair away because he would not need it.  “God will do what I say!,” he barked.  This was classic pistis,  not appropriate for this miracle moment.  My heart sank.

I met another person and her face glowed even in her wheel chair!  She said, “Today I have been with Jesus I can sense Him now, this is my night!”  Here was faith, faith that moves mountains.  Here was the force that created the universe imparted to this little lady’s heart.  I knew that she would walk and sure enough at the appointed time in the service she rose and darted acrossthe front of the arena!

4. Jesus gives us Miracle Faith through the Holy Spirit.

 Jesus gave the Holy Spirit everything that He earned on the Cross.  The Holy Spirit carries us in prayer to Christ to both gain true faith and healing.  If only we would grasp the power of humbling ourselves before God!  If only we would rest in the surpassing goodness of God!

Right now you can stop the madness that torments your mind.  Ask the Holy Spirit to carry you to Christ where you will receive Faith.  Do not over analyze, do not fret…rest!   Let Him do His work. Let Him carry you now.  In the face of a doctor’s fearful predictions, vicious pain and weakness… rest!  Do not choose the human faith that grits its teeth and wars in the natural for that which can only be won in the spirit and by the Spirit.

The Holy Spirit knows you better than you know yourself. He wants to take over your case and bear you up on wings that far surpass the wings of Angels.  Soon you will lose all fear and face Jesus Himself.

5. God wants to make it easy!

 Let us sum up the matter.  It is time to do it God’s way. We are healed by Faith and no one described this faith better than Peter who said in Acts 3:16

“And his name through Faith in his name has made this man strong, whom you see and know: yes, the Faith which comes through him has given him this perfect soundness in the presence of you all.”  Here is the clear and undeniable picture of Christ as the giver of Faith, Faith that heals.  This is the Pistos thatcannot help but heal and move mountains!  This Faith cannot be present without a miracle.  When you have it a strange, bold and beautiful feelingenvelopes you and not only do you not doubt, you have lost the power to doubt! Perhaps this is God’s anesthesia, which He applies just before the miracle.  All I know is that when it is there time stands still and all power in heaven and earth cannot stop you from receiving your complete healing.


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Is it right to offer miracle healing to a skeptical public?


Is it right to offer  miracle healing to a skeptical public? 

When that young campus radical put his hands on my throat, I know that neither he nor I understood the rage in his hands.  Evil understood clearly what was at stake.  It knows all about the souls that can be saved and the bodies that would be healed when any miracle ministry, anywhere is born.

There is a good reason why my mind raced back to that fateful day in Berkeley.   All afternoon I paced and prayed on the hillside above the campus of 44,000 students.  Two violent forces were colliding within me.  The burning question?  How do I reach a generation of students bent on Marxist revolution?  What reminded me of that day?   The fact that we are now dealing with a White House that is bent on Marxist revolution.

On that hill so many years ago one voice argued that I must study the great modern apologists of the faith.  I should immerse myself in Francis Schaeffer, C.S. Lewis, and G.K. Chesterton.   The other voice said simply, “it is not by might nor by power but by my spirit.”

That night I would get my answer in a most emphatic way.   It happened in front of the Student Union Building of Cal Berkeley at about 11PM.   I was sharing my “apologetic faith” with a flower child.  In the darkness, I could not see the angry radical who was stealing up behind me.

This atheist Goliath grabbed me by the neck and proceeded to choke the life out of me. Now the words of great Christian intellectuals were useless.  There was a demon fueling his rage.

God ordered me to take my stand in the power of the Spirit. In my own faltering way I did.   My assailant suddenly stopped and stood stunned by something behind me in the shadows.  To this day I do not know what startled him, I only know that I ran, and as I ran I affirmed my commitment to the Supernatural Gospel of Christ.

first miracle services in Berkeley

That what when we began telling people they could come and be healed.  But is that right?  Is it right to offer hope to those who medical science cannot help?  Is it right to raise expectations to those who have given up on everything else?

The world began to change when Jesus stood and read these words from the book of Isaiah:  Luke 4: 18 “The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me, Because He has anointed Me To preach the gospel to the poor; He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted, To proclaim liberty to the captives And recovery of sight to the blind, To set at liberty those who are oppressed; 19 To proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord.”

1. He was hanging out a shingle:   When you start a business you do what is called hanging out a shingle.    A Shingle is a small signboard that indicates a professional office. The world began to change when Jesus stood and read these words.

He was announcing the start and the content of His miracle ministry and He did it publicly.   Here are 6 targets of His ministry:

Give good news to the poor.

Heal the broken hearted.

Proclaim liberty to the captives.

Recovery of sight to the blind.

To set at liberty those who are oppressed.

To declare the time of God’s favor.

2.  He announces by what authority He is announcing this.

“Today this scripture is fulfilled in your hearing.”  What an astounding statement that is!   Every Jew knew that verse.  Everyone in Israel has been waiting for that verse to be fulfilled and Jesus flat out says that He is fulfilling it. Talk about raising the hopes of the people!

Yet it is right that He does this so that the miracles can be released.  And that is precisely what the Church of Jesus should do.  We must go public about the resurrection of Jesus did to the works of Satan and all of the benefits of the Gospel.

3.  God was with Him in this project. Acts 10:38 says, “Jesus went about doing good healing all who were oppressed of the devil for God was with Him.  Jesus was not acting on His own initiative.


Likewise, we are the continuation of Christ’s war on the works of Satan.  We too must make a public announcement, we must set the time and the place that the Holy Spirit has designated for the supernatural to appear.

Having settled the question in Berkeley we announced our first healing rally.  I was such a newbie that I stood in front of the audience frozen in fear.  What I did not know yet is that God rewards those who show up for war.

In the crowd was a young man lying unconscious on a couch at the back of the chapel.  He had shot a mixture of LSD and Heroin and it made him comatose.   Supernaturally, he woke up and his symptoms vanished.   He came to the front and knelt in utter adoration of God.   This single healing launched ten years of harvest on that university campus.

So today I am in prayer because we have gone very public in the East Bay Area of Northern California.  Thousands of card invitations have been given directly to the public and they plainly state that miracles will happen in the meetings.

If this was a human endeavor I would be panicking right now instead I am clothed with a divine peace.  Nothing man can say or do will be able to undo the conviction that I feel that this is a God event.

Let Church leadership everywhere listen from their heart.  If ever I knew that Jesus was trying to get a message through it is this:  Seek Him now.  Set a date at His bidding.  Prepare your people for signs and wonders.  Vow to give all glory to God.  Invite to public to come and see the awesomeness of our God!

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P.S. Latest news from Concord CA:  People are coming from hundreds of miles around to receive.  Do not let distance or anything else keep you from an appointment with a miracle.  On Sunday we will open the doors at 5:30 sharp and on Monday at 6:30PM.  I cannot overstate these two things: 1. If at all possible bring someone who needs a miracle or needs to know that they are real.  2.  If you need any help at all call us at 925 300 3007.

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IRS Cancels Order for Spying Equipment.

IRS Cancels Order for Spying Equipment

June 12, 2013 – 1:56 PM

By Elizabeth Harrington
IRS Purchasing Surveillance Equipment: Hidden Cameras in Coffee Trays, Plants(AP Photo)

( – The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has cancelled its purchase order for surveillance equipment, which had included coffee trays with hidden cameras and cameras that could be hidden in plants.

The IRS issued the cancellation on Wednesday at 11:49 a.m. published an initial story about the IRS’s purchase order on Monday afternoon–and that story was linked on The Drudge Report.

As reported, the IRS had issued a rush order for the surveillance equipment last Thursday, June 6. That order originally carried a deadline of Monday, June 10. Among the items the IRS sought to purchase were four coffee trays with hidden cameras, four cameras that could be concealed in plants, and two “concealed clock radios.”

The original purchase order said that IRS already had an “Undisclosed Corporation” that could provide the items and that any would-be competitor would need to demonstrate that it, too, could furnish the type of equipment the IRS was seeking. The order said its descriptions of the items the IRS wanted to buy was “vague due to the use and nature of the items.”

“The Internal Revenue Service intends to award a Purchase Order to an undisclosed Corporation,” said the original order. “The following descriptions are vague due to the use and nature of the items. If you feel that you can provide the following equiptment [sic], please respond to this email no later than 4 days after the solicitation date.”

“Vendors who can provide the required services at prices, terms and conditions equal to or better than those which can be provided by Undisclosed Corporation should submit clear and convincing data in writing substantiating an ability to furnish the entire requirement,” said the now-cancelled order.

In recent weeks the IRS has been at the center of several scandals, including the targeting of Tea Party groups and subjecting them to greater scrutiny when applying for non-profit status during the 2010 and 2012 elections.


A report by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration showed that groups with names like “patriot” in their titles were singled out, required to complete lengthy personal questionnaires (often multiple times) and have their nonprofit status delayed, sometimes for more than three years.

Last week a second Inspector General report detailed nearly $50 million in wasteful spending by the agency on conferences, in which employees stayed at luxurious Las Vegas hotels, paid a keynote speaker $17,000 to paint several portraits, including a picture of U2 singer Bono, and spent $50,000 on parody videos of “Star Trek.”

Neither the IRS press office nor the IRS procurement office responded to inquiries from asking why the purchase order was cancelled.

Do You Know What Is Really Going On?


hands out

Do You Know What Is Really Going On?

Let me ask you something. Do you
know what is really going on? What are these
bizarre new attacks on the warriors of God?
The present darkness threatens us in ways
that we never imagined. The slightest mistake
brings huge consequences. The margin of
error is razor thin! What is going on?

Everything is happening suddenly.

Suddenly, strong believers self-destruct.
Suddenly, marriages and lifelong friendships
turn into bitter wars. Suddenly, cancer and
other life threatening diseases ravage bodies.
Disaster lurks at every turn! Life rages with

The weary warrior cries out to
understand what is going on. How can we fight
what we cannot see or discern? Is there a road
map through this minefield called modern life?
Can I steel myself in God to endure and finish
my course or have past failure and current
crisis erased my destiny? Can I cut away the
jungle growth and carve a path to mighty


God is not ignorant of our daily struggle.

He has not been fooled by anything that Satan
is doing in this age. God always anticipates

God always anticipates what we need and keeps a miracle ready For those who love him

what we will need and keeps a miracle ready for those who love Him.

At every epoch of history God has done something unique. When tyrants rule

and perversion floods the land, God always invites the righteous to run into the strong tower.

Now He is inviting you to come find inner peace;

peace that goes beyond explanation and navigates you past every secret place

where the enemy lies in wait to destroy.

However, you must first understand
what is really going on. The ozone layer of the
Holy Spirit has been breached. A hedge of
protection has been removed. The hand of
God has been pushed away. It is easy to point
the finger to the anti-God forces and blame
them for this storm of crisis but this one came
from within the Christian community.

Two Deadly Threats on the Warriors of God.

There are two things very wrong with a huge
segment of the American church. These two
things are a greater threat to you than

anything in the outside world. You must see
them and renounce them before you can obey
the higher call of Christ.


The first threat against you is spiritual
Daniel 11 :32 says, “Those who do
wickedly against the covenant he shall corrupt
with flattery; but the people who know their
God shall be strong, and carry out great

There will be only two kinds of
Christians in the last days: Those who have
strength to finish glorious endeavors and those
who are seduced out of the race.

Flattery is at work in many pulpits
causing untold damage in Christians. This
story of a young boxer will illustrate what I
mean. He was a mediocre fighter but his
manager had a case of high optimistic denial.
The manager could not see the weaknesses in
his young charge and got him a fight against a
true contender.

In round one it was clear that this novice
had no chance against the experienced fighter.
When the round ended the battered young
fighter stumbled back to his corner. He was
stunned to hear his manager yelling, “You got
him kid. He hasn’t laid a glove on yOU!”

In round two it was futile to fight so he
just ran around the ring trying to stay alive.
Once again he staggers to his stool and hears                                                                                                                                                                                                      his manager boasting, “You got him on the run!                                                                                                                                                                                                                       He hasn’t laid a glove on you!”

In round three he has one eye closed,
he is wheezing, his ribs ache and he can
barely stand. He is saved by the bell and
crawls to his corner and hears the hollow
refrain. “You got him kid! He hasn’t laid a
glove on you.”

The kid now fed up with it all looks up
and says, “Then you better watch the referee
because someone in there is killing me!”

American Christians continually hear
sermons that tell them they are awesome
warriors with vast rights and privileges.
Nevertheless something in the real world is
killing them!

Flattery is why millions of American
Christians feel frustrated, confused and
starved. The words sounded right but therePreaching_TheoMatters
was no lasting effect, no active ingredient, no
revolutionary call and no transforming power.
There is no gut level confrontation with the real
problems. The irony is not lost on them. They
have just been weakened by a message about
strength. A man used a big screen and
PowerPoint for a sermon that had no power
and no point!

Flattery preaching will tell you, in so
many words, that you can be whole without
having to be holy. It will tell you that you can be
forceful without being forged. It exalts style
over substance. It tells you that victory is an

entitlement that does not require a deep work
of the Holy Spirit. It is not by accident that
these pep talks make no mention of the Cross,
the Blood, the Devil and Hell. These core
truths expose the real enemy, the real war and
the real formula for conquering modern life.

Vessels of God
that once carried
a powerful
anointing now
live in
a vacuum
and do not even
know that they
have lost their
walk with God.

There is a deliberate and calculated
conspiracy changing Christianity in America.
Certain religious celebrities blended elements
of the Bible, New Age and psychotherapy into
a highly marketable new religion. They put the writings of Buddha,

Mohammed, and Freud on the same level as the Holy Scriptures.

We are not
talking about liberal
theologians who deny
the deity of Jesus or
the inspiration of
scripture. We can at least respectfully
disagree with the honest liberal because they
actually believe what they are saying.

No, we are talking about mainstream
preachers who believe the Bible is the Word of
God but have chosen to misrepresent the
truths that they swore to uphold. Vessels of
God that once carried a powerful anointing now
live in a vacuum and do not even know that
they have lost their walk with God.



They began with a fiery calling but
somewhere along the line the undertow of
popularity morphed them into something that
God never intended. They became celebrity
gurus looking for beautiful ways to say things
instead of waiting on the Holy Spirit for a
tongue of fire and the sword of the Spirit.

There is an extraordinary reference to
this conspiracy in Jeremiah 5:31 which says,
‘The prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests
rule by their own power; and my people love to
have it so. But what will you do in the end?”

Isn’t that the salient question? “What
will you do in the end?”
The end is upon the
believers who have eaten genetically altered
manna. Inconvenient truths have been
bleached out of the grain; the very truths that
would have kept them from the ravages of
modern life. Why would true men of God do
this? Read on. The answer may stun you.

The second threat against you is the
Carnal Christian crowd.
So why would men
of God conspire to give us a “new and
improved” Gospel? The answer is marketing.
American business has had breathtaking
success through marketing. Untold wealth has
been amassed by the methods invented in
America. Packaging, wording on labels, the
psychology of color, relentless research and a
myriad of other factors have built the most
lucrative system for moving inventory that the

world has ever seen. Marketing literally has
the power to manipulate almost every aspect of
a person’s life.

One of the most important goals of
marketing is to create an addiction. Addiction
is the key to repeat business. Americans are
addicted to taste, appearance, celebrity and
self absorption. Self absorption is the true
opiate of the masses. If beer can get the girl or
a car can get the image they crave then they
will spend beyond their means. This is why

Americans are addicted to taste, appearance, celebrity and self absorption

urban youth will kill to $100 basketball shoes.

These addictions run the

engine of our economy.         

The temptation to

use         marketing          IS                             .’

overwhelming to some

ministers. They realize

that Christians are also
culturally addicted. If a

preacher laces his sermons with things that
Christians crave and validate them by using
scripture out of context then he is guaranteed a

Look at 2 Timothy 4:3, 4 “For the time
will come when they will not endure sound
doctrine, but according to their own desires
because they have itching ears, they will heap
up for themselves teachers; and they will turn
their ears away from the truth, and be turned
aside to fables.”


Do you see it? It predicts teachers who
will analyze the “desires” of the audience and
tailor the sermon to that desire … marketing!

Go back and read those verses again
and you will see something else that is very
interesting. Paul is warning us against the
carnal crowd more than he is warning us about
the false teachers. It is the crowd that will turn
away from truth and pressure preachers to
water down the Word. It is the crowd that will
heap the teachers unto themselves!

The itching ears crowd clamors for the
compromised word over truth the way the mob
wanted Barabbas more than Jesus. These are
the Laodiceans! Revelation 3:17 “because you
say, ‘I am rich, have become wealthy, and
have need of nothing’-and do not know that
you are wretched, miserable, poor, blind, and

This is the audience that has descended
into the world of fables. This is the group who
will promote a pastor to superstar status if that
pastor agrees to keep the intrinsic Biblical
demands of God off of their backs.

The carnal crowd is not an innocent
bystander! It is not as if they did not notice the
dramatic change in their church. They saw
their Pastor switch from sermons to
monologues. They could tell that the
atmosphere of worship, the gifts of the Spirit
and altar calls for lost souls were suddenly
missing in action. They watched their Church

enter the Christian witness protection program.
They never protested or asked the Pastor why
he is allergic to the Holy Spirit. They gave tacit
approval or worse- hearty support!

We are baffled by the popularity of
some false teachers but we forget that it is the
false crowd that makes them possible. When it
comes to the carnal crowd Paul’s advice is
painfully clear. 2 Timothy 3: 5 says, “Having a
form of godliness but denying its power. And
from such people turn away!”
We must turn
away because they are contagious! The power
they deny is the power of the Cross and the
Holy Spirit. Their promiscuous lifestyle
demonstrates this. Except for a few religious
buzz words you cannot distinguish them as
Christians. If you join them they will ruin you.
If you question them they will blast you for
being judgmental! Either way you do not need
the abuse!

But God will not abandon His children!dragon copy

He is still wooing the carnal Christians! He
does not want any of His children to sink into
the quicksand of the end times! That is the
heart of the letter to the Laodiceans.

Revelation 3: 18-20, “I counsel you to
buy from Me gold refined in the fire, that you
may be rich; and white garments, that you may
be clothed, that the shame of your nakedness
may not be revealed; and anoint your eyes with
eye salve, that you may see. As many
as I
love, I rebuke and chasten. Therefore be

zealous and repent. Behold, I stand at the
door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and
opens the door, I will come in to him and dine
with him, and he with Me. ”

Do you hear Him knocking? God is
inviting you to be gold in the age of tinsel. God
is calling you to be fire and lightning in the era
of smoke and mirrors. God is calling you to
embody excellence, abundance and wisdom at
a time when these have become the rarest of
treasures. If you reject flattery and compromise
and open the door then this astonishing
promise is yours, “I will come in to him and
dine with him, and he with Me.”

You can trade in what will never save you far what will never fail you.

Here is another astonishing promise for
you: 2Timothy 2:20,21 “But in a great house
there are not only vessels of gold and silver,
but also of wood and clay, some for honor and
some for dishonor. Therefore
if anyone cleanses himself
from the latter, he will be a
vessel for honor, sanctified
and useful for the Master
prepared for every good
work.”this generation reaching up

What an honor it is to be
separated unto God. What a
small a price it is to rinse off
the toxic residue? Wood will
burn in the fiery trial and clay will disintegrate in
the enemies flood but you can be gold! You



can trade in what will never save you for what
will never fail you.

The Response of the Warriors of God.

So what should you do with all of this?

Should you feel horrible? Should you cast it
aside and hope for the best? I think you know
what to do. You obey the voice of God! You
do not trust in your emotions or your wits to
make the needed changes. You worshipfully
declare “If this is You, I can make it! If this is
You, nothing can stop me.”

Remind yourself about every time in
your life that you fully trusted Jesus? What did
He do? He did the impossible. He did the
unexpected! Do not dwell on the enormous
task before you, look to the Mighty God above
you. He would never have awakened this
hunger in you unless He was making all of the
resources of Heaven available to you.

Finally, what choice do we really have?

We do not want to fall with foolish believers
who blindly go on living in denial. You know
that you cannot make life easier, but God can
make you much stronger! You know that the
enemy is real and he is determined to take you
out, but Jehovah will make you the devil’s

You are invited to become a new breed
with new gifts and new emotions. The signal
has gone out. The Holy Spirit says, “Come be

fitted for war and equipped for any cnsis.

Possess the emotions of a redeemed,
anchored and joyous warrior/heir of God. I
have just what you need to triumph in battle.”

This is like nothing I have ever seen before. Why the meetings in LA are forced to continue!

This is like nothing I have ever seen before.

shot 2

There are no words to describe the power, glory and fire that God brought into the meeting last night.  52 souls came forward in a harvest that just seems to keep growing and growing.  What is so startling is how they came forward.  There was no need to pull.  Instantly they received the word and stormed to the front of the church.  After praying to become a new creation, these seekers overflowed the prayer room.  The audience rose in a unanimous bonfire of praise.

I knew this was no time for a sermon.  Instead, God jumped on the people and began healing them.  The Holy Spirit sent a flood of supernatural knowledge about sicknesses and minute details about those sicknesses and He began healing faster than we could keep up.

A young woman is dramatically healed! The Holy Spirit ordered me to say there was a young woman being healing of a mysterious disease in her stomach that no doctor could diagnose.  In that very moment, she let out a cry that echoed throughout the building.  She had no doubt that it was her.  Power radiated from her as she accepted her healing.

Another woman is resurrected from the devastation of 4 strokes.  This healing is one that will linger in my memory for the rest of my life.  Each stroke that she had took away something precious. She had lost most of her speech, vision, balance, and feeling in her legs.

The Spirit of God was not content to reveal her condition but to tell the story of her life in vivid detail while mentioning every last drop of her agony.  Then she was healed!  She could talk, she could walk, and her muscles regained feeling, strength and balance.  It was a total healing!

Then miracle upon miracle manifested in every inch of the sanctuary.   This was not the climax by any means.  Fire filled every heart.  Revival faith overcame every doubt and it became undeniable that this could not be the last night of these meetings.

And so despite announcing that this was the final night we are adding two more revival services at Echoes of Faith this Sunday at 8:30 AM and 11AM.

This is like nothing I have ever seen before!

This Sunday April 7th at 8:30 AM/ 11AM ONLY!

Echoes of Faith  Address: 11255 Central Ave, Ontario, CA 91762 Phone: (909) 627-0927.

Childcare is available.


Tonight is the final night!

Los Angeles city skyline in the evening, Los Agneles, California.

Here is an eyewitness account of the last two nights in Los Angeles: 

Monday Night:  “God is sooo good! I am in Ontario, CA at Echoes of Faith World Outreach – Mario Murillo revival! Last night was probably the most explosive outpouring and presence of God I have ever experienced! I am telling you it literally went nuclear! People were healed and delivered while worshipping The Lord!! I interviewed 10 of the 40 or 50 that stood up and testified to their healing and it was like I was in a doctor’s office listening to an assortment of patients! From clinical depression to diabetes, vertebrae, migraines, to heart disease just to mention a few. The devil wasn’t just defeated again he was destroyed in the house of God!

Tuesday night: Tonight was a little tamer we only had a wheel chair thrown on the altar as trophy to God while the man that used to be in the chair was running all over the church! Not to mention the woman who received her sight and healing to her hip running on the other side showing everyone her new sight and healed body!!! Wow! Wow! Wow! All glory and honor go to The Lord Jesus Christ!

Tomorrow night is going to be the last night of this revival! I would do whatever it took to get there! It is obvious that God is going to set a fire in Ontario that will ignite all of Los Angeles! Saints, the blind see, the lame walk, the deaf hear and Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever! Glory to God! I will see you there!!  -Pastor Larry King


Special note from Mario:   I will never forget the moment last night when God asked me to walk to my right last night and tell a woman all about her blindness, paralysis and excruciating joint pain. Suddenly she could see and walk and move without pain.   The people gave God glory!

Before we had time to recover from that, I heard Jesus clearly point out a man in the back languishing in a wheelchair with no hope of walking.  “if you walk back there now, place your hand on the side of his face”” I heard Him say,  “I will give him power to walk.”

I obeyed.  As I got closer my heart sank to see how lifeless his limbs were.  Then faith rose in me and I laid my hand on the side of his face as instructed.  I turned to walk back, and when I made it to the stage, turned to see him leap from his wheelchair and take off running!  Bedlam!  The whole crowd rose as one to roar their praise to heaven that they were allowed to see such a miracle!

Tonight is the very least night after 5 weeks of heaven.  We are not exaggerating when we say that the power present in these meetings was beyond anything that we have experienced before.  If all possible, be there tonight at 7PM with someone who needs God to do the impossible!

Tonight Wednesday April 3 is the last night!  Echoes of Faith 7PM

Address: 11255 Central Ave, Ontario, CA 91762 Phone: (909) 627-0927.

Childcare is available.

Los Angeles Revival will go on for a 5th Week!

shot 2 copyThis is God!  There is no doubt.  Nearly 350 have come forward.  An even greater number have been healed.  People in Southern California have completely rearranged their lives to be in every one of these indescribable nights.  We simply had to add this 5th week.   The rumbling of revival has not let up, it has intensified.  There is no other way to do justice to this phenomenon but to call it the fire of God falling on the masses and destroying the works of the devil.

To underscore the urgency of these meetings, I want you to know Brother Jesse Duplantis was scheduled to be at Echoes of Faith this Wednesday night but has graciously postponed his visit saying, “I do not want to get in the way of the moving of the Holy Spirit.” This only reinforces what a great man of God Jesse Duplantis truly is. 

I am beseeching Christians worldwide for prayer and to encourage people especially skeptics to come and see the miracles of Christ.  Growths have vanished, limbs have been healed, and dozens have reported healings of diabetes, heart disease and a host of other diseases. 

The presence of God is intense and you get the feeling that any moment Christ Himself might physically appear.  Like so many revivals I have read about in this case there seems to be a radiating presence even outside of the meeting hall in the general public that is softening them toward God and opening their hearts to be saved.

These upcoming meetings already feel like the one in the book of Matthew where the men tore the roof off of the building!  I have no doubt whatsoever that the intensity of the Glory is going to be more intense than ever in these next three nights. 

Where does it all go from here?  This is why I am begging for nationwide, yea worldwide prayer.  We have announced these as the final three nights.  However, God is the only one who knows what the future holds.  Nevertheless, you should assume that these are the last three nights and come if at all possible so you are not disappointed. 

April 1,2,3 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday at 7PM

Echoes of Faith:  Address: 11255 Central Ave, Ontario, CA

91762 Phone: (909) 627-0927. Childcare is available for all services.