Fasten your seat belt, this is really good news. They gathered with excitement and expectation…but none of us were ready for what happened next.


By Mario Murillo

It is a good sign…they keep adding chairs.  This is happening most of the night.  Another good sign: the house is filled with youth—youth who do not know Jesus—who battle everything devil throws at our children these days.  The best sign is everyone feels special power vibrating in the room.

We are doing a Living Proof Outreach with Ben Lucero, Isaiah Saldivar and the Awakening 209 in Manteca, California.

My message carries an unusual title: When Satan Helps Start Revival.  I begin by describing the strange experience I had after God ordered me to study the youth culture.  My research became torture as I fully grasped the curse Lucifer has laid on an entire generation.

I could actually sense the evil one boasting and threatening.  He was declaring his wicked intentions: “I will addict them.  I will shame them.  I will drain them of hope.  I will kill them.

Then the voice of God roared, BUT I WILL POUR OUT MY SPIRIT ON THEM!  I tell them “I am here tonight because a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit is coming.”  I make a prediction about the emerging army of youth: “You will lay hands on the sick.  You will prophesy.  You will cast out devils.”

Then I explained how Satan is mentally off.  If the devil just wanted to deceive and damn souls he would make everyone content like cattle being fattened for the slaughter.  Instead, he tortures, punishes and makes his victims miserable.  He can’t help himself. Observe California—creating new laws make it impossible for people to be safe or happy.

-Child prostitution is now legal in California.

-Drug dealers must be let out of prison because of bed shortages.

-Violent felons—some who have killed Americans—in California illegally will not be taken into custody.

-In Silicon Valley, American workers are being fired and replaced by foreign workers—and the Americans have to train their replacements!

-California schools—nearly the worst in the nation— are chock full of corruption, mismanagement and loony curriculum.  Reading, writing and arithmetic are out.  Brainwashing about transgenderism, anti-Americanism, and anti-Christian studies are in.

Satan is overplaying his hand in California.  He is creating a misery and despair in the youth of the state that will drive them to Jesus!

Now the audience began to see the proof of what I was saying.  A miracle, pure and simple, hits a young lady.  I love it when the Holy Spirit’s word of knowledge is so clear, piercing and detailed that people no longer see the man speaking—only God.

By the Spirit, the story of her life unfolded.  The precise illnesses of her body and the childhood trauma that caused them all was revealed.  Her total healing rocks the room.

On the heels of her miracle more healings ignite. The vivid details about people’s conditions electrify mighty praise to Jesus the healer.

Suddenly spines straighten, migraine headaches vanish.  A man in the back becomes so excited he just gets up out of his wheelchair and begins a little victory dance over his healing.  A full 60 minutes of unobstructed healings flood the house with shouts of joy and mass weeping.

God saved the best for last.  Never have I seen conviction grip youth like this. It was as if they wanted me to shut up and let them come to Christ.  It was an instant response crowned with total surrender.  They abandoned their sin as if it were nuclear waste. Notice, in the picture, the overwhelming number of young men who came forward.  This is really good news—prophetic news about a coming youth revolution.


Manteca 1 copy


By Mario Murillo

Her teenage son is an atheist.   He agrees to go to a Living Proof Crusade.   For mom, this means sitting in agony for the whole night because of her crippled leg and degenerating spine.  But this is for her son.

If only you, my precious partner in the Gospel, could have been there to see what happened next.  The Holy Spirit pulled me to the back of the packed auditorium.   With grace and wisdom from beyond this world, her entire condition is revealed.   She starts walking without pain or weakness.

Her son is the first to charge to the front and surrender himself to Christ.  Double sorrow becomes double joy!

My joy is that our dream has come true.   I told you that we would stop having regular meetings in church buildings.   I told you we would prove Jesus to lost American youth.   Here is the proof in pictures.   Here is the fulfillment of our deepest prayers.

Not only did we pray for miracles, we prayed that these miracles would convince lost youth.   Jesus is alive!  He heals!   He delivers!   God has done it!   This is the message that they are getting.  The next phase is to turn this stream into a raging river.Manteca 2

This next phase will actually throw a weapon of Satan back in his face.    That weapon is social media.  Youth are connected by social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram.   These outlets have done untold damage, and yet God is showing us how to inject the Word of God into all of them.   Think of this: more youth have discovered us through social media than they did through our television ministry on TBN.

They are not just better than television, they can do something even more important; they can start a movement.   Television is a spectator media but youth interact with these networks.  In the old days, a ministry had to touch many cities before creating momentum.  Now an outbreak of the Holy Spirit in one city can cause a chain reaction in many cities.

The city most likely to cause that chain reaction is Yuba City.   By the time you read this, it may have already started.   Living Proof Yuba City begins on June 10th at the Yuba/Sutter Fairgrounds. We have never seen an outreach begin so supernaturally.

How supernatural?  Listen to this:  My good friend Jim Carpenter is pastor of the Bridge of Yuba City.  I was talking to him one Saturday night and suddenly blurted this out, “The mayor is going to be at your church in the morning and God is going to rock his world.”   I grew faint when I realized what I had just said.   He politely accepted what I had just said.  But I was worried.  He had to think I was crazy.Manteca 3

Sure enough, the mayor showed up.   The fire of God hits him; he hits the floor and stays there for an hour.   He joins the church and begins to use his influence to bless the city.   Soon an unprecedented unity comes to the churches.  Willing workers flood the city with literature for Living Proof.  The social media starts buzzing with news about coming outreach.

That buzz is not limited to Yuba City.  Pastors, leaders, and even politicians are finally starting to understand what we are trying to do.   The blend of signs and wonders with unapologetic preaching has captured the hearts of God’s people.

I believe I know what is on your heart.  I believe it is the same passion that burns in my soul.   The people who hate God have devastated America.   It sickens us to see everything that made our nation great being cursed and rejected.   We are watching a masterstroke of government tyranny and moral depravity.  That activity has utterly disfigured the face of our great nation and put Americans at each other’s throats.   Satan has performed an amazing feat of evil in America.

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We must fully absorb the horror of what has happened to America.  Otherwise, we will not muster the necessary outrage and boldness to be God’s cure for the nation.   Only then can we truly see we have no reason to apologize or remain silent.

Peter was ordered to remain silent.  The miracle of the man at the gate, Beautiful, was a great threat to the leaders of Jerusalem.  Be that as it may, this miracle forever confirmed the right, yea the duty of the church to release miracles in the face of tyranny.   He said, “If we should obey man rather than God, you decide.  But we cannot help but speak of the things which we have both seen and heard.”   His words resound to our situation.  It reminds us of what matters, it inspires us to action.  Living Proof is our action.

Let me speak plainly about action.   We dare not preach to tickle ears.  We must become America’s loving opposition to the destruction of marriage and the unborn.  We must oppose the poisoning of our children’s minds by Marxist and Islamic radicals.   

The ministry to our children must be continually sharper and the power of God must be continually stronger.   We must keep up the attack no matter what Government says.  When they told Peter to shut up, he prayed for greater boldness to preach.   When they ordered him to stop healing the sick, he prayed, “Stretch out your hand to heal and let signs and wonders be done in the name of Jesus.”

Jesus has called us to a dangerous task.    Paul said, “For a great door and effectual is opened unto me, and there are many adversaries.” -1 Corinthians 16:9.    However, the real danger would be to let fear control us so that we disobey God.

Obeying God is the safest move you will ever make.  It may seem that you have been plunged into perilous times.  Never forget, you are guarded by the greatest force and love in the universe.   I have no doubt that if you name the name of Jesus today, you have been persecuted.   You may have lost friends and maybe even your job.   The idea of taking a stand for God seems foolhardy.  But you must stand.  Standing will release amazing gifts!   

Satan is pouring out wicked devices but God is pouring out gifts of power and wisdom.   In this dark hour, the Holy Spirit is creating vessels of honor.   Men and women who have said yes to the furnace of purification are coming forth as gold.  They are walking in golden ideas.  They are enforcing the agenda of heaven.  They are plundering Satan and setting captives free.

Listen carefully, Child of God.   There is safety in obedience.  There is peace in obedience.   The threats that the devil throws at you are neutralized by obedience.   Your life may seem at risk when you obey but the opposite is what is true.  You have not walked into danger, you have walked into protection.Manteca 5

Psalm 91: 1-2, “Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. 2 I will say of the Lord, ‘He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.’”

We go forth to the frontlines of America’s tragedy.  We seek the young hearts and minds that are America’s future.   We did not venture out on our own authority.  We were sent by the great and mighty God of the universe.   We will never back down, back up or back out.

Your gift of love takes you into the battle.  It makes you a part of the miracle.   You are standing beside me winning these precious young souls.   That is why I pray for you daily asking God to save your loved ones, heal your body, and provide for your every need in abundance.

Let me leave you with this urgent last word.   The breakthrough we have always yearned for is here.  Now more than ever, your generous gift of love will have eternal impact.   God bless you.

P.S. I want to add my personal thanks to Ben Lucero and Isaiah Saldivar who lead the 209 Awakening in Manteca CA.  Every Tuesday night at 7 PM they are seeing an outpouring of the Holy Spirit on youth.   We are going to team up with them again in November.   209 Awakening meets at  700 North Union Rd. Manteca CA  Call 209 479 4182