“We are on the precipice. This is essentially a new American revolution, and anyone who wants this country to remain free, needs to step up right now. These are federal felonies: altering a vote or changing a ballot is a federal felony. People need to come forward now and get on the right side of this issue and report the fraud they know existed in Dominion voting systems, because that was what it was created to do. It was its sole original purpose. It has been sold all over the world to defy the will of people who wanted freedom.” –Sidney Powell, former Assistant United States Attorney Rudy Giuliani also described for us the crime of the century: “Dominion voting machines were used in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. The same states that stopped counting in the middle of election night. The Smartmatic system has a back door that allows it to be ‘mirrored and monitored,’ allowing the intervening party to gain an electoral advantage.” In simple terms: machines rose to decide the election.  Today, we woke up to two realities. The first is—that a handful of men can take over the world with machines. And the second is—our inescapable duty to stop them. Lou Dobbs said this, after hearing Sidney Powell lay out the crime: “This is such an extraordinary and dangerous moment in our history. I am really very concerned for the country. Very concerned for all Americans, and I have a feeling that most Democrats are, first, Americans, and not Democrats, and they have to be as alarmed as any of us…” More than alarmed, I want you to be armed with facts and filled with resolve to do what God wants you to do in this situation. First you must make a clear distinction between those you can trust, and those you cannot trust. Here are the voices you dare not trust: Barack Obama: How rich! To hear Obama on 60 Minutes calling Trump a dictator who won’t give up power, when in fact, it was Barack who wanted to hold on to power so badly that he created the Deep State, in order to spy on and undermine Trump. And, shame on him for his role in manipulating the outcome of this election. Compromised preachers: Pastors I once respected have forsaken their first love by endorsing Biden, just to gain the applause of evildoers. Remember, the Lord hates all evildoers (Psalm 5:5). Their shame is compounded by their condemnation of fellow ministers who are fighting against this fraud election. Here is what Proverbs says about the good and the bad: Proverbs 28:4, “Those who forsake the law praise the wicked, but such as keep the law contend with them.” Are you praising the wicked or contending against evil? Lukewarm Christians: Even many “spirit-filled” believers are on the wrong side of this dark moment; they are busy ruminating about prophets who predicted Trump’s victory instead of seeing the core issue: The enemies of freedom conspired to steal a presidential election! Sometimes, God’s people are called on to enforce a promise, instead of just sitting back and wondering what went wrong. Take for example Daniel 9:2-3, “In the first year of (the reign of Darius), I Daniel, understood by the books, the number of the years specified by the word of the Lord through Jeremiah the prophet, that He would accomplish seventy years in the desolations of Jerusalem. Then I set my face toward the Lord God to make request by prayer and supplications, with fasting, sackcloth, and ashes.” The prophet Jeremiah said that after 70 years, Israel would be freed from Babylon. Yet, there seemed to be no sign that the promise of God to Israel would be fulfilled. Daniel’s reaction was not to sit back and let circumstances overrule the word of God. He fasted and prayed and enforced the promise. That is how the heart of King Cyrus was changed. I know it looks impossible. But how it looks does not matter. What matters is, as Abraham Lincoln said, “Right makes fight!” A great evil has been done to you and me. For the sake of everything we hold dear, we must exhaust every option, go down every avenue, and demand a full and transparent investigation. This is the rise of the machines—machines designed to strip us of our freedom. Dominion defended their machines to the hilt. Saying they were effective and transparent. If they were effective then why were the counties using the machines also the last ones to finishing counting votes? Even when they had far less votes than counties that did not use the machines? Again, let the words of Sidney Powell sink in: “People need to come forward now and get on the right side of this issue and report the fraud they know existed in Dominion voting systems, because that was what it was created to do. It was its sole original purpose. It has been sold all over the world to defy the will of people who wanted freedom.”
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