Joe Biden is not a leader. I do not mean this in any cruel or sarcastic manner. No one with a brain can honestly say he is a leader. No one with a heart would wish the presidency on him, or America. Joe Biden is the mascot of the Democrat Party. He is not their leader.

Buttressing him up, and forcing teleprompters on him during this campaign is a sadistic undertaking. He is the equivalent of the ‘Susan Alexander’ character, from the film Citizen Kane. Remember, in the movie, how Charles Foster Kane forced his wife to be an opera singer? Kane built opera houses. Hired singing coaches. Manipulated the newspapers and radio stations he owned. They touted Susan as a diva. She had a terrible voice and the real world knew it and ridiculed her. Still, the Kane machine kept spinning the lie. In the story, it almost killed her. I am observing the same slow death in Joe Biden.

How did this tragedy come to be? First the Democrat Party went woke. Then it went broke. This hapless institution veered so far left that everyone who decided to run for the presidency was unelectable. I mean, seriously, look back at the candidates. Biden became the candidate by default. It is not that they deemed him electable. They simply concluded that he was the least unelectable.

The Democrat Party invented a mascot. Here’s how the dictionary defines a mascot: “An animal, person, or thing adopted by a group as its representative symbol and supposed to bring good luck.” The mascot is not the real team. They are a symbol of the team. They root for the team. They have no power except what the team and the fans give him. Joe Biden is the Mascot of the Democrat Party.

The base of the Democrat Party knows this to be true. They are not energized by Joe Biden. You never hear any Democrat talk about Joe Biden in glowing terms. They really don’t talk about him at all. What are they counting on then?

They are betting the house on hatred of Trump.

Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Oprah are counting on your hatred of Trump to compensate for the leadership vacuum that is Joe Biden. Check out the video below and tell me why this man should be being forced to run for president

In the Democrat Party, there is no committee to elect Joe Biden. There is only the committee to defeat Donald Trump. That is the platform. That is the vision. That is the single goal.

The gang of four I mentioned are hoping against hope to carry Joe Biden across the threshold of the White House. Once inside Joe is finished. He will never author a bill. He will never be allowed out of his room except when he has mastered the simplest sentences.

Kamala Harris is also a mascot. Chosen not only on the basis of gender and race, but on her soulless desire to be and say anything to have power.  This tragic duo will live and breathe at the behest of the Democrat hierarchy. America’s freedom would be extinguished by committee.

I see Joe being disposed of quickly. Kamala more slowly.

Finally, I have faithfully written to you about how dangerous the Left is—how this election is a choice between good and evil. Now I want to reveal the biggest reason not to vote for Biden: Compassion. How can any decent human being not see the deterioration—the toll being taken on this man by both time and the committee to defeat Trump. Because a mascot wears a costume they can be replaced without much fanfare.

Please find it in your heart to spare this man the agony. Perhaps, you can fast forward to the heart wrenching scene in Citizen Kane where Susan Alexander begged and pleaded not to be forced to sing anymore. Kane refused, and it drove her to try to kill herself.

To the evil committee, Joe Biden is not a person. He is a means to an end. A mere mascot. And that is the tragedy, for him, and for America.






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