Finally, it is being acknowledged. The tragedy is, what it took to wake America up. I wish I could celebrate unabashedly that Trump—who was always in the lead—is now poised to take a commanding lead. My victory is muted by the wicked cruelty that it took to get us here.

The polls were never honest, and I am convinced Trump has always been in the lead.

The evil of the Left is what brought us to the tipping point where even America’s most despicable politicians realize a Trump victory is becoming more certain every day.

The first canary in the coal mine was Bill Maher who just admitted his grave anxiety about the election. More on him later.

An arrogant depravity has overtaken Democrats. Something utterly demonic, and they were clueless as to how their lunacy was coming across to Americans. They became too ugly for most of their own base. They were so unhinged in their hatred of the President, that they degenerated until they couldn’t see how inhuman their defense of late term abortion was playing out to average Americans.

Nothing embodies that more than the woman who was proudly sporting an, “I’ve had 14 abortions” t-shirt. This is your idea of women’s rights? This is your struggle for justice?

Then their cancel-culture began to alienate their strongest base. Their cruelty to their own became sickening. Democrats, what did you think would happen when it came out that white Black Lives Matter protesters in Portland were getting up in the face of black police officers screaming the “N” word at them?

You already know about Candace Owens and ‘Blexit,’ her movement to convince black Americans to exit the Democrat Party, and its growing support among young black voters. But the phenomenon goes way deeper. It’s not hard to see the millions of views for videos under the heading of ‘Walk Away’. These videos are a death knell. They feature Muslims, Gays, lifelong liberals and many others describing the vicious treatment at the hands of cancel-culture Democrats. They’ve had enough. They are leaving the Party in droves.

How did it look to Christians when you banned church because of Covid-19, but released thousands of felons from prison? Why did you empty the churches then fill the streets with rioters? How could you think that even the deep state and the fake news juggernaut could save you from yourself?

Then there is Biden. I mean where is their compassion for this ailing man? He is slurring words, forgetting where he is, and making unintelligible sentences. Is there no mercy for a man in his condition? Why is he being forced to continue? Again, it is depraved arrogance.

There is a moment in most campaigns that a candidate does something that is the reason they lost the election. For Hillary, it was her “basket of deplorables” remark about Trump supporters. For Michael Dukakis that moment came when he was asked in a debate if he would recommend the death penalty for a man—if that man “raped and murdered your wife?” And when he said, “No,” with all the emotion of a robot, it was over.

Biden won’t have such a moment, because no one acts as if he is the candidate. Everyone knows he is a mere figurehead for the deep state. No, this election must be lost by the Democrat Party itself. Indeed, I believe the election-killing incident has now come.

It began with their reaction to 5 year old  Cannon Hinnant being executed while riding his bike in front of his house. The media downplayed the racial motivation. They had done this downplaying act again and again and it always worked. Their instant reaction is always to report the crimes that fit the narrative and lie about the others. Little Cannon Hinnant’s  brutal death, and the media’s cold-hearted reaction, finally exhausted the public’s patience. But it took one more tragedy to wake up the masses.

The execution of Aaron Danielson by Antifa in Portland, Oregon, is the final blow to Democrats.  If it is possible for one newspaper to kill Biden’s chances at the Presidency, it is his friend, the New York Times. Their coverage of another murder—this time the murder of a Trump supporter—was truly vile.

They wrote: “A man was shot and killed after supporters of President Trump clashed with counter-protesters.” Tens of millions now know this was a lie. There was no clash. It was cold blooded murder:

“I was watching a live video feed of the riots when I personally saw the guy execute Aaron ‘Jay’ Danielson,” wrote Julie Jackson-Steele on Facebook. “There was no fight, just a coldblooded murder right before my eyes last night. America, the news media is lying to us! These are not peaceful protests.”

That has sealed it for Democrats. Bill Maher expressed anxiety because Biden and his cohorts won’t condemn these brutal acts—acts by people the Party has aided and abetted. Maher says it will win the election for Trump. For once, he is right.





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