How can you explain a turnaround from Jesus?  You can’t, you just rejoice and give fervent thanks to God.  In Bakersfield, we snatched victory out of the jaws of defeat.  My only regret is that I did not wait just one more day before writing you.  I do not apologize for being honest—I just wish that I would have been able to temper my report with the events of the next two days.


By Mario Murillo

The real story is the miracles that happened to individuals.  Even Friday night—with its disastrous attendance still produced a great miracle.  You already heard that Manuel Carrizalez is our point man in Bakersfield—what you did not know was that he has been praying for his mother to know Christ for 27 years.  Friday night she violently turned to Jesus.  She was overcome by the power of God and surrendered to Christ with all her might.
Even though we did not come near to filling the great hall—our attendance nearly tripled from Friday night to Saturday night.  The harvest we had prayed for and expected came forward that night.  The photo below show a composite of those who came forward in the last two days of Living Proof Bakersfield.

However, the real turnaround in Bakersfield came Sunday Morning at Victory Outreach with Pastor Mike.  The church was packed.  The people were ready for signs and wonders and our mighty God did not disappoint.  Few times in 50 years of ministry have I felt such intense power.
Let’s begin with the miracle of the woman to my left.  Without asking, I broke out in Spanish and began to tell her the story of the agony in her body.  Her look of excitement and recognition was undeniable.  No one could say they were not watching a miracle.  Arthritis, and a host of other maladies had turned her right side and legs into a war zone of pain.  She freely confirmed the word to be accurate.  Then the word became a healing miracle.  She charged across the front of the building demonstrating that all her excruciating pain was gone.

Spinning around, I charged to the other side of the church where I said “Witchcraft is being broken in a family right here!”  That family was connected to a woman who controlled entire neighborhoods with Santeria!
The flow kept intensifying.  I asked my wife to lay hands on a woman as the vivid details of her condition were being revealed by the Holy Spirit.  “You have pain and weakness from head to toe.  You are being healed!  She was in the throes of valley fever which does exactly that…weakens you from head to toe.  My wife Mechelle prayer the prayer of faith.  Fever broken by the power of Jesus!

Next came a dramatic demonstration of God’s power on a precious sister who needed radical healing.  The areas identified by the Spirit of God included her heart, liver, lungs, and blood.  The picture says it all.

Bakersfield indeed turned around!