This Photo will always be a life changer!

This Photo will always be a life changer!

By Elizabeth Morris

This photo will always be a life changer.  Hayden has had years of intense speech therapy. Hayden has been healed of the speech delay for about 8 years. Nobody would even know he had that issue!!

Although he continued to struggle with having ADHD he has overcome so many challenges.He had been behind grade level, but for the last few years has been catching up.  Many of you know that Hayden had a speech and language delay and ADHD.

Nick Morris and I have been seeding faith offerings and been praying for complete healing. After this night with Mario Murillo happened we tested to see if he could go without his medicine. We continue to have him take his medicine, but I knew God was saying trust Me and watch.

Well, he went back to an on campus school this year and ever since he started 8th grade…….he has been having homework done before I get home from work, he puts a timer on to read his book without getting distracted, he is writing a story and making a poster which requires much time to do.

He remembers the deadlines and has stayed on top of things AND has remained organized. This truly is a miracle from God. He is also at grade level work!!!!!! God is so faithful!!
The word Mario Murillo spoke over Hayden was that everything inside was unraveling and becoming straight!!!!