Obama sends our soldiers to Egypt to help the Muslim Brotherhood.

Obama sends U.S. riot control trained troops to Egypt

Will Obama move troops from the Sinai to Cairo?
As Barack Obama has already informed the enemy Taliban and al-Qaeda terrorists in Afghanistan of our intent to withdraw most of our troops next year, the same Commander-in-Chief has authorized the deployment of 400 U.S. Army troops to assist the Muslim Brotherhood-dominated Egyptian government, as reported by the Investor’s Business Daily (IBD) via Google News on June 24, 2013.

Citing various local sources from the Killeen and Ft. Hood, Texas area, American troops from the sprawling Army post will soon man posts throughout Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula as part of a nine-month “peacekeeping mission.”

Part of the pre-deployment training includes crowd control measures during protests and riots.

“Soldiers encountered Molotov cocktails and other dangerous items in the training,” according to a local TV news station that broke the story out of Killeen.

According to a U.S. Army press release, a battalion task force from the 1st Cavalry Division is officially slated for assignment to the United Nation’s spawned Multinational Force and Observers Peacekeeping Force (MFO) in Egypt.

Any troops from the twenty member states assigned to the MFO, to include American, are not under the operational command of their respective nations, but are answerable to the MFO headquarters located in Rome, Italy.

According to the MFO website, the American contingent is also tasked with providing a Quick Reaction Force.

There is no indication from any of the cited sources if American troops assigned to the MFO could be re-deployed to other hot-spots in the region at the pleasure of the Commander-in-Chief.

Ft. Hood has been in the national spotlight due to the Department of Justice deeming “workplace violence” in which Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan opened fire in a crowded Deployment Processing Center, killing 14 (one of the soldiers killed was pregnant) and wounding 32 troops and civilians.

Despite Nidal screaming the al-Qaeda war cry of “Allahu Akbar” during the massacre, the Obama Administration has determined the attack wasn’t an act of terrorism.