Tonight we begin a tour that will hit Northern California in a way that it has not been hit before.


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Tonight we begin a tour that will hit Northern California in a way that it has not been hit before.   Yes, there have been countless worthy attempts to preach the Gospel to this unique region of the world…but nothing like this.

So what is different about these events compared to the many that have happened before?  The difference is summed up in the title of the event: LIVING PROOF.

For starters, we are thrilled to introduce Jennifer Azzato to lead worship and her gift is something new to this region. The term living proof evokes the right picture, an image of proof that is alive.  In the purest sense of the word that is what you and I are.  Jesus said that we would be a witness, meaning that we are walking, talking breathing evidence of the power and love of God.

Romans 12: 1 beseeches us to “present our bodies a living sacrifice wholly acceptable unto God that we may prove…”

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That theme of proof is also affirmed in Acts 17:31 says, “because He has fixed a day in which He will judge the world in righteousness through a Man whom He has appointed, having furnished proof to all men by raising Him from the dead.”

Why is this tour different?  It is different because it faces the realities that are the key to this moment in American history.

1. America is no longer a Christian nation.  We have lost an entire generation.  Arguing about why this happened and assigning blame only wastes precious time.  It is what it is, and we cannot stay in denial.    We have to dust ourselves off and get fresh marching orders.  America is a new mission field and it demands a new strategy.

2.  Fresh miracles are the order of the day.   Because America is a pagan nation we must revert to a Book of Acts mind set.  Christ wants to do miracles to lay a fresh foundation of faith in the Bible.   By recognizing that the ills of society are works of Satan, we unleash power to see those works destroyed.

3.  Miracles set the stage for clear preaching.   Everything has been redefined so that our children do not know the God who made our nation great.  It is not enough for preaching to be interesting, it must also set the record straight.  Luke 21:15 says,“For I will give you a mouth and wisdom which all your adversaries will not be able to contradict or resist.”

In each and every night of this tour we will follow these edicts.  These are nights where worship will invoke a change in the atmosphere, miracles will break the chains and preaching will command souls to leave the darkness and follow Christ.

Let all of the family of God in Northern California seize this  great opportunity.  Come and bring those who need living proof.    To all of our partners and friends across America take heart!  We are going to be taking this message all corners of our nation.    Please pray for this historic outreach.

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