A Plea for Christian Sanity on Revival


A Plea for Christian Sanity on Revival

Unless there is a miracle, sad event will take place soon.  Who, what, where and when I refuse to say.  To do so would be to violate the very thing that this blog means to speak out against. 

It seems that a group of Pastors are planning a citywide conference for a single purpose: To point out the extremes of a famous revival in their city. 

This is where I humbly ask these leaders a question; are you insane?  As far as I know, these same Pastors have rarely, if ever come together to win souls in this city.  It is a sad commentary if “doctrinal purity” can stir them more than the fact that people are going to hell in their city.  

Moreover, they took their beef to the media so that this Christian family fight can air its dirty laundry before the world.  In this, it seems, they have violated the most basic command of Jesus for these matters: “If your brother sins against you, go and show him his fault, just between the two of you. If he listens to you, you have won your brother over.- Matthew 18:15.  It is my understanding that the Pastor who leads this revival never heard of the conference until he got a call from the local paper.  If this is true this is insane! 

Is this a case of great irony?  By trying to warn their flocks against a revival  are they really just warning the community against Christianity?  Will the real message be, “look at us, this is how we treat our own…wouldn’t you just love to be a part of this angry, dysfunctional family?”

Here is one of the comments on revival, “The emotionalism which characterizes the movement is, it seems to me, indicative of Satanic influence rather than of that of Holy Spirit, which is peaceable and sane and quiet. Satan’s effort among those who are reaching out after truth and godliness at this time, is not, apparently to openly thwart and oppose, but to mislead– to carry to an excess of emotion where reason is lost sight of.”- HORACE E. HOLLISTER.

Okay I tricked you. That is a quote from the year 1905.  But it illustrates something.  Horace is bagging on the Welsh Revival and Evan Roberts.  This just happens to be the most celebrated, documented and verified revival in modern times.  Even the Azusa street revival traces its roots to this miracle in Wales.   My point is clear: Even the Welsh revival had detractors and had to navigate through the mire of church tradition.

Now here are some quotes from those who are planning this conference:                                               

“The event will encourage adhering to more orthodox messages of Christianity, rather than sensationalism, personal experience and so-called “signs and wonders,”  There’s just a constant sensationalism and emotionalism.  “It’s just a mystical experience instead of God’s word.”  Sound familiar? Revival is such a threat to Satan that to stop it he must be at his fiercest yet subtle best.  For the sake of revival we must put aside our personal insecurities, jealousies and be loyal to a loving God who is trying to birth a weapon of mass conversion. 

Yes, revival has to remain balanced and must be Scriptural but this conference is the worst way to address concerns.  Yes, revival must be accountable.  The new school must be open to the honest questions of the old school.  But the old school must humbly discern what God is doing and not reject it because it did not start with you.  Later today, I will humbly offer what I believe is the most important key to revival sanity.