Why this is happening and why tonight I will make one massive decision.

Why this is happening and why  tonight I will make one massive decision.

Forget about Greece, China and Washington D.C.  What you need to be looking at is California. The spirit that will kill America comes from the left coast and not those other places.  Credit the people of Wisconsin for figuring it out.

What I am I talking about?  Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker reduced unemployment and improved their economy but they wanted to throw him out of office.  Why?  Because he rightly saw that the entitlements of Government workers was destroying the state.  The unions rose up, gathered the signatures, and forced a recall.

The union government workers did not care that an economic recovery was under way for the public sector.  We are talking middle class people whose lives were getting better!  The working stiff learned that the government workers made more for the same jobs, had a retirement account that was 4 times better, and a health care program that was 6 times better, and get this… it is funded by taxes on the middle class.  The citizens were outraged.

California is this same insanity… but on steroids.  In California, government workers retire at full salary.  Yes!  That means that many who made $180,000 a year get $180,000 a year for life!

Last November, even liberal as they come, Governor Jerry Brown asked the unions and the Democratically controlled State Assembly for concessions on the bonfire of entitlements that are killing California.  They replied with all of the fervor of a Greek Occupier “NO WAY!”  The California war cry is “WE DON’T CARE WHERE THE MONEY COMES FROM, WE WILL KEEP OUR BENEFITS!”

The oxygen deprivation does not stop there.  To save an inch long fish, Sacramento has cut off water to the farmers, turning vast portions of the central valley into a dust bowl!  The thought process here is, “just in case our entitlements fail to kill the economy, lets wipe out our farms.”

Maybe the craziness here can be explained.  Given the pandemic of medical marijuana, pill happy doctors, and meth labs here the state motto should be, “this is your brain on drugs.”

NO WONDER GOD IS POURING OUT HIS SPIRIT ON CALIFORNIA!  Yes, you heard me right.  Into this madness has come an undeniable move of God.  Last night at Living Word Family Church God went higher, deeper, stronger and more intense than I can remember in any meeting on the West Coast.

To begin with it was our largest crowd yet and more souls were saved than ever.  This on a night that was not advertised and was only by word of mouth.

This was the night that God decided to attack neurological diseases.  The woman you see in this picture could not explain how her pain vanished, her limbs worked again and why she could walk, jump and run!   This was the night that the Holy Jesus showered His healing virtue on the crowd and people all over the hall started walking, bending and celebrated restored limbs…tonight we will announce what happens next.  We are waiting to hear from God if this is the final service.

Miracles over Bakersfield



Monday night June 4, 2012,  A stunning tsunami of power the power of God sweeps through Higher Ground Church in Bakersfield. 

When Mario took the pulpit and before preaching he began to call lost souls to the front. This is a phenomenon that is occurring more and more.  One of the benefits of this is that the meeting becomes instant follow up for new converts.  Mario asked them come to Christ, and soon the front was filled with sincere hearts who prayed and wept their way into the Kingdom of God.

After the harvest was safely in the prayer room.  Mario preached an urgent word that helped explain why some gatherings lack power and others ignite with abundant miracles. 

The difference is defined by the crowd.  If it is a crowd filled with relatives of Jesus, the over familiarity and unbelief will blunt the miracles. 

He cited Mark 6: 4, 5 “But Jesus said to them, “A prophet is not without honor except in his own country, among his own relatives, and in his own house.” 5 Now He could do no mighty work there, except that He laid His hands on a few sick people and healed them. 6 And He marveled because of their unbelief.”

He then showed the amazing contrast between that what occurred later in the chapter in a remote area of Israel.  Mark 6: 54 “And when they came out of the boat, immediately the people recognized Him, 55 ran through that whole surrounding region, and began to carry about on beds those who were sick to wherever they heard He was. 56 Wherever He entered, into villages, cities, or the country, they laid the sick in the marketplaces, and begged Him that they might just touch the hem of His garment. And as many as touched Him were made well.”

If the audience is filled with worshippers of Jesus then the miracles will explode!  In His home town they knew Him so well that they did not know Him at all.  In the other place the people “recognized Him.”  One had a natural knowledge of Jesus and the others had revelation.

At the end of this message there was no question what choice this crowd in Bakersfield had made.  The expectancy and power rose mightily and then came healing after healing.  Entire sections of the building responded to the words of knowledge.  God took vengeance on a wide range of diseases too numerous to name in this report. 

Just when it seemed that the meeting would end, Mario Murillo points to a man in the back of the building and said, “You have had three heart attacks.”  His wife screamed, ‘it’s true!” The man quickly unbuttoned his shirt to reveal a large vertical scar from open heart surgery.  What followed this was nothing short of a complete overhaul of his body.  The word of knowledge began to include knees which were damaged and in terrible pain, at this he bolted to the aisle and began jumping up and down to demonstrate his healing.  Next came healing for his spine, ears, eyes, lungs and a host of other sicknesses. 

Then Mario turned to the wife and told her that she also had heart disease and then she screamed again and felt a divine jolt that would then envelope her neck, shoulders, spine and legs.

The grand finale came with Mario asking all of those who knew without a doubt that they were healed to stand and give God glory.  At the very least 100 people is glorious declaration of a miracle in their body!

The Line of Sunday June 4th 1967


The Line of  Sunday June 4, 1967.

45 years ago today the Syrians drew a line.  The phrase “the line of June 4, 1967” has been a part of the Arab-Israeli military lexicons  ever since.  The Arabs, including Egypt, Syria and Palestine demanded that Israel retreat from a vital part of their land that provided water. 

The line of June 4, 1967, was neither a boundary, nor an armistice line, nor anything demarcated in a way recognizable to an attorney, a diplomat, or a surveyor.  It was a completely fabricated line to justify a land grab.

Of course Israel did not retreat and war broke out the next day.  Within 6 days Israel won a stunning land war against Syria, Egypt, and Palestine.

Something else happened on June 4, 1967: I was ordained to the ministry.  I was keenly aware even as a teenager that I was not embarking on a celebrity career, I was going off to war.  However, today there will be no gold watch, no walk down memory lane no retirement speech.  I will not relax I will reload.

Crossing the line: Today, Mario Murillo Ministries combats new artificial lines that have been drawn for American Christians.  Godless forces have ordered Christians to not to cross the line in on marriage, abortion, prayer, or president Obama, just to name a few.  Large portions of our rights as believers have been violated.  We are even scolded by some of our own preachers for not accepting it gracefully.

Crossing the line: I will celebrate my 45th anniversary tonight by crossing the line on revival and signs and wonders in Bakersfield.  Yesterday, heaven dominated earth at Higher Ground Church.  The miracles had nothing to do with my righteousness it was all about Jesus taking vengeance on the devil. 

Satan has brutalized Bakersfield with unemployment, violence.  I told them that normal church has got to go.  The times demand an end to harmless gatherings.  We need to give people a devastating dose of the power of God.  We need to regard every meeting as an emergency and a holy opportunity.

Nearly 100 souls came to Christ.  Cancer, diabetes, arthritis, heart, liver, kidney diseases were mightily touched by the Holy Spirit.   It was awe-inspiring to see people who could barely move jump and storm around the church.  One woman who was healed from head to toe flat out ran laps around the sanctuary.

Tonight we will meet at 7PM for our final gathering at Higher Ground Church.  We are pulling out all of the stops in order to allow Christ to have full control of every detail of the meeting.  I will go into the pulpit tonight ready to celebrate 45 years of crossing the line for Christ!

Higher Ground is located at 912 New Stine Road, Bakersfield, California 93309.  You can call  (661) 836-0272.

With weeks left to live Natalie is healed of terminal cancer!

When citizens of Bakersfield turned on their T.V. last night, they were in for a shock.  A woman named Natalie was telling a story that is beyond words.  She was at death’s door she said.  She had stage 4 cancer that had ended all life for her as she knew it.  It was in virtually all of her vital organs and her blood.

How she ended up at Higher Ground Church is a miracle itself.  Her husband was not a believer and because of that she did not attend regularly.  She said that as she sat in the service, Mario Murillo began to minister to a member of her family on the front row.  He told them that this healing was not for them but for a member of their family. 

In that instant, Pam Roberson, Pastor Ron Roberson’s  wife, darted toward Natalie knowing that this was a word for her.  Taking her by the hand, Pam brought Natalie to Mario.  It was when she stood before the evangelist  that God opened her situation to him.  He described lesions in her spine, a blood disease and malignancies in the vital  organs.  Mario asked Natalie’s husband to place his hand on her stomach. 

A force of glory touched her and her unbelieving husband.  But Natalie wondered if she was healed.  This is where the story gets complicated and wonderful.  Natalie thought that the word was off because she only had cancer in her chest area.  She thought that if indeed this was God then why was the word so off the mark?

Natalie was tested by her doctor on the progress of her cancer every Monday.  She would not get the results for each test until the following Monday.  This means that the day after her healing she went to her regular appointment  and got the results of tests 7days before. 

The doctor told her that the tests showed that the cancer had indeed spread to her stomach, and other vital organs.  They found lesions on her spine, and her blood was now also diseased.   Her husband saw what was happening!  He told her this is the word that the man of God gave last night!  You are healed! 

Now they took new tests and they would get the results the next Monday.  That week must have moved like a glacier.  The anticipation probably became more than she could bear. 

That next Monday she went for her appointment and saw a look on her doctor’s face that was inexplicable.  He went over and over it and over it again looking for cancer and there was not a cancer cell anywhere in her body.   The lesions had vanished and her blood was normal.

You can imagine the excitement that came as a result of the television show!  Revival fire broke out in the church.  Pastor Ron told Mario that he had to come back and do more meetings because this healing is a fuse for revival in Bakersfield!

As you are reading this the meetings are in progress.  Higher Ground is Ground Zero for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit!   Stay tuned for an update on the Natalie’s miracle and the revival breaking out in Bakersfield!  Below is the actual photograph of the moment of her healing!